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6 Ways to Relieve Knee Pain Without Thrashing your Kidneys

Chances are, if you live long enough or live hard enough, your knees will start to hurt. In some cases, this is a natural part of the aging process. Here are some tips and tricks to tone down the pain without destroying your kidneys.

Chances are, if you live long enough or live hard enough, your knees will start to hurt. In some cases, this is a natural part of the aging process. For others, this comes about due to stress, obesity, or injury. We will cover 6 ways to relieve knee pain without thrashing your kidneys.

Whatever the cause, relief from the pain is the goal. However, most people turn to the bottle of Advil (ibuprofen) or Tylenol (acetaminophen) which both can have some very serious short term and long term side effects such as kidney damage! If that wasn’t enough the most common side effects also include constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, gas, weakness, headache, heartburn, excitability, nausea, and stomach pain.

If you like those kinds of side effects, stop reading now. This article isn’t for you.

If you would like to avoid those side effects, here are some tips and tricks to tone down the pain without destroying those important renal cells.

1. Relax.

Relax to help relieve knee pain

Take it easy on your sore knee. Keep your weight off it, and avoid straining it. This is in some ways the easiest advice and also the hardest to implement. No one, my self included, wants to have to stay off their feet. We want to move and we don’t want to be restricted to a chair or desk and so while keeping the weight off of the knee could really help, most of us don’t actually give it rest. In order for our body to heal the injury or soreness we need to give the knee a break to help the body do its repair work. Honestly, if you aren’t too proud to use them, temporarily using crutches could be a great tool for relieving minor knee pain.

2. Ice, Ice, Baby.

Ice the knee frequently. On the first day, apply ice for 15 minutes every hour. After the first day, ice it at least four times throughout the day. This helps keep the knee from swelling and sends blood to the injury site. When you suppress swelling and send blood to the injured area, healing and rebuilding can occur. Some also argue for switching between ice and heat packs but really ice should be used to treat the injury and heat should be used to loosen the knee up.

3. Elevation

Elevate the knee; try sleeping with your knees propped up on a pillow, or with a pillow placed between your knees. Once again, this is helpful for keeping swelling down and also when you are elevating your knee, you are keeping your weight off of it which is helpful too!

4. Brace it.

It can be helpful to wear a brace or bandage on the knee on occasion. This gives the joint a little extra support which can be vital in situations where the body is in the process of repairing damaged tissue. I am not going to get into product recommendations here but a good quality knee brace can be found online or even at your local pharmacy/big box store. One thing to note: knee braces and all braces for that matter must be a temporary solution. If you get in the habit of always wearing a brace,  be it a back brace, ankle brace, or knee brace, eventually, your body will adjust to the brace and begin to rely on the brace for normal function.

Habitually wearing a brace of any kind will lead to a weakening of the joint and will do more harm than good!

low impact exercise for knee pain5. Low/No impact exercise.

While running or walking may be out of the question while you recover, swimming is a great low impact exercise that can help strengthen your knee without causing further damage. Likewise, bicycle riding, whether stationary or outside, is low impact and as long as it feels good on your knees can be helpful.

6. Supplement your knee

I recommend utilizing the all natural bone and joint formula known as CapraFlex.  Which is a complete bone and joint formula. It contains naturally occurring compounds such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin from type II chicken collagen. Additionally included are whole foods, herbs and enzymes. Check it out below but don’t take our word for it. Read the real reviews from real people at the bottom of this post.

The best joint care formula November 03, 2010

From Canada
I have been taking CapraFlex for several years and it has helped my joint pain tremendously. Then I ran out of product a few months ago and could no longer find a retailer in Canada. I had been experiencing considerable pain while being off of the CapraFlex. I was grateful to find it available online and have regained my mobility and am now pain-free again.

 Mt. Capra, CapraFlex April 02, 2009

From Oregon
I’ve used this for several years and find it an excellent product. Marvelous for anyone with any arthritic condition. I’m virtually pain-free and hope never to be without this product.

5 out of 5 stars! April 02, 2009

From Clancy
“I firmly believe that Mt.Capra’s Capraflex caplets of organic chicken collagen/glucosamine/chondroitin, and goat’s milk, etc., makes it the best joint formula I’ve tried in 7yrs!”

Capra Flex October 01, 2008
By Hazel Brewster From Kentucky
Great product at a great price.


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  4. I can only sleep on my side, but had terrible knee and back pain. I tried a pillow between my knees, but the big one woke me up when I tried to turn over, and I lost the small pillow when I turned over.
    So, I developed Sleepy Kneez, an ultra comfortable knee pillow that stays put all night, and doesn’t negatively impact the knee cap. Now, I sleep like a baby!

  5. Sounded really great until I saw dosage- 9 caplets????? 3 caplets 3 times a day is a little demanding for anything in my schedule . What other benefits would make this worthwhile ?

  6. I’ve used this for several years and find it an excellent product. Marvelous for anyone with any arthritic condition. I’m virtually pain-free and hope never to be without this product.


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