Mt. Capra’s Affiliate Program

Here is how it works. 

  1. Apply to become an affiliate below.
  2. Once approved, get your official Mt. Capra referral link
  3. Share the link via Facebook, personal/professional blog, email (no spam) etc., and get paid when someone follows your link to our site and makes a purchase.

Is it really that simple? YES!!!

Here is how we’ve structured the program:

  • 10% – 25% commissions on online purchases processed with valid payment
    • You will receive 10% – 25% of every sale that you direct to our website with valid tracking referral link. Example: Customer purchases $85 worth of products, you receive $8.50 – $21.25
  • 90 days of cookie tracking
    • Every purchase a customer makes within 90 days of clicking on your referral link results in you getting paid! Because our order average is over $100 that could be up to $10 – $25 per order waiting for you.
  • Commissions that grow with you!
    • Every affiliate starts out with a 10% commission rate.
      • After $500 in total earnings the rate increases to 15%
      • After $1000 in total earnings the rate increases to 20%
      • After $2000 in total earnings the rate increases to 25%
This is totally passive income as you do not have to hold inventory, ship product, perform customer service, or even learn to milk a goat!

Make sure you read and agree to the terms and conditions.

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