A Lesson from the Past About Product Quality

Take a trip back in time with us, back two-hundred, three-hundred years ago, back when this country was just getting its legs under it, back when most people lived in small villages and towns sprinkled along the eastern seaboard . . .

Back then a village was comprised of the residents, of course, but also of the artisans, the shop-owners, the farmers, and the service providers.  Robert the Blacksmith, Charles the Tailor, the candle-stick maker, the baker, and so on and so on . . .

More often than not a person was identified by his or her trade, and their livelihood was dependent upon their skill at that trade.  A village blacksmith would not last long in a town if their horseshoes continually fell off the hooves.  And there was a great amount of pride associated with producing a product or service back then.  A man would reach the level of expert only after working as an apprentice for many years, but that label of “expert” was worn with pride until his death.

There is something to be said about that way of life, and that philosophy of craftsmanship/artisanship, a sense of pride in producing a high-quality product time and time again.

Ninety years of Mt. Capra!

We are very proud of our heritage and history here at Mt. Capra.  We are proud of the fact that every single one of our products is produced with passion and a commitment to excellence.  We believe in our products, from our cleansing supplements to our infant formula to our goat milk whey, and because we are committed to excellence we make sure our goats are raised in a proper manner so that excellent milk is produced.

We don’t know any other way to do it here at Mt. Capra. Our goat milk products carry our name on them, and that name is backed by the quality of our products, just like it was done so many years ago.

There is a lot to be said about tradition!


Mt. Capra is a small, family-run farm in the Pacific Northwest which, for nearly a century, has been producing premium whole foods and nutritional products from goat milk. Our grass-fed goats graze on pesticide-free and chemical-free forage 365 days a year. No hormones or antibiotics are used to increase production.

Wellness shaped by goat’s milk

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