Eggnog is a tasty holiday treat that has been around for many generations. Many anxiously await its return and search the stores for it each November. However, most of the store varieties have a lot of unnecessary ingredients from carrageenan, gellan gum, and other thickeners, to preservatives and lots of sugar. The other downside to store bought eggnog is you can only find cow’s milk. For some, myself included, this beloved holiday drink can sit in the stomach like a rock, causing digestive ills.

Mt. Capra sells some of the best quality ingredients that are in eggnog: farm fresh eggs, goat’s milk cream and goat’s milk, so we set out to make an eggnog that will please the tummy and palate. Boy did we hit the mark! This eggnog is creamy and delicious! It is rich in healthy fats from the eggs and the cream and contains medium chain triglycerides and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. This will surely become one of your seasonal go-to recipes and will likely be a secret recipe to pass down from generation to generation.

Check out this delicious homemade Goat Milk Eggnog recipe today and let us know what you think!



  1. Heat the water until warm and then mix in the Whole Milk powder.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, then whisk in the maple syrup and salt until fully combined.
  3. In a 2 qt pot, add the egg mixture and gradually stir in the mixed milk. Heat over low heat, continually stirring.
  4. Once mixture is hot, stir in the Goat Milk Cream flakes to dissolve it into the mixture. See note below.
  5. Continue to heat and stir mixture until it reaches 160° F (check with a candy thermometer). That should be around 30 minutes. The mixture should thicken. Do not allow it to boil.
  6. Once it has come to temperature, turn off the burner and stir in vanilla extract and nutmeg.
  7. Let it cool in refrigerator for 3-4 hours until cold. Enjoy!

*Note: With the Goat Milk Cream Flakes it may be helpful to grind it first in a mortar and pestle for best mixing. I didn’t do this, but it wasn’t quite dissolving as I liked it, so I ended up putting the completed eggnog mixture in the Vitamix and blending a bit to have a consistent mixture.

Makes about 3 cups. Recipe can be doubled for more eggnog goodness!

Please try it out and let us know what you think in the comments. We wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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