5 Ways to Make Dynamic Coffee

Learn ways to enhance the flavor and nutrient profile of your morning brew! Goat milk is more alkaline than cow milk and is the perfect complement to help mitigate the acidity of a black cup of coffee.

Oh Coffee. Most of us love it. Some of us have a love – hate relationship with it (hello caffeine jitters!). 

While we may rely on it for a boost of energy to get us through our day, or simply look forward to its warming taste and aroma every morning, the caffeine and acidity can sometimes produce ill effects.

Let’s talk about ways to help mitigate the jitters and how to make a nutritionally better cup of coffee.

First, let’s go over a few tips on when to drink a cup of coffee.

It is best to eat some food with your cup of java, or the caffeine may really get to you. Eating some protein and fat will slow down the absorption and impact of the caffeine and digestion of your meal, while some healthy carbs will give your body some fuel to use instead of letting low blood sugar go to town breaking down your body for fuel.

Most do well not drinking coffee after 12 or 1 pm. Coffee increases cortisol and cortisol is supposed to be the highest in the morning and then wane throughout the day. When you drink coffee at night, this artificially boosts cortisol and can interrupt your body’s circadian rhythm, aka sleep/wake cycle.

Drinking your coffee with some cream instead of black helps to reduce the impact of the acidity of coffee, as well as slow the absorption of the caffeine. So let’s look at 5 ways to make dynamic coffee.

Now that we got that covered, let’s talk about how to make a dynamic cup of brew – in 5 ways! 

1) Blend up a tasty mocha! Combine a serving of our new Clean Minerals with Collagen Peptides into a cup of coffee, and for extra benefits, blend in some of our goat milk cream! The collagen will add some protein, the minerals will help with the acidity, the cocoa powder makes it taste good, and the cream will also help round out the macronutrients while providing some MCTs and creaminess. Did I mention it would be scrumdiddlyumptious?! 😋

2 & 3) Butter Coffee – 2 ways. What’s up with butter coffee you ask? Blend 1 Tbs of our delicious goat milk ghee with your coffee and get a rich, energy blend. Fat slows the absorption of the caffeine and the MCTs in the goat ghee act as quick, easy-to-digest fuel for the body. Since MCTs don’t require bile to digest, they are one of the best fats for fuel. If you want to add some protein and vanilla flavor, you can blend in a serving of our Clean Whey Protein in vanilla.

4) Creamy, Cinnamon Bliss. Blend up an 8 oz cup with 1-2 Tbs of our Goat Milk Cream, a nice spoonful of honey (to taste) and some generous sprinkles of cinnamon. So goood!

5) Coffee and Milk. You can also use our whole goat milk powder as creamer in your coffee. Try 1- 2 scoops mixed in and see how you like it. 


Goat milk powder

It is pure. The taste in my coffee drinks is outstanding. Creamy.”

Elaine Bosley


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