Discover how this Homemade Goat Milk Formula Changed my Daughters Life

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FYI: This post was written in 2012 and our family has grown significantly since then. We now have 7 little rug rats!
I have been a lifetime goat milk consumer due to a nasty allergy I had developed as a young child to cow milk. A careless licked ice cream spoon was all it took to send me over the edge and into an intense allergic reaction. It was safe to call my allergy severe but I can’t claim that it was unusual.

Cow milk allergy is the number one allergy in kids and symptoms include irritability, vomiting, wheezing, swelling, hives, and even anaphylactic shock!

Thankfully the solution to this problem became evident and I was immediately placed on goat milk and thrived.

Fast forward nearly 30 years and I am married with my own family. My wife Elizabeth and I have 3 children and another on the way.

homemade infant formula baby liesl has two older brothers and sisters
Liesl’s older brother and sister Charles and Eva

Liesl is 9 months and it was with her that I saw firsthand, the genetic impact I had on my children. Because we have been blessed with children that are very close in age, it was necessary to supplement breastfeeding with some kind of formula. The standard recommendation in such a case is to put your baby on some kind of basic Enfamil/Similac formula.  Since we wanted to do what was best for our little girl we went and bought a bottle of the powder. While it nearly costs us an arm and a leg, we were willing to do it because what parent doesn’t want to give their children only the best.

Meet Liesl 4 months old and allergic to commercial infant formulas

While it may seem obvious now that Liesl would be allergic to the formula, at the time, Elizabeth and I were both shocked at the severity of her allergy to the product. Right away we noticed, hives on her cheeks, legs, and arms. She then developed an awful diaper rash, as well as severe diarrhea. Needless to say, we took her off of that formula immediately and started her on goat milk.

Now I believe goat milk is the perfect alternative to cow milk and I wasn’t satisfied with the homemade infant formulas I saw being discussed online primarily because they all relied on cow milk. Cow milk contains an extremely allergenic protein called alpha s1 casein which is the reason it is the number one allergy-causing substance in kids. Anyway, I was convinced that a goat milk formula was what was needed and I decided to put my six and half years of nutrition study to work. While goat milk is the perfect alternative to cow milk in infant formula, an infant’s needs are slightly different than those of an adult or even a young child. First, if goat milk is the sole food being provided to an infant than protein content needs to be taken into account. The milk should be diluted to lower the protein content. This will ensure that the formula doesn’t contain protein levels that would be stressful to the newly formed kidneys of the infant. However, once you lower the protein levels by diluting the milk, you now have to increase the calories, carbohydrates, and fat, accordingly to make up for the dilution level.

goat milk infant formula baby liesl
Liesl at 9 months!

The below chart on the left shows the nutrition levels of breast milk. While goat milk is one of the closest kinds of milk to human milk, there is are still few nutritional gaps that need to be equalized. Therefore if you follow the recipe I outline below, the nutrition information of your goat milk infant formula should look like the chart on the right.

Human Breast Milk Nutrition Facts vs. Goat Milk Infant Formula Nutrition Facts

Pretty much nutritionally exact.

Note: breastfeeding is always better and that no formula can match it.
Our goal is to come as close as nutritionally possible.

Recipe for Homemade Goat Milk Formula

(Note: The proportions listed are for making an 8 oz. bottle.)

CapraMilk - All natural premium whole goat milk powder

Full Fat Goat Milk Powder 1 level scoop* (14 grams)

This is really where all the magic begins. Goat milk is a remarkable food in that it more closely resembles the protein, fat, and carbohydrate structure of breast milk than literally any other ingredient available. The benefits range from the nucleotide (DNA) structure of goat milk being as similar to breast milk to the presence of taurine in goat milk amounting to 20 times that of cow’s milk which is, not surprisingly, the same ratio found in breast milk. *As of January 2016 we began including a scoop in every bottle of CapraMilk. If your bottle does not have a scoop just know that it is approximately 1 heaping tablespoon.

Capra Lactose - Goat Milk Lactose SugarGoat Milk Lactose – 1 tbsp. (12 grams)

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for baby and there is a fair amount of flexibility here. I prefer to use lactose as it is true “milk sugar”. Lactose is a combination of glucose and galactose which is perfect for an infants diet. Babies naturally produce excessive amounts of lactase, an enzyme used to digest lactose so the fit is natural. Also, lactose is really helpful in establishing Lactobacillus acidophilus (good bacteria) in the newly formed GI tract of your little one. Other good options for your carbohydrate sources are organic, raw turbinado sugar, organic maple syrup, brown rice syrup, and even cow milk lactose. Honey is not a good option as it is not recommended for babies less than 12 months old.

100% Grass-Fed Pastured Goat Milk Ghee Clarified butterGoat Milk Ghee ½ tsp.

This is one of nature’s greatest fat sources. Ghee is the clarified “butter oil” from goat milk cream and does not contain any of the allergens found in cow milk. Mt. Capra is currently the only company in the world producing this unique food. Saturated fat is extremely important for the brain development and overall health of your growing little one. The saturated fat in goat milk ghee is high in medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) and because our goats are grass-fed, our ghee contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) as well as important fatty acids such as lauric acid which is found in high amounts in breast milk. EDIT: Coconut oil is still a great option for the saturated fat category of the formula and can be used in the same amount as the goat milk ghee. Coconut oil was the most requested ingredient replacement question as it is unfortunately somewhat common as an allergen. We created our goat milk ghee to address this need and because this formula is meant to be a low-allergy option, the Goat Milk Ghee is a great tool for those little ones who are especially sensitive to the allergens found in coconut oil.

sunflower oil for infant formula goat milk Organic High Oleic – Sunflower Oil ¼ tsp

High Oleic Sunflower oil delivers more healthy fats, this time in the form of monounsaturated fats. High Oleic (not cheap standard) sunflower oil is the highest source of monounsaturated fatty acids available on the supermarket shelves. Olive oil is acceptable to use here if it is high quality and not adulterated with low-quality oils. Sunflower oil is also a great source of naturally occurring Vitamin E.

Expeller Pressed Grapeseed Oil⅛ tsp

Grapeseed oil is present to deliver the essential fatty acid linoleic acid which is vital in infant nutrition. This is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that the body cannot produce on its own but is not in need of in large amounts. Commercial formula manufacturers pack their formulas with cheap canola/safflower oils that are high in linoleic acid but much higher than an infant needs for proper health. Since these oils are high in polyunsaturated Omega6 fatty acids, they tend to be inflammatory as opposed to the saturated/monounsaturated fatty acids. Since you are making your own formula, you get to add only the necessary amount of this essential fatty acid without flooding the formula with polyunsaturated fatty acids. You won’t find that level of flexibility in any prepackaged formula.

Unsulphured Blackstrap molasses – ⅛ tsp

This thick black syrup is high in B vitamins, minerals, and is a natural source of iron. It also can help keep baby from getting constipated so be careful not to give too much! Make sure you get the unsulphured variety as it is far less processed.

Baby DHA for infant formulaDHA – Based on weight

DHA also is known as Docosahexaenoic acid is found in fish, algae and most importantly here, breast milk. It is not found in goat milk and is a required addition to the formula for its content of DHA as well as Vitamin D and Vitamin A. This is another ingredient that only needs to be added once per day based on the weight of the baby.

Natural source of vitamins/mineralsNutriStart Multivitamin Powder for infant formula – ¼ tsp.

NutriStart Multivitamin Powder created by Rainbow Light®. Remember, this one you only need to add to one bottle per day as it will contain all the vitamins/minerals needed for that day.NutriStart Multivitamin Powder™ delivers key nutrients in optimal potencies and combinations for the special needs of young children. 100 mg vitamin C (250% DV), 400 IU vitamin D3 (100% DV), and 50 mcg vitamin K. Please don’t add this to every bottle.

Goat Milk ColostrumCapra Colostrum - Goat Milk Colostrum 174 g powder – 1 scoop (1,450 mg)

Mt Capra offers the only commercially available goat milk colostrumColostrum is the thick yellow fluid which is produced as a precursor to mother’s milk. It is found in humans, goats, and other mammals where it is produced by the mother for two days following birth. Colostrum can be described as a brilliantly designed transfer system which effectively “jump starts” a newborn’s undeveloped immune system. Colostrum adds many beneficial bioactive ingredients such as lactoferrin, cytokines, growth factors, and immunoglobulins. It only needs to be added once per day. Make sure to get the powdered version for easy mixing.

Infant probiotic strain – ⅛ tsp.

Infant formula probiotics homemadeProbiotics are naturally present in breast milk and there are several different strains that are perfectly designed for infants. Bifidobacterium infantis, Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium longum, and Saccharomyces boulardii all have clinical research that shows safety in infants as well as many beneficial effects. I recommend the Garden of Life brand Primal Defense Kids but there are many high-quality infant probiotics available. Since most probably will only recommend them for kids 3 and up, I suggest only using half a dose but probiotics are amazingly safe and I would have no problem using the regular strength or even double the strength if the situation needed it. Remember, this ingredient only needs to be added only once per day and should be kept in cold storage until right before you add it to the bottle.

A free download for you!

goat milk formula recipe card download

I have spent many hours researching and refining this goat milk infant formula recipe. I have formatted it into a convenient recipe card size that is easily printable and comes with step by step instructions. It also has a conversions table so that you can mix 1 pint, 1 quart, and 1 gallon of the formula without doing a single calculation in your head. How’s that for convenience!

I will send this free recipe to you instantly. All you have to do is join the Mt. Capra family ‘Inner Circle’ by putting your email in the form below and confirming your subscription. 

Our famous homemade infant formula recipe can now be purchased as a kit. The total retail value of the kit is over $200!  and contains all the wholesome ingredients necessary to make the goat milk formula at home.

Joe Stout creator of the original goat milk formula recipe and family
The entire family!

This has been a formula that has worked wonders for our daughter and I think it can work wonders for your children too! Please be sure to talk over the formula with your doctor so he or she is aware of your choice.

I would love to hear your feedback in the comment section.

Here’s to your health!

Joe Stout - Homemade infant goat milk formulaJoe Stout, M.S – Father of 6
Joe holds both an M.S. and B.Sc. degrees in Human Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Bridgeport and Washington State University. Joe has been married to his wonderful wife Elizabeth for eight years and has 6 beautiful children. He is the President of Mt. Capra and lives on and manages the family goat dairy.

867 comments on “Discover how this Homemade Goat Milk Formula Changed my Daughters Life

  1. I drink milk, cow milk and this is so new to me. I never knew before that goat milk is that so much helpful and even the same with breast milks. Thank you for sharing your ideas to us.

  2. I have a question. When preparing a gallon of the milk formula, how long will it be good for when refrigerated?

    • Hi Kimberly,

      Great question. I usually make it up fresh each time but I would say probably around 5 days to be safe. Depending on how much your son/daughter drinks each day would determine if you made up a gallon at a time. My daughter drinks about 4 (8 oz.) bottles a day so a gallon for her would last about 4 days which would be fine. Thanks for the question!

  3. hey! I’ve been using this about a week and my 8mths old baby girl loves it. She seems to be losing a little weight though. what ingredient should I increase? more goat milk? I’m giving her 5 oz bottles a day…she weighs 19.5 lbs…thank you!

  4. For health reasons, I recently weaned my 9 month old daughter. I HATED to use the formula in the stores, but for absolute lack of time and energy to find an alternative, I started supplementing with some Enfamil and other formula I had on hand. Since the ingredients in them drive me crazy (I won’t touch corn syrup/vegetable oil myself – why would I give it to a tender little baby system?), I tried a Shaklee meal shake. Gave here a terrible stomach ache & cost us several nights of sleep. Back to commercial formula. She was still miserable every night, waking sometimes several times an hour, almost every hour, with a rare 2-3 hour stretch of sleep. I didn’t know if it was her teeth or what…but I began to wonder how I would hold up until those pearly whites appeared. The day I fully weaned her last week, she got a terrible (yeast) diaper rash (after a case of thrush soon after starting formula). I knew her little body was obviously struggling with all that sugar. So last night – on a hunch – I ran out last evening for the ingredients I needed to make this formula (goat milk powder, raw food vitamin powder & maple syrup – had everything else on hand). She eagerly gulped 8 oz, then contentedly fell asleep and SLEPT FOR 6 HOURS STRAIGHT. Can’t tell you how happy that made mom!!!

    THANK-YOU for this recipe! I like that the ingredients are simple (no chicken liver or weird stuff like in some recipes) and include goat milk / coconut oil. It tastes great, and I feel so good knowing she is drinking something organic and healthy.

  5. I would like to try this formula for my 7 mo old boy. I would like to use evaporated goat milk instead of the powder. How much would I need and would I need to change the other ingredients amounts?

  6. Can you please give me an idea about how I can add the folic acid and vitamin b-12 to the formula and how much? I don’t think my Grandson is doing well with the formula a lot of gas and diarrhea. I was hoping there would be a way to add those two ingredients into your recipe then see if he would thrive on that.
    Thank you,

  7. Hi there Marki!
    So excited. Got the ingredients but I still have a couple of questions.
    1. I got the maxi baby care vitamin drops but am wondering if I still need the fruits of life powder (is that by Garden of Life and is not specifically for infants, right?)
    2. What do the acerola cherry and brewers yeast add to the formula? In other words, are they necessary?
    3.Finally, approximately how many ounces a day should I offer my 6 month old whose eating solids twice a day and still getting SOME breastmilk approx 5x a day?

    • Hi Pam,

      1. No reason to use the fruits of life powder if you are using the multivitamin drop.
      2. the acerola cherry and brewers yeasts deliver vitamins and minerals but are not vital if your adding the multivitamin/mineral drops.
      3. I am a big believer in feeding children to the point that they determine they are full. This needs to be taken with wisdom as some children may tend to overeat. But for the most part, infants, are very good at stopping when their full. Therefore I would give her as much of the formula as necessary to satisfy her hunger.

      Thanks for the questions!

  8. They no longer sale the Garden of life brand. It’s been discontinued. Do you have any other suggestions for a replacement? Thank you

  9. we have been using goat’s milk formula for over 7 months now and we are still seeing a few signs of intolerance. mostly he is suffering from reflux, is on meds, but is still having trouble. could we use a coconut milk powder in place of the goat’s milk powder?

    • Hi Erin,

      My first daughter had reflux too and it seemed that sleeping her on a foam wedge really helped. I think the coconut milk is a great idea and its something I’ve given my daughter at times. Maybe mix the goat milk half and half with the coconut milk and see how it works.

      Thanks for the comment!

  10. Hi,

    This formula looks great, but I have question about when it is safe to begin using it.

    Can I start using this formula with my 4 month old who has been exclusively breasted so far? I don’t plan on starting solid foods until 6 months.

    Thank you!

  11. When using fresh, raw milk, how much would I use, and does the recipe need altered in any way otherwise since it’s a liquid versus powder? Thanks so much. We used powdered goat’s milk for my older son once he starting eating mostly solid foods, and he did so much better than formula. My youngest (2 weeks old) has also done so much better in the last day of having fresh milk instead of formula as a supplement to my very low supply of breast milk. I want to make sure I’m balancing everything though, so am trying to gather all the ingredients necessary to supplement the fresh milk to be a complete food for him. Regardless, not having the excessive reflux that came from the formula is a sign to me we’re headed in the right direction! Thank you for offering this information for those of us who need something to supplement!

    • Hi Melissa,

      Fresh, raw milk is the absolute best! Make sure you are fully confident it is safe and go for it. I would take an 8 ounce bottle and use 4 ounces milk and 4 ounces water. You can then half the coconut/olive oil since the raw milk will already have a good supply of fat in it. By the time your youngest reaches 1 year, they can have goat milk straight without any need for formula.

      Blessings on your new little one.

  12. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing this. I have a question regarding flavor. After I made this it tasted a little coconutty? If that’s even a word…. Also it was sweet. I just want to make sure I’m not too off with the ingredients. I used organic brown rice syrup. It tasted good but I just wanted to check. I have a 12 month old. Exclusively breastfeed and Im starting to slowly wean with this. Also, when I made this I did 4oz not 8oz and halfed the amounts. Lastly, I did add a little more water cause I thought it tasted too rich, but again I could totally be wrong. I am going on the taste of breastmilk. Thanks for your incite and help.

    • Hello Zoe,

      The coconut oil definitely has a distinct flavor but I think it is delicious. Also, breast milk is naturally sweet so the sweetness shouldn’t be an issue. The brown rice syrup is a good choice and you may have to adjust everything a little to accomodate for your child’s preference. It sounds like your making the formula just right so keep it up!

      Good job!

  13. My wife and I just had our first baby and will be using your recipe. We are fortunate enough to have access to high quality raw goats milk so my question is, do I need to water the milk down with water or just add the ingredients in the recipe. Thank you in advance for your help and for putting together such a great source of info!
    Ron Johnson

    • Hi Ron,

      That is awesome that you have access to raw goat milk. The best way to do this would be to cut the milk in half with water (4 oz. milk/4 oz. water) and then half the amount of oil you use (raw goat milk already has fat in it) The rest of the formula you can leave as is. Blessings on your new baby, they are such bundles of joy!

  14. Hi again!
    Okay so I have been doing this formula for my 12 month old. He was exclusively breastfeed till now and I’m slowly weaning him to this. I have been giving a little more goat milk powder because I thought by 1yrs of age they can drink whole cows milk? Anyways, he has developed a bad diaper rash? Is this just because his body is getting use to the milk? We have never had diaper rash before so I am assuming its the milk. I know you are not a Dr., but have you run into this before? Should I back off the extra powder and stick to a little more watered down formula? I just want to make sure he is getting the correct calories and stuff since he is 1. Any guidance would help. What did you do once your children turned 1. Thanks so much!

  15. My son is almost 4 weeks old and I have began to supplement around 3-4 feedings a day with goat milk…I started out with straight goats milk, pasteurized from a local goat farm. Then I began to dilute a little with water…Should I always dilute with water? (today I gave him 1 oz of water to 3 oz of goats milk). He is getting the majority of his feedings with breastmilk and I am giving him a probiotic daily…do I also need to give him a multi-vitamin? HELP!

    Sheri Parker

  16. Thanks for all your information! I have a 3-month old that has had a lot of trouble with breastfeeding because of the shape of her mouth, so we’re doing as much as we can with breast milk, but having to supplement. I would like to try your formula, but want to make sure I’m doing it correctly so she gets everything she needs.

    1.) Could you tell me the amounts for the Maxi Baby Care vitamin drops for 1 pint, 1 quart and 1 gallon? 2.) Also, I’m using raw goat milk, so my other question is whether that means for 1 pint I use 1/2 a pint milk: 1/2 pint water (or for 1 quart, 1/2 a quart milk: 1/2 q. water — or for 1 gallon, 1/2 g milk: 1/2 gallon water)? I read on another comment to half the oils with the raw milk.
    3.) Could you also tell me amounts of (grade B organic) maple syrup if I use it instead of turbinado?
    4.) If I give my baby one daily dose of infant probiotics, I could skip putting it in the formula, right?

    I’m sorry this is so long! Thank you for your help! I’m excited to try this for my little one.

    • Hi Janna,

      1. This is based on your babies weight and would need to calculated specifically for your three month old.

      This is what is recommended:

      0–12 lbs.1/2 teaspoon (2.5 mL)

      13–20 lbs.1 teaspoon (5 mL)

      21–28 lbs.1 1/2 teaspoons (7.5 mL)

      over 28 lbs.2 teaspoons (10 mL)

      2. You are correct on your amounts. Half and half at first and then gradually increase the goat milk until by 1 year they are getting all goat milk and no added water. Also cutting the oils in half is a good idea too because the raw goat milk will have naturally occurring fat in it.

      3. 1 tablespoon of maple syrup will work interchangeable with the turbinado sugar.

      4. You are right on the probiotics, ond daily dose is generally enough but it doesn’t hurt to go over either.

      Thanks for your comment.

      I hope this helps!

  17. Hi i was thinking about switching to goats milk for my colicky baby. Currently he is on a very expensive milk protein allergy safe formula, hes doing alot better but its getting to expensive and we arent positive he has a milk protein allergy. I was wondering how cost effective your recipe is, currently we spend 30 dollars every 3 days..

  18. My daughter is 7 weeks old and have been having issues since birth w/her ‘food’. I initially was breastfeeding exclusively in hospital until I had to supplement w/formula because she was not peeing and had jaundice.

    I continued like that when we got home. She would scream, not cry and you could not put her down. All her diapers were explosive. Then for a week I tried breastfeeding only but I couldn’t keep up w/her appetite. All her diapers were ‘watery’, she has had bad gas, and hiccups a lot.

    Dr switched her to Enfamil Gentlease and she had diarrhea for 4 days straight and now we were put on Nutramigen and it doesn’t look too promising… My first daughter was put on Nutramigen also but it was never this bad.

    The father of my 7 wk old has some sort of bathroom issue where after he eats he goes running to washroom. He never told me exactly what was up w/him. Someone thought maybe Celiac disease.

    If I try this formula for her…what do I have to add and any suggestions or comments about my situation. I am at the end of my rope. Next step is some special order formula that is $140 for 4 cans. She also was just diagnosed w/a heart murmur, so we are waiting for Echocardiogram and I don’t know what symptoms are causing what issue!

    Struggling Mama signing off! lol 😉

    • Lucie,

      Sorry to hear about the hard time you are having with your new little one. I would say that this formula might be just the ticket. Be sure to talk about it with your doctor before you change anything. Your doctor can provide essential guidance with your new baby.

      We are pulling for you!

  19. Hi,

    I’m thinking of starting my 4 month old on this formula, but I’m curious if it has any iron in it? I noticed that the Swanson Vitamin drops do not. Is there iron in this recipe or do I need to find another way to add it?


    • Hi Jessie,

      Good question on the iron. The number one cause of poisoning in children is through iron containing vitamins so be careful with what you do. I wouldn’t worry about supplementing with iron because they will start eating real food by the time they are 6 months old and up until that point, they have iron stores specifically designed to “tide them over” until they start eating solid food. You can read a great article to learn more here:

  20. Hi! I just found your post and I am very interested in trying the formula for my son. He has a milk allergy and I had heard goats milk is a good alternative. My son is 3 months old so I was wondering is it safe as a primary food source for him and can I use pasturized goats milk as its the only thing I can find locally? If so do I need to water it down? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Sara,

      Pasteurized goat milk is way better than any cow milk so don’t get to hung up on it being heated. You are going to still want to water it down to half and half, working your way up to fully goat milk by the time he is 1 year old.


  21. I am a Lactation Consultant who works with many Amish here in Pa. I have one mother who has had now her 5th baby and she has had some moderate lactation failure. They own a large dairy farm but all of her children have sensitivities to cows milk and some beef products. She has been pumping her own additional breast milk and supplementing with a Lactaid but the baby is gaining slowly and she ask if I had this formulation. I am anxious to mail it to her as she lives over an hour away. They have one farming friend who is transitioning to goat milk farming. He and his wife are starting to make yogurts, and cheeses. My mother is anxious to try a baby formulation that will supplement her breastmilk and provide better growth for her baby.

  22. I had one more question. I was only able to get Twinlab Infant Care multivitamin drops with DHA here locally. Would they work for this formula?

  23. Hi. My son seems to have an allergy to milk and he won’t take the expensive hypoallergenic formula as he can’t stand the taste! I found your web page and I am hoping this is the answer to our prayers. I have some questions though.

    1. The vitamin drops in the recipe are per bottle or per day? my son weighs 13 lbs 3 oz and is 3 months old. so he would take 1 tsp per bottle or 1 tsp per day? If 1 tsp per day do I just give in one bottle and leave out of the rest he has that day?

    2. Same question with the probiotic? one per bottle or per day? Do I just give him it once a day and leave out on the rest?

    Thank you so much for the recipe and help!!

    • Also I can only get Meyenberg Pasteurized goats milk here. It supplemented with vitamin D at 25% per cup and I see the mutlivitamin drops contain vitamin D. Can i still use that milk or would I be overdosing on vitamin d?

      • I wouldn’t worry about going over on his vitamin D based on the Meyenberg goat milk. Also, you are going to be cutting the milk in half which would only be delivering 12.5% DV per bottle. The DV is based on minimums not maximums. Going over won’t be an issue.

  24. Sorry to bother again!! I just have one more question. I have Solaray BabyLife Probiotic on hand can I use them? It’s ingredients are Bifidobacterium infantis 615mg and suggests 1/2 to 1 scoop twice day for infants. One scoop contains 615 mg. So if I can use them do I just give him it as directed per day and leave out of the other bottles he takes? Thank you so much and I apologize again for soooo many questions!

    • I looked up the Solaray BabyLife Probiotics and it looks like it delivers 3 billion per dose of the infantis strain so you should be good to go! Blessings on your new son. Let us know how he does on the formula!

  25. Hi,
    I was just wondering if you use the enhanced Mt. Capra or the original? I can’t seem to find the difference. Also, I have read other goat milk recipes and they use Cod Liver Oil. Is this necessary or did you use something else instead? I look forward to trying this formula with my 6month old son. I am still nursing him but being pregnant has cut down my milk supply. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Christina,

      The enhanced CapraMilk would be a good choice too as it has been enhanced with essential fatty acids. It should be available in the next couple weeks too. The cod liver oil is a good idea but will affect the flavor of the formula so I choose not to use it. Good suggestions!

  26. Let’s say my daughter drinks four 8oz bottles of this formula per day. Do I add the probiotics and the vitamins to all four bottles, or just one? I just want to be sure so I am not overdosing my infant on probiotics or vitamins. Thanks!

  27. Hi, my 7 week old foster/ soon to be adopted daughter is having the worst time (colic all night, painful gas, hiccups, spitting up and depending on which formula, either diarrhea or constipation) on every formula I have given her and because she was born c-section to a diabetic BM with elevated hormone levels (due to BM stress) I refuse to even try the soy based formulas as her old school doctor (he was mine as a child) suggested. I cannot find even one holistic or integrated pediatrician in my small town so I was wondering if this formula would be okay to use on such a young infant and if so, would there be anything I would need to add to supplement for her? My poor little one had the worst start as far as luck goes in life (she was born to a mother and father in jail, she spent the last 3 months in utero in a high stress jail facility, and before that was “witness” and unwilling participant through her birth mother in a very brutal murder. She has had night terrors that start at the same time every night, and just having such a hard time with digestion. I am doing all I can to give her the best as she deserves, but I am getting no sleep, my husband is overseas so I am pulling “single mother” duty, I am heartsick from her nightmares, but more so from her digestive problems and my now own batteries are running on empty, not to mention the insane amount of money I am spending on specialized so called gentle/sensitive formulas. Please help! Thank you.

    • Hi Becky,

      Our heart goes out to you in this difficult situation. I would check with your doctor before starting her on this formula but I think it would a fine formula to use for her. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully.


      • I just wanted to say thank you and bless you for sharing this formula with us. My daughters doctor was not thrilled with the idea, but I decided I could no longer feed her the junk from the stores that was making her sick. She has been on this formula now for just under a month and had her check up with her doctor, and he is amazed by how well she is doing. No more digestion problems, sleeping through the night, no more night terrors, extremely happy all the time, and in the 97th percentile for her size. She is growing like a weed and developmentally ahead of all her milestones. You saved my life and made my beautiful precious gift happy and healthy, for that I cannot express my thanks and appreciation enough!

  28. Hello Mt. Capra!

    Just got the ingredients to begin making this wonderful formula. Having trouble with breasted milk supply so hoping this nutritious formulate helps. Okay for my sweet baby girl to start now? She is 3 months old next week. When beginning any suggestions? From your experience and testimonials how long does baby need for adjustment? She is spitting up constantly and seems miserable with the current hypoallergenic formula she gets twice a day. 🙁 Very much hoping this helps! Thanks dearly for your time!

  29. Hi…I am 12 weeks now and am considered a very high risk pregnancy….I will not be able to have natural birth and can only deliver by C-section, which the doctors were thinking would be around 31-36 weeks; however, just found out yesterday, it may have to be sooner….with my baby being a pre-me and me more than likely unable to breastfeed, how soon can I start with this formula for my newborn, praying I don’t lose this pregnancy…..thank u so much for your response and any guidance you can give!

    • Hi Le,

      You would want to make sure that your little one is very well established and is putting on lots of weight before you start them on this formula. I would use the formula the NICU recommends until she is out of the woods so to speak.

      We’ll pray for a safe and healthy delivery!


  30. Question regarding refrigeration and the oil naturally separating–I gave my 4 mo. old son his first 4 oz. bottle of the goat milk formula yesterday and he seems to be taking to it well. I prepared 16 oz. initially, to be divided into appx. 4 bottles (in the future, I’ll likely prepare by the quart), . After giving him the 1st bottle, I refrigerated the remaining formula. When I went to prepare the next bottle, I found that–since the coconut oil naturally hardens and the oils separate–it was difficult to get the oils to redistribute evenly even after shaking and stirring–chunks of oil present still. I don’t want to heat the bulk amount of formula each time I prepare a bottle (or even let it sit to room temp) due to the milk content and vitamins/probiotics, but I want to be sure that my son is getting a consistent mix of the ingredients & oils. Have you encountered this issue–and have you found a technique that works well? Thanks Joe!

    • Hi Elisha,

      Yeah the coconut oil can be kind of a pain. If you put the bottle under warm running water for a few minutes that usually works for distributing the oil evenly. Keep in mind that when an infant is nursing, the milk supply is constantly changing due to the mothers diet. I say this so you don’t worry to much about not delivering the formula consistently.


  31. hi my granddaughter is 5 weeks old and doing very badly on powdered cow milk, her baby was constipated all the time great big out of shape stomach, spots, rashes, not feeding, i know it sounds stupid but very sleepy and not alert, being sick, lots of mucous, iv been so worried, no one seems to care, i know that baby was not well but all they can say is but shes almost 11 pounds thats good, so me and my daughter put little baby on raw organic goats milk halved with water because of the protein, what a change in two days carnt tell u not spots rashes her stomach has gone down loads but still a bit big and baby is so alert with her eyes wide open, baby is very hungry all the time and we dont know what to do, carnt seem to down load your baby recipe and need to order hopfully from yourselfs the rest of her supplements its not an option to go back to cows milk we carnt believe the change oh and her poops are fantastic befor baby would take about 5 hours struggle to go for a poop thats not good it was very sad made my daughter cry please please can u help.

  32. Hi, I have 3 month old twins and need to supplement a little. I hate store bought formula so I was delighted to find this online. My one baby especially drinks it really well. I have a couple questions. I use goat milk, but why does it need to be halved with water? It seems like he can’t get full from it and drinks a lot. I know of lots of women that give straight milk with out diluting. Can I mix it one quarter water and three quarters goat milk? I started my first son on straight milk at 9 months n he thrived. No trouble at all. Thanks!

  33. I just wanted your opinion. I’ve been using goats milk and breastmilk for my son for a couple months now. We had issues from birth but I pumped for him. He was exclusively breastfed until 7 months. Then my supply dropped and I supplimented with some goats milk. Now at 10months old I just don’t hardly have the time to pump. He is crawling, climbing, and getting into everything. I’m home alone with him all day and I know that soon my supply will dry up. I have some breastmilk stored and I think we can make it to 11 months. So, my question is, do you think that I could give him just goats milk at 11 months or do I really need to provide something more for one month?

    Sorry for rambling!

  34. So I’m reading up on Goat Milk recipes and wondering where I’ll find goat milk when I see that you’re based in Chehalis! I’m in Longview! Do you sell Mt. Capra here in Longview by any chance?
    My son has a congenital heart disorder that was recently repaired. Bc of this he was only able to breastfeed for about 2 months. I’ve been pumping and giving him expressed breastmilk for the last 4 months but now my milk is just about nil. We’ve been supplementing with Gerber but I’m uncomfortable with all the weird ingredients and processing. Looking forward to trying your recipe!

  35. We have twin boys that I strictly breastfed, then because of medical problems on my part they went to formula. I didn’t really like what I found in the formula and we switched to only goatmilk. Within two days they were constipated so bad, then we found this recipe. We have access to certified raw goatmilk so I halved the cononut and olive oil. Only had Molasses so used that last week but made more with black strap molasses this morning. They are extremely constipated and so miserable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  36. Is there another option for carbohydrates besides some kind of sugary syrup and molasses? It doesn’t seem like those things are healthy options for a baby.

    • Hi Jessica,

      I agree but essentially what is in breastmilk is sugar (lactose) and the only lactose available is cow milk based, thus the sugar recommendation. If you come up with a better solution please let me know as I have thought the same thing.

  37. My son is almost 2, he’s been low on the growth chart since 1. I want him to get caught up growing. We finally realized he’s lactose intolerant. Now that we figured it out he’s finally eating but i know he’s not getting enough protein or fats. Do you think this formula would be good for him or should it be altered for his age?

    • Hi Aimee,

      Goat milk still has lactose but you son may be able to digest it quite well as many with lactose intolerance can. I would follow the recipe and you should see some weight gain.

  38. Hello! I’m so excited to be trying out this formula. I’ve had my daughter on Nature’s One Lactose free formula and she loves it but she constantly has a stuffed/runny nose. I have a lot of food allergy issues and I’m intolerant of lactose and casein. I’m wondering if she has the same casein issue and if this formula could be a solution to her congestion. I had a few questions though:
    1) I was wondering how long the shelf life is? If I mix up a quart or gallon how long can it live in the refrigerator?
    2) Also, if we’re spending a day out & about and need to pack a few bottles, do we need to pack them with an ice pack each time or are they ok at room temp for an afternoon?
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi April,

      Here are your answers!
      1. 5 days is probably the most I would keep it in the fridge
      2. Room temperature probably isn’t that big of a deal for a 2-3 hours.

  39. Hi..I have a 9m old who has been having undiluted fresh goats milk with added coconut oil and probiotic. I’m just discovering that entering winter the farm whose milk we use is becoming less available. When will you have your powdered available again? Thx so much. Feeling kinda desperate at this point. Similar to you and your wife, I am 8m our babies will be close and my milk supply is lacking.

  40. May we offer a suggestion? first let us say that this has turned out to be the best formula! Our daughter was suffering with chronic congestion, runny nose, on and off again ear infections, night wakings and crankiness. After switching from our organic dairy and then organic soy formula to this goat formula, it is like having a brand new happy baby!!

    Here is our suggestion: My husband and I have been making this formula for a couple months. We make it in 6 eight ounce bottle increments. To avoid the solidifying issue with the coconut oil, and to have more equal distibution, we let it cool enough until it can be poured directly into individual bottles. (Or with our glass bottles, we don’t have to wait.) And, we sometimes use cool water for the last 16 of the 48 ounces to help speed up the cooling process when we need to. It is great this way because we always have 6 ready to go bottles on hand in the fridge each day! (Leaves room for spills, occasional night feeding or whatever you need. Best part is, they are ready!). Then we warm each bottle in hot tap water as baby lays down for her nap.

    As my husband says, happy baby equals happy wife and happy wife equals happy life! We are very grateful to have a happy healthy baby again! Thank you Mt. Capra!!

  41. I should also add that we add her vitamins and probiotics to her individual bottles after we warm them the next day and not at night when we make the batch (following the instructions recommended by the dosing instructions on the package).

  42. I am making the formula as we speak! Can you explain the 1 TBSP of goat’s milk powder? Does this ever need to be adjusted per their age or weight? 1 TBSP doesn’t seem like a lot but I guess that is because of all the other good fats and carbs being added…Thanks!

  43. My 3 month old is growing very slowly and his pedi is starting to mention formula. He is exclusively breastfed. Can I add a little coconut oil to a bottle of pumped milk occasionally? Is this healthy? Would it help him gain weight? I know my supply is good but he is not gaining well . Thank you!

  44. Hello!
    My daughter is 8 months old now and has only had breastmilk and solids until this point. My supply has dipped and she isn’t gaining weight so I want to give her goat’s milk formula. She will still be nursing though, and I imagine she will get 1-2 5oz bottles of the formula per day. My question is, because she is still getting a good amount of breastmilk, do I need the multivitamin and do I need to add all the carbohydrates? I’d rather not add the syrup if I can get around it.

  45. Hi. I am have a very healthy 9 month old that I am starting to wean and just had a ? About the formula. Do you use the mixture per 8 oz bottle or only add to one bottle a day I am just unsure about that. Thank you

  46. Hi! I just found your site browsing the web for goats milk recipes. My daughter is 8 mo. old and I just found out she has a cow’s milk allergy (though allergy testing due to eczema). She has been on cow’s based formula since birth due to low milk supply. I don’t want to switch to one of those hypoallergenic formulas so am going to try this! A few question for you because I have found different goats milk formula versions.
    1. Do I start out with 50/50 water/goats milk powder and gradually decrease the water as she gets older? She is 8 months now. A little confused about this.
    2. Another recipe recommends some liquid whey from kefir- is this necessary? Or can I get his whey from another source?
    3. Adding agave nectar or organic maple syrup for carbs? I know you recommend turbinado sugar- what is difference? If I were to use the maple syrup- how much should I use?
    4. Adding nutritional yeast for B vitamins? I guess if I use a multi in this then this would not be necessary?
    5. I currently use BioGai probiotics which she does great on. It contains L Reuteri- a lactobacillus and has 100 million CFU per dose. Is this enough or the right type of probiotic?
    6. Her current formula has iron and this one would not. She isn’t that much of a variety of solid foods yet because of tummy issues but we are slowly introducing different foods. So, would it be a good idea to supplement with some iron multivitamins?
    7. What is difference between Myenberg powder goat milk and the one you recommend?

    Thanks so much!! I’m sorry for all these questions!

    • Hi Agnes,

      1. 50/50 is good at first and then you can gradually reduce the added water until its full strength by 1 year.
      2. The liquid whey is a fine idea, if you want a powder form, check out:
      3. Basically your adding simple carbohydrates with as few negative ingredients (pesticides, chlorinated sugar, etc) as possible.
      4. True
      5. 100 million is actually pretty low, the probiotic I suggest give about 300 times that amount.
      6. An iron supplement might be a good idea which you should be able to get at your local pharmacy
      7. Meyenberg puts out a really quality goat milk and if you can only get it, then go for it.

  47. Hi! I am very interested in trying goats milk formula. My daughter has been on organic similac and earths best. She is 3 months old and I have never liked the ingredients used in formula nor the way the extract the dha/ara. I do not bf due to not supplying enough milk. Is this recipe ok to use on a 3 month old who only uses formula? Also, I had read that organic rice syrup contains arsenic in it…? I just want to feed my baby the best and I don’t think store bought formula organic or not is good. Thanks for your help!

  48. First of all, wow, and thank you for being so kind to take the time I share this info AND continue to answer questions for all of us! What a blessing! Okay, now, I have a 9 month old who has struggled with reflux and feeding issues from about 4 months on. We have been on a hypoallergenic formula that costs about $10 for 1 1/2 days. Not cheap. It has served him well, but we still struggle with feeding the bottle. He has to be completely asleep before I can sneak in the formula and its exhausting! He drinks great from a sippy cup and I would like to begin to wean him to sippy cups rather than the bottle and would like to use the goats milk rather than formula and would like to keep him on it for a while longer before trying the cows milk. We have meyenberg goats milk that is pasteurized in both can and refrigerated carton. If I use this particular brand, how do I mix the formula for 1/2 gallon of goats milk formula. Also, we don’t have many health food stores around here and reuse to buy online (simply because we do NOT use credit cards or debit cards as we have done too much damage to our credit with both! So from a local grocery store, what multi vitamin would you recommend? Thank you so much for all your willingness to share your experience and knowledge with us!

    • Hi Lindsey,

      To mix with liquid milk, you would still want to add 1/2 water 1/2 milk. As the child approaches 12 months, you can gradually decrease the amount of added water.

      Its tough to know what is available in your local store, you might be able to go and purchase a visa gift card as I believe those work online. I might be wrong though.

      • I use Meyengerg and when you first start using the (goat milk) formula is is recommended to use 1.5 scoops to 9 ounces, 3 scoops to 18 ounces and so on. Most goat milk baby formula recipes are made up in 36 ounce batches. It is also important to supplement with a whole food source such as nutritional yeast for B vitamins, which are lacking in goat’s milk. The yeast can make some babies gassy and you may need to substitute with liquid B’s as well as a good liquid vitamin supplement. Maxi Life or Natures Baby Plex are good sources. And as always consult with your health practioner.

  49. You may have already been asked this question but I did not see and answer as I was scrolling through the comments

    We own a small business and my 8 month old daughter goes to the store with me for 6 hrs a day during which time she takes two bottles, if I premix a large batch each morning and prefill her bottles would it be best to refrigerate then re warm or would it be better to leave them in her bottle bag at the temperature they are made at ( I know with my breast milk our dr told us that it was better to pump in the morning and leave it at room temperature if it would be used within 8 hrs because it altered the milk when cooled then warmed in such a short time frame)?

    Just for my own information, what would storage cooling/heating guidelines be on a time line? Should I follow the same directions as breast milk?

    • Hi Savana,

      Thanks for the question. Its a good one. My first thought would be to cool and reheat the bottles due to food safety concerns. Ideally you would make a big batch and then pull off the big batch that is in the refrigerator or make each bottle individually. 4 hours in the “danger zone” (40-140F) is the maximum recommended time for adults so I wouldn’t probably go past 3 hours for an infant. Thanks

  50. Could you please address the concerns listed in the following article:
    We have a baby that has a dairy allergy and soy sensitivity/possible allergy. He wakes up around 6-7 times every night with gas and discomfort. We have tried soy formula and both popular hypoallergenic formulas with no luck. I really want to try your goat’s milk formula, but am very worried about harming my baby. I am forced to supplement due to low breastmilk production.

    • Hi Kimberly,

      I read the article and it seems that the concerns are for feeding your baby plain goat milk. With that in mind, the concerns seem to fall away. Was there a particular concern you wanted me to address? Thanks!

  51. Hello again!

    We’ve been using your formula as a supplement to nursing for about a month now. My son–who was 4 weeks early and slightly underweight–is almost 6 mos. old now and gaining weight steadily, and from my mama-gut-sense, is healthy and happy.

    Question: We recently found a reliable local source of raw goat’s milk, and have switched from using the powdered Meyenberg (2 T. per 16 oz.) to using 8 0z. water/8 oz. raw goat milk per 16 0z. as you recommend (if I’m understanding correctly). Over the past week or 2–during which we’ve been using the raw milk–my son has been somewhat constipated and seems to be straining to poop…I’ve had to manually ‘intervene’ a few times. I’m not for certain what may be causing this, but I wonder if he’s struggling to digest the raw milk (no other changes to his diet recently)? Is that a possibility? If so, should I keep using the raw milk, or go back to Meyenberg? I really like the idea of using raw milk if he will tolerate it, as I understand it has greater nutritional value, but it’s important to me that he not struggle to poop! Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Elisha,

      Sorry to hear about your son’s constipation problem. My guess is he is merely adjusting to the new formula but if not, you could always try to go back to the other formula and see how he does. If it does seem to be the raw goat milk, I would cut back the concentration to about 1/3 milk 2/3 water for a few days and see if that helps. Also, the blackstrap molasses is a great laxative so you can always bump that up until he gets the consistency back.

      Let us know how he does!


  52. Also, if I use the canned evaporated milk (which is all that is available to me at this time) how do I dilute to a safe amount to meet your recipe criteria? It says to add half the amount of water to make milk, but doesn’t that solution have to be diluted further to make the protein levels safe for the baby?
    Thank you

    • Hi Kimberly,

      I believe you would need to then dilute it to 1/4 evaporated milk to 3/4 water. Or you could reconstitue it to label directions and then dilute it 1/2 and 1/2.


  53. Is there a liquid or powder alternate for the coconut oil? I can’t seem to get it to dissolve all the way into the mixture?

    • Hi Leilani,

      You can keep it stored in the refrigerator for a few days. I wouldn’t go past 4 or 5 but it stores great. Just heat it up under hot running water and it will taste great and deliver superior nutrition!


  54. My son Lucca now seven months old was born at 30 weeks. He was in the NICU for five and half weeks and we had some trouble with bf. I pumped the first 4 months and had a great supply, and as it turned out he was having some severe reactions to the breast milk. I went gluten, dairy, and soy free and we saw little change. My ped recommended we try switching him to all formula since he had been receiving formula supplements for weight gain since birth. He seemed to do better with formula only so we made the switch. However that was not the end of our food battle. He continues to have severe acid refulx even though medicated and I know this is due to an allergy. He also has had many problems sleeping, and just recently has begun to develop moderate eczema all over his face, which seems to worsen with each bottle. He has been on Alimentum, since about 4 months and I was finally ready after exhausting all resources to try the goats milk formula. I was excited to find you recipe! We started yesterday and I just have a few questions. My son was consuming 5oz of Alimentum every three hours… he would have died to eat more but with his reflux I couldnt feed him then 5oz at a time. I started him on the goats milk formula and after his first bottle he cried for several minuted when it was gone. I chalked this up to he really liked it and wanted more. He proceeded to do this with each passing bottle and when it came time for bed he was miserable. I have little trouble putting him to sleep at night, we have a very regular bath, massage, bottle, rocking routine and normally he goes down with little fussing. Last night after two hours I was at a loss. I ended up feeding him again (which I always fear doing due to his reflux at night) but it seemed to help calm him enough to put him to sleep. So long story short I’m wondering if he will need to consume more of the goats milk formula to be satisfied? Maybe the formula is more filling? We just want to make sure we are not over or under feeding him! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Ali,

      Thanks for the comment and sorry to hear about your son’s acid reflux, that is no fun at all. My guess the tears are from wanting to eat more. If it was crying because of the formula not digesting well, he would do that much later, after the feeding. As it is now, as long as your doctor is aware of what you are doing, I would keep feeding him when he is hungry and see how he does. The number 1 indicator of infant health is weight gain and it just might be time for him to put on some more weight.

      Thanks and keep us updated!

  55. My 8 months old son and I recently stopped breast feeding. He loves this formula but he just always wants to have a bottle now. He has gained a lot of weight! How much should I allow him to eat?

    • As long as he is gaining weight well, I would keep feeding him when he is hungry. Keep your doctor informed so that you son’s weight can be carefully monitored. Babies are great at self regulating their hunger. If he is acting hungry, he probably is and he will stop eating when he is full.


  56. Hi, I’m so glad I found this recipe and blog- thank you for sharing. I printed out the recipe card, but am still a bit confused as to how to make a big batch. I wouldn’t want to mix all the ingredients together as it appears that when you make the bottle you add the ingredients at different times (ie: oil into hot water to melt, then mix other items, shake, then add milk powder.) So, does that mean you make a big batch of ingredients + water and then make bottles from that? If so, how much water would you need to make a pint, a gallon, a quart, etc? I keep reading the comments here, and the recipe over and over thinking I’m missing something……

    • Hi Adrianna,

      You would put all the ingredients together following the steps I outline but for a pint/quort/gallon.

      Then you would pull from that main stock, warm it up if desired, and feed it to your baby.


  57. Thank you for this! I am about to start weaning my 11.5 month old and I am looking into goats milk. Would I need to use a modified formula recipe? Or straight milk or what? And how much per day? He is eating a lot of solids, but of course we’re getting pressure from the pediatrician to start with cows milk and give 2-3 cups a day. Thank you for answering so many questions!

  58. Hello,

    I have been feeding my now 10 month old son a combination of breast milk and formula since he was about 6 months old. I’m not thrilled with the ingredients in Earth’s Best but am feeling optimistic after reading through your site!

    I have two questions, the first: our local store carries goat’s milk (in liquid form). Is it safe for me to give straight goat’s milk (diluted with water??) to my 10 month old son? Or do you recommend I make the formula with powdered goat’s milk as you’ve listed on your site until he is 12 months?

    Second question, does the amount of milk a baby needs change when feeding goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk formula? I ask because I know there is a difference in the size of a formula bottle compared to a baby who is strictly breastfed, which is typically not measured (although it most likely means more feedings).

    Thank you for your time and it is really great to read these questions and your answers!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Yes liquid goat milk is just fine to give your son as long as you’re diluting it.

      I think the official serving size is 5 oz. for cow milk formula. (I’m guessing here)

      That could make up for the difference.


  59. Our 4 month old has battled reflux and we are mainly using your formula which has helped alleviate much of the spitting up. Recently we were at the Gastrointestinal doctor and the Nutritionist thinks that this formula lacks in nutrients compared to conventional formulas and encouraged us to change. We obviously will not go back to any kind of cow based formula and think this is the best for her however I do have a question about the Nutrition chart above: How much formula/breast milk is this for? The Nutritionist kept telling us Goat Milk does not have any Folic Acid and that is an issue. Do you recommend any Folic Acid supplement?

    She is in the 5% for weight and conventional medicine thinks she is to small.

    Thanks – George

    • Hi George,

      Your doctor is right, goat milk is low in folic acid, which is why we recommend supplementing it back in with the infant vitamin drops.

      Other than that, this formula mimics breast milk pretty closely and our kids have done well on it.

      Regarding her “small size”, doesn’t somebody have to be in the 5%? We can’t all be average weight and height! :0

      Take care

  60. Does your company have any liquid goats milk? Also, I’m following this recipe, but I came across this on google:

    Why goat’s milk may not be a good substitute for cow milk protein based infant formula or other cow based dairy.
    Here are a few reasons why goat’s milk formula is not a good substitute for regular infant formula or for soy based infant formula. (source Pediatric Nutrition in the Community )

    Goat’s milk is not indicated for use in infancy. Here is some rationale:

    1) Goat’s milk is deficient in folic acid and vitamin B6.

    2) Goat’s milk is higher in protein than human milk (1.0 gm pro/100 ml) and infant formula (1.4 gm/100 ml). It actually has 3.6 gm pro/100 ml, which puts an infant at risk for dehydration and a higher renal solute load.

    3) The reason many of the “recipes” for goat’s milk for infants call for dilution (usually the recommendations are to dilute it to 2/3 strength, but in this case, it appears to be for half strength) is to decrease the renal (kidney) solute load. When it is diluted, however, nutrients including energy, are diluted. With this comes the risk of hyponatremia or water intoxication, which can result in seizures. Dilution of goat’s milk to half-strength supplies about 10 calories per ounce.

    This means to meet the energy needs (98 kcal x 8.25 kg, which is the 50th percentile for a 7 month old boy), 80 ounces per day of goat’s milk would be required.

    4) Goat’s Milk Acidosis has been reported in the literature most likely secondary to the high protein level.

    5) It may be appropriate to try a formula that has no intact protein, milk, casein or soy and gradually introduce individual foods rather than rely on goat’s milk which is not recommended for infants.”

    Needless to say I was very frightened. Can you please explain to me how this is nonsense? Also, will your company ever make a goatsmilk infant formula commercially? Thanks!

    • Hi Najwa,

      1. True. This is why we supplement in the vitamins with the infant vitamin drops.

      2. True. This is why we dilute the milk down to half strength.

      3. True. This is why we add back in the fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins

      4. Possibly True. But remember point #2. We’ve already diluted it down so acidosis won’t be an issue.

      5. I believe this is referring to a hydrolyzed protein formula which are extraordinarily expensive, taste horrible, and still come from cow milk or soy milk.

      Regarding your final point: Because of “The Infant Formula Act of 1980” No company is allowed to produce and sell a formula that doesn’t follow the exact formula that congress set out. So the answer is no, we won’t be producing any infant formulas ourselves.


  61. is there an oil replacement? my baby has terrible reflux and i worry the oil is whats causing her to be sick when i feed her this formula. she only takes formula

    • Hi Najwa,

      You can leave the oil out and see how she does? If she does well, you might just slowly start introducing the oils again giving her time to adjust.


  62. My daughter is a few days shy of 7 weeks. I was breast feeding for the first 3 almost 5 weeks and then we began formula feeding her and I still continue nursing her. For the last ween she has been awake all night crying and nothing we do calms her. She passes gas and burps often. We were thinking maybe the cow milk formula is causing these colic symptoms. We were looking for alternatives. Is it safe to switch her to goats milk formula? I hate seeing my baby in this extreme discomfort and I can’t seem to calm her. During the day she seems nothing is wrong. I want to try your formula. The recipe above, is that for any certain ages? How long can it be stored in frig? Can it be frozen? Will there be any symptom side effects to look for with switching? Thank you

    • Hi Chris,

      You’ll want to let you doctor know if your changing formulas but that is exactly what my daughter was doing and we switched her off the cow milk and it made all the difference.


  63. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for posting this formula, it is the most simple and direct formula recipe I’ve been able to find.

    Here’s my question(s):

    My husband is Costa Rican and we spend part of the year down there. Things aren’t so readily available there so we are stocking up on liquid vitamins and probiotics. The good news is we live on an organic farm and our son will have fresh goat’s milk there. However, I’ve bought infant formula drops with added iron ( )

    The supplement facts say that this provides an infant with 67% of their daily value of iron.

    Should I worry about the molasses? I don’t want my son to get overloaded with iron. Should I cut the molasses when using these vitamins? (I only bought one bottle of it. From here on out I’ll just buy regular vitamins without the extra iron, to keep it simple)

    Also, in Costa Rica the best and most natural sugar we have available to us (besides pure fresh cane juice) is something called tapa dulce, which many Costa Ricans swear by drinking dissolved in hot water every morning because of the iron and other minerals it has in it.

    Again– should I worry about the iron content here or is the amount of sugar needed on a daily basis so small that the iron would be trace?

    info on tapa dulce:

    thank you!

    • Hi Darla,

      The formula as is without iron supplementation will provide adequate iron for an infant up to 6 months old. Infants only need .27mcg/day up to 6 months.

      After 6 months, the iron requirement goes up to 11mcg/day and this is when you can implement your vitamin supplement with iron.

      I wouldn’t worry about a 1/8 teaspoon of blackstrap molasses leading to too much iron.


  64. I am so excited to find this formula and want to give it a try. My little girl was born at 27.4 weeks this past July and we just got her out of the NICU about 3 weeks ago (Nov. 16th). So she is, “adjusted”, currently 7 weeks old. Like others here, my milk supply is just not keeping up. My daughter was only in the NICU so long because she just doesn’t care to eat, so every feeding is a struggle and we currently have to gavage what she does not eat via a nasogastric tube. Since we’ve begun supplementing more, we have noticed ALOT more spitup. It sometimes seems as though she’s throwing up at least 1/2 of the volume she just consumed. We are currently using a mixture of whatever milk I can produce and making up the different with Similac’s Neosure. I am hoping you can let me know if this goat milk forumla would be ok for her? I have been told that because she was born so early she has a higher need for protein and for iron (since she missed out on what would have been stored up in the placenta and given to her during the last trimester). Thank you so much for your time!

    • Hi Tracy,

      Great to hear you got your little girl out of the NICU. What a relief!

      Due to the sensitive nature of your little girls health, I am going to refrain from offering advice.

      I would check with your doctor(s) and if they are okay with it, then go for it!

      Blessings, and let us know how she does!


    • Hi Tracy!
      I too had an early preemie(27w5d) who struggled with feeding-reflux, tongue thrust, etc. He was a MESS! Due to the tongue thrust I could not directly breastfeed and my supply was low to begin with, but went lower and lower with the pump.

      I did not know what to do, but knew I did not want him on so many medications(the reflux meds came with 4 others to treat side effects-including a heart medication). So in a blender I added half water, raw organic peaches(about as much as the water), cup or so of cooked brown rice, and blended. Then I added the formula powder(using the measurement for all the “stuff” rather than just the water)…he is now 9-1/2yrs and doing well-and I never gave him a reflux or heart medication! I was told(almost 10yrs ago) that the biggest additional needs of a preemie through their first year are magnesium, potassium, and calcium(the iron was likely already “made up for” in the NICU), so the peaches fit the bill along with preemie formula(neosure) as well as controlled constipation that may have been caused by the rice. If you choose not to use commercial formula, just keep those 3things in mind.

      My now 13mos old was a 35wker, she had lactose intolerance(dx at 4mos) and I was fearful of giving her soy formula based on the more recently released information(as I did my 12yr old), so I used Lactaid whole milk w/a tsp of coconut oil and a multi-vitamin. She’s had bloodwork done three times(6, 9, and 12mos) and each time it has been “better than perfect.”

      My point of this is that our little ones are much tougher than we think!

      I am here because I am pregnant again and want to be more prepared than I was with the last. I would’ve loved to give my daughter goats milk, but could not because I was not prepared…where do you find raw goats milk when a problem arises? Since we live on 111ac, I asked my husband for a goat(w/kids), this will be great for my 13mos old as well as the new baby in case any problems arise!

      Good luck to you and I hope all is going well with your newest addition, the hardest part is behind you(I know all about the NICU), Congrats!!

  65. Mr. Stout, let me preface this by saying I have multiple food allergies which aggravate my Crohn’s disease and a family history of auto-immune disorders, so I’m worried my daughter is at risk to develop allergies or other auto-immune problems. My daughter is 6 months and we have been feeding her alimentum for the last 3 months or so. In the past, she had trouble with my wife’s breast milk which we attributed to an allergy to something my wife was eating. She also seemed to have discomfort when eating traditional formula. She seemed to tolerate the alimentum well, but is getting constipated recently. We tried your formula for the first time this evening and we think it may have caused her to have bad gas pain. Is it not uncommon for a baby to experience this when switching formulas? My wife thinks we should switch back to the alimentum ASAP, but I would much rather have her on a non-bovine dairy formula.


    • Hi Josh,

      I can’t give medical advice but I do know that switching formula’s can take infants time to adjust to. You might just give her another few days and see how she adjusts.

      Thanks and keep us updated!

      • She seems to be doing just fine now. I think there may have been a couple factors at play. She may have needed a day or so to adjust to the new formula (which she loves). And, she may have been ingesting more air since we were shaking up her bottle right before feeding her. Now we prepare a large batch every evening for the next day’s use.

  66. Hi, I am curious why you suggest diluting the raw goats milk? I have a 6 week old boy who is having all kinds of digestive issues, I really want to switch him to goat milk but I am nervous about raw, so I was thinking of pasteurizing it myself or using powdered goat milk. So far I am reading not to give it to babies under 6 months or so, which doesn’t make sense because at the same time they all say that goat milk is the closest thing to breast milk. My aunt fed my cousin straight goats milk from the time he was a week old, granted that was many years ago but he is still alive and well! I am so confused by all the things to add and the dilution, I am really wanting to understand why, if it is so close to breast milk? Next I wonder if you can tell me if it will help or make worse constipation? Is it safe for a baby at 6 weeks? Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Goat milk is the closest thing to human breast milk out there. However it still is not the same as breast milk. The protein levels are higher which need to be adjusted down. To accomplish this, we add extra water which brings all the other nutrients down as well (carbs, fats, vitamin, minerals) and therefore we add those back in the form of coconut oil, turbinado sugar, etc. By not diluting the milk, we are giving the infants to much protein for their kidney’s to handle.

      6 weeks should be a fine time to introduce the formula. I would just let your doctor know.


      • Perfect thank you! One more question, I found certified raw goats milk to buy in my area, since I will not be using powder do I need the probiotic? I read in other comments to cut the fat in half which I will do but I was not sure on the probiotic. Thanks again. Jessica

        • The probiotic can be kept as it is always a good thing for your little one. However, the raw milk will have naturally occurring probiotics anyway but not nearly as much as the supplement provides.

  67. Im just trying your recipe for the first time and have a question. We have dairy goats so I’m using our own raw goats milk in the recipe. I am mixing 1/2 gallon at a time and almost immediately after mixing it, the oil separates to the top. There’s barely enough time to fill a bottle, any suggestions on how to make sure it is distributed evenly when pouring from a large batch?

        • Kelly–

          I’ve encountered this issue as well. I too have been using raw goat’s milk, and therefore use 1/2 the oils, but even so, it separates immediately after mixing it. I noticed that when–for example, making a 48 oz. batch (for us, that’s (8) 6 oz. bottles), when I poured from the large container into the first bottle, that first bottle would get a disproportionately large amount of the oils and the remaining bottles had much less. I solved the problem by pouring just an ounce or two into each allotted bottle on the ‘initial pour’ (right after mixing), ensuring that each bottle gets a good amount of the oils in it, then I go back and fill up each bottle the rest of the way. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s worked pretty well and seems to be the best solution I’ve found after making this formula for the past 3 mos. or so. [Note that I typically pour the formula directly into the bottles for storage rather than storing the bulk amount in the fridge–not sure if you do so or not, but that has helped also.]

          Hope this is helpful! (ps. my now 7 mos. old son is doing tremendously well with this formula! I can say that it is worth my efforts 🙂

  68. We have been using this formula for a few months now to supplement breastfeeding, (just one bottle for bedtime) and my son really loves the formula. But the oils are a bit on the annoying side when they separate, so I’ve started putting the milk, oils, vitamin, ect into a smoothie blender and that seems to emulsify it all together. Then I put it into the fridge and it doesn’t separate at all.

    But at my son’s well check yesterday the doctor said he hadn’t gained enough weight and his growth curve is starting to curve back down. We’ve always had trouble with him gaining weight, but had stayed just above the minimum until now. The doctor wants me to start feeding him three bottles of 22 calorie formula a day. He said I can continue with the goats milk formula so long as it is atleast 22 calories an ounce. How would I go about making your formula 22 calories an ounce?

    • Hi Allison,

      The formula is actually 21.6 calories/ounce as is. But you could bump up the olive oil to 1.5 teaspoons to get it past the 22 calories/ounce mark. Thanks!

  69. My son appears to have a coconut sensitivity and I would like to make sure he gets enough fat. Is there a substitute? Flax oil perhaps?

    • I have not used flax myself but I would prefer to use something with saturated fat. I have used grass fed butter butter when the coconut oil wasn’t available. 1 teaspoon of butter could replace the coconut oil.

      Let us know how your son does!

  70. When I make a bottle of this, how long can it stay out for before it is technically spoiled? I exclusively breastfeed still but purchased everything as a standby if needed!
    Thank you!!

  71. Hi, I have a question for you. I have returned to work and am exclusively pumping for my 6.5 month old son. I am running low on my milk supply and tried your formula last night. He seemed to love it! My first question is – we are waiting for our CapraMilk to be delivered, so in the meantime we used Meyenberg. Would we use the same ratio that you use in your formula recipe? We did, but I just wanted to be sure. Secondly, should we at some point increase the ratio of goats milk powder due to my son being almost 7 months old? Finally, i have read that the Meyenberg is fortified with B12 and Folic Acid, how should we mitigate that with the use of CapraMilk? Thank you!!

  72. Hello there,
    Fist I just want to thank you for sharing your story as well as this recipe. My 7 month old son has had horrible reflux since he was born. We have tried every type of formula and medication, however due to several food intolerances (milk, soy, corn) we have been unsuccessful. After consistently loosing weight we switched over to goat milk & immediately saw improvement. Now we are following your recipe in attempt to supply all of the required nutrients & vitamins. We are using the evaporated goats milk because that’s the form that our son tolerates the best. My question is- after I mix the goat milk with water (50/50 ratio) then can I add your recipe? will the measurements still be appropriate if I am not using the powdered goats milk?
    Thank you again 🙂

    • Hi Mandi,

      Once you reconstitue evaporated milk, you will want to then cut it in half again with water. Then you can follow the recipe as is. Evaporated milk should work fine and keep us updated on his progress!

  73. Can I make this by the gallon and freeze? I’m worried about killing the probiotic. Also, can you tell me how sensitive the probiotic is- if I mix warm, blend, cool, and reheat to feed, will this harm the strains at all? Thanks! D

  74. I currently breastfeed my almost 10 month old son. However, I have already used up my freezer stash, so I am wanting to use this formula for times when I am away from my son. I found all of the ingredients except for the multivitamin. I can order it online, but I’m wondering, since it’s not a full time milk source for him, is it possible to omit the vitamin once our twice until it is shipped to me?

  75. My baby is 4 months olds and I have been EBFing. Due to hardly any weight gain for 6 weeks I came to find out I produce enough fat in my milk. I still nurse and give 2 ounces of goats milk after each feeding. I make an 8 oz bottle each morning to last all day. I add all ingredients in and add hot water to mix to all together, is it alright to then put it in the fridge and then heat the 2ozs I need back up? Am I losing any nutrition by heating back up?

    • Hi Candace,
      I saw your comment on here and had a similar problem with my daughter gaining weight. My midwife suggested taking flax seed oil capsules or eating flax seed with yogurt or something to try to fatten up my milk. I did this every day and after a week she had gained 8 oz already. This was when she was newborn but she kept gaining weight until my milk dried up and we had to switch her to formula. My midwife said this helped a lot of women, hope it can help you too!

  76. Our daughter is 13 months and we still give her this formula. I don’t see any sense in changing things as she is getting the nutritional benefits! Or am I wrong? We were overseas when she turned one and wanted to wean her to straight goats milk but there always seems to be a reason stopping us, ie. teething ( rather keep her comforted than change anything when getting molars in), friends visiting and staying with us so wanted to wait till after, now we have had a death in the family and have to go away again. Not sure we will be able to get raw goats milk or even goats milk at all. We also live overseas and I have not come across powdered goats milk. So now the issue is maybe waiting until we get back to take her off “formula” if we need to?! And we might have to bring a cooler with the milk and all ingredients in it. If we premix it how long can it last?

  77. Hi there. I am interested in trying this recipe for my 6 month old who is breast fed other than a bottle of formula for bed because my supply is low by the end of the day. The commercial formula seems to be causing constipation, but other than that she takes it fine. I have tried mixing blackstrap molasses into her formula but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Do you think switching to the goat milk formula will help with her constipation? Also, can I make a big batch and freeze in breast milk bags? Thank you 🙂

  78. I have just recently started my 6 month old daughter on the “Goat’s Milk Formula”. I have a few questions regarding the preparation.

    1. She was using the “Neocate” powder formula and we were wondering if it is ok to still mix this formula with the Goat’s Milk Formula or alternate between them if we choose too.

    2. Is it ok to use the liquid raw turbinado cane sugar? If so, is the serving size in the recipe the same?

    3. Has there been any concern with the amount of sugar in the formula? It seems “so” sweet compared to conventional formulas. A local “holistic” doctor recommended “natural” carrot juice vs the turbinado cane sugar but she can not tolerate the juice due to acid reflux. What are your thoughts on this?

    Thank you so much!

  79. My little guy is almost 14 months old. He has numerous severe food allergies. His highest by far is casein (class 6 – we have an epipen). He is starting to eat a lot of solids, although he still breastfeeds. And yes, following his extreme diet is hard! I’ve gone through a few spells of low supply where I needed to supplement. The only viable option I’ve come across is extensively hydrolyzed infant formula. So onto my question….
    From what I was told, children that have an IgE mediated cow’s milk allergy are likely to react to goat’s milk (more than 90%). In your experience, have you seen that to be the case? I would love to try this instead but I’m nervous given how serious his dairy allergy is.

  80. Hi there, thankyou so much for making this recipe!
    Sorry to bother you but i have a few questions too! 🙂
    I can only get Whole goats milk (longlife/shelf/non-refridgerated till opened) where i live at the moment. i want to ask what should i be doing with that milk to make it nutritionally right for my 8 and a half month old son..?? Do i still add fats, carbs etc. ?
    Thankyou, your time and advice is greatly appreciated.

  81. Hi, I just started my 6 month old son on your goat milk formula. He deals with serious gas and often wakes up at night in discomfort. I breast feed, but like many, don’t make nearly enough. I have recently gone off dairy and wanted to try this formula so get away from cow’s milk since I think it may be the culprit. It’s only been a couple of days, but I think he is doing better gas-wise.
    Question regarding big batches of formula:
    Your recipe says to add of vitamins according to the dosage of what vitamins are being used. Mine calls for 1 teaspoon per day….but according to your instructions should that be that per 8 oz bottle of goat formula or per what the baby consumes per day? Also, if kept in fridge the oils rise to the top and gets hard. How do you recommend getting the right amount of oil mixed in to the individual servings that I would take out to heat up…..just shake? Or should I make up individual bottles first so that all the ingredient are equally divided. Hope I am making sense…..thanks for your time.

  82. I am Pediatric RN for over 10 years and my daughter 3 years ago was severely, allergic to cows milk formula or my breast milk. So, I did little research and we started her on goat’s milk baby formula and she was not sick since then, jest 2-3 cold a year. I remember when I switched her she was only 6 weeks old and loosing weight rapidly because of constant vomiting and diarrhea. Our pediatrician put her on Zantac and it made things even worse. So after I switched to raw goat’s milk formula, miracle happened. I always did quick pasteurization of the milk and add molasses, Poly-vitamin infant with iron, coconut oil, sunflower and olive oil, diluted with water 1/2 strength and I added nectar, as well. Voila!!! Perfect natural recipe. Our pediatrician was calling me everyday, warning us she will die, get worse and so on. However, I have told her we fortify the formula. Even at 1 year old she went for blood work analysis and she was perfect, healthy baby. Now she weights 38 lbs at 3 yrs. old. BTW, her eczema disappeared with goat milk, too. As a professional and a mom, I recommend this formula is healthier than soy or drugs and the closest to human milk. Just make sure your goat’s milk is clean from bacteria. We got our on Real Milk Association. They are sending milk analysis to the lab twice a month.

  83. I was searching the internet for a friend who just had a baby about 6 weeks ago. She is having to supplement with formula because of the medication she’s on to treat ulcers and gall-stones, so nursing and pumping are out for now. She has tried about 6 different formulas, with no luck. She and her mother are allergic to coconut, and they think that is what he’s having trouble with, so could they leave it out? What would be a good substitute for the coconut oil?

  84. My son was just placed on an ng tube about a week and a half ago. He is 7 months old, and ever since he was about 2 months it’s been a constant struggle to get him to eat. He was completely breastfed until 5 months old when he just stopped. It’s been a battle of trying to figure out what is going on and causing him food aversion and pain. Anyway all of that to say that his symptoms match that of milk protein intolerance. When we got him on the tube, we were finally able to figure this out because we were able to see a GI specialist. We tried him on alimentum by similac. I had been giving him as much breast milk as possible until finding out that milk protein was probably causing his issues. The alimentum smells awful, but he drank it fine at first. Then he started to decrease again and his bowel movements did not look healthy at all. We decided to try goat milk and used your formula. I have just a couple questions. His GI doctor is ok with it as long as he is getting what he needs nutritionally and thought of checking his nutrition in one to two weeks. None of her patients have ever used goat milk before, so she was a little apprehensive just because she’s never seen the results. Has anyone had nutrition checked after using this formula? Do you know what the results were if so? Also, we will soon be moving across country, so I am anticipating a few issues with making the formula on the road. Do you know the specifics on how long it keeps at different temperatures? How would you prepare it if you were going on a multi-day car ride? Thanks so much for your help!

  85. Hi. I came across your site and was immediately interested in supplementing my 8mobth old with this instead of the milk based formulas. I am a strong believer in “I would feed my son anything I wouldn’t eat ” but my milk supply has not caught up with his eating since he was 6 months so I recently supplemented 2-4 oz of formula in each 8oz bottle. He has severe eczema which We still don’t know exactly why but I would notice a small difference when I wouldn’t have as much dairy (cows milk,cheese ec). I want to give this a try. I saw in the products you have online and wondered if there is room in the recipe to add the goat colostrum. If yes would it be a sibstitue to some of the oil and other supplements? Thanks so much for your time and recipe !

    • Sorry It’s “I wouldn’t feed my son anything I wouldn’t eat ” (I definitely would not drink the enfamil formula.)

  86. Hi Joe! I cannot say what a blessing it is that I found this formula so thank you so much for sharing it! I breastfed my daughter for the first month but dried up in a few days so we had to switch to formula. I had her on a sensitive formula but she was cranky, not gaining weight and did not like to eat. It got to the point to where she would cry when she saw her bottle and would fight eating every time. It was at that point that I knew I needed to do something else and found this recipe. Instantly she acted like she liked the formula and she started eating so much more (from 3 oz a feeding on regular formula to 6 oz on this within a month). She still loves it and gets excited when she sees her bottle but lately has not been gaining weight (for about a month now). She is almost 7 months old now and she eats about 24-32 oz a day plus a few oz of baby food. She is very active and never stops moving but I’m a little concerned since she is pretty petite already. Its not a matter of giving her more bottles, or food because she only will eat if she is hungry. Is there any ingredient that it would be safe to increase to add more calories to her bottles to help her start gaining weight? Thank you so much for your help with this!

  87. Hi,
    I am wondering what your thoughts are on this formula having a sweeter taste than breast milk and milk-based formulas and am curious if you think that the taste of this particular formula will cause children to develop a sweet tooth. I have made the formula with maple syrup, and it tastes really, really sweet and that’s my only question and concern about the formula. Any thoughts on this are much appreciated!
    Thanks so much!
    Molly Huang

    • Hi Molly,

      I don’t really think so. Breast milk is incredibly sweet and its the gold standard of infant nutrition. Rice syrup and lactose are both less sweet than maple syrup though if you are looking for another option.


  88. Is there an age limit to this recipe? My daughter is a week shy from being 1 month old, she at the moment is exclusively breast fed but I’ll be going through a series of dental work and need something to supplement with for the time being is this recipe okay for her age?

  89. Hi thank you so much for this formula recipe! My son loves it and has no problems with it. I was just curious when I was doing my research for formula recipes all of them had 2tsp coconut oil 1tsp of sunflower and 1tsp of olive oil and that’s for 36 ounces of formula. The recipe you have listed has the measurements for an 8 oz bottle I was curious why those other recipes have less fat in them? I just want to make sure it’s ok I’m giving him all the extra oil.
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Jasmine,

      This formula is based on a low fat powdered goat milk. Most formulas you read in books are using whole milk which has quite a bit of fat to begin with and thus the added fats are less.

  90. Thank you for the great recipe! My little girl loves it and it is a relief to find a great alternative to breastmilk.

    I had a question about the carbohydrate. I have been adding pure maple syrup to the formula but I was wondering if there was a less sweet option you could suggest.



  91. I usually prepare an 8oz bottle of formula for each feeding. My infant eats 6 to 8 oz from it. My question is, if I use your goat milk formula, and my son drinks 6 out of the 8 oz will he not get the needed fats? Oils are less dense, they will rise to the top even if you shake, then separation will occur over time. When I invert the bottle with the nipple in the child’s mouth all the fats will float to the top of the bottle opposite the nipple. If my son isn’t as hungry and doesn’t finish all 8oz I am concerned. Can you address oil separation for me? Thanks.

    • Hi Nada,

      I’ll admit that the oils are a bit of headache because of the separation issues but one thing I found that works is to take the bottle from the baby 2 or 3 times during the feeding and reshake it. This makes sure that the oil stays as dispersed in the bottle during the feeding. Certain babies eat fast enough that it isn’t an issue but for your infant that might help. Thanks

  92. Can you start using this formula at birth? We are adopting and really do not want to start her on a cows milk formula…

  93. I am switching to raw goat milk instead of powdered. Does this change the amount of ingredients? And, do I dilute the raw goat milk? If so, by how much? Thank you in advance.

  94. Hello, I have a 15 month old baby girl, and I have breastfed her since birth. She is now seeing a new pediatrian who says that she is kind of low in weight {16 pds}, for a 15 mth old. She suggested that I try supplementing with Pediasure, to get the necessary nutrients that she might not be getting from my breastmilk, which has significantly been reduced. I’m not sure if my milk has been reduced because of lack of calorie intake, but I definitely try to eat healthy most of the time. I want to try your goatmilk formula, and was wondering, do you consider the unpasturized goatsmilk that I get from a local farm, and pasturize it myself , RAW goatsmilk ? If so, should I also dilute the oils in this recipe to half ? Thanks so much for your help.

  95. How old should the child be before you move to straight goat’s milk instead of the formula (ie, they are old enough that the extra protein isn’t a problem?)

  96. Thank you soooo much for sharing this. My little one has been breast fed for the last ten months, but despite all efforts I am not producing much. I have chose to supplement with goats milk. I will be using a fresh source. My question to you is..if i mix up large batches at a time & freeze it like I would my breast milk would it alter the nutrient content at all? What would u recommend?

  97. I am going to be using brown rice syrup and was wandering if you could tell me the exact amount to use. I noticed some discretion between your recipe online (1 Tbsp Carb) and your recipe card where u use sugar (2 1/2 tsp). A little confused by this but understand that each product has a different carb count so I want to make sure I have this right. Second question is, am I understanding right that you should cut oils in half when using fresh whole goats milk?
    Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Sara,

      2.5 teaspoons is about 1 tablespoon so I was trying to make it nice and simple for a single batch overview. However, when you are making a large batch, the precise measurements need to be taken. As an extra 1/2 teaspoon over the course of a gallon gets out of hand pretty quickly.

  98. Sorry one more question. Can the fats in your formula be replaced by organic ghee? Also, wouldn’t the goats milk already have some carbs in it? So would an entire tbsp be necessary? Sorry and thanks

  99. HI,
    Thank you very much for your recipe! I have been using goats milk from the store for about 4 days now with the recipe and my son is doing great. He is sleeping and is calm during the day. His reflux is calmed. He is literally a totally new baby. My question is I want to switch to powdered goats milk and here they sell Meyenberg powdered goat milk and I was wondering if this is okay to use and would I use the same amount? Thank you so much for giving me my wonderful baby back!


    • Hi Tisha,

      Its great to hear your son is doing well on the formula. Yahoo! The powdered milk from Meyenberg will work well. They make a high quality product. And yes you would use the same amount.

    • Hi Tisha,

      What wonderful news! Its so great to hear your baby is doing well. Meyenberg’s powdered milk is really high quality so I wouldn’t have any hesitation to use it. You would use the same amounts.


  100. I have two questions- the first was asked by the poster above me, Sara. I noticed the measurement discrepancy as well, and I don’t know how much brown rice syrup to add when I’m making a quart. Also- can you break down the exact nutrition facts/percentages for each vitamin and iron, etc? I need to take this to my doctor to make sure it’s okay for me to use, but I don’t have an exact list of the nutrients in the formula (other than the fats, calories, protein, and carbs, which I saw you had listed on your chart). I want to make sure he’s getting exactly the nutrition he needs, and not too much iron, since I know the blackstrap supplies a small amount. Thank you!

      • Yes, do you have something similar to that available? It seems like a great recipe, but I really would like to make sure it’s nutritionally adequate. My son has a sensitivity to cow’s (and goat’s) milk protein, but I’m hoping he’ll outgrow it soon and I can gradually introduce him to it again and see if he has any symptoms (on every formula except Ready-to-feed Enfamil Gentlease, he has either constipation, a constantly runny nose, or projectile vomiting, or a combination of the three). I really want to give him something that’s healthier, and I know this formula would be, especially since the main ingredient in his current formula is corn syrup.

  101. Hi I was wondering if I wanted to do 1 1/2tbs of the goat milk about how much ofthe oils I would need add, these seem to cause more spit up for my son

    • Hi Lindsay,

      Are you saying that the fats are causing your son to spit up more?

      If so I wouldn’t increase the amount of milk to 1 1/2 tbs unless he is nearly 12 months. I would just cut back the oils for a while and see how he does.

  102. Would it be ok to used fresh pasteurized goats milk? I also can use it as raw as well….but I am just so worried about the issues that could be caused when using unpasteurized items. Thanks!

      • Hello,
        Thank you for all of the wonderful information. Yesterday I used your recipe with Meyenburg Lowfat milk. Today I used the powder. She did better yesterday. I would like to use the goats milk instead of the powder. How much water do I need to dilute it? Yesterday I made a 32oz batch with all goats milk before I realized I’m supposed to dilute it with water. Im supposed to dilute the milk because of the protein content, correct?
        Thanks for helping as my little one has spit up tons today with the powder and has cried a lot!!

  103. Mr. Stout, thanks so much for this wonderful information!

    We have a 5 week old son we adopted at birth. We tried adoptive breastfeeding and have had only minimal luck. Even if we would have had good luck with it, we knew it would be very rare to completely fulfill his needs. So, we researched formulas before he was born and we’re flat out horrified at what was in them. Without a choice, we went for what we thought was the lesser of all evils. However, he has had trouble with several of them – standard milk, hypoallergenic (Alimentum), and soy. Threw up some of them, just lots of gas and discomfort on others. He seems so bothered that he barely sleeps, usually only 1 hour at a time. This has been tough!

    Then, we came upon your site and were so thrilled to try it, really believing this would be the answer for him, feeling so good about products we could pronounce and understand. We have talked with a farmer about getting raw milk in a few days. In the meantime, we bought Meyenbergs (sp?) powdered yesterday. He has had this formula for his feedings over the last 15 hours. About 45 minutes after his second feeding he wailed uncontrollably, seemed to be in a lot of pain for the next 2 hours. We have continued on but aren’t sure if something in it is upsetting him or is it just part of switching from one thing to another? Who knows if he was still working something out of his system from the last formula? He has been a little less fussy over the last few feedings. But, any thoughts on whether this is just from switching or whether he’s not having a good reaction to it?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Jackie,

      Make sure you are following the recipe closely. Especially the part about 1 tablespoon of milk powder. Goat milk protein is very easy to digest but to much will cause stomach cramps in a newborn.

      Also, sometimes there is a transition phase the little ones need to go through to really start thriving on a formula.

      Keep us up to date!

      • Mr. Stout,
        Thanks so much for the feedback! It’s been about 10 days for us now on this formula. He definitely got better after I posted the first time. We noticed much less gas and fewer times when he seemed to be in pain. Seemed great for a few days. But over the last 2-3 days he has been spitting up more and more (really more like throw up sometimes). We wondered if the fats were too rich for him (totally guessing) so we tried halving the coconut oil and olive oil, but still lots of spit up/throw up, and now today he seems to be in pain and crying about 75% of the day. We reaallly want to make this work! We’re horrified to go back on the commercial formulas. Given he is just 6 weeks now, do you think we should cut back on the powdered goats milk or would that dilute the formula too much and not give him enough calories. We appreciate any suggestions you may have.
        Thanks again!!

        • Hi Jackie,

          I can’t give medical advice but I think might cut back on the powered milk a tad and see if that clears things up. If so then maybe reintroduce it slowly. Thanks!

  104. Thank you so much for the recipe! I love how you explained the purpose of each ingredient. I feel more confident after reading this that I have made the correct decision to switxh my six month old to goats milk formula. He’s had 4 bottles in the last 8 hours. He eats every 2 hours in the daytime. He used to sleep through the night, then we changed to a generic formula because we assumed he didnt have a sensitive tummy like our first child. It went downhill from there. Poor baby sleeps 2 hours at a time and wakes up screaming with gas pain. We have tried 4 different formulas now to no avail. So this is night one of this one!! Already the redness on his cheeks that I assumed was from being chapped is gone!! After much research I felt this was woth a shot. A bit expensive to get going, but if it works, very cost-effective. I am comforted to see the support youre giving other mommies with questions. I will re- post in a few days!!!

    • Karen,
      How is it going? My 4 month old son also has the red chapped cheeks. We have been through a bunch of formulas. Last night was night one of the goats milk formula. He really enjoyed it and his cheeks are pink today. Not bright red. How are your son’s symptoms? Better I hope? Thanks, Jennifer

      • Hi Jennifer,

        Yes my daughter is much better! She thrived on the formula and her chapped red cheeks went away.


        I’m glad to hear your son is doing well on it.

  105. I’m switching my 6 month old from formula to goats milk as she is having to many bad side effects from the formula to list. A few questions, how do you make the “making the goats milk formula” process a little more streamlined, easier to do at night time, away from home, etc.? How long will it last once it’s made if she doesn’t finish a bottle?
    Thank You for your time!

    • Hi anna,

      Coconut oil is best because it is pretty mild and has saturated fat. You could do a grass fed butter if your little one isn’t allergic to cow milk.


  106. Thank you so much for your goat mill recipe. I will pass the info on to My
    daughter who just delivered Tues!
    Just a note that most MDs get 1 qtr of Nutrition in schoo
    Abundant Blessings to you all
    Grandma Health Ed Grad

    Be informed


  107. I have preemie twins (born 3 weeks early) that are 2 weeks old actual right now. Can I feed them this formula? If so, should I add anything more to it for extra calories/fat for them to gain weight more quickly? They are 5 lbs 4 oz now and were 4.12 lbs and 4.15 lbs at birth. They had no complications at birth and were in NICU for 10 days only for feeding regulation and one had an apnea/brady spell. Other than that they have had no other issues with health. Great breathing, body temp regulation and continue to feed very well and gain weight. However they are on that Neosure from the NICU and they are starting to show signs of gassiness, reflux and pooping A LOT! I want them on something healthier … Any advice would be appreciated!

  108. Hello,
    My 4 month old son is allergic to soy and I want to make my own formula. He can tolerate dairy but everything I have read says not to introduce whole cow milk this early. What are your thoughts on that?
    Also, if I go with the pasteurized goats milk (non powder) how much do I use in the recipe? Thanks, Jennifer

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Yes you wouldn’t want to do whole cow milk. That’s why I provide a recipe.

      If you use fresh milk just use it half and half with water.


      • Hello,
        Thanks for your reply. I have been using the goats milk recipe (with meyenberg powdered goats milk and not cows milk) for a week now and my 4 month old is doing great! He loves it and his face rash and diaper rash are almost gone. I’m so happy to know that all the ingredients are natural and I know exactly what he is eating. Besides his soy allergy I was not crazy about some of the ingredients in the name brand formulas.
        He is also eating happy bellies organic brown rice cereal with dha, choline, and pre&probiotics. It contains no soy or dairy I find it a nice edition to his formula and pureed fruits and veggies. I can not thank you enough for this recipe! I was so frustrated with his food allergies and I wanted to do the best thing for him. I had a hard time breast feeding both of my children so I knew I had to go with a
        formula. It was breaking my heart to see him suffer and he truly is a new baby on this formula! Thanks again.

  109. Hello! Thank you for this article! It is great. I was definitely feeling uneasy givingmy little guy commercial formula while we go out of town. I have a question regarding vitamin drops. He is five months old. How many drops do I put per bottle? We bought the “infant care” brand which suggests 1ml daily. However, since he will not be getting vitamins from formula or milk, how much should I add to the milk? I assume the reccommended dose on the package is for babies with a regular diet. The percentages include:
    1500 iu vitamin A
    35 mg vitamin C
    400 iu vitamin D
    5 iu vitamin E
    .5 mg thiamin
    .6 mg riboflavin
    8 mg niacin
    .4 mg vitamin B6
    2 mcg vitamin B12
    3 mg pantothenic acid
    20 mg DHA oil

    Thanks so much!

  110. I did some math to help determine how much he needed (according to what formula says he will need) per day. If he were to take five 8oz bottles a day, this is what I came up with. Please correct me if I have my math wrong, or if the percentages are off.
    Since the formula can (similac sensitive) is based off 5oz bottles, I basically multiplied everything by 8 (since he’d be getting about 40 ounces a day)

    Vitamins in 40 oz of Similac Sensitive: Vitamins in (1ml) multivitamin drops:
    Vit A. 2400 iu. 1500 iu
    Vit C. 72 mg. 35 mg
    Vit D. 480 iu. 400 iu
    Vit E. 24 iu. 5 iu
    Thiamin. 800 mcg. .5 mg
    Riboflavin. 1200 mcg. .6 mg
    Niacin. 8400 mcg. 8 mg
    Vit B6. 480 mcg. .4 mg
    Vit B12. 2 mcg. 2 mcg
    Panthothenic 3600 mcg. 3 mg
    DHA oil. Its in there but not sure how much. 20 mg

    I do realize some of these vitamins will be IN the goats milk & other ingredients but Im not sure how much, since the meyenberg powdered goats milk doesn’t list specific nutritional amounts.

    Would .5 ml four times daily be too much?

  111. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. May I ask: is it on the sweeter end? My daughter is 8 months old and has been exclusively breastfeed up until this point. I know I’d be kidding myself if I thought that something other than sweeter milk would please her palette. If it is not, is there anything that you know of that can safely alter the taste – sweetin’ it up?

    • Hi Kriss

      I’m not sure if you are asking for a sweeter recipe or a less sweet recipe. If you want it sweeter you could add stevia (not honey though) to the formula and not affect the nutritional content. Honestly though, the formula is pretty sweet as is.


  112. Just curious on the coconut oil how do you keep
    It suspended in the formula? It will liquefy but
    Hardens. When cool

    • Hi Dana,

      Others have given some really awesome suggestions if you look through the comments.

      I usually use warm water and mix the coconut oil in that which gets the formula to the right consistency than feed it one bottle at a time so the oil doesn’t have a chance to harden.

      Hope that helps.

  113. Hi
    Our son is 4.5 months old and we suspect he may have an intelorrance to something in his current formula. We’ve been using Enfamil Gentlease along with gripe water as it seems he’s had a rough time digesting. However, now he refuses to eat while awake and we suspect that its no longer a digestion issue but rather some kind of interlorrance or allergy. Is he too young to give this formula receipe since he is not on solids yet? If not, when you you advise starting him on the formula receipe? And, I see your post that the receipe can be frozen, but can it also be stored in the refrigerator? If so, for how long?

  114. Thank you. This is really exciting to be learning about this. After reading further on the website about Goat milk I think I may switch our whole family over, we have asian in our family and this may also cause some of our lactose issues… so interesting to learn that most of the world drinks goat milk! Anyway, how do I get to the download? I signed up for the newsletter but don’t know where to find it. 🙂 Thanks!!

  115. I’m so happy I found this. I need to supplement my little one’s diet because I don’t have enough breastmilk. If I am only feeding 3-6 oz of formula in a day is it okay to give him straight goats milk?

    Thanks so much!

  116. I just have a question about the vitamins. I purchased the Country Life: Maxi Baby Care vitamins, as you suggested. On the box it says 1 tsp is single serving, which is what I believe to be a daily serving. According to your recipe, though, it says to add 1 tsp to an 8 oz. bottle. If I give several bottles of the formula a day, isn’t that way too much of the vitamin drops to be giving? Thanks for your help in understanding this!

    • Hi Rebecca,

      You may have an older version of the recipe. I clarified it in a later version to include that the vitamin drops are only needed once per day.


  117. I have to premake my baby’s bottles for daycare. They then warm them up as needed through the day. With the exception of the probiotics which I know probably would not respond well to the heat would anything else be compromised? She takes probiotics well in her food so I am thinking we can slip that in elsewhere but make the formula with everything else in it.

  118. Hi Michelle,

    I want to add my thanks for you sharing this valuable information and for following up with everyone’s questions.
    I’ve tried to read through the whole feed and haven’t seen the exact info I am looking for, nonetheless, I apologize if my questions are redundant:
    1) Your recipe seems to call for more sugar than all other goat milk formula recipes I’ve compared. When I made the first batch, it tasted so much sweeter than breast milk or the formula we’ve used I was concerned and have since cut the sugar from 10 tsp per quart to 5 tsp…what are your thoughts on this? I know he needs carbs but it seemed like a lot of sugar for my 6 wk old.
    2) how many times is it safe to heat, refridgerate and re heat? My son doesn’t always finish his bottle, and I find myself putting it back in the fridge, reheating with hot water in another few hours.

    3) We started formula 3 days ago. He is eating, burping, sleeping and eliminating normally but very fussy when awake. Do you find this normal for the period of transition to new formula? ( I am using 6 scoops Meyenberg powdered milk instead 8 per 32 oz.)

    Extremely grateful for your time and feedback.

    • Hi Annabele,

      Sorry for the late response to this.

      How is your son doing on the formula?

      Here are some answers to your questions.

      1. I think that cutting back on the sugar is fine. Breast milk has a lot of lactose which isn’t quite as sweet as regular sugar/syrup so that is why it tastes sweeter than breast milk. Honestly the carbs are where he is getting his energy but the fat/protein keeps him feeling full.

      2. I think reheating it as many times as needed is fine. Unless you’ve got a 5 gallon bucket of the stuff (I kid) then your going to be going through it fast enough that I don’t see any reheating issues.

      3. A transition like this is pretty normal. How is he doing now?

      THanks for your questions!

  119. Hi! Been using your formula to supplement for a while now, but our 7 month old only drinks it cold. Because of that, there’s a lot of lost coconut oil due to it being chilled in the fridge (and the coconut oil solidifies). He has milk dairy issues, so we want to avoid butter as a replacement. Is there anything we can use in place of coconut oil? BTW, he LOVES this formula!

    • Hi Mike,

      That is awesome to hear that he loves the formula! One of the things that is awesome about coconut oil is that it is a saturated fat which is super healthy for your son. However because it is saturated it does tend to solidify in the low temps. You could leave it out until the moment he drinks his bottle and simply warm up the oil and toss it in. It would still harden some but not as much would be lost.

      Sorry I don’t have a better idea on this one.


  120. Mt. Capra,

    I am really glad to have seen this website you have created. I have a 1 year old daughter whom I have started giving goats milk. I breastfeed and supplement with goats milk. I buy the goat milk powder. I just mix the powder in water and give it to her. Right now I use 1 Tbs for 4 Ounce water. I observe that she is constipated when I give her goats milk. So I am thinking to mix the above mentioned ingredients to the goats milk. I was wondering if the quantities of above mentioned ingredients are the same for a 1 year old.

  121. Just checking back in! It has been a little less than 2 months for my little one on this formula. I am thrilled to report that most of our issues are a thing of the past! It is important to remember that random bouts of gas are simply part of baby life. I see alot of other mommies saying that it hasnt completely taken care of the gas. I dont think anything will banish it completely… joseph had his 6 month check up the other day and is right on track with growth and weight gain!! The pediatrician was impressed with the recipe and even wrote it down! He said every base seemed to be covered and said joseph looked great. He still spits up, but he does it with a big goofy smile on his face so no worries! I would encourage anyone with the “gut feeling” that this may work to give it a go! We had a completely different baby after 3 days. Bless you for sharing this!!!!!

  122. One more thing!!! I make 32 oz at a time. I get 2 cups of hot water, add all ingredients into the blender( minus probiotic) , and blend on high for a few minutes. Then i add remaining water, mix, add probiotic and refrigerate. This lasts roughly 24 hours for me. Doing it this way keeps the seperation to a minimum for me. I also use maple syrup as my carb. Maybe this will help others…

    • Hi Scarlett,

      What I’ve been telling readers is that I would be comfortable giving it to my newborn if breastfeeding wasn’t an option but would prefer to wait if at all possible.

      As always, check with your doctor too.


  123. I am thinking of switching my 5 month old to goat milk. I noticed a brand called NANNY care (growing up powder milk) on amazon. Do I still need to mix the formula as you have suggested or is this strictly for transforming regular goat milk to baby formula?
    Thank You.

  124. I think it would be cool to email each other about our experiences instead of begging this poor guy to answer every little question! Im at if anyone wants to start a “goat milk baby club”!!! Lol

  125. Our daughter is doing great on the formula! We are using the Meyenberg powdered milk and on the package it calls for 4 TBSP of powder (=2 scoops) per cup of milk. I notice that your formula calls for 1 TBSP per cup. Is the Capramilk powder a different concentration? If I am to dilute fresh milk in half, shouldn’t I be diluting the powdered milk in half too? Based on the packaging info, 1cup of formula made with 1TBSP of Meyenberg powder has only 2g protein. Is this enough?

  126. Karen, be careful with high power blending as I believe it can break up the milk cell walls, which makes the nutrients go bad very quickly. I was going to do this because of the coconut oil solidifying, but after some reading, decided not to blend and just deal with it.

  127. I too have been using the Meyenberg powdered milk for my 6 month old baby because its all that’s available where I live. The recipe I use is Dr. Sears, which only calls for making the powdered goats milk with water, rice syrup and a multivitamin once a day. I use organic non gmo rice syrup…which after reading your recipe im thinking of chainging to molasses for iron.
    I decided to use Child Life multivitamin and mineral as well as holistic pellets ferrum phosphoricum for iron. Also, I add Udos DHA omegas 3,6, and 9 once a day with food and finally a probiotic in his bottle only once a day…1/4 teaspoon.
    I just came across this recipe and I’m wondering if I should change what I’m doing? I don’t do any of the oils and I’m wondering if maybe baby is lacking something that your recipe has that mine doesn’t?

    • The fats/oils are pretty important in my opinion. I’m not familiar with Dr. Sears formula but I know that if you cut the milk in half with water, you need to add oil/fat back in.

      Is your baby doing well?

  128. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my 6 month old twins, but considering supplementing a bedtime bottle as my supply does not seem to keep up with two hungry babies at night. If the formula is only given once a day, in your opinion would you still add the multivitamin & probiotics? Thanks again, I am looking forward to trying this out.

  129. My daughter was exclusively breastfed for six month, but do to my work schedule, I was unable to continue breastfeeding due to supply issues. My husband and I were both very nervous about transitioning to formula. So, when I found this goat’s milk formula, I was very excited. We are now exclusively switched over to the goats milk formula!! My daughter absolutely loves it. She had no problems switching over. We are using the CapraMilk, but recently I have been unable to order it from any website, as it is “out of stock”. I will have to use Meyenburg goat milk as a substitute until the CapraMilk is back in stock. When I was comparing the nutrition labels, I noticed that the Meyenburg is 7g fat per 1 cup serving, and the CapraMilk is 2g fat per 1 cup serving. Should I alter my amount? Or, is this ok?

    Also, we use brown rice syrup instead of the sugar. I calculated the measurements to match the amount of carbs the sugar gives to the formula. I hope my measurements are sufficient. What amount of Brown rice syrup do you suggest for an 8 oz bottle?

    • Hi Shawna,

      I’m thrilled that the formula is working well for you.

      I believe Meyenberg has both a lowfat and whole powdered milk.

      They produce very high quality milk powder so I wouldn’t be afraid of using it at all.

      If you go with the whole milk powder then you will want to cut your fat/oils in half.

      THanks for the update on your little girl!


      • wow, this is good info to have! I have had my 7 month old on this formula with the whole Mayenberg powder following this recipe exactly for a month!

        • So if using the Meyenberg goat milk powder I should only use 1/2 tsp CC oil and 1/2tsp Olive oil? Maybe that’s why my bottles seem so oily? Amber and Shawna what have been your experiences with this?

  130. I am excited to try this formula recipe! I really would like to use the liquid raw goat’s milk- suggestions on whole or low fat? Also, would the amount change in the recipe for this? Thanks!

    • Hi Robin,

      If you’ve found raw milk, its probably whole milk. So you can simply cut the fat/oils in half. Everything else could be the same. The probiotics would be optional at that point too.


  131. Hello,

    I tried the goats milk formula on my 6 month old son with protein intolerance and delayed gastric emptying. He wasnt too thrilled with the taste unfortunately, but did drink the bottles eventually. He also started spitting up curdled milk, like cottage cheese. Do you know the reason for this? Could I have mixed the formula wrong? I am using brown rice syrup instead of sugar. Thank you

    • Hi Amanda,

      Sorry to hear about your little guy not doing well on the formula. We have usually seen some good success when we backed off on the milk powder for a while and then allowed for his digestive system to adjust. Let us know if this works for you!

  132. Im wondering if you know when CapraMilk will be back in stock? seem to be out of stock in every website I’ve found except one.. a bit nerve racking for me as I live in Canada and would need to order my supply online.. (it’s double the cost here unfortunately…)


    I found this article while researching organic goat milk formula on google along with your website, please advise. I am not producing enough breastmilk to feed by 6week old, going on seven. She was born 4weeks and 3days premature. I’ve supplemented with formula: Similac Advanced Organic w/DHA & Lutein blend but she seems constipated and goes anywhere from 1-3 days without making a poo. She takes about 3 1/2 oz per feed now. Her discharge weight was 5lbs 1.5 oz. She is currently at a little over 7lbs. Would love to put her on your homemade recipe and see how it goes. Would she be too young? Thank you.

    • Hi Lis,

      It would be impossible for me to tell you one way or the other regarding your little one. Firstly because I can’t give medical advice and secondly because preemies have special nutritional needs that aren’t always apparent. I would check with your doctor and see what he/she thinks. Thanks!

  134. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the terrific information. I have just started researching this topic. I am pregnant with my 3rd child and I previously wrestled with the fact of feeding my two older daughters the “traditional” formula…it is such junk. I plan to breastfeed for as long as I can, however, I am a teacher and when I go back to school in the fall (August of 2013); I will have to supplement with something.
    What is the appropriate age that I can give your recipe to my baby? I will have a talk with the pediatrician but they are so used to recommending the “traditional” crap formulas that I oppose.
    Any information that you can give me would be super helpful.

    Thank you,
    Heather Price

    • Hi Kesla,

      Personally I wouldn’t have a problem using it with a newborn if breastfeeding wasn’t an option but it would be best to clear it with your doctor first.

  135. I started my daughter on goats milk last week and she’s had a lot of gas lately (like she did before we switched to the hypoallergenic formula.) I haven’t gotten my probiotics in yet. Do you think that may make a difference and help with the gas? I know you’re not an MD but just wanted your opinion.

  136. First – thank you for this fantastic recipe! And thank you x10 for engaging in answering our questions about it!

    I made my son his first bottle of the formula last night (using it as a supplement with breastfeeding when my supply wanes monthly with ovulation; he and I both have food allergies significant enough to rule out even the hypoallergenic and medical-grade commercially-made formulas).

    Totally thought I nailed it (and he loved it!), but then I referred to this page again today to (attempt to) make a larger batch and read something in a comment that I’d missed previously: about having to decrease the oils in the recipe if using liquid (pasteurized) goat milk instead of powder. (Luckily I had read that you need to dilute milk half-and-half with water so – I hope! – I didn’t strain his 4.5 mo old kidneys.)

    I also noticed in one of your answers today that the recipe is supposed to yield 8oz, but I only got 5 oz based on the recipe card (guessed that since I knew I was supposed to do half/half, I put in 2.5oz fresh goat milk, 2.5oz hot water).

    I scoured the comments (and your answers) to get the source info. re: the reference to decreasing the oils when using fresh milk and to see if somewhere along the way you addressed the 5oz/8oz discrepancy, but in the nearly 300 comments, I can’t find what I’m looking for.

    So my question is (since it seems a lot of people are using fresh goat milk for the forumla vs. goat milk powder):

    Would you consider writing up a recipe card for fresh-milk-users? For single bottle and larger portions? Just so we know we’re getting this right? You’ve already offered so much help, but this would make me feel safer about giving this much-loved formula to my son.

    Thank you so much! I’m so glad my friend recommended I look at this! I’m telling all of our other friends to do the same!


    • Hi AMZ,

      Yes, I will probably add this to the main article since so many people have had this question.

      Using fresh goat milk in an 8 ounce bottle start with 4 ounces, reduce oils by half, add your other ingredients, fill the remaining bottle with water so that you end up with 8 ounces of formula.

      I’m glad your son is loving the formula! Keep it up.

      • Thank you so much! I’d love to know when you post the fluid goat milk recipe card!

        A couple quick follow-up questions:

        1. The amount of sugar in the formula seems like a lot to me (even though I’m sure nutritionally, you’re right on that it needs a lot of carbs and actual breast milk is pretty sweet it turns out, but not as sweet as the formula). My question is: if I’m using the forumla as a supplement to breast milk (about a 1:3 ratio of formula to breast milk – meaning I still breastfeed most of the day and use the goat milk when my supply runs low), could I cut out some of the sugar without compromising the integrity of the formula or denying my son something he needs nutritionally? If so, how much would you feel okay cutting out?

        2. Based on someone else’s comment and your response, I am not adding probiotics bc I do primarily breastfeed, but – as my supply continues to wane, at what ratio of formula to breastmilk should I add them in?

        3. Since I use liquid goat milk, I cut the oils in half as you suggested. I noticed loose stools and cut back on the black strap molasses (halving the amount). Can I cut the other oils down even more as well?

        Thank you so much! Wanna make sure I don’t get *too* creative with this and not get my son what he needs.

        Still loving the formula by the way (and now, whereas I was once daunted, I can now whip up a batch in no time!).


  137. I’m going to start making your goat’s milk formula for my nine month old – my breast milk supply is dwindling and it’s too stressful to try to pump my way out of it. I just want to make sure she’s still getting enough milk or formula to grow and be healthy!

    I also follow Weston A Price. Their baby formula has some things in it that yours doesn’t. In particular, I’m wondering about cod liver oil (I used to try to give my daughter CLO, but she vehemently dislikes it. I do, too, but I can take the pills) and WAP’s assertion that goat’s milk lacks folic acid and B12, so you have to add nutritional yeast and freeze dried organic chicken liver. I don’t like the idea of adding yeast…and I thought it wasn’t so much folic acid, but folate that pregnant women and babies needed…for the liver, I do have liver capsules from Dr. Ron’s – can I or should I just add some of them? Also, if I’m going to add CLO, how much should I add?

    • Hi Heather,

      I too have used the CLO and it really taints the flavor of the formula. I tended to not use it all because of that. Regarding the B vitamins, you’re right, goat milk is low in B12 and folate, which is why I recommend the baby formula vitamin drops. Also, goat milk is low in iron which is where the blackstrap molasses comes in. If you really wanted to add CLO I would put 1/2 teaspoon in the bottle and see if baby will still drink it.

      Blessings on your little one!

  138. Hi! I am so happy I found your website and this recipe! I have a 7 month old baby boy and although he doesn’t have the usual MPI symptoms, he has had a chronic congestion for the past two months that won’t go away! He also has mild reflux. We have him on Gentlease but my gut tells me that he might have a mild MPI… Are the proteins in goat and cow milk different? I really want to try something more natural! His doctor suggested Nutramigen and he vomited the whole bottle and it was pretty clear that he didn’t like it. Hope you can answer my question about the protein. Thank you…

    • Hi Sandra,

      Protein is so vastly different between species. Cow milk protein is a completely different structure than goat milk protein. As such, goat milk protein is most similar to that of mothers milk which is why it is so easy to digest. You son might do very well on a goat milk formula. Run it past your doctor and if he/she approves it, give it a go!


  139. Ok. Question. My daughter is 10 months old. Can I just start her on regular raw goats milk now since she is so close to the 1 year mark? Thank you for your help!

  140. First off, thank you so much for the recipe my son has a milk protien allergy so I’ve been killing myself trying to find the best alternative other than soy. And I can’t wait to try this recipe. But just so I fully understand exactly how to make it, you say when using raw fresh goats milk you dilute to half milk half water. The recipe calls for 1 tbsp of goats milk, would that mean using half a tbsp of fresh raw goats milk with half a tbsp of water??? Thank you can’t wait to hear back from ya 🙂

    • I’m sure you know by now the answer to this, but for anyone else who might read it and misunderstand what was written… It says 1 tablespoon of Goat’s Milk POWDER.

    • About the 1tbsp goat milk question; I believe the author was referencing a powdered form goat milk intended to be mixed with about 4floz of water. similar to Meyenberg powdered whole goat milk. I’m not promoting that brand, simply just referencing it as its the one I’ve used, the author recommends CapraMilk and I cannot tell you what the differences are.

      About, bottled liquid goat milk, you are correct the intent is to dilute it to half during the early months to avoid overloading the amount of protein an infants kidneys be subjected too. Powdered see recipe, liquid mix half.

      -Cheers to all good parents.

  141. Hello, my 4 month old baby boy has been on this formula with Meyenberg Powdered low fat goat milk for 3 days. He has gained 5 pounds and drinks 32oz a day. We follow the recipe as mentioned in the recipe card. My question is has anyone else noticed a significant weight gain in their babies? Normal? I mix 8oz in mason jars and warm up bottle at a time. Have found this to be very easy but just making sure the weight gain is something everyone is experiencing. By the way started on the goat milk formula due to severe eczema. He had it so bad 3 days ago his body started to smell of flesh wounds. So glad to see him no longer getting worse and already showing signs of improvement. Thank you!

  142. I am going to be switching my baby to this formula, and I was wondering if it can be made in larger batches. I see that there’s a recipe card, and I signed up for the newsletter, but did not receive it in my email. Is there somewhere else on the website I can download it? Thanks!


  143. Thank you for the wonderful information. My 5 month old is strictly breast fed but lately I’m not meeting his demands. He loves to eat! LOL.
    My question is can I freeze this goats milk formula in breast milk bags and will it last just as long as breast milk?

  144. Hi i just have a simple question… For the maxi care vitamins and the probiotics is it for EVERY bottle they get?? Or are we only adding them for one bottle??

  145. Hi, I was just wondering about the amount of water you use. On the chart is says instructions for making a pint and gallons worth total but i dont know how much water to start with. Also. other people’s recipe that calls for another brand of powdered goats milk i bought ( meyenburgh) calls for much more (almost 4x) the amount of scoops. Is your brand just more concentrated?

  146. When you say fresh goat milk, are you referring to the raw or just not powder? If it is not the raw, but pasteurized, do you need to add water?

  147. Can you please clarify for me exactly what to do if I am using pasteurized goats milk! It is sold at my local health food store and is from a local farm! It is pasteurized! I have read other posts, but haven’t found a recipe for what exactly you do! I have read that you should add water on some other sites but I’m not sure the reason! Can you clarify the step by step process of making the goats milk formula with the liquid goats milk? I have a 4 month old who cannot handle cows milk or soy milk formula! Thanks for your help in advance! Also… How do you mix everything to ensure the ingredients are completely and evenly dispersed?

  148. I just received your goat milk formula recipe, thank you! We have always drank goat milk in our house from the time my 4 year old turned 1. I have a 4 month old now who I’ve started on rice cereal because I’m not making enough breast milk to satisfy him. I have had to supplement with formula as well and have been using Baby’s Only organic lactose free dairy. The baby seems to be gassy every time he has it so I wanted to try your recipe. I noticed in another post you mentioned to someone it was ok to use ghee in replacement of the coconut oil. Since I’m worried the baby might react to this as well, is it ok to use goat butter instead, and if so how much since the amount of fat per tsp for goat butter is 4g, and the amount of fat per tsp of ghee is 5g? Thanks!

  149. I just wanted to say how grateful I am that I found your website. My 9 month old son has had numerous health issue since he was born. We were breastfeeding, however the sicker he got the weaker he became and could not nurse. Our doctors did not encourage BF and demanded I put him on formula. We never felt comfortable in doing so, but as new parents, who were scared, we did as we were told. My son fought through Open Heart Surgery and came out a new child, but by then I could no longer BF. After the first of the year he began having what was known as Infantile Spasm, a rare form of epilepsy. It took us forever to get a diagnoses leading to regression in his motor skills that he was already trying so hard to gain. My husband and I become so frustrated with the options of treatment due to the riskiness of them, that we sought other options. Through a holistic dr, that our family uses, we learned that my son’s body was not responding well to the store bought stuff and were advise to put him on a goats milk formula. We have been using your recipe for three weeks now and have seen great improvement in our son. The goat milk formula and a less risky medical treatment have got us back to being seizure free. All of the skin problems he was having disappeared within two days on the new milk. His reflux has been gone for two weeks now allowing us to take him off his medicine for it. Although we are still fighting the effects of the seizures, I can now say with great confidence that I will never put another one of my children on store bought formula. Some of my friends have also joined the goat milk formula band wagon and have seen a world of difference in their children as well. We knew we wouldn’t receive support from his pediatrician, so we have found one that does and was super happy to hear we had made the decision to switch. Thank you so much for your story and recipe, it has truly changed our baby’s life!

    The Breaux Family

  150. Hi, I was so excited to find this formula recipie. I just started weening my ten month old and he loves this recipie, but I was couriouse sense it does make it sweeter if it would cause him to be addicted with sweets in the future and cause candida. I’ve given it to him in all his bottles for the past week and just got to wondering if that’s too much and if I should only add the rice syrup and molasses once a day. Thanks so much:)

  151. Hi,
    My daughter has been on your Goats Milk Formula recipe for almost 3 months and has done amazingly well!!! My question is now that she is 9 months old do I need to “cut back” on certain ingredients? I read at 1 years old I can just mix the formula and water. So I guess I’m just wondering if I need to transition her to that over a period of time.
    Thank you for all of your help!

  152. I started my 6 month old daughter (weighs about 15 lbs) on this formula 4 days ago. She LOVES it however I am concerned because she seems to want so much more of this then she did the S-lac she was on. I mean we are talking double the amount. She is taking 36-40 oz in a 24 hour period as opposed to 21-27 oz of s-lac formula. In addition to the goat milk formula she is eating oatmeal twice a day (about 5 TBL spoons total). Is this normal? Do I need to modify the recipe if she is taking in this much?

    I know goats milk digests faster but I am just worried that she is not getting all the nutrients and fat that she needs if she always seems hungry.

    • I am experiencing the same thing.

      My 4.5 mo DD was eating 20-26 oz Soy formula and throwing it in the floor b/c she didn’t like the taste. On the Goat Milk formula she is eating 36-40 oz and starving! Sometimes she wants another bottle at 2.5 hrs instead of waiting the usual 3.5-4 hrs. I started her on puree’s to help with her hunger, but yesterday was the first day of only GMF and she woke up at midnight (4 hrs after her last bottle) starving! Then again at 5am. After sleeping thru the night for a month now.

      I followed the recipe to the letter. Why is she so hungry?

      • Hi Marla. One thing you can do to help with satiety is include an extra tsp or two of the coconut oil. This usually will help during the transition period. Also, infants don’t all have the same needs. She may just need to consume more formula. Thanks

    • Hi Shevon. I’m not sure I can answer that question with the information I have but I can say this. Commercial formula tastes terrible. The homemade formula tastes great. It might be as simple as that. Thanks

  153. Hi,
    Our baby is nearly 2 years old (so not a baby really). She has had goat (commercial) formula since I had to stop breast feeding at 4 months. I have now been able to source (we live in Australia) organic powdered goat milk. I have been mixing it as recommended on the can (1g per 10ml) & Indira has been suffering terribly with constipation & now can’t sleep at night. She was quite prem, is lactose intolerant & very lump/food/taste sensitive from the NGTs I think.
    I have been giving her coconut oil in her food which is helping. I have been adding prune juice to the milk (although not last two days & last night she didn’t sleep at all :(). I am wondering if, even though she is 21 months, your formula might be better considering her reaction? What do you think? Or should I just add the prune juice & the coconut oil to her milk & perhaps dilute it somewhat?
    Finally, do you ship to Australia? Thank you so much in advance

    • Hi Juliet. I hope your daughter is doing well now. We don’t use the metric system here but a conversion would be 28grams per 236 mL for the milk powder. Also if it is a full fat milk powder, you shouldn’t need to add any oils. Thanks

  154. I just need to say Thank You! Having this formula has done wonders for my baby. She was IUGR in utero, had to be delivered early, and wasn’t thriving. She had acid reflux, couldn’t receive breast milk, was colicy, and had terrible digestion pains, gas etc.
    We’ve been on the formula for over two months now and she is completely changed. She is lively and bright, has caught up with her peers (from 3% to 80% + percentile) and is just the happiest baby in the whole world. I have now realized how much lactose intolerance we all have, and have switched us all over to goat milk. Thank you thank you thank you!

  155. I have supplemented my breast milk with your goats milk recipie since my son was two months old. He is now on the goats milk formula during the day at day care (state law makes them throw out any un drunk milk in a bottle after one hour and so they were throwing out my breast milk!!). He is thriving and my Dr. says he is the healthest baby she has.
    I got her on board with the formula by bringing her a complete nutritional break down that showed he was also getting the Folic acid and B12 he needed!!

  156. Dear Mr Stout !

    First of, I need to say THANK YOU for this recipe. Being a struggling mom with milk supply, and after none of the commercial junk formulas worked out for my daughter (6 weeks old), I have decided to give this one a try. Everyone else has been recommending WAPF formulas that call for God knows what kind of livers and us being a vegetarian family this would have never worked out. Needless to say, Sara loves the taste of your formula and she has calmed down and became more cheerful since we started only few days ago. I am using Tri Vi Sol vitamins and Culturelle Kids probiotics and noticed that since the transition from Nutramigen Formula to yours her bowel movements have decreased. She goes sometimes 24 to 48 hours without pooping and that bothers her and me. I have tried Gripe Water but I hear only gas, no poops. Would you have a good advice on what could I possibly use to bring thigs back to normal? Thank You

  157. Hi, I noticed in one of your replies that if your using raw goats milk to just use it half and half with water. Just wondering would I use the raw goats milk with all the oils or just with water?

  158. Hi Joe,

    What about a pediatric DHA? Would you suggest this in addition to the other healthy oils or as a replacement to either? I have been using a “recipe” for goat’s milk formula from my midwife so I have most of the ingredients you have listed, but am interested in trying yours. I currently have DHA Infant by Nordic Naturals and am very happy with it. As you know, DHA is very important in neurological development… But maybe you know something I don’t as far as the DHA content in the coconut oil and olive oil? Or is there enough that naturally occurs in the CapraMilk?

    Thank you,

  159. So far, my 10 month old likes the formula. At one year, when we switch to straight goats milk, any suggestions on transition? A lot of friends using cows milk said their babies had a hard time moving from warm formula to cold milk so they mixed the two for a while. If I do that with this formula and regular goats milk, the coconut oil would solidify, should I just remove that part from the mix then?

  160. Is this recipe ok for new borns? my daughbter read somewhere it might betoo watery for new borns. this should have all the nutrints a baby needs right? my 3 week old granddaughter likes it but my daughter wants to make sure its not too watery. thanks for ur advice.

  161. Hello:
    What would you recommend I use to supplement DHA in the formula? I’m apprehensive to use cod liver oil with a baby under a year old, but I noticed that flax seed oil doesn’t have the same nutrients as cod liver oil. Is there a vegetarian based DHA out there?Also, I read that the mineral content in blackstrap molasses almost exactly matches the minerals that are put in standard infant formulas (except no iodine, selenium, and chloride). Do you know if there is a food item or supplement that has these 3 minerals? I breastfeed and would like to gradually wean my 5 month old to goats milk formula in the next 2 months due to my own health issues. I have given her just 50/50 goats milk/water one bottle a day for the past week and all is going very well. Now, I will start to add in the other nutrients. Thank you for your great recipe!

  162. Hello,
    Just wanted to give you a quick update! My almost 10 month old boy has been in your formula for 4 months now, and he is doing GREAT! Thank you so much for this recipe and for taking the time to answer so many questions!! His congestion, runny nose, gas and tummy problems are ALL GONE! I make 1 gallon of formula in half the water, and when it’s time for a bottle, I add warm water to help the oils dilute! Works great!
    I have a question though… I was reading the comments and you mention that by age 1 babies should be drinking undiluted goat milk. So, with the 1 gallon recipe, how much more powdered goat milk should I gradually add? Right now I add 8 scoops… per 1 gallon.
    Thank you!

  163. Thank you for a wonderful article. My son is 12 months and constipated with whole cows milk. If I switch to Goat Milk what nutritional supplementation do you recommend? Eg. Folic Acid/B12 drops? Thanks in advance.

  164. Thank you for sharing!! I’m at my wit’s end with trying to find the right tools to help minimize the severe discomfort my baby girl is in. She has terrible reflux and her doctors and I are in the process of determining the root cause of her reflux, whether it be a weak LES, MSPI, poor stomach emptying, a hital hernia, or a combination of any of the aforementioned. I do believe she does in fact have a casein intolerance and we removed it from her diet. We are currently on an amino acid formula and it seems to sustain her but something is still not right. I believe she is also experiencing a soy intolerance. I’m looking to try goat’s milk but I’m looking into trying Meyenberg’s liquid goat’s milk.

    First, in your opinion are there any drawbacks to the liquid vs. the powered?

    Second, since you recipe calls for the powered version, how will the calculations for the additional ingredients differ when/if I use the liquid…i.e., how much water should I use to dilute, etc, etc.

    Please advise. Anxiously looking forward to help my baby girl get past this trying and painful time for her. Thanks!

  165. Hello,

    My son just turned 11 months old and has a cow’s milk protein allergy. I’m going to start him on your formula recipe today to bridge the small gap between my final stash of frozen breast milk until he turns 1 yr old when I’ll start him on goat’s milk. I went and purchased all the ingredients today and the only options available here Meyenberg Pasteurized Goat’s Milk as well as the Meyenberg powder. I purchased both and will try first try with the refrigerated/pasteurized (diluted 1/2 and 1/2 with water as I’ve read in all your commented responses). I just have a couple of questions:

    1. In your opinion, is it better to go with the powder goat’s milk or the the 1/2 and 1/2 pasteurized goat milk/water mixture. Or does it not make much of a nutritional difference?

    2. Since my son is already a little over 11 months old, should I start out with a more milk to water ratio? (i.e. 80% milk to 20% water)

    3. I noticed there were different options for the olive and coconut oils. I purchased organic for both, but wasn’t sure if I should used refined or unrefined. I purchased unrefined for both and was curious if there is a big difference between unrefined and refined for your recipe.

    Looking forward to trying out your recipe and spreading the word to friends with babies as well.

    Thanks so much in advance!


  166. Hi, can I feed my 5 months old baby the CapraMilk powder? My baby has extreme eczema since 4.5months and has been on steriod creams after creams but still not cure. I came across this website and was considering giving my child goat’s milk instead of Similac sensitive formula that she is currently taking. Is this powder better or the liquid goat milk at whole food better? Please advise

  167. Hello! We have been using Meyenberg Goat Milk (the actual milk, not the powder) for our almost 1 year old daughter for about 6 weeks. She has been very constipated for the past few weeks, and I’m wondering if the goats milk is the contributor. She does eat solids, but all fruits and vegetables. Should I be diluting the milk with water, or adding anything to the milk? Thanks so much for your help!

  168. “Because we have been blessed with children that are very close in age, it was necessary to supplement breast-feeding with some kind of formula.”

    This is a little mis-leading. Having children close in age does not necessitate formula. It was your CHOICE. Plenty of women nurse throughout pregnancy and nurse more than one child at a time. I would hate for other women to see your post and think that those things are not possible simply because your family chose to use formula.

  169. This recipe looks very “do able”. One quick question….what do you do to make up for the extra iron that’s needed? Do you give an extra supplement or try to get that in through the solids foods?

  170. There are so many questions I share with others on here but I cannot find the answers to them. Are they answered privately in one’s email??

    My biggest question is… can I give this formula to my newborn when she comes??

    This is my fifth babe and because of a past surgery I am no longer able to breastfeed to any degree. 🙁

    I have read that B12 and Folic Acid are lacking in Goat’s Milk. I have learned nutritional yeast helps with that or does the recipe have it covered with the vitamins?

    I am thinking I may use local fresh Goat’s milk. How would you use that in the recipe? I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this information! Three of my children have suffered as babies with milk formula and one of them had stomach problems for years later. It was horrific to be so helpless and to be told that she is just colic, not the formula and she will grow out of it, even at 9 months. They said it was prolonged colic! OIY!!!

  171. Hi I was wondering what your recommendation would be for an age to start this with? Is it safe for newborns, and if not rather than using a similac type formula is there anything you would recommend besides breast milk to start a newborn with? Thank you.

  172. I used to supplement an 8oz bottle a day for my son when he was 3 months old on and he loved it … I would take a quart of goats milk a tbsp molasses and a 250mg frolic acid tablet crushed up mix and divide into 8oz bottles.. Recipe was given to me by my midwife… So glad that others are recognizing the benefits of goats milk as well ..

  173. Joe,

    For the olive oil, do you recommend Extra Virgin or Regular? Also If using raw goats milk do you use it straight or dilute it using water? Thanks in advance.


  174. Since oil floats to the top are the babies ever going to be able to get it out of the bottle? I am going to try it, just wondered about that.

  175. Thank you! I started using this recipe about 4 months ago when my milk supply was a little low. I nursed my baby but she needed just a little bit more so for a couple of months I gave her 1 bottle of this recipe a day. I skipped the vitamins since it was only 1 bottle a day and since I give her probiotics every morning. If I wasn’t home, I simply mixed all the liquids together and had the powdered goats milk in a separate container. I added it to the liquid mixture when my baby was ready to eat and would shake it up. It was so easy this way because I didn’t have to worry about the milk going bad or keeping it cold. Thank you again!

  176. I noticed that their is a huge calorie difference in brown rice syrup and turbinado sugar….would you still recommend 10 tsp of brown rice syrup?

  177. Also, I see that the Max baby vitamin supplement does not have iron in it. My LO is only 13 weeks and I know iron is important…is the molasses providing enough iron? I actually use about 1 tsp of molasses for 1 quart. I looked at the PolyViSol w iron, but that doesn’t have Folic Acid. But I am using Myenberg which has the Folic in it….

  178. I noticed you measure 1 tbs goats milk as opposed to the 1/4 cup per 80z that the meyenberg calls for. Should I be using less goats milk powder or are these two goat milk powders just different in how they measure? I was also wondering about the folic acid missing in goats milk. Should I be adding nutritional yeast?

  179. My sister has a two week old baby, she has bf her other 5 children, but has recently been diagnosed with a heart condition. She had a C-section, and the stress of surgery caused her to develop congestive heart failure. She is now on heart meds that are not safe for baby. I’m if you would use your recipe for a 2 week old? She has 3 moms in her church who are pumping for her, but they are not going to be able to keep up with the demand for long. She is wanting to have a goat milk option to supplement the breast milk. I am trying to do the research for her while she rests.

  180. I’m so happy to have found this website and this recipe! I have three month old twin boys that can’t keep breast milk or standard formulas down. So far, they’ve done excellent on this recipe. Thank you!!

    I also love reading the comments on this page but I really wish I could see the responses… I have some of the same questions. My biggest questions is about growth and changing the recipe as they grow. Do I need to change anything as my boys get older?

  181. Our daughter just turned 1 and is not the best eater. We currently give her goats milk (pasteurized) from our goat along with Meyenberg powdered goats milk while we are out. I was wondering if the formula would still be sufficient for her until she is eating solid foods better than she is. She doesn’t sleep through the night (even with goats milk) and we are worried that she may not be getting enough “food” to make her full. We just made our first batch of the formula to give her a bottle before bed and then a bottle during the day, will giving her the formula twice a day give her enough protein/dietary nutrition along with food or do you have any suggestions? Our pediatrician is not familiar with goats milk or the goats milk formula so we are not sure where to go to get these questions answered.

    Also, if we use the pasteurized goats milk, do we do 1/2 milk, 1/2 water in the recipe to make an 8 oz bottle? Currently I used the powdered goats milk to make the first batch.

    Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated!!

  182. Hi,
    Thank you for the formula. We started our little 7 month old on it about a week ago, 1x a day, since I don’t have enough breast milk. He was fine with it until this week. He developed diarrhea after each time I give him this formula. Do you think this is a reaction? Should I cut down on something? I use powdered goat milk (Capramilk) and I don’t add vitamins since he is getting mostly my breast milk. Thank you.

    • hey lily, same happened to my baby it is normal just cut the molasses in half and should fix the issue or switch to grandmas molasses can be found at walmart the molasses is like a natural laxative and blackstrab was to strong for my lil man but grandmas brand works great

  183. Just wondering how to make the recipe with fresh goat milk…is it still 1 tbs of goat milk or 1 tbs of goatmilk and 1 tbs of water?

  184. I am so desperate to switch to goats milk as my baby is constantly regurgitating/vomiting after every feed. I want to make sure it is ok to give to my girl who is 9 weeks old? I live is canada and am looking for any input in this…

  185. my 11 weeks old daughter has cows milk protein intolerance. she had blood /mucous in the stool. she tried so far 4 formula and is hardly gaining weight. her GI doc said that she might need a feeding tube if doesnt increase oral intake( scary). she is taking 15-20 ounzes a day. she is on elemental formula (nasty taste). she has bad eczema , gassy, constipated. Her ped said that i can try goat milk(buy in the local store) and see how she does. i saw online Meyenberg Powdered goat milk formula. Do i need to add your ingredients above or just to try the formula. im so desperate and scared . i tried for many years to get pregnanat and now that have a beautiful daughter -she is going thru all of this. Any advice will be appreciated.

    • How is your daughter? My twins are having trouble gaining weight and so we are trying this formula in addition to my breast milk

  186. Hello! I have the same questions as most of the above. I am using whole pasteurized goat milk from a local farm so how to convert that… and I would love the gallon recipe. Thanks!!

  187. I have a huge concern. We took my grandbaby off the store bought formula nutramigen once I started reading about how bad baby formulas can be, because of what goes into them. I found tons of info on goats milk being better for babies, so long as you add the few things to it that it’s lacking. My concern is that I made the batch of milk up according to Dr. Sears recommendations, and my grand baby isn’t doing that great on it. I have now forund your website, and see that the dilution of powder to water is CONSIDERABLY less than Dr. Sears, which now scares me to death because of my fear of the protien being too high for my babies kidneys to process. I have read that diluting it too much to avoid the high protein, lessens everything else that is good about it. I am so scared that I have hurt her kidneys for the last week trying to better her diet, and I am not sure what to do now. I will dilute it down to your measurements for sure though.

  188. Hi Mr. Stout,

    Can you please clarify the stats listed in the charts comparing human breast milk to goats milk?

    Is that per 100ml? If so one of the charts has to be wrong.

    I urge you to read this case report :

    I’ve read your nutrition label for CapraMilk and it seems a baby would be getting far too much protein and sodium per 100ml.

    “The infant’s respiratory distress seemed principally to be the result of severe metabolic acidosis with respiratory compensation. A comprehensive metabolic panel revealed acidemia, severe hypernatremia, and azotemia, with significant hyperosmolarity. He had hyperchloremia, hyperphosphatemia, hyperuricemia, and an elevated creatinine kinase level.”

    “Goat’s milk contains 50 mg of sodium and 3.56 g of protein per 100 mL, approximately 3 times that in human milk (17 mg and 1.03 g per 100 mL, respectively).6 The estimated requirements of sodium and protein for infants <6 months old are 100 to 200 mg/day and 9 to 11 g/day, respectively.7 The infant described here was receiving ∼500 mg/day of sodium and 30 g/day of protein, with a total intake of 32 oz of goat's milk per day. The immature kidneys in very young infants have difficulty handling the byproducts of foods with a high renal solute load.8 Sodium excretion capacity matures more slowly than glomerular filtration rate and does not attain full capacity until the second year of life.9 Therefore, infants fed fresh goat's milk are at substantive risk for hypernatremia and azotemia, particularly in the face of dehydration (as in the case described here), which may in turn result in major central nervous system pathology, including diffuse encephalopathy, intraparenchymal hemorrhage, or thromboses10 as manifested in our patient."

    Tony Spencer

    • Hi Tony. Thanks for this thoughtful question. Both the protein and sodium were taken into account as the milk powder has been diluted to half the strength of normal goat milk. This as a result mimics the nutritional composition of breast milk. The article you link to refers to goat milk fed undiluted which can pose a risk for overconsumption of both sodium and protein. I hope this helps. Take care.

    • Hi Tony. I had the same question, and I sat down and did the calculations. I’ve gone over them several times, and I would really appreciate a fresh set of eyes (both yours and Joe’s and anybody else who is interested) going over them as well.

      Human milk contains 1.1 g protein per 100 mL (Source: Wikipedia)
      There will be 2.596 g per 8 ounces (=236 mL)
      Babies drink approximately 24 ounces breastmilk per day.
      Babies who drink 24 ounces of human milk per day will get about 8 g protein

      The Mount Capra formula calls for 2 tablespoons of the Myenberg whole powdered goat’s mik (=8 g protein as per the container label) to 8 ounces.
      If a baby drinks 24 ounces of formula per day, then it would get 24 g protein per day, which would be 3 times what is delivered through breastmilk—-should the formula be revised?

      See below calculations for a revised formula:
      One ounce of Myenberg whole powdered milk (=2 table spoons) contains 8 g protein (Source: container label).
      How many tablespoons of Myenberg goat milk powder should be added to 8 ounces of water to deliver the same amount of protein as 8 ounces of breastmilk?
      2 tbsp Myenberg contains 8 g protein
      0.649 tbsp Myenberg would deliver 2.596 g protein (the amount found in 8 ounces of milk)
      Hence 0.649 tablespoons (=2.596 g protein) Myenberg powder should be added to 8 ounces of formula mix (=236 mL)
      Therefore, 1.947 (i.e. approx. 2) tablespoons should be added to 24 ounces (=710 mL)
      Based on these calculations, 1 can of Myenberg’s whole powdered goat milk should last about 10-12 days.

      Note that these calculations were made for a newborn.

      Like I said, I would really appreciate it if all interested parties could go through my calculations and provide feedback. I can be reached via my blog.

      • Thanks for your insightful regarding regarding the protein in goat milk.

        When I developed the formula I scoured through peer-reviewed research detailing the nutritional composition of breast milk trying to find a unifying number.

        These studies would evaluate the nutrient composition of breast milk from women of varying age, ethnicity, postpartum stage, lactation cycle etc.

        What I finally came up with is that breast milk varies an extensive amount from not only woman to woman but region to region, month to month, day to day, and even minute to minute (ie foremilk vs. hindmilk)

        I realized that I was shooting in the dark if I tried to fix an exact number of grams of protein per 100mL breast milk.

        The numbers I used therefore were based off of the 1980 Infant Formula Act which specifically stated the amount of nutrient required in formula.

        You can read the act here:

        Based off of the regulations in that law, the infant formula must contain at least 1.8 grams of protein and no more than 4.5 grams of protein per 100 kcal formula. My formula has 173 calories and 3.5 grams of protein per serving (8 ounce bottle) therefore falls within the regulations.

        Whether or not the required nutrient numbers laid out in the 1980 Infant formula act are valid or not, that is what I based the formula on.

        Regarding the milk powder, our milk powder makes 1 gallon of pure liquid goat milk from 1 pound of milk powder. This equates to 28 grams of milk powder per 8 ounces serving.

        For the infant formula, I recommend reducing the powder to 14 grams per 8 ounce serving so as to not include to much protein in the diet of the newborn.

        For our product this means approx. 1 heaping tablespoon of milk powder.

        • Hi, I have a 5 week old that we are attempting this formula. I read here you said one heaping teaspoon, I thought it was two teaspoons of goats milk powder…

  189. I was giving my 3month old Meyenberg powdered goat milk for the last 48 hours the way it says to make it on the can. When I found your recipe I tried it this morning. I used the brown rice syrup as my carb. He was doing amazing on the powder and water only. After giving him this formula he threw up ever bit if it. Any advice? We are desperate. We’ve tried every formula out there and so far the goats milk is the only thing he has done good on. Thanks.

  190. Hi, Can you please comment if it is possible to make maybe a gallon ahead of time and then freeze for later use? Will it still be good? I’m using this formula only to supplement breast milk to will not be using so much at a time.

    Also – how long does it last in the fridge?

  191. Would this formula be suitable for my 3 month old?
    He is currently getting breast milk in bottles but my supply is running low.

  192. I received my recipe card email but I do have a question. When making the larger quantities, how long is it good for once refrigerated. My intentions is to supplement while I’m at work only so I will probably make 1 8oz bottle and use a portion of it at each feeding during the day until my breast milk supply comes up enough that I’m able to pump enough for my son. I’d hate to waste it if we only use 3 or 4 oz in a day but want to be sure to have enough prepared in case he needs more. Would it store for 24 hrs? And if I make the larger qty, is it ok to freeze it and thaw in smaller quantities for daily use? I’m already adding a probiotic to my breast milk daily because he was on antibiotics shortly after birth for 5 days so I wouldn’t need to add any to this formula since he’s getting his daily dose already I believe…

  193. My son has been on this formula since 4 months old and we absolutely love it and what it has done for him! My son is now 11 months and how do I start un-diluting the goats milk properly for him since he is almost 1?

  194. Hello! My baby is 7 weeks! I don’t use the powder I use
    RAW goat milk but add the ingredients in ur forumla recepie
    The reason I switched is because my baby is
    Always very gassey fussy! Is there anything I need to
    Cut out because it is raw goat milk? Do I add water
    PLEASE help thanks !

  195. Hi, we just started our 4.5 month old on this formula (shw has been EBF till now, but my supply is not keeping up with her demand). She really likes the taste, and is doing well with the transition. I just had a couple of questions:
    1. Would you recommend a DHA supplement?
    2. How long can a bottle of this formula be out before it is trash? I know with traditional formula the rule is 1hr.
    3. If I make up a quart or a gallon, how long can it stay in the refrigerator?
    Thank you so much for this recipe!

    • i figured it out on my own not by givien it to my baby but my husband and i tasted it when we first made some put 2 oz in one bottle 2 in other one in the frig one on the counter it starts tasting funny after 2hours on the counter 3days in the frig not soured funny but me personally not good enough to feed to my baby

  196. hello. i love your formula! but i was wondering if it is supose to change your babies bowl movements? i was breast feeding due to complications i had to stop but wanted something very similar to breastmilk. and now her bowl movements are watery and green and chunky. did i not wean her the right way? is she constipated or have diahrhea? is that normal for transitioning? she is also getting a diaper rash. she has been on this formula for almost 2 weeks now. is her body rejecting something in it?

    • Hi Kristel! My son is getting the same symptoms as your daughter. I was wondering if everything cleared up for you or if you changed something? Thanks!

  197. What recipe would you give a 7 week old? Can you give me the recipe by the gallon?:)

    My sons been having some health issues with the store bought formula
    So we are hoping this helps! Greatly appreciate a reply!

  198. Hello!

    Please reply to my post! I was breastfeeding for the first 5 months and when I returned to work, I switched my son to Holle formula, imported from Germany. Now that he is 13 months old, I have been giving him Goat Milk – however, without any extra vitamins, oils, etc. I went to the doctor for his 12 month check-up, and he tested slightly anemic. I almost fainted! He has a fantastic diet, loves all veggies – but I feel that I dropped the ball with the milk. I purchase the goat milk at a local farm. They offer pasteurized and raw. Can you PRETTY PLEASE tell me how I should alter the goat milk for my son in order to ensure that he is receiving all the proper nutrients? Do I need to dilute the milk, etc? Thanks a million!

    • Hi Andrea. Sorry for the delay in responding. At 13 months, you shouldn’t need to dilute the goat milk at all. However you should be carefully watching his iron intake. Sweet potatoes, winter squash, organ meats, even fortified cereal all contain good to excellent amounts of iron and will help boost those iron levels. Bottom line is that goat milk is a great food for your 13 month old. Make sure he is getting a multivitamin along side his other foods as well. Thanks~

  199. My daughter has a 2 month old. He had surgery for plyoric stenosis. He has healed nicely from surgery. He has allergies, eczema, stuffy nose, gerds. . But he had a difficult time, throwing up and crying with formula, such as enfamil. They have switched formulas, but he constinued grunting and in pain with the Enfamil. So my daughter and I got all the ingredients and incorporated your recipe. He did so well the first day. We were so hopeful. But now he is throwing up up and crying. Do you think he needs more time to adjust? My daughter e mailed you also yesterday and we are having a difficult time. We would appreciate any help…my daughters name is Kirsten. Thank you so much!

  200. Hi,
    Is it ok this formula suitable for newborns? I have twins- so my breast milk not enough :(( And I do not want to give known formulas which they have lots of hazardous things in :(((

  201. Hello Joe,
    I (like “Sarah” below found on April 30th) signed up for your newsletter, however did not receive your “Free Download” of Goat Milk Formula recipe index cards / conversion charts. Please advise.
    Your website is fantastic and as a Holistic Nutritionist myself, I find it reassuring to find and hear about like-minded parents focussed on great, natural nutrition. I just had a baby boy at the beginning of Dec. and am looking forward to using this recipe, as I am currently supplementing breastfeeding with 1-2 bottles of formula per day.
    I look forward to hearing from you again Joe.
    All the Best & Abundant Health for 2014!!
    Maria 🙂

  202. Hi there,
    My son is 11 months old and has been breast fed since birth. I’m starting to think about “the next step” as I near the one year mark. The things I’ve read about cows milk worry me, and I have started to think about goats milk. Would you mind shedding some light on what this recipe would look like for a 1 year old, and how I would phase it in during the weining process of breastfeeding. For example, what should the ratio of breast vs goats milk look like gradually before moving to complete goats milk.

    In addition, based on your nutrition background, would you mind sharing your recommendation for how many ounces a 1 year old should be getting per day? Four 4 oz. bottles? Two 8 oz bottles? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions.

    Happy new year,
    New mom Liz