Baby Formula Recipe – Frequently Asked Questions

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Breast milk is the gold standard for infant nutrition.
But you already knew that.
What you might not know is that Mt. Capra does not manufacture a goat milk infant formula. We have created a formula recipe that mimics breast milk and follows the guidelines created by the 1980 Infant Formula Act. The products we produce, sell, and recommend are simple wholesome ingredients, not finished infant formula. Nothing written here or anywhere on this site should be seen as medical advice. Talk with your doctor before making any changes to your infants diet. 
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This FAQ pages is regarding the baby formula recipe and addresses most of the common questions that concerned moms, dads, and doctors email me. A quick note before we begin, my initial advice over the years has always been the same, I have 6.5 years of nutrition higher education with two degrees in Bachelor and Master of Science specializing in human nutrition however I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice.

Parents, please keep your own doctor informed regarding what you are doing in regard to using the baby formula recipe. Your doctor is the first line and primary means of healthcare for your little one second only to you.

With that disclaimer out of the way let’s get started.

Where is my Baby Formula Recipe Card?

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Where can you buy goat milk formula?

The goat milk formula recipe kit can be found here. Ready to mix infant formula using goat milk as the main protein is currently not available in the United States.  The best options we have at this point is to follow this baby formula recipe, buy a goat milk formula made toddlers, or buy from a European seller. Of these three options, following a recipe gives you incredible advantages over buying an “in the can” formula.

Is goat milk good for baby formula?

Yes. A thousand times yes! Goat milk is the sole source of protein in this formula recipe. There are no other significant sources of protein from other ingredients. Protein is the most important macronutrient for growing muscle, tissue, and over infant growth. Goat milk is the perfect ingredient to use in baby formula because:

  1. Goat milk is easy to digest,
  2. Goat milk doesn’t cause allergic reactions with the frequencies that are common to cow milk and soy milk.
  3. The nucleotide (DNA) structure of goat milk is very similar to breast milk and the presence of taurine in goat milk is between 20 times that of cow’s milk which is, not surprisingly, the same ratio found in breast milk, (Being a conditionally essential amino acid, taurine is often added to cow milk formulas to make up for the natural absence of this key AA in cow milk)
  4. The polyamine content is higher in goat milk than any any other mammalian milk. 

Is goat milk safe for babies?

Because goat milk is easier to digest and often causes no allergic reactions it is a perfectly safe ingredient to use in a goat milk formula. Notice how I used the word formula. Goat milk is safe for babies if it is used in a formula. Not by itself.  One should never feed undiluted goat milk to a baby less than 12 months old. The protein and sodium levels found in undiluted goat milk are too high for infants under 12 months and goat milk is naturally low in folate and iron which need to be replaced by using this multivitamin powder. 

How long will the baby formula last once in the fridge?

Use the formula as quickly as possible and try to not let it go beyond 2 days. 3 days would be the max. How much you are feeding will determine how much you should make ahead.

How long can the formula be out of the refrigerator once it is made?

The rule of thumb for all prepared foods is to not let the food stay out for more than 4 hours at room temperature. I recommend playing it safe and not letting this extend beyond 2 hours. Don’t rerefrigerate previously warmed up bottles.

I want to take the formula with me traveling. What tips do you have for making the formula while “on the road.”

In order to do this right you only need 3 simple things. A thermos of “hot” water, an eight ounce bottle and a sealable jar/container. Place all of your dry ingredients in the 8 oz baby bottle and fill a sealable jar/container with 4 parts ghee, 2 parts sunflower oil, 1 part grapeseed oil, and 1 part blackstrap molasses. Now when you are ready to mix the formula, simply add your water to the dry ingredients, add 1 teaspoon of your “liquid cocktail”, shake, and viola! You’re ready to go.

I want to use liquid/raw goat milk in my formula instead of the powder. How should the recipe be modified?

The ratio is easy ratio to remember: 1:1.

It is a 1:1 ratio of milk to water. 4 ounces milk  to 4 ounces of warm water and everything else in the recipe stays the same.

Warning: I LOVE raw milk. I completely believe that it has attributes that are superior to pasteurized milk.  However, I don’t recommend using raw goat milk in the infant formula for one very important reason. While raw milk can be incredibly healthy, it can also be incredibly dangerous. I am specifically referring to raw milk that has been improperly handled. Dirty raw milk will get you sicker quicker than anything! Babies especially are even more susceptible to the kinds of food borne illness raw milk can easily carry.  Please keep your little one safe. This formula is meant to mimic raw milk (probiotics, food based vitamins/minerals, unprocessed fats, etc.) without the risks that raw milk comes with such as campylobacter, salmonella, e. coli, and listeria poisoning. Consider a basic risk assessment. In my opinion, the cons outweigh the pros in using raw milk.

Can I  use the baby formula recipe for babies or newborns or –insert age here–?

Yes. Now all things come with risks. Feeding your baby a commercial formula of soy protein and corn syrup comes with risks but is considered “safe” by most people. We have been constantly updating and improving the formula and have had such overwhelmingly great feedback for all ages between newborn and 1 year. I never get tired of saying this though, keep your doctor in the loop.

Where should I buy all the other ingredients for the baby formula?

Right here: Baby Formula Recipe Ingredients or just buy the kit. 🙂

Do we use the multivitamins/probiotics in every bottle we make?

No. Just include those nutrients in one bottle per day and your baby will receive his/her needed vitamins and probiotics.

Is goat milk low in folic acid and vitamin b12?

You are right. (good job!) That is why we add the multivitamin powder.

How much iron is in goat milk?

Goat milk only has around .1 mg per 8 fl oz. See next question for iron needs for infants. Also important to note is that the iron found in goat milk is far more bioavailable than the iron found in cow milk. Another win for the goats! In fact the large study claimed that goat milk can prevent iron deficiency!

Is my baby getting enough iron with this formula?

Yes and here is why. When a baby is born full term they usually have a 6 month supply of iron that they have stored up while still in the womb. Therefore, from 0-6 months, the iron requirement for infants is only .27 mg/day. After six months however, the requirement jumps up to 11 mg for babies between 7 -12 months and then drops back down to 7 mg/day for toddlers 1-3 years of age. (The iron RDA won’t go back up to 11mg/day until your son or daughter is a teenager.)

The formula that I created will deliver 0.5mg iron/100 calories of formula. Usually by the time a baby gets to 6 months, they begin eating a variety of solid foods and as long as parents are careful to include iron rich foods (winter squash, sweet potato etc.) along with vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables (vitamin C assists with iron absorption) supplementing with iron drops shouldn’t be necessary. However if you choose to supplement with iron drops remember that often these can cause constipation.

The directions on the milk powder says I should use 2 scoops but your recipe only calls for one. Why is that ?

A baby under 12 months old still has developing kidneys. Straight, “full strength” goat milk powder uses two scoops. There is simply too much protein and naturally occurring sodium in that amount of milk powder for the maturing kidney’s of a baby to handle. Therefore we reduce the amount of milk powder to reduce the amount of protein. We then increase the amount of carbohydrates to make up for what we’ve taken out.

My baby just started the baby formula recipe and loves it! He seems constipated though. Should I be worried?

It is very common for slight constipation to occur when switching to formula. There are several easy fixes that will help the transition. First, give them time to adjust on their own. The digestive system of a infant does not react as quickly as a mature digestive system to changes in diet and sometimes all the baby needs is a little more time to regulate on their own. If however it seems that they need a little help you can do one of two things.

First, add less milk powder to the formula. Instead of using 1 scoop per bottle use 3/4 of a scoop and let the formula be a bit watered down for a day or two. This will usually clear things up and then you can go back to the regular recipe.

Another trick is to add a generous amount of blackstrap molasses to the formula, blackstrap molasses is a natural laxative. The recipe calls for 1/8 of a teaspoon of molasses but feel free to use double, triple or even quadruple that for a short period of time to help clear up the constipation.

I’m using goat milk powder from Meyenberg. Is that okay? Does it change the formula?

Yes this is okay. I prefer to use and always recommend our high quality goat milk powder (suprise :-D) because it has been dried at a lower temperature, comes from goats fed a non-GMO diet, and simply tastes better. However we can’t compete with the cheaper price Meyenberg offers so I understand why parents would need to use their product. However the  liquid goat milk that is found in the grocery stores has been ultra-pasturized and that makes it much more difficult to digest. This form of pasteurization is called ultra-pasteurized (UHT) which gives it a much longer shelf life but drastically decreases the digestibility of the milk. Ultra-pasteurization ultimately makes food nutritionally sterile.  If UHT goat milk is it is your only option temporarily, don’t worry, it will work. If you can though, try and find a high quality goat milk powder or find a liquid pasteurized variety. UHT goat milk is still be much better than cow milk but it is the least desirable of the the forms for your infant formula.

The vitamin powder says 6-12 months but my baby is less than 6 months. What should I do?

Marketing anything for babies under 6 months carries a lot of liability for manufacturers and therefore they are often unwilling to place written recommendation on their labeling that recommends infants less than 6 months use the product. There isn’t any ingredients that would be dangerous for a baby less than 6 months therefore I have not problem giving baby the vitamin powder. As always, keep your doctor in the loop so they can be aware of any special considerations your baby may need.

Another formula I researched contain raw liver, nutritional yeast, acerola powder, egg yolks, beef gelatin, etc.? Why don’t you recommend these ingredients.

The formula I’ve created is meant to be a simple wholesome formula that is both affordable, practical, and scientifically/nutritionally sound. The more I have studied these formulas that include such things as raw liver and nutritional yeast (yuck) the more I am convinced that they are not only gross and hard to make, but they are also lacking in key micronutrients.

Eight years ago when I originally sought to create an infant formula recipe I observed a host of homemade formulas that, if properly prepared, would leave nutritional gaps, possible exposure to potentially dangerous pathogens, and basic palatability and preparation issues that would make prolonged usage unlikely.Regardless, including all those extra ingredients simply keeps the formula too far out in left field for most people including myself to actually use. Making your own formula at home is already a big commitment. If it is going to require several extra steps, rely on questionable ingredients, AND still be nutritionally unsound, then I am not much of a fan.

As a bit of an aside, I think it might be useful to note that I have put thousands of hours into this formula recipe as is and know the nutrients backward and forward. If follows the standards as set by the FDA and the United States Congress. I have a full time Registered Nurse (shout out to you Lori Smith!) on staff working exclusively with parents using this formula. If you call our office (1-877-MTCAPRA) you will talk to her and have your questions answered. The point is that no other baby formula recipe out there has this level of nutritional and logistics effort behind it and the ingredients make sense.

I’m stressing out that I won’t make this formula right. I want it to be perfect for my baby!

I do too! Developing infants need a lot of wholesome nutrition in their first year of life but we sometimes forget how resilient the growing body is to various forms of nutrition. Breast milk alone is obviously the gold standard but the nutritional composition varies wildly from week to week, day to day, and even hour to hour. Therefore don’t stress out about every little microcosm of the formula. If you baby gets a little more oil in a bottle then the recipe calls for, don’t worry about it.

Breast milk fat, lactose (carbs), and protein go up and down a lot over the course of the first year of babies life. If you forget to add the vitamins, stay calm, it’s not the end of the world. You baby will be fine. Just follow the recipe as closely as you can and your baby will do great! Good job giving your baby the best formula available!

Q. Does the formula require any changes as my child gets older?

No the formula is designed for use until baby reaches 12 months. However the beauty of making your own baby formula recipe means you have the ability to change the formula as you and your doctor see fit. As your infant grows into a toddler his kidneys develop and mature so that he is able to handle the higher protein content in goat milk. Between the age of 10-12 months, if you should so choose, you can begin to transition your baby to a high concentration of goat milk powder. Instead of only 1 level scoop of milk powder per 8 fl oz you can begin putting 1 scoop + 1/3 scoop milk powder. As you gradually increase the milk powder, you should gradually decrease the added carbohydrates and fats as the milk contains carbohydrates and fats to compensate. The table below will gives an example of how you might choose to transition your child whole milk version of CapraMilk. As always, don’t do this without checking with your doctor.


Milk Powder




9 months

1 scoop

1 tbsp

1/2 tsp ghee
1/4 tsp sunflower oil
1/8 tsp grapeseed oil

8 ounces

10 months

1 scoop.

+ 1/3 scoop

2 tsp.

1/2 tsp ghee
1/8 tsp sunflower oil
1/8 tsp grapeseed oil

8 ounces

11 months

1 scoop.

+ 2/3 scoop

1 tsp.

1/4 tsp ghee
1/8 tsp sunflower oil
1/8 tsp grapeseed oil

8 ounces

12 months

2 scoops



8 ounces

Joe Stout, MS

Joe and his wonderful bride Elizabeth have been married for nearly 13 years and have been blessed with 8 beautiful children. Joe has earned both Masters and Bachelors of Science Degrees in Human Nutrition. Along with running the farm, he has engaged in graduate studies of Sustainable Food Systems and is also certified in Permaculture Design.

609 comments on “Baby Formula Recipe – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can this be taken in babies who have cow’s milk protein allergy? I’ve read that goats milk contains proteins that are structurally the same as cow’s milk proteins and thus would result in the same reactions? Can you advise?

  2. If my baby has lactose intolerance (yes that’s different then cow milk protein allergy) what could I use in this formula to replace the lactose?

  3. Hi! I apologize if I missed this question, but since we use hot water to make a bottle, is it still ok to refrigerate and then warm up the next day? My son only drinks 5 oz so we would like to save the remaining.


    • A better idea would be for you to use smaller bottles. Re-heating is a little chancy. You might be feeding your child a growth of environmental bacteria that got on or in the bottle and was allowed to flourish overnight. If you’re going to re-heat any bottle, it should be done only once, and on the same day.

      • Thanks!! I make the 8 ounces and then divide into 2 bottles – I don’t reheat the one he drank from but rather stick the second bottle straight in the fridge… same advice? I was worried that since the formula starts out warm, it might be bad to chill and then heat up again. If so, do you have a recipe for a smaller portion?

          • Thanks! The conversion makes sense 🙂 I’m still confused on refrigerating the formula…. In the FAQ section it says it can be refrigerated for 2-3 days. I assume you always need to make the formula with hot water, so do you mean you should not use the formula again once it has been made with hot water, cooled and reheated again? I ask because sometimes it’s easier to make a bottle ahead of time for someone else to see baby.

          • The issue of feeding and re-heating has to do with possible contamination of the once-used bottle by your child. It has very little to do with heating or cooling of a fresh bottle. It is possible for bacteria from your child’s mouth or skin to contaminate a once-used / partially consumed bottle. Allowing that contamination to grow for hours, then re-heating it and giving it to your child – might – be giving a larger colony of bacteria right back to your child. The larger the dose of bacteria, the greater the chance for infection.

        • Chilling it once after making a new warm batch is not a problem. As far as smaller portions, just divide the 8 oz recipe in half, or by 4, to get 4 oz. or 2 oz. portions.

    • Certainly. But at the ages your boys are, it would be easier (and less expensive) for you to make them whole goat milk re-constituted from our CapraMilk. There is no need to make the formula for the 4-year old, and not much longer for the 18-month old (maybe 6 to 8 months more).

  4. Hello my son is enjoying the formula! He is 11 months old now and I’m going to start adjusting it as you recommend. However should I leave the molasses in it? And how about the colostrum??? He is eating more solid foods now too.

    • This is totally up to you. The colostrum will continue to be immune support as long as your son takes it. The molasses provides added calories, and will help keep him ‘regular’. Neither of these items are absolutely mandatory at his age, but both are a good idea as long as you’re making the formula for him.

  5. I’m struggling to find a formula that I feel comfortable giving my daughter as an alternative to breast milk. After reading all these comments, I love this option. I do have a couple questions. If I purchase the kit, how many 8 oz. bottles does the kit usually make? I’m hoping this is also a cost effective option as well! I appreciate the help and information! Thanks!

  6. Hi there, firstly, I just wanted to thank you for making this recipe so easily available. I really appreciate it. My son has been drinking this formula for over a month now, and he’s no longer insanely constipated and crying with every poop, which makes my heart so happy. I do find I need to add extra molasses to the formula though to keep him a bit more regular – is this okay for a longer term solution? Is too much molasses a bad thing?
    As well, I’m trying to figure out how much to give him to make sure he’s getting enough. He’s 7.5 months and I give him 32oz a day, but if it’s closer to breastmilk then should I be giving him more?

    • Hi, Kris. Sorry for taking so long to respond. Extra molasses for the long term is OK, but you may find that as your son’s digestive tract becomes more regular, you can slowly cut back on the molasses. Too much of ANYTHING is not good, so we of course do not recommend you give him large amounts of molasses. Regarding the quantity of formula to give him: you can give him as much as he wants, until your doctor says he is getting too much food / putting on too much weight. The recipe has everything he needs to thrive on up thru the toddler years. Of course, we expect that you are beginning to introduce him to solid food, and that will gradually take the place of the formula.

  7. I’ve noticed some other goat formula recipes state that it’s okay to make larger batches and freeze if needed. Would it be possible to freeze this in small portions to thaw as needed? We have a long drive to daycare and I normally take little mans breast milk frozen in a cooler, and then they thaw it out throughout the day. My supply has dropped drastically so I’m trying to find a replacement option. Little man is allergic to cow milk, but has seemed to do okay with goat.

    Also, regardless, can you email me the recipe card?

  8. What vitamins do you recommend for those w MTFHR mutations? I can not give my child folic acid in that form and your formula calls for it. Thanks in advance!

  9. I’m using recipe similar to this as well as taking notes from this formula and the ingredients. The oils it calls for is avacado and coconut oil as well as coconut sugar instead of lactose. Can you shed some light on the difference? My baby is spitting it up and I’m trying to find the culprit. Thank you for your help and for all this info!

    • Hi Meg. What recipe are you using? Not totally sure as to the spit up but some kiddos don’t take well to the coconut ingredients (this is why I recommend lactose and ghee). The avocado oil shouldn’t be causing an issue but you might try some high-oleic sunflower oil instead of avocado as the there aren’t as many polyunsaturated fatty acids. Also reducing the overall fat in the formula slightly (and temporarily) can help baby’s GI tract to adjust.

  10. Hi there ! I am on my way to the grocery store now to purchase the stuff for this amazing formula. My daughter is 4 months and is sensitive to dairy and has had a terrible terrible cold for 6 weeks. Prob allergic to some Nast ingredient . She won’t drink her nasty formula anymore bc well I don’t blame her ! It’s that hypoallergenic kind that’s taste vile. So I am gonna give this a shot. I have a few questions
    1) can you send me a formuka card for a 4 month old who is drinking 4 oz (if 8 oz is the smallest measurement that’s ok ) and also for making the 32 oz batch.

  11. Hello,
    We are loving your goat milk formula, but are having issues with the vitamin bottle. The vitamins clog up the nipple and our baby can’t suck anything down unless we strain the bottle to get the residual vitamin pieces out. I am afraid that by doing this our baby isn’t getting the full amount of vitamins/probiotics he needs. Is there a liquid mulitvitamin you would recommend? Or any other suggestions?

    • Try grinding the vitamin powder more thoroughly before adding it into the liquid, and using a blender to mix the entire formula. You may wish to use nipples with larger holes, which are available at most stores.

      We know of no liquid brand vitamin that is an exact replacement…however, you might wish to check out the offerings from Maxi Life or Nature’s Baby Plex.

  12. Do you have a recipe to make 32 oz of formula? Is it ok to make a batch rather then make single 8 oz bottles 🙂 Can the formula be frozen prior to using? And if so for how long? Thanks!

    • 32 oz. = 1 quart, and the recipe for that amount is shown on the card. In case you don’t have a recipe card, we’re sending you one. You can certainly make larger batches, and the formula can be frozen, for at least 2 weeks. : – )

  13. How long is the powdered milk good for after being reconstituted, with no other ingredients. My son is almost 19 months and drinking just the milk itself now.

  14. Hello! I have asked several questions in these comments. Thank you so much for your guidance! I have two more questions.
    Q1. I’ve ran out of lactose and need to supplement either rice syrup or maple syrup for a few days until my order arrives with more lactose. Is there one that you recommend over the other? How much do I use in an 8 oz bottle to replace the lactose?
    Q2. I always seem to run our of the lactose first. I still of nearly two weeks supply of the milk powder. Is that normal?
    Thank you!

    • We recommend using the maple syrup as it is much less likely to be an allergenic. Substitute 1 tablespoon maple syrup for each tablespoon of lactose you would have used. Regarding how you seem to run out of lactose…that is a bit out of the ordinary, but no serious cause for concern. It may mean that you’re measuring out a bit more lactose than you think each time you make the recipe.: – )

  15. I’m using Meyerberg goat’s milk that already has Vit D and Folic Acid. Do I still give the vitamins daily (in one bottle)?

  16. My baby is 4 months and we’ve been using your formula recipe for 3 months now. Since she was born she has spit up a lot after eating. I was worried that maybe she was sensitive to something in the formula but even when I give her donor milk she spits up about the same. I’ve heard people use rice cereal to thicken formula and that helps some babies keep it down. I don’t want to use rice. My question is do you have any suggestions for a something a little better nutritionally that I can use to thicken the formula to see if that will help her not spit up as much?

    • Hi Anna,

      I haven’t recommended any thickeners really. Spit up management is usually centered around keeping baby calm during feeding and not agitated. Making sure baby is being burped frequently and that baby’s tummy is not pressed on. You could add a bit more lactose to thicken the formula but not to much because you don’t want the carbohydrates in lactose to push out the other nutrients like fat/protein the formula is delivering. Sorry to not have a magic bullet.

  17. My 2 month old started vomiting on this formula but instead of the ghee I used coconut oil and I’m thinking that’s what he didn’t like…is there something other than coconut oil I could use until I can get the ghee?

  18. My daughter seems to be gagging/choking on the formula. Any suggestions? I read that this could be from the oil’s. But I cannot find a solution to the problem.

    • Try making a bottle without the ghee and the sunflower oil, and see how she does. This can’t be a long-term solution, though, as she needs the calories in those fat sources. If she stops gagging with the new bottle, gradually introduce a small amount of the oils back into the formula over a 3 to 4-day period, adding in more each day until the recipe is restored to the full amount of oils.

      • Hi Jeff. My daughter was born premature at 32.5 weeks and is now 4 months on the 28th. Uncorrected. I signed up for the capra community a while back and am still awaiting my receipe card. Could I please get one?

        My daughter gets extremely gassy with this recipie. The gas pains are out of this world. 2 culprits as I see it, the yeast or the coconut oil. I removed the yeast and shes still extremely gassy. I am using coconut oil instead of ghee. Do you believe the oil to be the cause? Will the ghee will be less gassy and until I purchase it any suggestions on using til i get the ghee? I would like to add the yeast back as it provides some protein and the needed folate.

        Lastly I’ve been using this formula for about 3 weeks now. When do you begin to add more goat milk powder?

        Thank you,


  19. I have seen two different recipe cards. One calls for Sunflower oil and one calls for Okive Oil. What is the difference for the formula and is one recommended more highly than the other?

    • Some time ago we replaced the olive oil with sunflower oil, simply because sunflower oil contains more linoleic acid per serving. Olive oil is good…sunflower oil is better. : – )

        • We’ve just pushed out a new version of the recipe that adds 1/8 tsp of grapeseed oil to the recipe. This, in addition to the existing sunflower oil, provides sufficient CLA (which the ghee alone will not fulfill). If a person wished to eliminate the sunflower oil entirely, they would need to ADD 1 tsp of grapeseed oil (in place of the sunflower oil) to the (newly existing) recipe quantity of 1/8 tsp of grapeseed oil.

          • Could i please get the receipe card for a 3 month, 1 month adjusted infant? Ive asked so many times. And been really patient ????

  20. when using a liquid form of goat milk, how would you change the ratio from 1:1 at 10, 11 and 12 months to coincide with increasing the powdered goat milk?

    • There is no set standard for increasing the ratio of fresh milk to water. ‘Full strength’ goat milk from powder equals 2 tbsp of powder (i.e., 6 teaspoons) per 8 oz. of water. When using our CapraMilk powder, the formula recipe calls for an additional teaspoon of powder at the 10th month (i.e., a total of 4 teaspoons per 8 oz. of water), then an additional 2 tsp at the 11th month (total of 5 teaspoons), then ‘full strength’ goat milk powder (2 tbsp or 6 teaspoons) at the 12th month. Essentially, you’re adding 1/6th more powder each month for 3 months. When it comes to fresh milk, you could reduce the amount of water-to-fresh milk by approximately 3 oz. each month until you’re using full strength fresh milk at the 12th month.

  21. I want to say thank you guys so much for such a wonderful product! It was such a huge relief for me especially knowing that I can use the goat milk powder to make supplement bottles for my little one. My question is, if I am still giving him breastmilk, is it ok that in his bottles I just use your powder and add probiotics? Or is he missing out by me not adding the other ingredients at all?

    • Hello, Sam. The recipe is designed to provide 100% of your baby’s nutritional needs, assuming he/she is receiving ONLY the recipe and no other milk or other formula. If you are mixing breastfeeding with the recipe formula, you may reduce the amount of other ingredients according to the ratio of breast milk to goat milk formula. For example, if you are feeding 50% breast milk and 50% goat milk formula, you can reduce the amount of other ingredients in the formula by 50% (not including the actual milk powder itself). Having said that, there is no harm in making up the formula as written – that is, exactly as the recipe describes – and giving that to your child, no matter how much breastfeeding you are actually doing.

  22. Hi Joe. My child was born prematurely and placed on Neosure after sometime on donor milk. The neosure and her doc calls for a fortified recipe to make the formula 24 cals per oz. How do I ensure my child is getting this per oz with your recipe? Also what is the total per oz caloric content of your recipe?

    • Hi Myiesha, our recipe is 20 Calories per ounce. To bump that up to 24 Calories per ounce in an 8 ounce bottle simply add an extra 1/8 tsp sunflower oil + 1/4 tsp ghee.

      • Thanks Joe. I’m using coconut oil until I receive the ghee. Would the bump up amount be the same? 1/4th teaspoon.

          • Hi Jeff. Thank you. Could I get a recipe card for my daughter she is a 1 month adjusted preemie. 3 months unadjusted. I’ve been giving her the general formula but when calculating the protein requirenents for equivalency to her neosure formula your formula falls almost 50% short per oz. I started with meyenberg but will purchase capra once finished. I would have to use 8 scoops of meyenberg to gain the proper protein nurtrients. Which from my reading is too much for an infant to handle. Do you have nutritional values for the formula? If so could I get them. In addition to the receipe card for her age. I’ve waited a while for the card, and asked several times. Thank you in advance.

  23. We’re using goat milk (not the powder) and following the modified version of the recipe (1:1 ratio of milk to water), but I just realized, after my baby’s very watery poo today, the she’s receiving twice as much liquid using this recipe than she would if we were using the powder. This seems like an issue to me. What are your thoughts on this? Many thanks!

  24. Is there an alternative to the lactose? My baby has a lot of gas and I am wondering if it’s from the lactose.

  25. Hello, I have a question concerning my baby being sensitive or allergic to goats milk (or possibly something else in the formula)
    Because of low supply issues we started our baby on formula from week 1. We started with an organic cows milk formula which made her constipated almost all the time along with other signs of a sensitivity (skin problems, wheezing and a lot of spit up). Almost 4 weeks ago (she’s almost 10 weeks now) we started your formula with goats milk, I feel so much better about what’s in the formula! Her skin got much better almost immediately, the constipation got better immediately also. She still spits up quite a bit yet still less then she was (she was spitting up A LOT) I’m still a little concerned she might still have a sensitivity to something because of the spit up, which when she gets my milk she doesn’t spit up. She also has some other things that could be a sign of sensitivity or could be regular baby things (she still has pretty dry skin on her face, yet better then before, and she’s had a few poops with mucus in it, other then that her poop color and consistency is normal)
    The doctor she had completely ignored all of her symptoms and wants us to continue the cows milk formula . The only reason she gave for not looking at the goats milk formula is because she’s not familiar with it. We are going to see a new doctor, but I wanted to get your opinion. Is it common for babies to be sensitive to goats milk? Do her symptoms sound like a sensitivity to something?
    Thank you for all your doing!!

    • Hello, Anna. Infant sensitivity to cow’s milk is NOT unusual, and in fact is on the rise. However, most parents who switch their child from cow’s milk formulas to goat’s milk are doing so specifically because most infants are NOT sensitive to goat’s milk.

      As to what might be causing your child’s spit-up…you can test each ingredient in the recipe by simply removing it for a day or two and see how your daughter does. You won’t want to remove the milk powder itself…but you can reduce the amount of milk powder by half, and see if her spit-up moderates.

      If you find that she is sensitive to a particular ingredient, you will need to find a suitable replacement for it. You will NOT want to eliminate any single ingredient from the recipe, as each ingredient is required to provide complete nutrition at this stage in her life. If you find an ingredient she is sensitive to, please contact us and we most likely will be able to suggest an alternative to that ingredient.

      PS – check out our web site blog for more information on the goat milk formula. It’s not surprising that some doctors prefer cow’s milk formulas, since that is what they ‘know’ best. At Mt. Capra, we know that thousands of babies are getting better nutrition with the goat milk formula…better than anything excepting breastmilk.

      Best wishes to you and your family.

  26. Hello, sorry if this is a silly question…
    Does the goat milk powder not contain lactose? I am genuinely curious about the need to add lactose.

    • Hello, Andrea. The goat milk powder does contain lactose…a normal amount. We do not remove lactose, nor do we add lactose to the milk powder.

      You didn’t mention what you are doing with the milk powder. If you are making the goat milk formula for an infant, you should follow the recipe, which calls for added lactose. I will send the recipe card to you in a separate email.

      • Hi there! Can you help me understand why there’s a need to add lactose when goat milk already contains it? Is there more lactose in breastmilk than goat’s milk? Many thanks!

        • Hi, Jessica. Lactose is added to the formula recipe because your child needs EXTRA calories at this time of life. As to whether or not breastmilk contains more lactose than what is typically found in breastmilk, there is no correct answer. Some women’s milk will contain more lactose, and some will contain less. The bottom line is that the Mt. Capra goat milk formula recipe has been carefully designed to provide all of the nutrients, vitamins, AND calories needed for complete nutrition. Adding lactose to the recipe is required to get the calorie count up.

  27. hi my daughter is 7 weeks old i used the recipe you sent me in my email. she really likes it but im nervous is its too much protein? can you send me a recipe specific for her age please

    • Hello, Chelsea. If you prepared the formula according to the recipe, your daughter is receiving an appropriate amount of protein. The recipe dilutes the protein level to 50% of that of whole goat milk, which is a safe level for any child from newborn to 8-9 months. After the 9th month, the recipe is modified to gradually increase the amount of protein (via the milk powder).

  28. My son is 10 months old and I would like the modified recipe emailed to me. I would like to continue to use this for him until he’s 18-24 months. What other modifications do I need to make once he’s past 12 months? Thank you!

  29. My son has been on your formula since ge was 3 months old and is thriving, however I had to stop using the molasses as he was intolerant to it. (Constipation and abdominal rash which both cleared up after eliminating it) He is 6 months now and his hemaglobin was 10.5 (the normal level being 11.0 or higher) the pediatrician recommended adding iron drops… which I’d like to avoid, but will obviously do if needed. Would adding your capra mineral whey protein powder to the formula help? Or would increasing the nutristart vitamin to a 3/4 of a packet instead a half help or would that overdose him in other vitamins? I have started him on more iron rich solid food too, which I know will help his iron stores. Thanks for any guidance.

    • Hello, Danielle. Capra Mineral Whey, while rich in more than 20 minerals, does not have significant quantities of iron. Increasing the amount of vitamin powder MIGHT be a solution…but I suggest you consult with your pediatrician about increasing the level of NutriStart vitamin. There may be other factors in your child’s health profile that we are not aware of.

  30. My 12 mo has been on your formula since 3 mos and he has thrived! We are now trying to decide how to transition. Can you please send me the modified recipe?
    Thank you so much for your formula. I was able to avoid mainstream formula which helped me with the guilt I was already feeling by not being able to breastfeed. I had a good alternative option! One grateful mama here!

  31. Hello, Love your products! My baby is 11 months and I would like the modified version of the recipe for older babies/toddlers. I would greatly appreciate it if you could email that to me. Thank you!

  32. I am an adult (Actually senior citizen), with severe kidney stone problems. I am a kidney stone factory and have had stone removal surgery 6 times in the last year on both kidneys. I am told the stones are a very rare type only seen in a few percent of those who get stones and they are usually quite large, one was 23 mm which impressed the urologist and many are 12 to 14 mm. They are to hard to break up with laser so they have to go in and break up what they can. Then I deal with stents for 3 or 4 weeks to pass what I am able to. The most recent surgery was Feb 14th. They say I still have over 100 in my kidneys. I was told to really lower my protein intake to help. Therefore I would like to try your recipe. I requested it a few minutes ago but wanted to ask if you thought this might be appropriate for me.

    • Hello, Jo. I will send you the recipe in a separate email. There is no ‘adult’ version, except the ‘modified’ version for infants older than 9 months (which I will also send to you.) We suggest that you share the recipe with your medical team to evaluate its suitability for you and your health conditions. Under normal circumstances the goat milk formula is highly nutritional… but due to your particular health condition, we advise that you consult with your team. God bless.

  33. With a toddler of 2yrs old, would you use the same formula as with a 12 month old?
    We have a family history of eczema, and so far he hasn’t had any issues. Could I still add some of the coconut & olive oil to the goats milk? Or is that not necessary? Thanks for the infant formula–it was a life saver!

    • Hi, Ruthie! As long as your toddler enjoys the formula, you can continue with the modified recipe (for children 10 months and older). And yes, organic coconut and olive oils are good sources of healthy fats for your child. Keep up the good work!

  34. Jeff,

    Thank you so much for this recipe! It’s so nice to have a formula that I can feel completely comfortable putting into my little guy’s body.

    Quick question: if I’m making a quart at a time, do I add the cold water until I have a quart of formula, or do I actually add 4 cups like the ingredients list? I made it last night and it was the difference of about 2/3 cup of water, from what I could tell.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hello Chelsea. You can add 4 cups (more or less) to make (more or less) one quart. Yes, it does end up being slightly more than one quart, when you factor in the milk powder and other ingredients, but that’s OK. It’s not critical that it ends up being exactly 4 cups of formula. : – )

  35. Hello, my son is thriving with this formula. We started him at 5 months and now he is 10 and I am starting to modify the formula. The question is: does he still need the vitamins to be added? He is already eating food, so I am thinking that probably he doesn’t need them anymore. Thank you!

  36. I have a question re: the optional colostrum. I live in Canada and want to try to find an acceptable replacement in our local health food store before resorting to ordering your goat milk colostrum (shipping is expensive). Is bovine colostrum an okay substitute? If so, what would the measurement be?

    • Hello, Andrea. Our recipe card is coming to you shortly, in a separate email.

      Regarding your question about bovine colostrum. The only thing that might be a problem would be if your baby has any intolerance of cow’s milk proteins. Bovine colostrum will contain cow casein protein, which some infants are sensitive to or allergic to. I would suggest that you try the formula for a short period without colostrum of any kind, and then add in the colostrum to see how your baby reacts. Assuming that the bovine colostrum is not concentrated or fortified in any way, you should be able to use it just like the goat colostrum…but to be sure you probably should check with your pediatrician.

  37. Is the recipe suitable for newborns? I read your reply to someone, Jeff, mentioning you’d email a version suitable for newborns. Thanks!

  38. Our daughter is 5 months old. We are doing half of the feedings with breast milk and started yesterday with your formula mix. She seemed to do really well and enjoyed it with her first introduction to your formula mix. If we dont plan to switch entirely yet over to the formula from breast milk, do we need to adjust the amount of once a day items, mainly the vitamins, however colostrum, probiotics, and DHA? Will she be getting too many vitamins if daughter is getting breast milk half the day and formula mix the other half. My wife eats healthy and still takes Garden of Life Prenatal.

    • If you are breastfeeding half the time and giving her the formula half the time each day, you do not need to include any of the once-a-day ingredients, including the vitamins. When you begin to transition her to more formula and less breastfeeding, start with 1/2 the normal daily amount of each of those ingredients. As you increase the ratio of formula-to-breast milk, gradually increase the amount of daily vitamins etc. that you add to the formula. When she is on the formula 100%, include 100% of those ingredients.

  39. Howdy! I started using this formula for my one month old one time a day at most and not every day, shes mostly breastfed. I have noticed when she takes the formula she sleeps much longer than normal. Why is this? Every time she drinks it she gets around 4hrs of sleep! Which is alot for her. Would one of the ingredients be putting her to sleep like that? Is this safe for her?

    • Hello, Ashley. There is nothing in the recipe that would cause excessive sleep. However, the formula is so fully nutritional, your baby may simply be very satisfied. I would definitely discuss this issue with your pediatrician, just to be on the safe side.

  40. Hello,

    My baby girl is now 11 months,can I follow the receipe in the same format or any modification is required? I think I can stop adding lactose and also sunflower oil …but is it okay to keep the exact recipe ?

  41. Hello,
    My daughter is 9 months, i had made the recipe when she was 6 but did not do well. Unfortunately i had to go to conventional formula from stores 🙁
    She is noe almost 10 months, i introduced goat formula and loves it!!!
    My question….i have also started her on a vegan formula using almond milk. She is alsi doing fantastic. Can i used both formulas???
    Another question..
    .once she reaches the 1year mark can i just give her the powder?
    Thank you for work and so blessed to have found you guys!

  42. Hi, sorry for the basic question, I am going to be a first time mom- what type of water should I be using to make the formula? Distilled water? Regular spring water from a gallon? Gerber Pure Purified Water? Boiled tap water?

  43. Hi can I warm the milk & cool it back down without it going rancid? Also would it be feasible to reheat the formula? Thanks

    • You can store a partially consumed bottle back in the fridge…and yes, it is OK to re-heat it, if done within a day or so…but always taste-test it before giving it to your child. The more often you put milk and / or formula thru a heating / cooling cycle, the greater the chance for microbes to grow and turn the milk sour.: – )

  44. The recipe sent to my email (the recipe card), is that the recipe I should use for my 4 month old until 12 months of age? I keep reading about too many proteins and adding more as they get older. I don’t know which recipe is age appropriate?

  45. Hello, I am currently looking to switch my baby to goats milk. He is, however, 13 months old. Can you explain how the recipe changes for a baby over one year of age and what we should modify to meet his nutritional needs? Perhaps there is a modified recipe for babies over the age of 12 months? Thank you for your guidance.

  46. Hello! I used your first recipe about a year and a half ago. I may need to use it again with our daughter, but I can’t find the old recipe on the website. Though I’d love to try your new recipe, we cannot afford to do so right now. I very very much enjoyed your previous one and am asking if you could please email me the old recipe, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!!

  47. Hey! I love this recipe and so does my 6 month old son. Just wondering why in the initial blog post it says to use sunflower oil but the recipe card says olive oil? Does it matter which one I use? Is one recommended over the other?

    Thank you!!


      • Hello Joe, I am in the process of weaning my baby off of breastmilk he is only 9months old. I have used your formula for the last few months to supplement my supply. My pediatrician requested a micronutrient report since I am planning on using your formula as his breastmilk alternative. Do you have one?

  48. Hello, Thank you so much for your recipe. I used it when weaning both my children off of breastfeeding for a couple months and they loved it and did great! Now a friend wants to do the same. I had bought the Meyenberg powdered milk and I remember in the past reading something about having to cut the oils in half when doing that. Is that still the case? I can’t seem to find where I read that. Thank you!

      • Joe,
        I am confused about the formula- non-fat vs. whole milk. For an infant less than 10 month old, is the recommendation to use the non-fat or just half of the whole milk (1 scoop vs. 2 scoops) due to the kidneys’ not being mature. I thought I was understanding to use the non-fat formula until 10 months old and then switch to whole milk formula but now I think I may have misunderstood. If I did, why would you want to choose the non-fat version over the fat version? Thanks in advance.

        • Hello, Jill…Jeff here to answer your question. Nearly all mothers give their babies the whole milk formula recipe. The non-fat recipe version is for people who happen to have been purchasing using non-fat milk powder themselves, have a supply on hand, and wish to start their baby on goat’s milk formula. You will notice that the non-fat recipe version actually adds in the fat that is missing in the non-fat milk powder by way of ghee and the other oils in the recipe.

          Protein in the milk is the reason the milk powder is diluted until the 10th month. – not fat. Very young infants have immature renal systems that might be damaged by full-strength milk protein. The fat has nothing to do with this issue. You should dilute both the whole milk and the non-fat milk version of the recipe until the 10th month, so your baby does not get too much protein. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thanks for choosing Mt. Capra products!

  49. I have a 2 years old still on the same formula since a year ago. Should I still stick to the same formula or increase the powder and omit the coconut and olive oil?

  50. I completed the form, but haven’t recieved the recipe card yet, just ordered products for my 9 mo old son and would love to have the recipe card handy. Thanks

  51. I used this formula for my now 4 year old and she did amazing on it! I have a 3 month old that I am breastfeeding but am supplementing with this at least 12 oz a day. He’s not gaining as much as he should be so is there anything I can increase to add calories to each bottle? Thank you so much for this formula, it’s been a huge blessing !

  52. Hello! If I make the formula in bulk say like the recipe for 1 quart how much water would I add to each bottle?! Is it still the 5oz of formula with 3 oz of hot water? Thanks

    • Hello, Amanda. One quart equals 32 ounces, so you will follow the recipe using a single container, and multiplying each of the recipe ingredients by 4. When making a large batch like a quart, mix all the ingredients with only half the required water until everything is well-mixed, then finish by adding the remaining water up to the final desired (one quart) total. Once you’ve thoroughly mixed the quart, you can then pour it into the 4 bottles.

  53. Hello, my question is my baby is breakout around her lip when she eats. she also does not want to eat it. do you have any advice ?

    thank you

    • If you’re using a latex nipple on the bottle, your baby may be allergic to the latex. Ask your pediatrician for an alternative. If your baby refuses to take the formula, then of course you’ll want to find a different formula.

  54. Can I use Meyenberg evaporated goat milk instead of the powder? Would I dilute it 1:1 or 1:2?

    Both of my boys have adored this formula and I love making it and knowing exactly what’s in it!

    • Hello, Megan. We can’t provide a cost-per-ounce, since the kit includes ingredients that will last differing amounts per ingredient. The recipe can be made in 8 oz, 1 pint, 1 quart, or 1 gallon amounts.

  55. Hi there,

    I’m trying to gather all the info I can about homemade goat milk formula. So far I see each one I’ve found calls for molasses, but I’ve read molasses has the possibility of carrying botulinum spores (like in honey) and that it might not be safe for babies under 12 months (my son is 7.5 months). Can you speak to that and/or recommend an alternative?

    Thank you,

  56. So if you’re making an 8 oz bottle of just the goat milk powder (for my 14 month old) you use the scoop that comes with it but you put two scoops of goat milk powder per 8 oz water?

  57. Hi Joe. THANK YOU so much of this incredible recipe. My son needed to be supplemented in addition to breastmilk at 4 months and I struggled with giving him formula, but I felt really good about giving him this one. By 7 months he was fully formula fed and he will be a year next month and is doing great! He loves it! So much so, that I think it will be hard to wean him from it! My question is, I am thinking of transitioning him from the formula (we are now doing the recipe modification you recommend for 11 month olds) to full goat milk when he turns 1, but I would like to use raw goat milk (thoughts on this?) and I would like to begin to use liquid goat milk in his formula before just giving it to him straight. What would the ratio of liquid milk to water be for an 11 month old? Thanks again! I don’t know what I would have done without your recipe!

    • I feel so blessed to have found this recipe and your farm as a source. What do people typically do once your child has reached 12 months? Do they just use full goat’s milk bought from the store? Or do they continue to use the powder and/or the full recipe with oils etc…?

      • I’m not sure there is a ‘typical’ pattern. By the time a baby is 1 yr. old, they can be fed whole goat’s milk. Some families continue with the formula, and some do not. : – )

  58. What is the date stamp on the bottom of the goat milk powder. Is it the manufacturer date or the best by date and what is the life span of a can of goat milk powder?


  59. Hello,
    Our adopted baby girl is now one and has done so well with this formula. Thank you for providing a non-dairy, non-soy option! I have been transitioning her to the whole goat milk using the guidelines posted on your site. Would you continue using molasses, vitamin supplement and dha or does the whole goat milk contain all the vitamins she needs at this age?
    Thank you.

  60. First off, I’d like to say thank you SO much for sharing this recipe. My son is 10 weeks old and has been gassy and severely constipated since week 2 and has been on a laxative since week 3. Switched to this goat milk Formula and he is no longer gassy or constipated. He loves the formula but I’ve noticed that he is eating way more often than when he was on cow milk formula. Can I add more of the goat milk powder when making the recipe so that he stays satisfied longer. (He is currently driving close to 6 ounces about every 2 hours ).

    • It is awesome to hear your son is doing well on the formula! As long as it doesn’t cause him to spit up, I would increase both the olive oil and ghee by about 1/4 teaspoon per bottle. This will increase the calories without increasing the protein to a high level.

    • Yes you can. I prefer to use regular coconut oil (I know it is less convenient) because fractionated CO has undergone the processing step of breaking (fracturing) the longer fatty acid bonds.

  61. Hi- I was wondering if it’s ok to mix half the water to the goat milk to keep in refrigerator, then add the other half of hot water to make the concentration complete when ready to use? I wasn’t sure if there was a contraindication to adding hot water to the cold milk solution. Then I could just carry bottles with the half concentration in an insulated bag and a thermos of hot water. For a little more convienece for on the go type of situation. Let me know! I’m ready to do this for my baby seems to have some reflux issues but my husband is putting up a fight for the “inconvenience” factor????

  62. Approximately how much does one pint batch of this cost with none of the optional add ons? I am trying to compare cost to regular organic formula. Thank you!

  63. Just starting this formula, and it is clogging the holes on the nipple of my son’s bottles. Any suggestions?

  64. Hello Joe!

    We’ve been using the formula (recipe included) with my twins since they were 4 months. I have one that is lactose intolerant and the other had awful spit-ups (maybe reflux). They are now 14 months and I am still using the recipe. Should I just be using the whole milk powder and water now….nothing else added? Do I need to make sure they get vitamins and probiotics once they receive just powder and water? I saw the FAQ but it doesnt mention the molasses…

    • Hi KGB. So are you saying the twins did well on the formula? After mixing full strength goat milk with water (2 level scoops per 8 ounces water) molasses would not be needed any longer but wouldn’t hurt anything to continue to add it.

  65. First off, thank you so much for this formula. I was very stressed about using formula when I was forced to supplement because of medication I was on. Two questions that I’m sure you already answered:

    1. I am mixing the formula with breastmilk in every bottle. Right now I’m doing 2.5 ounces of each. If I am giving her BM in every bottle, do I still need to add the vitamins and probiotic?

    2. As related to the question above, if I don’t need to add the vitamin and probiotic because of the bmilk, can I lower the bmilk to 1.5 ounces (so I can make my stash last longer) and still be giving her everything she needs without vitamins and probiotics?

    Thank you!

  66. Hi there I am planning on using the formula to supplement my breastfeeding. My baby instep months old bit is consuming more than I am currently supplying. Does he still need the vitamin pack if he is only taking the formula a couple bottles out of the day and if yes then is there a ratio I need to adjust to use it as a supplement to breast milk instead of his main supply of food. can you share the nutritional breakdown of the completed formula?

  67. Hey, Joe! First off, THANK YOU for your years of research to develop this formula. My 3 month old’s puking/spitting up problem has virtually disappeared (we went from cow’s milk formula to Kabrita…and while Kabrita was better, the problem was not eliminated all together). Anyway, I was using Meyenberg ordered from Amazon, but ran out and we need to make more formula tonight. We are going to use Meyenberg’s pasteurized goat milk purchased from our local store, as they don’t have the powdered version. I know that it’s a 1:1 conversion as far as the mixture, but I am just curious about your thoughts on using this instead of powder? Is the pasteurization eliminating the health benefits?

    • Hi Audrey, because goat milk is a specialty ingredient, Meyenberg has little choice but to ultra-pasteurize if they are to supply the national market for liquid goat milk. Ultra-pasteurization is difficult for babies tummies to digest and is the reason I don’t recommend using any products (organic or not) that have been ultra-pasteurized.

  68. The vitamins recommended seem to clog the bottle nipples is there a way to dissolve the vitamins better? Any suggestions?

    • This seems to be a recurring problem. I may search for an alternative vitamin powder/liquid to add. In the mean time I’ve found success by slightly enlarging the nipple hole with clean pin which allows the formula (and vitamin powder) to flow through better.

      • We use PixieVites by Dr. Fuhrman. They mix very well and are a all plant based multi vitamin supplement for both infants and older children. Might be a good option.

      • Hi Joe. I’m going to try your product but noticed that all of your “find it here” links seem to be disabled. I had to search the internet for an alternative way to access your store. Why is that? Otherwise, I’d like to buy enough product for 21 days. So I created a spread sheet and calculated how many of each product I’d have to buy and came up with about $300 worth of product. Do you have a 21 day package? If I wanted to buy a 90 day supply is that feasible?

        • Also, do you if it’s ok for baby’s with severe acid reflux? I breast fed my son until he was 3 months old (my milk supply dried up), he had AF then but was still gaining weight. Once I had to supplement with formula it’s been down hill from there. Doctors have been no help. We’ve tried homeopathic remedies (Nat Pho 6), to no avail. We’ve been on every formula on the market. He’s developed milk and soy allergy as a result of the commercial formula brands. He’s now 9 months old and only 13 lbs. I honestly don’t know what else to do. We’re on a medical grade formula at the moment called Neocate. After tons of research on GERD I’ve learned that it also deals with digestion. So we went from 4-5 oz every 4 hrs to 3 oz every 2 hrs (2months ago) until his digestive tract stabilized somewhat. Now we’re recently back up to 5-6 oz 4hrs or whenever he wants a bottle, with no screaming at night from reflux. But I’m still concerned it’s not enough. Do you think this formula may help ? Is it too late for my son ?

          • Hello, Kristia. As I mentioned in my previous response to you, the recipe has been carefully designed by a specialist in clinical nutrition. The vast majority of babies on this formula are thriving. Now, having said that…we are not doctors and do not prescribe. My suggestion to you is that you consult with your pediatrician regarding the use of the goat milk formula recipe. At the 9 to 10 month point, normally you would begin to add more milk powder to the formula to increase the amount of protein your child is receiving…but that may not be appropriate in your son’s case. Check with your pediatrician to see what he / she thinks. Best wishes to you and your son.

    • I used the recipe for goat milk formula in 2012/13 for my daughter. I want to transition my son to goat milk formula now. I have the 2012 recipe. So I am using mt capra milk (whole) with the 2012 recipe. Is this correct? I’m confused because it talks about whole vs nonfat milk. I don’t remember if the milk I used in 2012 was whole or nonfat.

  69. If baby isn’t really eating a lot of food at 12 months what ratio would you suggest? Just the milk powder or should I be adding in the other stuff too? She’s 11 months and I’m using the 11 month ratio right now. Feeling a little lost because she’s not really eating food.

    • Great question. The biggest reason the formula is important in the first 12 months of life is that the newly developing kidneys of baby aren’t ready to handle the higher protein level that is in goat milk (or cow milk) versus mothers milk. By the time baby reaches 12 months, most pediatricians agree that straight goat milk does not have excessively high protein levels for their kidneys. This means that switching to plain whole goat milk is fine from a protein standpoint. However goat milk does not contain as much linoleic acid as olive oil nor does it contain the probiotics or vitamins or DHA so keeping those in the formula is a great idea. Also, many mothers choose to breast feed (along with feeding solid food) for the first 2 years of life and the formula is mimicking breast milk so keeping them on the standard formula is not at all a bad thing past 12 months.

      • I was slowly changing the formula at 9, 10, 11 months so I’ll add the original oil amount back in for now. Thank you!

  70. What is a good way to make sure my baby is getting all the oils? It all seems to seperate to the top so when she gets to the end of the bottle she doesnt want to drink it because it is all oils. How should i mix to make sure she gets it all?

    • Hi Courtney, great question! Keeping the temperature around 95-100 degrees will really help and I would also give the bottle a couple of shakes during the feeding. If your little one can handle a slightly larger nipple hole, then I would enlarge the nipple hole slightly with a pin which will allow baby to drink it down a tad faster.

  71. My daughter loves this formula and I love that I am giving her something healthier. I breastfeed til 6mts. Then she has frozen breast milk and store formula til I found this. Loving it. My only question or conerns is that she popps 5-6 time daily. I was wondering if this is too much? I have ttied no lactose for a few day, no change. Then tried no sunflower oil for a few days with no luck. Was wondering if I needed to reduce coconut oil or goat milk?

    • Well as long as she isn’t constipated or has diarrhea then I would say not to worry about it. Weight gain is the most important indicator. If she is gaining weight then everything is probably just fine.

  72. Is the colostrum heat sensitive? I CANNOT get it to mix in well when adding it to a warm bottle…. I have tiny clumps that are plugging the nipple! Help!

  73. I ordered this formula kit on Monday (it was a holiday). I was ESTATIC when it arrived on my porch on Wednesday! My 4 month daughter has been on it for 24 hours and just had her FIRST normal BM in 2 months! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
    She seems to love the taste as well! Prior to this, she was eating organic conventional formula…. I’ve wrestled with that since day 1. She’s been severely constipated the entire time. There were so many signs that the formula wasn’t good for her, but I didn’t know what end was up when it came to making her a healthier formula. I stumbled across this site in my search and am truly thankful!

  74. The CapraMilk that comes with the plastic scooper is it one level scoop (28g) per 8 oz of water? So 16 level plastic scoops for the 1 gallon batch (448g)? The grams on the recipe card are throwing me off. It says 224g for 16 scoops. Maybe I made it wrong. Siiigh. =(

    • Hi Rachelle,

      No worries it can be a little confusing. 1 level scoop (included in the CapraMilk container) will deliver 14 grams of milk powder. This is exactly the amount needed for an 8 ounce bottle. A 16 ounce bottle would need two scoops (28g) a 32 ounce batch would need four scoops (56 grams) and so on. Does that make sense?

      • Thank you! All these numbers were just confusing me but I figured out that one container of milk powder makes about two big batches. We are loving this recipe. Wish I would have started it sooner. Thanks!

  75. My question is about your formula. (Which I personally love) my doctor has a concern over the sodium content in goats milk being to much for my sons kidneys. Can you please help me address her concerns. For it was the protein now its the sodium they are trying to find fault. Ps my son is six months old has never been fed anything but your formula & he us the picture of health & 95% for height 75% for weight he is perfect thank you.

    • Hi Cherlyn,

      I based this formula off of the 1980’s Infant Formula Act which states that for every 100 calories an infant formula must contain at least 20mg of sodium but not more than 60 mg. The goat milk formula recipe you have been following contains 32mg of sodium per 100 calories (53mg per 8 ounce bottle) which is within the required range for sodium. It is great to hear that your son is doing well on the formula. Blessings!

  76. 2 questions: 1.) if my son is not sensitive to cow’s milk, is organic cow’s milk ghee a good alternative to coconut oil? 2.) yikes! I’ve been using the Meyenberg powdered goat milk and following the whole milk recipe card and one of the comments says to half the oils!! My son is now 9 months and I’ve been doing his formula wrong! Is he going to have any issues? I will now follow the instructions for older babies but is there anything else I need to do?

    • Hi Shannon! First for your second question… don’t worry to much about not halving the oils. If you son seems to be doing well on the formula that you have done a fine job! 🙂 Cow milk ghee may work okay although I have not tried it. It doesn’t contain the MCT (medium chain triglycerides) that the goat milk ghee does but it may not cause any allergic reactions.

  77. Joe, I appreciate your response in such a quick manner. It demonstrates your passion for wanting to help others with this! Thank you for all your time.
    In your experience did you receive any negativity from any health professionals with this formula?
    I’m getting a lot of flack from the lactation consultant about goat’s milk and the protein content (I explained diluting it). Even though our pediatrician wasn’t aware of this type of formula, however, did given us the green light. How do you explain to the naysayers that this is a very good alternative?

    • want to know what i say to the nay sayers out there that dont approve. I tell them that i will take making this formula ten million times over having to watvh my baby be in pain with every bottle of the other formula, or have to watch and see her scream in pain because of the horrible acid reflux it was causing. WIth this goats milk formula she enjoys feeding time, she smiles and cooes at me while she drinks her bottle and is a growing healthy little girl now!

  78. Hello! My infant has had colic for 6 months (she’s fed breastmilk) and we are hoping this formula will change things for her. Just a quick question about the ratio of powder to water, can I assume the chart delineating the powder/water as the child gets older is for ANY goat milk powder? I’d like to alternate between Mt.Capra and Meyenberg.

  79. We have been giving our baby this since she was 2 months old, it was amazing how quickly our acud reflux issues disappeared just hours after her first bottle. So I’ve continued doing the same thing and making the same recipe for two months now. But just within the past couple weeks something had changed because she seems to be back to the refkux stuff again, projectile vomiting, spitting up every things she just ate, I mean it’s a lot of spit up every time and it goes on for an hour or more. She also has been way more fussy, scratching at her face, and getting little red bumps allnover get face while feeding… What could this possibly be and why?! I’m in need of some serious advice or something I don’t want to go back to what we went thru before!!!

    • Hi Tina,

      I’m sorry to hear that your LO is experiencing the same reflux that she experienced before. What a bummer! Any idea if anything else has changed? You said you are still making the recipe in the same way so I was curious if anything else in her life had changed. Infants do go through different stages during growth and (while it seems less common) digestive changes and increased sensitivities could be the reason. Does your pediatrician have any ideas?

      • Well, we think now that it was partly because she was starting to come down with being sick. then we also take her to a chiropractor and when we took her her back was in need of an adujstment again pretty badly…he said its because shes starting to roll over more and be more active which can cause it to happen. Which in turn was making her reflux. But the little red dots around her mouth we still cant figure out tho…but she in all is doing much much better!

  80. Could you clarify if the measurement for the milk is a heaping tbsp or a regular tbsp? If I go by the weight listed it comes out to closer to 2 tbsp.

  81. Hi, we just started using this formula. We heard to use flax oil instead of olive oil. Is this okay? If so, would it be the same 1/2 tsp per 8 ounce bottle?

  82. My LO is almost 5mos and I’ve been using this since about 3mos when I started to dry up. Though I never noticed anything that said heaping tbsp so I’ve always done exact tbsp amt for measurements should I be increasing that on both the milk and lactose? Also, I just ran out of lactose order gets here tomorrow so for the one day is it ok to just use milk alone?

  83. I have been giving my 9 month old daughter this recipe since she was 2 months old and she has been doing amazing!! Thank you! But now she is eating fruits and veggies 3x a day. How do I need to change this recipe To transition her?? I am using the whole powdered meyenburg goats milk. I know there is a diagram on here but that is for the half fat goats milk. Please help!!

  84. At 12 months old, can baby now have the Whole Goat Milk Powder alone, without the additional ingredients (molasses, lactose, oils, multivitamin)? Thanks!

  85. I started my daughter on this formula about 2 weeks ago. She seems to not be fully satisfied. On regular formula she ate 4 oz every 4 hours. On this formula she is eating 6oz every 3 hours or sooner… I gave her a bottle of regular formula this afternoon and it held her solid for 4 hours… Any suggestions or idea why this formula isn’t holding her 4 hours like the store bought stuff?

    • Make sure you are using the whole milk variety of CapraMilk, also as baby approaches 12 months, the amount of milk powder can be increased starting around 10 months. See above chart. Also you can increase the oils/lactose slightly to make the formula a little more calorically dense.

    • Hi Misty, yes everything would be the same. “Ultra Pasteurized” milk seems to be very difficult for little ones to digest so I recommend regular pasteurized goat milk or powdered goat milk.

  86. My 4 month old daughter has been on this formula for 2 months now and has been doing so good on it! However because she digests it faster than cows milk she needs to eat every 2 hours, unless she is sleeping during that time and won’t eat more than 4 oz at a time as of now. She also doesn’t even come close to sleeping through the night or cutting down feelings. Does anyone else have this problem?? Or did your child start sleeping through the night as they got older while still on this formula? I love this stuff but she definitely isn’t coming close to getting 16 hrs of sleep in a 24 hr period and I’m wondering if it’s because she digests this stuff too fast and gets hungry more often .

    • My daughter is 6 months and has been on this formula for almost 2 months. I’ve also noticed that she’s drinking a lot more milk than before, I haven’t noticed a change during the night she still wakes up twice.

    • I am on day 2 of the whole milk recipe and I have notice my LO is definitely not satisfied. it definitely could be due to digesting it too fast. the diapers are super wet with hardly any bowel movements (sad bc I probably will have to supplement it with reg formula)

  87. If using the full fat goat milk powder, does the formula still need both the olive and coconut oils? Also, is this formula safe for newborns? I am wanting to start my son on it around 1 month as I have been unable to breastfeed and hate commercial formula.

  88. Hi! Was wondering if the questions you are all asking are being answered via email from Mnt Capra? I have a lot of the same questions and am curious what Mnt Capra has to say.
    Thank you!

      • Hi Linsandra, Mt Capra didn’t not reply to my comment or email. I called them after waiting. I was told to follow the recipe… So 1 tablespoon instated of a heaping spoon. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you hear otherwise.

  89. I’m wondering if anyone has had issues with their baby developing a rash? My 7 week old has developed one since on it for 4 days now and the rash seems to be spreading. She was on cow’s milk prior to the switch with no rash – so I know it can’t be dairy allergy. Should I eliminate or lessen the dosages on any of the required ingredients? I’m at a loss. We’ve tried so many organic formulas for her and the reason we wanted to switch to goats is bc of its wonderful benefits. She’s doing amazing on it but this rash. Ahh! Please chime in. Thank you!

  90. Your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of milk but some of the FAQ mention 1 heaping tablespoon. Should the heaping spoons be about 2 tablespoons?

  91. We have been doing the formula for the past two days and I am super excited about it. I am, however, having A LOT of problems with the formula coming out of the bottles, it’s like the powdered milk will not dissolve and my 3 month old can’t suck it out. I have tried two different types of bottles and nipples ranging from her age to 6 months plus but nothing helps. I have had to SYRINGE feed the last two feedings. I didn’t make a big batch, just enough for two feeding (she eats 4oz) at a time. Also after she eats she makes straining noises that I am hoping come from constipation. Her first BM was super chunky, normal? Also PLEASE HELP with bottle suggestions!

    • Make sure your water is warm enough to dissolve the powder. My 5 mth old uses the 4oz advent bottles and we have never had a problem. For the constipation, I personally put in more of the blackstrap molasses. Another recipe I found has me put in two whole tablespoon for a gallons worth ( not sure what that would be in an 8 oz bottle) but it’s def more than an 1/8 tsp. u could try to add a bit more and see how your baby does after that

  92. I know this has been asked a few times but I can’t seem to find an answer. I need to up the calorie count per ounce in the recipe I have. Is there a way of doing this? What is the calorie count lee oz of the new whole goatmilk recipe that De. Stout has posted?

    • Just to clarify- I want to use the Capramilk but I have read that spray dried milk is high in nitrites. Could you please inform me as to how you process the milk, what temperature you process it at, and if I should worry about the nitrite content. Thank you!

  93. Hi my 5 month old has been EBF up until I came back to work and we went through the supply that I had built up. He is still BF but we started to supplement with this formula after a friend had told me about it. We LOVE it!!! I love knowing what he is getting outside of breastmilk. I even had someone comment on how soft his skin his! We actually use the Meyenberg powder and mix as recommened on the recipe card.

    I had a question regarding reheating the formula. If this is heated via hot water and little one doesn’t finish, is it able to be reheated at next feeding. I am looking for clarification on this.

    Thank you in advance!

  94. My son is 15 months old, and he loves this formula! His bowel movements are fine as long as I only give him ~12 ounces. As soon as I try to increase the daily amount to 16 ounces though, he gets little white specks in his bowel movements, and he gets diaper rash. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Could he be having a hard time digesting the protein? I’d really love to give him more to help him gain weight. Thank you!

  95. When my son was born my breastmilk did not come in. I was in despair trying to find something to feed my child. Even from the hospital i left with formula to supplement until my milk would hopefully come in. But he did nothing but react. By the time he was 6 weeks, he had tried 7 different formulas and nothing worked. Finally I tried him on this formula and he has prospered ever since. He’s so strong and smart and thriving wonderfully. Thank you so much for developing and sharing this formula!!

  96. Hi, I’m still breastfeeding my 7 months old baby and intend to replace one of the feed with goat milk formula. Can I know do I then still add probiotics, multivitamin powder and baby DHA?

  97. Hi There – the NutriStart Multivitamin Powder says for children over the age of 6 months. Should I omit this ingredient until my 19 week old reaches 6 months? Thanks!

  98. Hi just wondering if this is formula is to supplement or can you use this full time ? If so how do you recommend making the batches more convenient

  99. Hello,

    I was wondering what benefit there is in using the turbinado sugar over granulated sugar? Everything that I’ve read says that turbinado sugar is less processed, but that there’s no nutritional difference between the two. If you could clarify this for me I’d appreciate it.


  100. I have a very trusted and good source for raw goats milk and would like to try the recipe using it. I understand the amount to use but am not clear on how to make it. Do I heat the milk to dissolve the molasses, olive oil and rice bran syrup or dissolve those in a,small am on but of hot water first then add milk? If so should milk be cold or hot?

  101. My baby is 2 months old and has been the GM formula for almost a week. He has one bowel movement a day and it has been diarrhea. It is a healthy brown color, but still diarrhea. He is having several wet diapers so I’m not concerned about dehydration right now but is diarrhea common in transitioning? I’m going to try to do a little less coconut oil than what it calls for temporarily just to see if that helps. What are your thoughts?

    • I am wondering the same thing. Just started using the formula 2 days ago and my daughters bowel movements have increased and are watery and speckled…more like a breast fed baby. It doesn’t seem to be bothering her, so maybe it is just a transitional reaction? Has anyone tried cutting the multivitamin, molasses or fats to help with this? Thanks!

  102. Hi,
    My son was born prematurely (3 months early). He is now 5 months old but 2 months corrected (meaning if he was born on his due date, he’d be 2 months old now). Due to not receiving the iron stores he needed in utero, he is anemic. This means I would need to continue giving him his supplemental iron, correct? Because this whole milk recipe would not have enough? Please let me know. Thank you.

  103. I gave my 11 month old your goat milk formula recipe for the first time last night. She loved it!! Thank you for spreading the word. She is very allergic to cow milk, I’m praying hoping that this will Work for us.
    I do have question. She is very small. At most 16 pounds. She was fully breastfeed and eats solids well. I want to stop breastfeeding her and want to use this foulas as a replacement. What should my ratios be (carb, fat, protein). We are wanting for her to put weight? Should we start with the 12 month old ratio or the 9 month old ratio?

  104. We have a colostrum powder near our house at our local health vitamin shop and the brand is Total Body Research Labs. Is this comparable and if so how do I differiniate in how much to use?

  105. I’m really stressing out! I’ve been using this formula for my daughter for about 4 weeks now and I think I mis-read the instructions. I use the Meyenberg whole powdered goat’s milk and I read that you needed to double the amount of powder to equal the amount of the Mt. Capra. I also didn’t see anything about 1/2 ing the fats until just now when I was reading through the comments. I make the formula by the gallon and freeze it. So my question is, should I be using 1 cup of milk powder, or 2? and should I be cutting the oils and sugars by 1/2??? Please respond asap because I have to make another batch of formula by Monday.

    • I used Meyerberg in an emergency situation once. The amount of goat milk powder that I used was according to the Mt. Capra recipe and not the scoop that Meyer burg gives you. So, 1 cup. In the new while milk recipe, the fats are cut in half, but the carbohydrates (turbinado sugar) is uped to 1 cup for the gallon measurement. And the molasses is 2tsp.

  106. When I’m putting the last amount of water into the formula, I have the water pressure on the faucet on low, so that there are no air bubbles introduced to the formula! 🙂 I hope that helps!

  107. I am waiting to receive my product in the mail. My son has a head to toe rash that is related to my breastmilk…I can pretty much only eat meat and drink water (or he breaks out) which has lowered my supply. Has anyone experienced a resolution with baby rash once going to this formula? I will update on my experience once I give it a try. Thanks

  108. Hi! My daughter is 8 months old. I bought the stuff to make this formula but my health food store was out of the powdered milk. So I bought the evaporated goats milk. Is this fine to use? How much can I use if it is?

    • I used evaporated goats to make formula for my daughter while weaning her from nursing. One can of goats milk, (20oz boiled) 18 oz of the boiled water and 2 tablespoons of karo syrup. She never had stomach issues and NEVER spit up! She was always a healthy weight, smart, alert and healthy all around. I’m so glad I found out all the positive benefits from goats milk, wish I knew about them when my son was a baby 14 years ago!! Good luck and wishes to all the happy, healthy babies out there ????????

  109. Hi, we switched over to this formula about 10 days ago, and love it, but my daughter has been waking up in the middle of the night hungry. Has this happened to anyone else? Any changes we can make? She’s also pooping after almost every feeding, her diaper rash is getting bad. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Goat milk takes 30 minutes to digest, where cow milk takes 2 hours so if it’s digesting faster then the Baby would want to eat more. Maybe you need to lower the amount of molasses. If that doesn’t work, then it may be the coconut oil as coconut oil can be used to soften stool as well.

  110. My daughter is 3 months and has severe tummy issues and GERD. We have not been able to get help for our doctor or even the childrens hospital. She will be seeing this gastrointologist in 2 weeks but I decided to give this a go.

    She seems to be doing a ton better but gassy and has a little runny stools. I’m wondering if I can cut back on the oils? I use the meyenburg powdered goat milk and there is fat in that. She is exactly where she should be on the growth charts. Would appreciate any tips or help, I want to keep her in this formula.

  111. I have an odd question. I read the recipe for the Homemade Goat Milk Infant Formula (Whole Milk Version). To make 1 gallon of formula, you use 16 cups of water and 1 cup of goat milk. One gallon is 16 cups so, if I follow this recipe, it will not fit in a gallon sized container. Was this a mistake? Should I use 15 cups of water and one cup of goat’s milk? Even if I use 15 cups of water and one cup of milk, all the additional ingredients will make this equal more than a gallon. Maybe I should get a bigger container?

  112. Can you post the nutrition fact sheet for this formula after it is mixed? I want to be able to see everything that’s in it and be able to add what’s needed.

    • the carbohydrates is very important for brain and growth development. try switching to organic maple syrup instead. see if she/he tolerates it better

  113. I think this is so great! Im wanting to try this for my son, since my milk supply decided to decrease. I would like to buy the powered but until I get my hands on it I found some meyenburg milk in its liquid state.. How much of milk and water ratio would I need to make the 8 oz bottle and also would I meed to decrease anything?

  114. Hi! We have been making goat’s milk formula for 12 days now for my 9 mo. We are loving it so far! But just yesterday (day 11 on the formula) he developed a severe diaper rash, it’s swollen and bleeding. Has anyone else had this problem? He’s not really eating anything else except oatmeal because he’s just not been interested in solids much. I’d appreciate any advice!

  115. Hi there, I’m looking to transition my 6 month old (preemie) from breastmilk fortified with traditional formula to add calories, to your recipe, as she’s not tolerating 100% formula very well. She has a hard time taking in enough volume, so we were mixing a solution that was 28cal/oz–but I’m concerned about the relatively low calorie count on the recipe you supply. What, if any, ingredients can I modify to increase calories/oz without increasing the proteins too much, making it hard to digest? Thanks!

  116. Hi..I have been giving my 7week old this formula for 3 weeks now. We use fresh goat milk from a local certified organic farm. The only thing I don’t add is the oils because she is gaining alot and don’t see a need for it. I also add liquid omegas. As of a couple days ago I noticed she is having a hard time passing stools. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.thanks!

    • coconut oil actually can help them go. olive oil actually can help with baby tummy issues as well (per italian doctors) Italian doctors are recommending that both formula fed and breast fed babies get olive oil in every meal

  117. I’m wondering about the infant multiple vitamin. Are there any other recommendations? The Country Life one has preservatives & few other ingredients I wasn’t sure of. The honest Co. Has one that sounds a bit more pure, but not sure if I can use this for my 4 mo old, weighing 16 pounds. Any advice? Thank you!

  118. Is this where I will be able to find any modifications for the full fat goat milk infant formula recipe? I’ve been looking but can’t find it yet 🙂

  119. Does the recipe change at all with the full fat version of the milk now? I would assume it would be half the amount of oils with the whole milk but I wanted to double check that. Super excited for the whole milk now btw!!!

  120. I have a question. My 4 month old is the size of a baby that is a 1 year old..he’s not fat..just tall and very strong..he’s also bigger than some 1 yr olds..but should I change the formula for an older baby? Not like pure goat milk, but does it need to be stronger or do I need to add more vitamins since he’s not the typical size of a 4 month old.

    • Weight may allow for a proportionate serving of multivitamin per packaging instructions…but as far as goat milk proportion, keep in mind it is not the weight of the baby but rather the maturity of his digestive system and 4 months is not when dr stout shows the incremental switch over to full strength goat milk per his original post. HTH

  121. If I’m just supplementing my breast feeding infant with this formula, do I have to add the multivitamins and probiotics since my breastmilk should have that already?

  122. On the multi vitamin note….yes, preservatives are a no-no, for everyone but especially for infants, who should not be exposed to anything additional. They are just one more thing that their little bodies don’t need int heir systems. We use Dr. Christopher’s Formula Kid E Mins, herbal multi vitamins. We also make our own herbal kid multi vitamins from a recipe I found from bulk herb store. Nothing in it but good, organic herbs. No preservatives or any additives. Those two are the only multi vitamins I give all of my 5 my kids. Then we use Dr. Christopher’s Formulas for all our other vitamin supplement needs also.

  123. I was looking at the ingredient list you suggested and the infant multivitamin has preservatives in it, are you worried about that at all? Thanks.

  124. My son has been on this formula for almost 4 months now! It has helped tremendously with his tummy issues & I’m so happy I found this site! My question is; now that he is getting older (almost 9months) and I increase the concentration of milk powder how do I keep him from getting too constipated? I have been slowly attempting this by adding just a little more powder and it instantly changes his stool. I have added in a bit more molasses trying to compensate but wasn’t sure if that was the correct route. And if it’s possible to add in too much molasses? Looking forward to hearing your suggestions thank you!

    • keep in mind that goat milk is high in potassium and high potassium (even bananas) can cause constipation. On another note my Baby was having some constipation problems with this formula (He is 6 months old). My Naturopath suggested giving him a cup of water a day to help with constipation,

  125. On the recipe card for the formula, you have amounts for creating a pint/quart/gallon. But, in the directions, it says to mix 5oz warm water….. and then to add cold water to make 8oz. So, if making a quart, do you just multiply this by 4? Mix 20oz warm water and add cold water to make a quart (32oz)?

  126. My first purchase of Mt Capra non-fat goat milk powder. Once liquified, is it possible to use it to make yogurt in an electric maker? 12 29 14 2:30 p.m.

  127. Hi, my daughter just turned a year. We have been feeding her the goat milk formula since about 6 months old along with breast feeding and then exclusively on the goat milk formula since about 10 months old. Now that she is a year old, and eating many other things, what would be a good goat milk recipe to give her? She is highly sensitive to grains, and many other things, so her diet outside of breast milk and formula has been all veggies. We’ve tried a few meats but she hasnot liked it so far. She likes eggs, and just about any veggie we’ve given her. So, I’m a little worried that if I take her off the goat milk formula, or some form of it, that she won’t be getting all she needs just from veggies. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks:)

    • What’s the rush to take her off the goats milk formula? keep her on it until she’s at least 2. That’s what I think. I’m no authority but if its helping her then keep it up.

      • Sherri,
        Thank you, I agree:) I’m not so much wanting to take her off the goat milk, but more so in the formula form. I read that continuing formula (this was speaking of conventional junk formula) could keep her from absorbing other nutrients from her foods, since the formula is so packed full of nutrients. She is eating a wide variety of great foods right now, and I just want to make sure I am not overloading her gut on too much with the formula included. Does that make sense?:)

  128. Hi I have a 4 week old and am very interested in this formula recipe. I wished to breastfeed but am needing to supplement due to very low supply. He is taking about 4 ounces every 3 hours and only about 1 1/2- 2 ounces of that is expressed milk. So the goats milk formula would be a huge part of my sons diet. Is it safe to use this formula recipe on an infant so small? Will he be getting everything he needs? Is there any changes I should make? Right now we supplementing with Similac sensitive and I really do not wish to keep feeding my son those chemicals. Desperate to find a natural solution. Thank you and Please let me know!

    • Hopefully you went for it and supplemented with this. More whole foods ingredients have to be a better choice than as you said the chemicals in what is allowed to pass as infant formula.

  129. Hi, why you don’t want to order goat formula from Europe? I m from Eussia and we have these formulas on the market, my mom gonna send me 2 cans of Nanny formula, gonna try with my baby. Lots of people in Russia also use Kabrita formula you can order it from Neaderlands on this web site you can give it a try. They deliver it to USA. I m afraid to cook my own formula so gonna try Nanny brand. Maybe this gonna help someone .

  130. Is it still okay to feed my 2 month old baby prepared infant formula milk? I have prepared the milk by 8 but she was able to consume quarter to 12. Almost 4 hours upon preparing it. Will it give her any harm? The milk was not refrigerated.thanks

  131. I think you made a mistake writing about the Meyenberg goat milk. On the Meyenberg can, instructions state that 2 scoops (or 2 tbsp) are needed for a full strength glass of milk, which translates to 1 tbsp per 8oz for the formula. I was a bit confused, because you had initially written (correctly) to dilute 1 tbsp of Meyenberg for 8oz of water (like your product). I became confused when you later mentioned that the Meyenberg instructions for a full strength 8oz glass was 4 scoops, which is not what it says on their can. It does indeed say two scoops (2 tbsp) per 8 oz of water. So, that would mean that the Meyenberg brand uses the same ratio as your formula. I know you are answering questions about their brand as a courtesy, but I’m waiting on an order of Capramilk, and want to mix what I have left of the Meyenberg appropriately. I’m going to use 1 heaping tbsp of Meyenberg per 8oz of water as you had initially stated, and ignore the scoop to water ratio you suggested, as I’m sure that’s a mistake. Is that incorrect?

    • I’m wondering the same thing about the exact measurement I need of the whole powdered goats milk for 8 oz. Also how to tradition from old formula to goats recipe? Last question is if I should cut the sugar down wih the meyensberg since the milk powder already has sugar? I already cut the oils in half. Thank you

      • I’m finding the same, about your measurement being 1/4 strength not 1/2. My little one seems hungry constantly using your measurement, bit I don’t want to overload his kidneys. So do I use your measurement, or their measurement half strength…? Seems irresponsible not to have it right.

      • I have discovered the correct ratio for the full fat meyerberg to be 1 Tbs and 1 tsp per 8 oz being made. I did this by plugging in every ing to my fitness pal and making sure the calories, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates matched what dr stout has listed on a side by side comparison of his recipe to breastmilk on the original post on this recipe being made for his daughter. Hope this helps.

  132. My almost 3 month old has had a wet cough and has coughing fits that cause him to choke and nearly pass out! He is also on reflux meds. They say his lungs are clear and there is nothing they can do but put him on breathing treatments. :-/ I believe this may look very much like a dairy sensitivity or allergy so going to try the goats milk homemade formula. He is on a store bought formula now so how should I wean him from one to the other? Any ideas?

  133. I was also wondering about using a liquid form of coconut oil? I used to work at a health food store and was told that MCT oil is liquefied coconut oil. Are the nutritional properties the same and is it safe to use? Also, I can’t get my daughter to make the switch from the GMO formulas her pediatrician continues to push on her. She has had to go from one formula to another because she could not tolerate them and she is now using a very expensive formula whose main ingredient is corn syrup solids, yuk!! I found this recipe and showed it to her but when she asked about it, her pediatrician told her that it is not safe for her to use goat’s milk until she is at least a year old! She is not quite 3 months yet and I hate hearing her cry in pain from the terrible GMO formula! Is there some kind of information I can show her that spells out the dangers more clearly from using the GMO formula, she’s so afraid to do anything against what her dr. is telling her! Thanks for any advice!

  134. #1 If one is using the whole meyenberg powder milk (NOT low fat) should one use 1/2 the allotted amount of maple syrup/brown rice syrup etc? #2 with Meyenberg whole powered milk,.. we do one “heaping” tablespoon (personal mesauring spoon, not powder’s) of the powder, and 1/2 of the oil products; correct? #3 the powered milk also states that it is supplemented with Vitamin D3 25 % & Folic acid 20%. should i lower the dose of multi vitamin? I want to be precise, as I’m sure all your fans questions derive from that motive. Thank You So Much, Im very excited about the recipe. Bless up! -Sequoia’s Mom

  135. I’ve noticed my son is drinking more of this formula than he did of the store brands. He was drinking approx 28oz and now he is drinking about 34 oz of goat milk. Is is possibly because hes not getting enough nutrition as the store brand or maybe the taste is better? H’s very happy, pooping and peeing normally as well as eating solids.

    • My Son is drinking more of this formula as well. I think it is because it mimics breast milk more than store bought formula. It runs through him quicker so I assume it’s easier for him to digest.

  136. How does this formula work with a baby that has acid reflux/ colic? Would it cause any problems later on down the road to change to straight cow’s milk? My child doesn’t have any allergies but I like the idea of making his formula.

    • goat milk is alkaline so may help with acid reflux. olive oil can help with colic per italian doctors. cow milk has stuff in it that can cause an allergic reaction. my naturopath said some kids cant tolerate cow milk until 2 years old.

  137. Hi. I’m a mother of three children. I breastfed two children exclusively, first one for 17 months (now 5 year old) and the second for year (now almost 3 year old). Although the first one, girl is kinda of a thin figure like me, the second one, boy was so tall n big, everyone thought he was three when he was only two. They have a cold here and there but nothing really serious. My challenges began with my precious third one born with cleft pallet. I pumped and gave him breast milk for one month and lost a lot of milk supply during traveling so gave him formula through specialty bottle. Because his first specialty bottle feeding by squeezing didn’t work out with the speed needed, he became so mal-nurished that under his nutritionist’s supervision, we gave him concentrated cows milk formula recipe. After that he gained so much weight and now he’s almost 20 lbs and 7 months. However, he’s had three ear infection incidents from age 3 month till now. I really hate to give him antibiotics and antibiotics so I considered giving him homemade goats milk. My neighbor baby girl was on goats milk due to allergy and her mom recommended me. Into day two of goats milk, his skin was so glowing that my hubby noticed the difference and I think all the ingredients like olive oil and coconut oil and really beneficial to him.
    My question is this: is it okay to switch from cows milk formula and goats milk formula and give him both? I didn’t know what to do with multivitamin drops. I don’t want to give him overdose of vitamin A, for example. Any advice?
    Thanks in advance.

  138. Hi…thank you for the recipe. My 3 month old has severe milk protein allergies and the soy was no better. I just switched her to your recipe. She no longer spits up or throws up, she has 3 bms+ a day…:-)….I use Meyer bergs. I’m confused…one table spoon? Sorry my Lupus fogs my head!

  139. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to the person who had previously posted about freezing the oils and blackstrap molasses in an ice cube tray to make bottle preparation easier! I am very grateful for that idea – has saved me so much time and mess! I pour 1 tsp of liquid coconut oil into each cube of the ice cube tray, let that freeze for about 10-15 minutes, then pour 1 tsp of olive oil and 1/8 tsp of blackstrap molasses on top of each coconut oil cube. Put the tray back in the freezer and then for the next week or two, I just pop out a cube to dissolve in hot water whenever I need to make a bottle!

  140. Hi, I am about to start supplementing with this for a six week old using meyenberg’s goat milk formula. You mention the need to use their low fat powdered milk. I have found whole powdered which has 7g of day per one cup and nonfat powdered which has 0g per one cup. Is the nonfat powdered what I should be using for this formula? Thank you! I was also curious about the need to add fish oil for dha? Does this recipe bet dha from a different source?

  141. Hello! Been using this recipe for a few weeks for my 8 week old baby. I only have to supplement about 4-8 oz a day, otherwise he’s breastfed. Anyway, his poop seems to change significantly when he’s had some of this formula. It seems so much darker when he’s just on the boob. I guess I just want reassurance that you experienced that yourself or that it’s to be expected. I also know the difference between bloody and/or other concerning looking poops, ones that I would call his doctor over. What should I have expect his poop to look like? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Jessie,

      Just an FYI. I’ve had my 8 month old on this formula for three months. I can assure you that the poop looks very different than it would if your baby were on the breast or on traditional formula. Poop from this formula is very dark–looks much more “grown up.” Smells that way, too!

    • We are using liquid coconut oil our self on our 2 month old and it seems to be fine on her. Works like a charm! But is very hard to find and can be quite costly. Not sure if it gives enough fatty oils but it does say that it has the same amount of fat. Although my Gemma is in between 13 to 14 pounds and is 2 months old now. It also seems to be very synthetic like oil, we make 24 oz at a time and put a teaspoon and a half in and only a teaspoon of olive oil.

  142. I was curious at the fat content; does it have 20g per oz? I primarily breast feed my son but I supplement with 3 bottles a day of the goat milk formula and I have been doing this routine for a few months now and it has been great. it dramatically improved his digestion and over all mood. He has always been on the higher side of the weight and height scale but he has seemed to plateau. I just want to cover all my bases to know we are still on the right track.

  143. I have been using this formula for a few weeks now and I think my baby is doing well on it. She’s only 12 weeks and had a really hard time with the original formula recipe because of all of the oils so we had to switch to Meyenberg. I use 1 scoop (2 tbsp, 14 g) per 8 oz.
    My question is about the sweetener. I use maple syrup and according to this page I should use 1 tbsp per 8 oz bottle. That seems like way too much sugar to me. Another recipe I used only used 2-3 tsp per 36 oz. thoughts on this? Is the 1 tbsp per 8 oz correct??

    Thank you!!

    • I was wondering the same thing? We just started this formula today for my 5 month old son and are using the turbinado sugar. His bottle tasted very sweet, sweeter than breastmilk. Did you continue to use the tbsp of the sweetener? Baby advice would be so appreciated!

  144. My daughter has thrived on this formula. She is now 11 months old and has been using this formula since I finished breast feeding when she was 6 months old. The only thing I changed was the carbohydrate instead of using the sugar I chose to use organic rice syrup. I’m from Canada so I had to order the Capra powdered milk, country life maxi vitamin and country life probiotic from I get the molasses, coconut oil, olive oil and rice syrup from Superstore (Loblaws). I did the math and making the formula is cheaper than buying conventional formula and it is something I am comfortable feeding to my baby. She has always been a good eater so my need for this formula was a personal choice. I chose to make my own formula as I was not happy with conventional formula, even the organic brands… I am so happy with Dr. Stout’s formula. I can’t thank you enough.

  145. Hi, I’m starting to wonder if my son is having a reaction to the coconut oil, based on him eating some solids with it. Is there a suitable replacement for coconut oil if this is the case?

  146. Hi, any concerns about the high sodium and proteins in goat formula? So far it is working great for our 6 mo old son, but we want to make sure the salt and protein is not to much to handle over time.

  147. Hi,

    My daughter is 8 months old and we are just transitioning her from breast milk to this goats milk formula. I have a few questions. Is there a need for or is it beneficial to add DHA drops? I noticed that a lot of new formulas that mimic breast milk now have those components in them. Also, since my daughter eats everything now, including a wide spectrum of meets, beans, veggies, fruits and grains, is it crucial to keep the coconut oil? We do the Eat Right 4 Your Type Diet (blood type friendly eating) by Dr. D’Adamo, and coconut oil is considered an “avoid” for every blood type. Olive Oil is beneficial though. Also, could we substitute beet sugar? Thanks for the help!

    • dha that is in over the counter formulas is actually bad for the baby. they take it from a bad source. you can add in natural dha from cod liver oil. our naturopath suggested 1/2 tsp of cod liver oil once daily for our 6 month old

  148. Hi!! My baby is now 8 months. Since he had 2 months he drink goat milk.
    I started to give him solid food, plus the milk plus the vitamin in the morning, but his stool is to hard. Should I have to modify his formula now or I need to avoid any ingredient?? Should I introduce plum juice??

    Thank you! For your soon answer, mariett

    • The solid stool is most likely from the introduction to solids. We give a 50/50 prune juice/water bottle (usually 2 oz) with one of our solid feeds a day to help. We give 2 oz water with other solid feeds during the day. You just have to find what works best for him!

  149. Hi there!
    I was wondering if you or anyone had any tips on the best way to make this formula for multiple days. Have you tried freezing? I make my sons own baby food and make at least a week batch at a time and would like to do this with the formula as well!

  150. i have the recipe on how to change milk:carb ratio as the child ages for an 8 ounce bottle BUT I NEED HELP for the recipe at the gallon. i have tried and tried to make sense of this but am unable to convert the 9 10 11 12 month ratio into the gallon. Could you or someone please help? thanks-Brianna Kauanoe

  151. Can anyone give me the correct recipe using the Meyenberg powdered full fat goats milk for a 12 mo old? He refuses solids, so as of right now hes still only drinking pumped bm. I want him to grow, he hasnt grown since 6 mo. I dont want to screw this up! Thank you!

  152. Hi. I’m using Holle organic goat milk nutrition. It has added vitamins and minerals. I am struggling to find organic goats milk. Can the formula you recommend be used with this brand. I’m still breastfeeding my 15 month old and he has not taken to cows milk well. Could you kindly advise. Prior to the goats milk, I was giving a supplementation of baby plex vitamin drops. I also give biocare probiotics and viridikid organic omega 3 oil. It contains 3 6 9 blend. I sparingly give coconut oil and almond butter too. At the moment I’m predominantly breastfeeding however am trying to introduce goats milk during his day feeds.
    Many thanks


  153. Hi, my daughter is approaching the 1 year old stage when doctors recommend giving them whole milk. I am definitely ready to cut back on the nursing/pumping and move to the next phase; however, I am not a fan of cow’s milk. Personally I have tested to be allergic to it, in general I think it does more harm than good, and neither my husband nor I drink it. I do drink coconut and almond milk, and have friends that give that instead but I don’t really see why. It has very little nutritional content and is basically just a drink.
    Basically, my questions are a) do you have a recommendation for weaning onto goats milk at age 1? b) If so, what mixture do you recommend? c) and what other tips do you have for transitioning at this phase?

    thank you for your help!

  154. Hi one of the questions you answered was about keeping the ingredients simple and affordable which is why I’m so interested in this recipe, but is it nutritionally comparable, or are we sacrificing a significant amount of nutrition for affordability? ? I’m desperate for a formula that my baby can eat without issues but I am concerned this seems so easy compared to that other recipe. Thanks for your help

  155. Hi,

    Can someone tell me what kind of infant probiotics you use?

    Also I can’t seem to find the country life maxi drops without flavoring (cherry or raspberry) I am thinking I would need them without a flavor so it doesn’t affect the taste of the formula.

    Is this correct?

    Thanks for the help,

  156. So to change my previous question….I have had to give him more than 8 ounces per feeding to keep him sustained, but he really is throwing up a lot. He has reflux so I know that some of that is going to be normal, but what I’m concerned about is that it seems like he is just throwing up the olive oil. Could the olive oil be triggering his reflux and if so should I replace it with more coconut oil or just remove the olive oil for now? Any advice would be helpful. I am using the Costco brand organic extra virgin olive oil.

    • have you tried juicing a high alkaline vegetable and putting it in the formula to get his PH levels back in balance to reduce the acid? maybe a cucumber. I saw a woman on youtube juice celery sticks for her formula, but celery is an anti caloric so I would be kind of iffy about using it in the formula

  157. Hi,

    In addition to my question about barley malt syrup, I would also like to ask about coconut sugar as an alternative carbohydrate. I get the sense from your posts that most alternative carbohydrates are acceptable as long as they contain the right amount of simple carbohydrates, but I can’t find any sources one way or the other on coconut sugar being safe for infants, and I also don’t know how to tell what counts as a “simple” carbohydrate.


  158. Hello!
    I started my 6 week old baby on this formula two days ago. I’m feeling very nervous about making formula instead of buying it. She was exclusively breastfeed but after two bouts of mastitits, the latest landing me in the hospital this weekend, it had to stop. That being said I want to make sure my baby’s brain is getting what it needs. Where do the DHA/brain building fats come in?

    Thank you!!

  159. Hey there! I am just starting this whole process of making the goat milk formula and I am so excited about it for my 6month old little boy. Currently we have meyenberg evaporated goats milk fortified with vitamins a, d, and frolic acid. It is a full fat milk. It shows the ratio to be a 1:1 as far as dilution. I am ordering Mt. Capra powdered goat milk today but was hoping for some input on this. So my exact question is, will your recipe work with the evaporated goats milk? Thank you for all the shared knowledge.
    Thanks so much!

  160. My son is 3 months old and I recently just started this formula after having terrible reflux and issues with cow based and soy formulas. I realized that I have been making his bottles wrong even though he has been taking them fine….He is drinking an 8 ounce bottle made with 2 heaping tablespoons of the Capra goat milk powder every 4 hours. After reading through the FAQ I understand that is too much protein and I should only be using 1 heaping tablespoon. However, I am worried that by not giving him the 2 tablespoons of powder, it will lower the caloric intake and he will not be sustained as long. He already drinks 8 ounces and I can’t imagine giving him more than that, but if I go down to 1 tablespoon do I need to make up the calories somehow or give him more ounces per feeding?

    Also I noticed that he spits up clear like water and oil with a few little curds in it, is it normal to have clear/watery spit up or is this an indicator that he is drinking too much water?

    Lastly, I know that you say to tell your pediatrician, but I was wondering if you had a nutritional chart to show the breakdown for an 8 ounce bottle so I can show her and hopefully not get too much backlash. Thanks for the help!

  161. I am still confused about the right measurement to use to prepare the formula using Meyenberg’s powder. The instructions state that to make 1 cup (8oz) you need to mix 2 unpacked level scoops (28gr). Per the instructions each scoop equals 2 tablespoons. Thus, to make 8 oz of milk at full strength you use 4 tablespoons. Some of the comments stated above use tablespoons and scoops interchangeably which, I believe, is incorrect. Unless I am missing something, I believe that to make 8 0z of milk using Meyenberg powder at half the strength (14mg) you need to use one scoop (2 tablespoons). Is this correct ?

  162. My almost 5 month old has been on a ton of different formulas, from Soy to Elecare. The GI specialist put him back on Alimentum but he’s still fussy and cries all the time. My mom suggested switching to goats milk and I came across this and it seems like something I would like to try but I’m nervous that it will be more damaging, since I read at other sites that homemade formula can be dangerous. I read a scary article about a baby being hospitalized because of goat formula and that it can mess up kidneys and cause more harm to body than good. Is that true? And I’m worried his stomach and intestinal flora is all out of wack due to all the switching (and medicine) the pediatrician has put him on. I was going to start him on Kefir to see if that will help first and then if I feel your formula is safe and I am confortable maybe switch to goat formula. Also, since kefir is probiotics can that be added to this formula as the probiotic? I am a nervous first time mom and just want te best for my baby. I want him comfortable, happy and healthy and would do what it takes to get him there.

  163. Can you please let me know why cod liver is not used in your recipe? Don’t kids need it for brain development? Thanks.

  164. In various places on this website, you speak of “heaping tablespoons.” It makes me wonder if the tablespoons used to measure the carbohydrate should also be “heaping tablespoons.” More precisely, how many grams of sugar are indicated for an 8 oz bottle? Also, about how many calories and grams of carbohydrates should this add up to, if we decide to use a syrup of some sort instead of sugar?

    By the way, this formula has been our daughter’s main source of nutrition since she was about 4 weeks old. It has really done wonders, and she’s thriving. Thanks!

  165. Has anyone tried making this formula with barley malt syrup? My wife ordered this, but I want to make sure it is a safe replacement for the turbinado sugar.

  166. Hello!
    Sorry if this is a stupid question or one that has already been asked but in the instructions on your card for making a single serving 8oz bottle to add 5oz of very hot water, the ingredients, then at the end add milk powder and cold water to total 8oz. For making a gallon of the recipe, how much hot water do you start with and how much cold water do you end with? Or is it a gallon of hot water that you mix all these ingredients into and add no cold water? Again, sorry if this is a stupid question or if it has been asked already.

  167. Hi!
    Quick question! My daughters been on formula for 2 weeks now and seems to do really well on it other then when she poops! She get very upset like it hurts when going.. Does this sound familiar with anyone else? She also has gone a ton more then before, she’s going about 3x every morning.. Is this normal with this formula? Can something be changed within the recipe so she doesn’t go so ofter, I don’t want her to get dehydrated..
    Also thank you so much for all the FAQs and information!
    Great work!

  168. I love your recipe and thank you so much for providing it for others to use. I’ve recommended it to so many mothers! I can only find Meyenburg full fat powder so I’ve cut the fats like your FAQ’s said.

    Today, my local supplier was out! I won’t make it through the weekend! I bought the evaporated canned Meyenburg milk instead of a refrigerated product. It’s sterilized, of course, and condensed by half so double strength. My son is just almost 9 months. I’m going to adjust the recipe and thought this calculation might help others with the question.

    12 oz can of condensed milk plus 36 oz of water equals half strength milk to accommodate this recipe under 10 months old. Use 8 oz of this in place of the water and powder in the recipe and keep the reduced amount of oils since it was a condensed full fat milk.

    I hope this helps someone! I now know where I can buy more powder and intend to buy a case to have plenty on hand, but using the condensed has got to be better than the commercial brands!


  169. I am in Canada and am using Happy Days powdered goat milk. I just realized I have the full fate version and I have been using the oils based on the skim version. Can my child be in any danger from too much oil? I will back off now. I also was using maple syrup but with the measurement for the sugar and not the syrup. Quite the difference. My 4 month old has been getting too many boils and sugars. I feel terrible! Should I be worried?

  170. Hi, I made the formula and it was very watery / liquidy. Is that how it is supposed to be? My 7 month old seemed to get very hungry within a couple of hours after drinking it. Also, would you give the same amount as breast milk (4-6 oz) for a 7 month old?

  171. Hello,
    My daughter has severe reflux and has been on this formula for a month now and doing great. Initially I omitted the oils because it really triggered her reflux. She is now on some solid foods and I had hoped to replace the fat with avocado however the acidity of that also triggered the reflux. I am worried she is not getting the much needed fats in her diet, have you had any experience with or have any other suggestions on something we could try? She does have a milk and protein allergy. Thank you so much for your help!!

  172. Just a couple questions. I started my two month old daughter on this formula yesterday, using the Meyenberg powdered goat milk. She seems extremely fussy all day-unless I hold her which is unusual for her. I’m concerned that the formula seems so sweet-could I be doing something wrong when making it? I’m using 1 tablespoon of the powdered goat milk, one and a half teaspoons of turbinado sugar, 1/8 teaspoon unsulphured molasses, 1/4 teaspoon each of coconut oil and olive oil. Then I mix the probiotics and multi-vitamin in one bottle daily. She is eating between 5-7 ounces at each feeding (which is increased from 4oz of Gerber Good Start formula). I just want to make sure I’m not mixing anything incorrectly and causing her harm. Did anyone else experience a fussier baby after starting on this formula?!? Advice and suggestions are much appreciated!!

    • probably fussy because she needs more calories, try increasing the turbinado sugar when you read through the frequently asked questions for younger they’ll need more calories we use 1 tblspn + 1 tspn (of Maple Syrup) per 8 oz. bottle.

  173. Just wanted to say thanks for the recipe! Its very practical! I have been pumping breast milk for my now 10 month old preemie from the start because she never latched. My supply is very low now and I have been so worried about supplementing with formula. She’s sensitive to cows milk and the doctor recommended a soy formula which I was not happy about. I looked at organic formulas and it just wasn’t great. I have a very hard time rationalizing 40% corn syrup solids in my baby’s food. I found raw goats milk at our whole foods and thought I would try this. My daughter loves it! Its been a lifesaver and I did the math and we are only spending $20 a month on making this. Thanks again!

  174. Hey I went to a special store to get your capra milk and she said it was the right one. However I noticed that it isn’t the goat milk powder but the protein but I have already made the formula with the protein. Will this tremendously affect my babies health? What are the risks?

  175. My daughter loves this formula! Question: What about DHA and ARA? Is this needed? If so, any suggestions on a brand? Thank you!

  176. Hi I have a question. My son is 11 months old. I have had him on this formula since 6 months old. I have always using mt capra goat milk. Right now I’m using as directed on your chart for his age but I am alittle confused about when he is 12 months. How long do I continue to use the fats added in and when would I just give the plane goat milk? Because at 12 months your chart says to continue the fats. I also thought I understood in one of your comments that if I used the meyenberg at 12 months I would not have to add any of the fats because meyenberg is a full fat goat rather than the mt capra is a low fat? Also the same question for the molasses? How long will I continue to add this as well? Thank for all your help and information! My son was breaking out all the time and constinanly constipated!!! After 6 formula changes and using the most expensive and broke down formula on the market he still was having major problems! I was at my wit end then 3 days after being on this he hasn’t been constipated since!!!! And skin issues cleared up! What a blessing! I can’t thank you enough!

  177. Joe,

    Thank you for all of this data! Would it be acceptable to add the vitamin/probiotic to a large batch instead of one bottle?

    Thanks again,

  178. Very excited to try this but still slightly confused about the measurements for goats milk instead of powder. For an 8oz bottle using powdered goats milk, you would use 1 tbsp of powder. How much goats milk (non powder) will I need to use for an 8oz bottle? any help would be appreciated as I don’t want to mess it up!!

  179. Thank you for the recipe. I am planning on starting my 3 month old on it as we have tried store formulas and all they have done is cause my son a terribly upset stomach. I noticed, however, that the majority of people trying this recipe have children 6 months and older. Any advice on whether to use this recipe, as is, for my 3 month old, or do I need to reduce some ingredients to better suit him? I don’t know if his weight matters, he is a big boy for his age, already over 13 lbs. thanks 🙂

  180. Just curious( and if this question has already been answered I apologize) if I am using the goats milk just as an occasional supplement to breastfeeding can I just dilute with water or should I make the recipe?

  181. Hello,
    My baby is 6 mo old and he has been exclusively breastfed up until TODAY! I have been researching goat milk formula for a few weeks now because I am constantly concerned about my supply. It’s usually just an overreaction on my part being a first time mom, however, earlier this week I had a menstrual period and my supply dropped significantly. Therefore I felt compelled to supplement with a formula. My baby has a cow’s milk sensitivity that was discovered by me eating dairy. His reaction started with gas and constipation and has developed into a skin rash as well and I don’t want him to have soy. Hence, the goat milk formula research. I mixed up a 36 oz batch of formula last night and decided to give him a taste of it today to see if he has any reaction. he was only given about 1 oz. No reaction so far and its been about an hour. He REALLY liked it too! The plan is to give him a small bottle at night (3-4 oz) before he goes to bed and breast feed the rest of the time. The reason I am writing is to run the recipe by you. I am a little unclear about the protein needs and amounts for a baby his age. There is a lot of confusing information out there.

    So here is the recipe I used for a 36 oz batch. Let me know if you think there is too much of something, something missing or not enough of a particular ingredient. I have enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks so much for your time and input!

    3 scoops of Meyenberg powdered whole fat goat milk (decreased from 4 to 3 scoops to decrease amount of protein)

    4 c filtered water

    1 tsp Blackstrap molassas ( I used a bit less)

    2 tsp raw coconut sugar

    1/4 tsp infant probiotic powder

    1/2 tsp children’s DHA oil

    1 tsp liquid children’s multivitamin

    1 tsp olive oil

    1 tsp coconut oil

    2 tsp nutritional yeast

    Thanks Again!

  182. My 4 month old has been spitting up the majority of his milk since he was born. This is my first day attempting this formula. He is currently drinking only 4 oz at a time so I make the 8 oz bottles, store them in the fridge until use..adding the coconut oil each time. The only thing is he is still spitting up a bit. It appears oily and smells like the Olive oil. When buying the ingredients, the only organic Olive oil I found was extra virgin…is this not a good one to use? Or do I need to simply cut down on it? Any input would be appreciated

    • Every bottle I’ve given him has been followed with spit up. Even those that I’ve decreased and even eliminated use of the oils. Now I am using the meyenberg non fat powdered milk and trying my best to follow the recipe to the “T”. I even included 1tsp of oatmeal to assist thickening it but spit up still follows. Can anything be adjusted to help this? Or is my sons issue mechanical? Sorry for double excerpts but I’m desperate…thank you

      • If you cut the total ounces back and feed more regularly does it still happen? Maybe give 2 ounces and wait an hour and give 2 more??? Just an idea – I’m not even close to a medical professional… :-\

    • How old is your baby? Remember before they’re rolling over spitup is normal. Ours does better now that he’s rolling over (he’s been on it since 2 months and he’s 4 1/2 mos now).

  183. Hey all! I just got all the ingredients and made my 1st batch of the goats milk formula. I bought the meyenberg brand but was curious when making the formula in bulk how much should you use in one bottle if you’ve made 1quart of formula?


  184. Thank you so much for this recipe – my grandson’s eczema has cleared up completely since we started using it 3 weeks ago, and he’s now having regular bowel movements and no abdominal pain. It’s amazing! I make it using my own fresh goat milk.

    I’m wondering if you’ve looked into patenting and what it would take to get licensed to manufacture and sell it. Also wondering if it could be tweaked a little and used for tube feeding/nutritional supplement for adults.

    I’m a registered nurse, in the process of starting my own goat micro dairy. I would like to someday get licensed as a Grade A facility and possibly make this to market through our local health food store both as an infant formula and as a tube feeding/nutritional supplement. I have a feeling it would be difficulty to get FDA approval but it wouldn’t hurt to look into it.

    • I am purchasing a quart of raw goat milk tomorrow. I would love to mix up a large batch and freeze but am unclear on measurements for fresh milk other than when mixing an 8 ounce bottle (4oz water, 4 ounces goat milk). Can anyone advise?

      Also, I believe I’ll pasturize it at home…heat it to 160 and put it in an ice bath to cool efficiently/quickly…then I’ll proceed w the recipe.

  185. Hi There
    I’m also wondering if there is a safe way to increase the calories in the formula for my six month old baby as he isn’t gaining enough weight.


  186. Hi,

    What about a 1 year old…all I can find on the internet is how to make goat’s milk formula for infants. My son just turned 1 year old and we are choosing to give my son goat’s milk vs cow’s milk, but I want to know what vitamins and minerals to supplement with. I use the liquid meyenbergs brand. I purchased a baby multivitamin and omega 3 drops that I add to one of his bottles per day. IS this enough? My son’s pediatrician isn’t much help – they push the cow’s milk!

  187. Hi, I’m wondering about DHA that a growing baby and toddler needs. Understandably, the toddler would be getting most of his/her requirements from foods like fish and eggs, but what about a baby who isn’t eating those types of solids yet? Does the saturated fat in coconut oil provide what the growing baby needs for healthy brain development? Would you reccomend fish oil with the formula? Thank you!!!

  188. hi there,
    i am excited to try this formula on my son since i need to start supplementing him. first, thanks for the great information you provide here. it’s great knowing there is another option besides commercial formula. what are your thoughts on using stevia for the sweetner vs turbinado or another sweetenter you suggest. if you can recommend it do you have an idea of how much to add per 8oz bottle.

    thanks so much for your time,

    • Please, please, please don’t use stevia. Yes, it’s a more natural alternative to sugar-free sweeteners, but babies need the maple syrup/brown rice syrup/turbadino as a source of carbohydrates. Stevia will not provide any carbohydrates.

  189. Thank you for the formula recipe, my soon is a month old, and my milk supply has been compromised. I have such a hate for mainstream formula, mainly bc I felt like I am feeding my son toxins, I am ready to start the goat milk formula, I ordered every ingredient online, everything has come besides the probiotic, can I start the formula without, and add it in when I recieve it? I just don’t want to give my son the store brought formula anymore

  190. Hi,
    I just started my nearly 5 month old on the Meyenberg and didn’t know about weakening it. It says as you know 2 scoops for 8 oz I’ve been doing one scoop for her 4oz bottle and a Mulli vitamin once a day. She’s very constipated today. What should I do? How much should I weaken it too? Help please and thank you!!

  191. Hi There
    I’m wondering if you have a nutritional guide for the fomula that I could show my pediatrition.

    Thank you

  192. If anyone has experience any skin allergy in baby tummy ?

    I start to feeding my baby when he was 2 1/2 months, after a month, he has some allergies spots in his skin but just in his stomach. He love this recipe, he’s doing great, definitely he is a happy and healthy baby boy, but I have this little concern, I NEED HELP!!! ( I can send you pics of his tummy, not spread to other art of his body)

    Thank !! Mariett

    • Mariela please tell me if your little one had sleep disturbances using this formula? My little one 10 weeks seems to eat more often? And do you give the same amount as conventional formula?

    • are you sure it’s not connected to laundry soap, fabric softener or his diapers? Typically if it’s a food reaction it’d be all over his body.

  193. Hi there,

    Would you be able to post a conversion chart for the formula using Meyenberg full fat milk for when infants are 10, 11, and 12 months? I’m not clear if I should use 1tbsp.+ 1tsp. but still use half of the oils, which would be (1tsp)? And do I need to adjust the carbs at all?

    I know you probably hate this question, but Meyenberg is easiest to find at my local healthfood market 🙁 I have asked them to look into Capra! Thanks!

  194. Hello!
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful formula recipe. I’m having to start supplementing my breast milk and I hated the idea of using cow milk formula. But, my friend told me about this and it sounds awesome! I do have a question. This summer I’m going to be in Asia for 6 weeks with my daughter who will be 7-8 months old then. What do you recommend? Should I just bring all these ingredients with me and hope they all make it through customs? Is there a way to simplify it even more just for a short time? Thanks!

  195. Thank you for this! I know there is a danger in giving infants too much water. Could this at all be a problem since the milk is so diluted? Or does adding back in the carbs and fats take care of that? I would love to start using this but that is my one concern. Thank you for your time!

  196. Does anyone know should the daily intake in terms of # of ounces be the same as what formula is? My little guy is 7 weeks old and he was in taking about 30 ounces formula per day. He seems to get hungrier more quickly on the goats milk. Should he be eating the same quantity as formula?


  197. Andrea,

    I came to the FAQ tonight with the same question. I want to let you know you can find the answer in the comments above. If you scroll up, you’ll see Mr. Stout explained to Morgan on January 23rd that Capra Milk directions are in heaping tablespoons, and Meyenberg directions are in unpacked level scoops, but both of them are to be mixed at half strength. He says the right amount is 14 grams per 8 oz bottle. My Meyenberg can says that two unpacked level tablespoons makes 28 grams, so I think we should use one level tablespoon for every 8 ounces of the formula.

    It might be a good idea to add this information to the part of the FAQ that discusses Meyenberg milk, because the way it reads now someone might start mixing the formula with 1/4 strength milk. I made one bottle that way before I went through the comments again to double-check…

    • You are so right! Thank you for for clarifying this, I was confused.

      Dont pay attention to the scoop. Meyenberg serving size is 28g. I tablespoon is 14 grams.
      Capra calls for 28 grams normally and that cut in half is 14 grams.

      Same for Meyenberg. Confusing ncs mayenberg recipe calls for 2 scoops and says one scoop is 2 tlbsps. That sounds like to make one cup you need 4 tblspns.

      Doesnt make sense that way.

    • I made this 1/4 strength for the last 6 MONTHS!!! UGH!! *sigh* REALLY aggravated with myself right now for not catching this. I’ve been using it because I had to go back to work and wasn’t getting enough pumping. I read that can 15 times the first few times I made this too and never got it right. *smh* Glad to see this NOW at least so I can start doing it right. Thanks for posting this info!!!


    • I wrote ‘one level tablespoon for every 8 ounces’ three years ago, but I must have meant 1 level (Meyenberg) scoop per 8 ounces. I recently found that their scoop doesn’t equal a tablespoon, at least with some measuring spoons. I want to correct it in case anyone new stumbles on this answer. Joe answered this on January 23rd, so scroll up. The best measure is weight, and it should be 14 grams per 8-oz bottle.

      The best plan is to just buy the Mt. Capera milk so everything matches up and you don’t have to worry about this, but I didn’t want to leave this here and have people start using overdiluted formula. I’m not sure one tablespoon equals 14 grams in all cases, but what should govern here is the mass, not the volume measurement.

      Joe, please correct me if I’ve made another mistake.

  198. Hi Joe! Am using raw whole goat’s milk in your recipe (mixed 1:1 with water), and am wondering if you recommend the full amounts of oil you use with the milk powder?

    Thanks bunches!

  199. My grandson is 5 months old. We have had him on this formula only since 2 months old. He just recently developed eczema, I don’t understand why he would do this? Has anyone else experienced this? Do you have any suggestions? I have applied a lotion called Boo Boo juice that has essentials oils in it and has cleared up within days.. Thank you for your suggestions.

  200. I pretty much have the same question as Andrea! The Meyenberg serving size for 8 oz is 2 scoops and each scoop is equivalent to 2 tablespoons. I know you mention to use 1 tablespoon of Meyenberg which is only half a scoop. Is this right? Or should it be 1 full scoop? Thanks so much!

    • I am also unclear of the conversion. I am even more confused after reading the FAQ. It would be easier to figure out if I knew the total daily caloric/fat requirement for my 10mo old. Then I could just figure it out myself. Does anyone know what the daily requirements are for infants?

  201. I was wondering if u could use the evaporated milk for this formula and if so how do you mix it? My son was on the evaporated for 4 days then I switched him to powder. After being on powder for a day he became very constipated with hard stools so I only kept him on it for 3 days before I went back to evaporated. No more hard schools but he still seems gassy and uncomfortable even though his stools are normal. Any suggestions?

    • Seems he is suffering from reflux or milk allergy. Haven’t been to pediatrician yet. Started him on your formula today. Seems more comfortable so far. A couple of questions, when I went to purchase the coconut oil they had refined and unrefined, I bought unrefined. Is that correct? Also my store didn’t have black strap molasses just ulsulphered molasses. Will that work? Thanks!

  202. I have started feeding my 5 week old the GMF after being on low lactose formula. I find him wanting to eat more( then he used to with formula) and at times does not seem satified. How much do you recommend for a feeding? I am afraid of over-feeding but he seems to get very agitated at night and can’t seem to have enough. Has anyone experienced this?
    Thank you.

  203. I am using the Meyenberg nonfat powder to make my formula. I have been adding DHA infant to my bottles:
    Vitamin A 1200-2360 I.U.
    Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 250 I.U.
    Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 5 I.U.
    Total Omega-3s 1008 mg
    – EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 328 mg
    – DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 500 mg
    – Other Omega-3s 180 mg
    Oleic Acid (Omega-9) 480 mg

    do I still need to add the olive & coconut oils? Thanks!!

  204. Hi! I’m interested in switching my almost 5 month old son from formula to the goats milk formula recipe.. how should I transition? I looked through, but couldn’t find an answer.. thank you for all of your heart information. I’m looking forward to this! Also, where do I but goat’s milk powder? Thanks in advance!

  205. Hi, I’m getting ready to try and make this recipe..just had a quick question. If i am making a quart, how much water do i put before and after all the ingredients? For 8 oz it says 5 oz before ingredient and then fill the rest up with water to 8 oz after ingredients. So for a quart, 32 ounces, what would the water measurements be? thank you!

  206. My sister used the infant formula recipe for her daughter, and my son is starting to show all of the same signs and symptoms, and I’d like the recipe for the infant goat milk formula and the conversion chart. Thank you

  207. Hi! My daughter is just about to be 9 months old and is breastfed and eating solids. I am a stay at home mom with her and have no bottles pumped in case I need to leave her with her grandmother for a little while. My grandmother told me about goats milk so I went out and bought a can of meyenberg’s powdered version. If she is only going to have a few bottles of it here and there, do I still need to mix it with all the ingredients you listed for the goats milk formula recipe? Or can I just mix 1 tbsp of powder with 8 oz of water and it be okay?

    Thank you!

  208. Hello!

    I’m going to start making this formula today. My husband seems a bit concerned with using the turbinado sugar and molasses. I’ve read that I can substitute maple syrup for the sugar. Is there a substitute that I can use for the molasses? Can I cut it out completely?

    Thanks so much!

  209. Question: Meyenberg says each scoop contains 2 tablespoons of powdered goats milk…and to use 2 scoops for an 8 oz serving. I have the whole milk version because store was out of nonfat. I am cutting the oils in half due to whole milk.

    I want to make sure I’m not making the formula too concentrated. I am using one scoop per 8 oz water so half of what the directions say. But this is double the amount of capra milk!!! So confused.

    Thank you,


    • Andrea,

      I am having the same issue…..In the FAQ, it says to use 1 tablespoon of powder to 8 oz of water when using Meyenberg whole powdered….However, in the comments section, a response said to use half of 28 grams (which would equal 2 tablespoons of the Meyenberg powder in 8 oz of water.) So I would also like to know when using the Meyenberg powder, should I be using 1 tablespoon or 2 tablespoons of the powder for an 8 0z bottle? Im worried that I have been underfeeding my baby. Thanks.

  210. Hello! Thank you so much for this recipe! I have been breastfeeding my son since birth; he’s now 9.5 months, but now am have to supplement 1 bottle before bed since my supply is dwindling. I was wondering what your thoughts are on using Xylitol as a carbohydrate? I know that it’s considered a healthier alternative to sugar since it’s about 1/3 the calorie count, low on the glycemic index, and is used 1:1 ratio for replacing sugar. It’s also known for promoting good mouth hygiene. Just curious if you know much about it and think it would be ok to use in the formula. Thanks!

  211. Hi, I am using Meyenberg Whole powdered milk for a 3.5 month old baby. You say to still use one tablespoon of the milk powder in a previous comment. However in the directions for full strength milk it calls for two scoops (scoop included) the scoop is 29.6 cc’s which by my calculation is about 2 tablespoons. So for full strength goat milk it calls for 4 tablespoons of powder per 8 oz water. I have been using just one scoop per 8 oz of water because I thought I was supposed to go for 1/2 strength. Am I calculating this wrong? If I only use one tablespoon of this powder per 8 oz water, as you recommend, it would be 1/4 strength of reg goat milk wouldn’t it?

    I am also wondering if flax seed oil would be a good substitution for olive oil? A naturopath recently gave me a recipe for flax seed oil, maple syrup and goat milk so I am trying to integrate some of that into the formula.


  212. I want to start my daughter on this recipe but she is only 5 months old & only drinking 5 oz at a time. How does this effect the recipe? Would it still be 1 tblsp still? Or a little less than that. & would the oil amounts stay the same as we’ll until she is successfully drinking more oz’s



    • I started my son when he was drinking 2 milk and 2 of this formula. We made 8 oz and regfrigerated the rest and warmed it in the bottle warmer just like normal. Milk normally fluctuates content throughout the day so we’d shake it real good to break up the coconut oil that had solidified and it melted in the bottle warmer. He’s drinking 6 oz at a time now so I make a pt and put it in the fridge the same way. 🙂 There are several good suggestions in the comments for making up a portion of it in advance and adding ingredients at the last minute.

  213. I am also wondering how many grams of protein a baby can handle and should have if under 9 months? I Tablespoon of Meyenberg powdered goats milk has 2 grams of protein. The store bought cows milk formula I have contains 4 grams of protein per 8 oz bottle…should I be adding more powdered milk?? (I took the 1 tablespoon recommendation from the post above re using meyenberg vs capra milk)
    Thanks again for any advice!!


  214. If I am still mostly breastfeeding do I need to add the probiotics and vitamins to the formula? I have been supplementing one feeding with formula currently unless I can avoid formula all together.

  215. Hello,
    I am giving this recipe a try today for the first time. As I am putting everything together, it seems like a lot of sugar? 2.5 teaspoons of turbinado sugar is 10 grams of sugar per 8 oz bottle…this seems like a lot to me! (the store bought formula I have contains 8 g sugar per 8 oz bottle). Is this necessary for a baby?

  216. I’ve been feeding my son this formula for a month now and wondering if its ok to add a little more Molasses to help his poo not be so firm? He also is eating solids so I know that adds to the firmness. He is 5 1/2 months now.

  217. I am a firm believer that breast is best and I am still breastfeeding my healthy soon to be 9 month old daughter. Unfortunately, I am unable to pump enough to cover a long day while I am at work therefore I have not been able to work for more than 4 hours at a time. I am totally against store-bought formulas but I had researched to find what I could see as the best organic lactose free formula on the market. All went well for the first 3 or 4 feedings and after that she projectile vomited for the first time in her little life and it was awful. I then attempted the formula one more time a few days later just to see if thats really what it was and same thing happened and she became pale and very lethargic. Needless to say that formula went straight in the trash. So then I ordered the stuff for your formula and today we tried it for the first time. I have no got the sugar or the multivitamin drops yet so that was left out of the first attempt. She seemed to like it and drank about 1.5 ounces. Then became very flushed and blood shot eyes about 20 minutes later. Then she napped for about 15 minutes, woke up and projectile vomited. Please, help! What can I try? Her skin reacts if I put coconut oil on her so maybe she is allergic to that. Should I try just the goats milk powder? I am at a loss!!

  218. Hello,
    Thank you for all of your wonderful advice and feedback. I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on how to adjust this formula for a one year old and a two year old. Do you at some point just give straight goat milk, like others do with cow milk?
    Thank you!

  219. I’m so nervous about making my own formula! I’ve read all the comments and it looks like its been great for so many people, I hope it is for us, but it is still nerve racking. It seems like so much sugar….. I’m worried about that.

  220. Joe, do you find the fat free version of the milk and adding back the fat with the added oils more easily digestible compared to the whole fat version?

  221. I asked my dr about it and he said he had never heard of it but didn’t think it would be a good idea because goat milk can be tough on the kidneys??

  222. Ive switched my daughter to your recipe after severe congestion on her cow milk based formula. Good news is her nose cleared up well, but she’s spitting up a lot. I am using the Meyenberg goat milk powder and have reduced the oils by half as you indicated to do so. Her spit up smells like adult vomit, and it’s after 3 or so hours when she normally would be eating again making me think it’s too heavy in her stomach. Any suggestions?

    • Hi! I know this is super old but I was wondering if the spit up ever stopped? My son is having the same exact problem. He was constantly congested on cows milk and now that we switched to goats milk he is spitting up a lot and it smells terrible but his congestion is so much better. It’s been a week.

  223. Is this safer alternative to raw goats milk? Currently I have my 7 month old on Similac and I hate using it but the thought of raw anything terrifies me!

  224. I have a question regarding the “heaping” spoonfuls. How heaping is heaping? I’ve been using slightly mounded tablespoons but am wondering if that’s too little? I don’t want to have my children not get enough of the goat milk.

  225. Hi,

    I want to try to use this formula to supplement with my breast milk. My sons pediatrician does not know enough about it and says use regular formula. We still want to try it regardless but have some questions:

    – many naysayers discuss the high protein content and risk for kidney failure…does your formula receipe account for overcoming the high protein?
    – since I was ebf before and having to give vitamin d drops, since the recipe has multi vitamin drops do I stop doing the vitamin d drops?
    – also…the oatmeal cereal we have has probiotics in it as well so should we leave them out of the recipe. Don’t want to double up on vitamins if its not necessary


    • My son couldn’t take the vit D drops and I don’t feel they’re necessary since we get a little sun every day. I would have killed the D drops because of the multi if he’d been on them.

      The high protein is handled by making the goats milk 1/2 strength as discussed in his original article on the recipe.

      I was giving probiotics before GMF because my son spent 8 days in NICU on antibiotics at birth and his tummy was very messed up. I’d still add them, but get a brand that has different strains than the oatmeal. Kefir has 10 or more strains in it and everyone’s flora is different mixes of different ones so I’d go for it!!

  226. I’ve been making this formula for a little over a month now, and my 6 month old loves it. I’m just curious if by chance anyone else has seen in increase in their baby spitting up. My baby has never been a spitter, but as of about 2-3 weeks ago, after he finishes with the bottle or feeding, he’ll projectile spit/vomit a good amount of it up, at least an oz. worth. It’s possible that he has silent reflux, but I’m just curious, as this spit up thing didn’t occur until after I started him on the Goats milk formula.

  227. Hi I’m needing to start My 9.5 mo on some supplement and looking into this formula. If I was to give him 6-10oz a day of the GMF would I need to add the vitamins and probiotic to the bottle? He would still be getting around 10oz of BM a day as well as a healthy range of solids…

  228. I have breastfed my son successfully for 8 months. I wanted to use this formula to help with the weaning process. My question is, can I mix this formula with breast milk…do I omit anything? I plan on doing half formula half breast milk.

  229. Hi Joe! I have to say I am pleased with this simple recipe of goat milk formula. I came across making my own formula when my daughter was just a week old. That was also around the time breastfeeding problems became clear. I have just started feeding my almost 2 month old daughter your formula exactly. Before we were supplementing with my breast milk and organic commercial formula. However, my daughter’s stools began to decrease and when she did poop, she would strain and cry 🙁 since being on the goat milk formula, she has been pooping 2-3 times over 2 days and still constipated. Can you give me an idea on how long it will take for her system to clear out?

    Thank you for your input

  230. My daughter is 2 months and 1 week old. We have tried all types of the Similac/Enfamil formulas and are finally sticking with Enfamil Nutramigen. I was uncomfortable with the idea of using goats milk prior to finding this site due to a traumatic experience with goats milk with our first born. I was raised on goats milk but wasn’t given it until I was six months old. My grandmother pushed us to try it with our first born when she was a few days old. When we took her for her first check up she had lost two and a half pounds and was pale. They told us we were starving her and gave us the total scare of our lives and we promised to never return to goats milk again. So my question is, how safe is it to give a two month old? or should we wait a little longer? She seems to break out in rashes constantly and have problems with bowel movements so her doctors are questioning her current formula again. I hate changing her constantly.

    • I think it’s in his first article on this formula that it says why goats milk by itself isn’t enough. The formula makes up for all the deficiencies! I started it at probably 8 or 9 weeks old I think it was and my son is doing wonderful at 9 months strong!!

  231. Greetings,
    Mr. Stout, I been using your recipe for my 5 1/2 month old son. I have to say that its great! I started him on meyenberg and I made sure I used amount that you stated for that particular brand, I do intend to try your product soon. I’m not sure if its my son, but I noticed a distinct smell of his puke. Unlike the smell of commercial formula. Can anyone help me out, because not sure if its the goat milk, but when he pukes it stinks bad. Its not a lot and he doesn’t puke all the time, just wondering thanks!

  232. Hi! Thanx for sharing all this info. This is just what i have been looking for. Just wondering if you can share which probiotic(s) you would recommend (my baby is 6 months). Thanx!

  233. Hi Joe,
    Thanks so much for your recipe. I have triplet three month old daughters and this GMF has been a life saver! I was unable to produce milk at all for them and cried in the store when I read the ingredients in the Infamil and Similac that is sold there. The main ingredient is corn syrup solids! Not only that my girls were not happy eating this stuff, one would cry and scream and pull away from the bottle. None of them would finish a bottle either. Now that I found your formula they are eager for their food and suck the bottles dry! Between the three of them they eat 8 oz at a time which I make a bottle at a time. I have each bottle with all the ingredients, I add the hot water, shake it up then add the cold goats milk that I have prepared in the fridge. A perfect bottle every time. I’ve been using this formula for five days now and believe that one of the girls is getting a double chin, finally! Could be my imagination though. 🙂
    Again, thank you so much. I’m so much happier knowing that my girls are getting something that is wholesome and not full of chemicals. I truly know what’s going into their tummies.

  234. Sorry I have another baby is spitting up this formula and it’s stinky, is that ok? How long should I give this to see if it makes a difference? Also we started him on acid reflux meds because he was in pain, I tried other natural things before I started the meds but they didn’t work. I found this remedy after I started the meds, do you think this formula helps with acid reflux? I’m contemplating taking him off the meds if this formula helps. Thank you!!

    • I am having the same issue. My baby has always been a spitter, but it is much more after a ‘formula’ bottle. I try to alternate between bm and the formula as I work and I am unable to pump enough to last her while I am gone. It also smells more like vomit than baby spit up. I am concerned maybe she is allergic, as she can not tolerate any dairy through my bm.

  235. Is this as filling as formula? My 5 week old is really gassy, uncomfortable and also has acid reflux. I both nurse and supplement with formula because I don’t get enough milk. I’ve been looking everywhere for better solutions then formula and this is what I’ve found thank you for that:) this is our first night changing to goats milk and he doesn’t seem full.

  236. Is MCT oil an acceptable substitute for the coconut oil? It would be an option that wouldn’t harden in the refrigerator.

    • I did this at first until I read up on the difference – the liquid coconut oil doesn’t have all the nutrients that the solid does. But the solid melts at like 80 degrees so it’s not that hard to melt. I store mine in the fridge, shake it vigorously to break up the chunks and sometimes the last bottle from my qt jar has a little more oil in it than the first but breastmilk changes by that much from one feeding to the next so it’s ok. 🙂

  237. If I am only supplementing one bottle per day at most- are the vitamins necessary? From this is I am assuming not?! – only if using formula full time

    • I would like to know the answer to this as well. Also, for one bottle a day, are the probiotics required?


  238. I came across your infant goats milk formula.My 2 week old infant is currently on commercial formula because of inadequate amounts of breastmilk.I’d like to get her off as so as possible.My question is it too early to start her on goats milk,and how much is recommended for such a young infant.She’s 6 lb and 120z .Thanks

  239. I am interested in using capramilk and intend to purchase some soon. I started with breastmilk on my now 5 month old son, but like some moms on here, I had low supply and unfortunately i had to resort to commercial milk until i found an alternative. I started him on your recipe at 4 months,but i’m using Myenberg full fat. He is doing fine as well, however; when he regurgitate it is a very putrid smell unlike normal smell of commercial milk, which does not smell good either. Is this normal, does it have a distinctive smell. btw he does not throw up a lot but, when he does p. u. 🙂 Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

    • I never had that kind of smell on the rare occassion my son spits up… check your probiotics to make sure they’re not dated older because the bacteria in them may have died off which would make it ineffective. Otherwise, maybe it’s a temporary case of sour stomach??

      Hope your baby is doing well!! 🙂

      • I am having the same issue. My baby has always been a spitter, but it is much more after a ‘formula’ bottle. I try to alternate between bm and the formula as I work and I am unable to pump enough to last her while I am gone. It also smells more like vomit than baby spit up. I am concerned maybe she is allergic, as she can not tolerate any dairy through my bm.

  240. Hi there – I’m desperate to get my son off commercial formula, he’s covered in eczema (I use organic, cow’s milk formula). I’ve been researching home-made formula and came across this site. I live in Canada and can’t seem to find reliable sources of powdered goats milk here. I checked the two sites you noted, and St Frances doesn’t supply it, and CN Nutrition only has vanilla flavoured goats milk. How can I get my hands on yours or another good quality brand of goats milk STAT?
    I’m a holistic nutritionist by trade and would love to be able to recommend this recipe to clients in the future, but will need to find a reliable source for the milk.
    Thank you!

  241. So excited to find your recipe! My son cannot tolerate coconut or sunflower oil. Do you definitely need an oil? He has a cow milk and soy sensitivity. Thanks so much!!!!

    • Update my baby is now 5 months and drinking 6 oz at a time and every other bottle she gets avacado a peas sweet pots puréed. She’s napping great and sleeping great. People keep commenting how alert she is. She fusses for a minute after she’s done with milk but then realizes she’s full, and stops. She also fusses when it’s tell letting us know she wants more. She’s doing good. Thank you, I wish more moms knew about this formula.

  242. Hi Joe,

    I am really interested in using the maple syrup instead of the turbinado sugar. I have read on some sites that maple syrup can cause infant botulism similar to concerns about honey. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks!

  243. Hello, I have been searching for a goats milk supplement for my baby when I got back to work. I plan on 50% breast feeding and 50% goats milk supplement. My son will be 9 weeks soon…is that too early to start?? Also, since I’m only supplementing 50%, should the recipe stay the same? Should I only give the probiotics and added vitamins 1x a day or a few times a week? Thank you so much.,. I’m so excited I found something I know we will love!!!

  244. Thank you for this recipe!! Some questions:

    1) Can agave syrup be used as the carbohydrate?
    2) Can I use half the recommended amount of sugar?
    3) Breast milk supplies docosahexaenoic and arachidonic omega fatty acids; does this recipe contain these critical fatty acids?

  245. I live in South Africa and we have Toggenburg milk goats. Can you convert your raw milk baby formula into metric measurements in your recipe card please? Can I use raw honey instead of molasses? Is there any other alternative for the carbohydrates as I haven’t been able to find any of the (organic) ingredients listed at our stores here? Thanks

  246. We are on our 2nd quart of Mt. Capra milk/formula and my sons stool is a dark red/brown. Is this typical? Is it also typical for him to go a more times a day on this formula?

  247. I am currently using a glass jar to heat this formula up in a bottle warmer. I’m wondering if the formula can be reheated or once it has been warmed does the formula need to be used up at that time? Thanks

  248. Thankyou Flora your comment made me feel at ease!
    I love feeding my baby every hour and 15 mins it’s more bonding time! Soon our baby’s will be feeding themselve one day and not need us mommys.. She is now 18 weeks and is eating purée peas too she hardly ever spits up and sleeps 10 hours through the night. She’s on 4 1/2 oz per feeding now. ( more amounts) and 1 , 1/2 tbl, food (peas,ect.) 3x day she’s so happy talking and laughing!

  249. I just came across your formula today and also just tried goats milk for the first time with my 9.5 mos old. I used the milk though and not the powder, I did know enough to add a probiotic to his bottle. He took 2 oz of the 4 but I did not know to dilute it but will in the future, which is a first (I have tried several different brands of cows milk formula and he wouldnt touch it).

    should i be concerned that I did not dilute the goats milk today?


  250. Can anyone spell out exactly how you make large portions at once? The exact steps, what you store it in, etc etc? I would like to make a days worth (48 oz) every morning and pour it in bottles when I need it. Also, leaving instructions for my mother while we are on vacation. Trying to make it as simple as possible for her… and me 😉


  251. Hi! I was just referred to your sight by a friend! I have low milk supply issues and recently had to start supplementing. My youngest daughter will be 5 months old next week but have some concerns she’s not gaining the weight she should. I have issues getting her to take bottles and she doesn’t seem to care for formula. I love the idea of her getting a formula that is naturally closest to my own milk! I cannot wait to start her on this in hopes to get her weight up! I’ve tried all the tricks to help my supply and we getting her to take a bottle from me is a work in progress! She does okay for her daddy and grandparents.

    As a mother and I should also mention a women’s health nurse practitioner, I have to ask-have there been any reports of serious reactions (or mild) to this formula? Side effects to look for other than the constipation from switching formulas or the diarrhea you mentioned! After I try this formula out and see how my baby does with it I might have to consider recommending this to my patients who have similar issues as myself, as well as the allergy issues!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Michelle,

      Very rarely, we will hear from parents who have made the switch and the formula still didn’t agree with their child. However, these cases are less than 1%. However, I’ve never heard of any serious reactions to the formula.

      • Update…we are on day 6 of supplementing and my daughter loves the formula! I actually am able to bottle feed her myself! Since my 4 yo drinks raw goat milk given to us by a friend and the sucess with the goat formula I’m hoping to raise some Dairy goats of our own! Thank you this formula has truly been a blessing! I’ve got a friend who is going to start supplementing with this as well!

  252. I am a new mom to a one month old. To my disappointment, I am unable to breastfeed and right now he is on commercial formula. He is doing fine with it but I don’t like the fact that there is soy in it and other unneeded ingredients. this formula recipe looks great. My only question is if DHA and ARA are found in the ingredients? Actually I don’t even know what those stand for but I would like to know bc it seems to be a big deal on the formula labels that they are included for brain and eye development.

    • Hi Angela,

      The DHA/ARA added to commercial formulas are derived from GMO fungus and are processed with hexane, a cancerous chemical, yuck! If you are breastfeeding as well don’t worry about it, if not I’ve read that babies make their own DHA/ARA.

  253. Hello. I recently transitioned my 6 month old son from Baby’s Only Lactose Free Organic formula to this formula. He seems to love it and his eczema has gotten so much better in just the few days he’s been on the goat’s milk formula. I do have a couple of questions / concerns.

    1. In my quest to get this formula exactly right, I’ve been leveling off each tablespoon of milk when mixing up a batch. I do this will all the ingredients, but after going thru some of your FAQ’s, I’m seeing I probably should have used heaping tablespoons instead. Should I dump my batch of formula and start over using heaping tablespoons instead? I feel like it’s quite a bit less of milk when I level it off. I know I’m probably over-thinking it, but I really want to do what’s best for my son.

    2. We just took our soon to a new pediatrician yesterday and upon hearing that I’m making my own goat milk infant formula, he basically told me that because I’m only using 1/2 the amount of goat’s milk power (to decrease the renal solute load) I’m putting my child at risk for hyponatremia or water intoxication, which can result in seizures. He also told me the lack of iron and folic acid could lead to severe anemia, which could have life-long effects on his I.Q. I honestly felt intimidated by his conviction and I’m wondering if any other parents faced such critical opposition to giving their children this formula and how best to deal with it. My gut tells me this formula is much better than even the organic formula I was giving him until just a few days ago, but this doctor really made me question my choices and I’d love to be able to defend my decision.

    • Hi Diana,

      Its great to hear your little one is doing well on the formula.

      1. You should use a heaping tablespoon of milk but if you want to be absolutely perfect get out a gram based cooking scale and measure out 14 grams. That is the perfect amount of milk powder to use for an 8 ounce bottle.

      2. Your doctor is both right and wrong. Hyponatremia is not an issue because he doesn’t understand what you are replacing the milk with. He believes (I think) that you are merely using 1/2 the powder of goat milk and nothing else. He is right in that goat milk is low in both folate and iron. The folate issue is resolved with the vitamin drops and the iron issue is resolved with the blackstrap molasses. Now that your son is 6 months if he is getting iron fortified rice cereal or any other common “first foods” that are high in iron, he should be fine. If you are worried about his iron intake you can always supplement with iron drops.

      You’re doing a great job! Keep it up.

      • My little girl did great on this and LOVED it. I hates to switch to more goats milk because she loves the taste so much but has adjusted well. Go with your guy and know you are making the best choice!! Ou are her mom and drs don’t know everything. I support you and if you want to chat more email me at

      • My little girl did great on this and LOVED it. She NEVER had any problems and was only sick once!!!! Go with your gut and know you are making the best choice!! You are her mom and drs don’t know everything. I support you and if you want to chat more email me at

  254. Hello. I just started my 2 month old on this formula. When I went to purchase the powdered goats milk there were two options,Meyenberg nonfat and whole. I purchased the nonfat bc capra milk is lowest; now I’m second guessing that decision. Would the whole milk version be better and decreasing the added oils in half. Just want to make the best formula possible. I plan to order the capra milk today online but it will take some time to get here. Should I exchange for the whole milk.

    Thank you

  255. Hi, love your blog
    My baby is 6.5 months old and still EBF and started on solids.
    My plan is to put her on goatsmilk powder in the next few months. My problem is in South Africa its very expensive, I want to budget for it but I have no idea how many ml/bottles my baby will need for example at 7 months?
    Any advice?

    • My daughter took at the max 64 oz a day at that age. Can you order from that was the cheapest place I could find the powder

  256. I am ecstatic to have been introduced to this formula by a friend. I am adopting in March, so I will have no other option but formula. This formula recipe is a huge gift to my baby-to-be! I am wondering what measurements to use for a newborn that will probably drink only 2 oz or so at first? How should I go about mixing it up for that little amount? I plan to start with Meyenburg (full fat) and have read in other responses that I need to cut powder and fats, so a little nervous on how to do this for newborn ounces. I appreciate your guided instruction!!

    • My suggestion would be to make a quart per day using his recipe and remember to cut those oils in half with meyerburg. You can then warm each bottle and add the CC oil as it warms. Good luck 😉 happy formula making

  257. Hi We started at birth with enfamil formula, uneducated. I have been using the Mt. Capra formula for 5 weeks and My 4 month baby girl loves it. My husband and I adopted and wanted the closest thing to mothers milk. We feed her 3 1/2 ounces every hour. She gets around 32 ounces per day. Your recipe didnt say how much to give the baby and how often. Are we doing this right? It seemed she would spit up if we gave her more. Also, we added a 1/4 tsp of cod liver oil per day to food as we started her on sweet potatoes and avacado puree. My other question is: Has anyone noticed their baby getting smaller in the stomach and chest area, but not losing weight Because she is getting longer and growing out of her clothes length wise but looser fitting upper area. Again she is not losing weight at all. thankyou

    • It’s been normal for my babies to get leaner without loosing weight but rather gaining weight and getting taller. Also most babies are on demand feedings meaning as much as they want when they want it. I see no problem with that.

  258. Hi there! I have a 5 mo son who is dairy and soy protein intolerant. I plan to make your recipe, but wonder where I can find the recipe appropriate for his age. Currently, he only takes 4.5 oz per serving of breastmilk and I need to supplement one feeding/day.

    • I would try cutting oils down. My daughter never had oily stool. Remember meyerburg brand is higher fat than my Capra. Use half as much oil with meyerburg

  259. I am so glad you did the FAQ page!!!! My mother watches my son and we use just about one bottle per day supplementing my pumping breast milk while at work and his colic went away! We’re a non vaccine family and our pediatrician accepts our right to choose but when he asked about formula and what we’re using, I replied organic goats milk based formula and he damn near rolled his eyes. I then explained that the two big commercial brands didn’t set on his stomach well and after a two or three day adjustment period, his colic is gone and he’s perfectly fine since just before he turned two months. He’s growing and happy. I attribute that to this formula helping me to feed him the best I can.

    I would like to add a question to your FAQ… I found a liquid coconut oil and bought that. Should I have found the solid form? Is there any conversion needed? My son is 4 months old and I’m excited to start making his baby foods as well but I’m very sure I have much more to learn!!

  260. Hello, I’m wondering if anyone out there has used this formula right from the start with a newborn, without breast feeding. Medications I must go back on after delivery in May don’t allow me to breast feed. My previous 2 kids were traditional formula fed, but even then I didn’t like the idea. This goats milk formula seems a logical replacement, although I have to say I’m sure the pediatrician wouldn’t love the idea since it’s not mainstream or not studied. If anyone has used this from the get go, or has an idea about how good of an idea is, I’d love to hear!

    • I started this at 3 months with my daughter because that’s when I discovered it. She was on similac formula straight from hospital but had reflux and bad congestion. If I had another I personally would use it from birth but that is my own opinion.

      • Hi Jesse, I’m using the meyenberg powder too. How many scoops would you add to a quart? Or how many Tbs? I am confused! I just realized that I read the can wrong and that 1/2 diluted is 1 scoop or 2Tbs, not 1 Tbs. So I’ve been putting only 2 scoops or 4 Tbs per quart! How much did you use? I’m horrified that I might have diluted it too much! My baby girl is only 8 weeks old! I’m so afraid of messing her up!

  261. I have a silly question. I’m looking into making this formula with fresh raw goats milk (but haven’t decided yet). In your instructions on mixing (4oz milk to 4oz water) is that based on the 8oz bottle? I’m looking into making the quart amount as this is what he drinks in a 24 hour period (5x6oz bottles).

  262. After reading the comments and your feedback, it seems that I only add the multivitamins and probiotics to ONE bottle per day, correct? If that’s the case then is it okay to give it to my baby separately once a day, for example, in his food? Also, what about adding DHA contents, I know some use cod liver oil, I’m thinking flax oil instead. Does your recipe include any omega 3/DHA contents.

    Thank you!!!

  263. Hello, One other recipe I found is similar to this Capra goat milk formula however it does not include coconut/olive oil but instead cod liver oil as well as nutritional yeast. And a tsp of black molasses, what are you thoughts on this? Will my baby be missing out on the important fats if cod liver oil is used instead? And what is the yeast for? I read the FAQ but it talks about the raw liver, I’m referring to liquid cod liver oil. I’m just trying to find the best route for nutrition for my 3.5 month old, by way I am using this formula as supplement however it looks like I getting low in my milk supply so this goat milk formula might be his main source. Thank you!

    • Hi Victoria,

      The problem with using cod liver oil, nutritional yeast, and liver in an infant formula is all of those ingredients taste terrible.

      The yeast is used to deliver B-vitamins which the vitamin drops will do as well.

      I don’t believe your baby will be missing out on vital nutrients if you don’t include those ingredients.


  264. Can you recommend what kind of coconut oils to use? Is liquid coconut oil okay? Also, if I am still providing my baby breast milk as well as the goat milk formula, do I need to give him the probiotic and multivitamin?


    • Hi Lisa,

      The liquid coconut oils are more heavily processed and as a result aren’t quite as ideal although they are a bit more convenient.

      You can also still supplement the vitamins and probiotics as you won’t be administering dangerous levels.

  265. Thank you so much for the recipe. Our daughter has now had two bottles and she loves it. It might be too soon to tell but I think it’s helping clear her congestion!

    My question is, do you have an idea of how many calories are in a 8 oz bottle?

  266. My mother told me that reconstituting evaporated goats milk would be a better solution than using powdered because of the difference in the ways they are cooked down. She thinks that the evaporated milk would have more of the bacteria that should be in good milk because it is cooked at a lower temp and not processed as much as powdered. What do you think?

    Also, I switched my son to your goat milk formula a couple of days ago using Meyenberg whole milk Powder because it’s all our local area carries. I can also get Meyenberg low-fat evaporated milk, whole evaporated milk. After getting rid of the formula he gets, he is also breastfed, but my milk supply is too low, he has not been gassy or constipated anymore, but he seems less satisfied with the goat milk formula then he was with the similac. He’s only a month old so I know it’s not just that he wants more because it tastes good, babies that young only eat if they’re hungry.

    What would you suggest?

    Thank you for your time and for sharing.

    • Hi Kasey,

      I would never be one to argue with your mother 🙂

      Actually neither evaporated milk or powdered milk are going to have naturally occurring probioitcs.

      I prefer goat milk powder as it is processed at a much lower temperature than evaporated milk.

      Regarding your baby wanting more, I would have no way of saying if he was just hungry because of a growth spurt or if he just really likes the formula but I wouldn’t be afraid to feed him more if he is wanting it.


      • I had to used the canned kind a few times instead of the powdered kind and it really upset my little girls tummy. I HIGhlY recommend the powdered kind because as Joe said it is less processed.

  267. This FAQ is great and I appreciate the time you take to keep it current and answer all the questions. I have twin boys 4 months old. One with a sensitive stomach and one that eats anything. I prefer to keep things as organic as possible and have switched to fresh Raw Goats Milk (from a trusted source) about two weeks ago. I have been doing 6 ounces of milk to 2 ounces of water for about a week and they have 5 feedings a day. Now after reading through your site, I am realizing that might be too much protein. I had no idea I had to do anything additional to the milk. I do however add probiotics to their first morning bottle and black molasses to every other feeding. So my question is… What ingredients do you add to every bottle and what ingredients do you only add to one bottle a day? Thank you!

  268. Thanks Joe for this recipe and now the FAQ section. I am nearing the end of formula making as my daughter is almost a year old. We used this from age 3 months. I was a nervous wreck at first making it. It looked like a lab at first but was proud it was MY lab with MY ingredients not a scientist lab ;). I was like a lot of moms commenting here nervous about measurements etc at first but now I could make it in my sleep. Just realize moms that Breast milk changes constantly so it is ok for your formula to change some too. I make large batches at a time add coconut oil to each bottle 1/4 tsp to 7oz(meyerburg brand milk) and warm it as needed. This has worked well for me. I HiGHLY HIGHLY recommend the dr brown bottle mixer and also dr brown bottles for reflux babies!!!! I also had issues with too much oil until I cut oils in half for meyerburg milk. This didn’t totally rid my baby of reflux but it helped. Also by making larger batches the bubbles settle so makes it easier to take. I would be glad to chat with any new moms out there if they email me at Good luck mommas we are in this together 😉

  269. My mother told me that using evaporated goats milk and reconstituting it would be better then using powdered. Our local grocer carries Meyenberg evaporated, powdered, and liquid milk, though I don’t like the liquid. The ultra-pasteurization seems to change the flavor.

    Is this true? She said that because it is not processed down as harshly that it contains more of the bacteria and nutrients that get cooked out when it’s powdered.

    Would this be a better option, or does it not make a difference?

  270. I recently purchased Rainbow Light’s NutriStart Multivitamin Powder (for Infants & Toddlers) with probiotics. Could I use this in the formula? Also, it’s sounding like you only use the vitamins and probiotics in one bottle per day? Is this correct and what amount do you use if you’re only using it in one bottle per day?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Christine,

      I have not researched the Nutristart powder (aside from a quick 1 minute google search) so I can’t say with conviction that its a good product but at a glance it looked like it would deliver what you are looking for. Yes, just once per day for the vitamins and probiotics.


  271. Hi I have been using this formula for one feeding a day (5-7 oz.)for my twin boys. I was only putting in half of the recommended multivitamin. I thought they could be getting too much from my breastmilk and in the one bottle. Is there a vitamin that they can get too much of that I should be worried about? Thanks

  272. Thank you so much for this formula recipe!!! I haven’t tried it yet on my 5 month old son just found the recipe today and ordered all the ingredients per your recommendation. I have a few questions, but a little back ground. My LO is EBF. I started researching supplementing due to my work schedule and wanting to be proactive in the case of my breast milk supply not with standing the demand. I plan to use breast milk first but wanted to know when using the Goat’s Milk Formula should I still add all the ingredients even if its a few oz used per day? I plan to make the GMF (Goat’s Milk Formula) but was wondered should I mix the breast milk with the GMF or feed the Breast Milk first then use another bottle with GMF for the supplement? I am nervous about supplementing but your research and formula puts me at ease. I just wanna make sure we are utilizing the GMF to it’s full potential.

    Thank you for your time,
    Maria Antoinette

    • Hi Maria,

      Thanks for the question. Breast feeding is the gold standard so you are right to do that as long as possible. If you want to mix the GMF with breast milk that would be a good idea as well. Once the GMF is thoroughly mixed, you can mix it with breast milk at a 1:1 ratio. Thanks!

    • We use all the ingredients. I was giving a probiotic with his breastmilk anyway because my son had antibiotics in NICU at birth and it just messed his little tummy all up! Now my supply has dwindled so much due to work and work stress that he’s almost exclusively on GMF at 9 months old – with solids of course. We just give as much breastmilk as I can pump and give the rest of his feeding in formula…

  273. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and all the time and effort you must put in to answer all the questions!
    My 9 month old daughter has severe multiple;e food allergies and it was with trepidation and a great deal of hope we tried her on goat milk. She tolerates it, thankfully. She also has GERD (reflux). I have found she loves the formula if I leave out the oils. They seem to really trigger reflux episodes. I wonder if I could give her the oils in the morning only to reduce the amount of time she is uncomfortable or maybe try sunflower lecithin to emulsify the fats. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, again, for all your hard work and dedication.

    • Hi Karla,

      I’m glad to hear you found a formula your daughter can tolerate. I’ve heard from other parents that sometimes the fats triggers reflux so you are probably wise to reduce them to only morning feedings. I really don’t know if the lecithin would help. If you try it and it works would you mind sharing with the rest of us?

      Can your daughter tolerate fat in solid foods? Perhaps avocados in her diet could make up for whats not in the milk. That was a favorite for our babies.

      Thanks for sharing!

  274. Hey Joe, thanks for this wonderful formula. I’m wondering if coconut mct oil can be substituted for coconut oil? As it’s a liquid and it would make things easer. Also wondering whats a good way to make bottles at night easy? I’m new to this bottle thing lol.

    • Hi Amanda,

      I don’t know enough about the process used to fracture the coconut oil to make it liquid at room temperature. It might be totally fine but I’m not sure. At night, you could have a single bottle ready to go with all ingredients included except for the warm water. Then when your baby wakes up, all you have to do is add the water. Its worth a try.


  275. My daughter is almost 9 months old and weighs just under 21 lbs. We are trailing her on this formula (switching from Puramino -amino acid based formula). we transitioned by mixing the 2 over 2 days and now on just this formula for 1.5 days. She has been acting a lot hungrier and eating more on this. Do you know why this might be? Any recommendations? We are using the whole powdered Meyenberg, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, Maple syrup, and coconut oil- no olive oil yet because we haven’t found a good one yet, I guess this could be why? she is getting the coconut as recommended and then the coconut dose to take place of olive oil. we will make with olive oil todays batch, do you think this will make a difference on her hunger? (we also give her a dose of vitamins, iron, probiotics and omega 3’s)

    • Hi Whitney,
      I’m not sure if you’ve tasted commercially manufactured formula but it tastes terrible. Your daughter may just like the taste of this home made formula a whole lot more. The biggest thing to track is her weight. If she is losing weight on the formula then you will need to intervene with another plan. Thanks!

  276. Hi there! First off – way to go Joe on this great nutritious formula;) My question is : Is the plastic container that the goat powder cones in BPA FREE? I notice a plastic smell when opening….Thanks so much.

  277. You had mentioned above about being able to use Meyenberg Powder instead of the other. You also stated to only use 1 Tbsp but to dilute the Meyenberg to half strength the container says 2 Tbsp(or 1 scoop). Are you suggesting to dilute it to 1/4 the strength? I know you are using the other brand of goatmilk powder but I also want to be accurate in my measurements. Thank you so much for the recipes by the way, I have been using it for my little girl and she’s doing great.

    • Hi Morgan,
      The milk powder we offer is different then Meyenbergs but the measurements should be quite close. We recommend 2 heaping tablespoons and they recommend 4 level tablespoons. If you want exact numbers (I can’t speak for Meyenberg) using CapraMilk the standard mixing instructions are 28 grams per 8 ounces of water. For the formula you would want to use half of this: 14 grams per bottle. Thanks!

      • Thanks for clarifying that Joe!!! I am almost thru making formula and have been answering other moms questions and looked at my meyerburg can the other day and panicked because I thought I had miscalculated my double batches and under fed my baby this whole time!! LOL I looked at her and decided she looks and acts healthy but was very confused about how to mix it for full strength. This makes sense now. Thanks for all of this again.

      • My Meyenburg *full fat* can says 2 level UNPACKED scoops = 4 Tbsp for full strength. I’d been using 1 Tbsp for 8 oz this whole time because I just didn’t realize or read it right all 5 million times I’ve read it. I’m going measure a scoop and see how much their little scoop is before I mix it again. I’ve been using this for MONTHS and just now clicked read previous comments and found all this data. ack! My son’s healthy, tall and lean in the tummy but not too skinny with his little chunky legs and arms so I don’t think we’ve been doing too bad. I also had the fats all wrong at first before I knew there was a such thing as full fat vs low fat powdered milk. ack again!

        My consolation is that breastmilk is CONSTANTLY changing. CONSTANTLY. I can see the different amount in fat from one pumping to the next in the same day sometimes even!! So if I overdo a smidge on the coconut oil one day or dribble a little too much maple syrup another, I don’t fret because the difference can’t be anymore than what you’d find in breastmilk…

  278. Thank you for all your hard work developing this recipe and the FAQ page!
    What is the best way to reheat a bottle after making a large batch and keeping the rest in the refrigerator?

    • Hi Brittni,

      Because I was usually in a hurry (with kids everything has to happen NOW:-) I would put the amount I needed (8-10 oz.) in a glass and microwave it. I know a lot of people hesitate to microwave and I can totally understand. Another thing you can do is heat the liquid up gently on the stove or heat the bottle up under running hot water (this one takes quite a while though)

      Any one else have any good ideas?

      • Hi,
        I heat up a mug of water in the microwave, about a minute and then put the bottle in the water. It’s faster than putting it on the stove.

      • First of all, I am so grateful for you and your recipe. It’s amazing. Next, please reconsider using the microwave! It denatures the proteins in food so that the body cannot recognize it as such. 🙂 As far as heating, I make a day’s worth and pour into bottles and refrigerate. Take out a bottle and pop into the bottle warmer. The Munchkin Digital Precision (something like that) warmer is great. In 3-4 minutes the bottle is the right temp and the coconut oil is melted. Also, I wanted to note that Mt Capra milk is worlds better than Meyenberg. Thanks so much!

        • Hi Courtney, I understand about the hesitation to use the microwave.

          You may not believe this but I’ve actually never heard of a bottle warmer! (We are expecting our fifth in a couple weeks and I’ve never heard of it! I must be behind the times) 🙂

          I will link to the bottle warmer idea above and probably buy one myself. Thanks for sharing.

        • Please read carefully. She is NOT putting the milk into the microwave. She is simply heating some water up in a cup. Then placing the bottle of milk into the cup to warm. Unless the water is just boiling hot, it is not going to get hot enough to denature anything ! I do this all the time and the milk never gets above 100 degrees . . . . .

          • Where’s the like button? lol

            I microwave a mug of water and drop the bottle into it or swish it around under the running tap if I have to. We’re under water conservation stage 2 because of the drought (TX) so I tend to try to use the least amount of water possible.

      • The best method I have found is to prep several 5oz concentrate bottles, including oil, to store in the refrigerator. When baby is ready to eat, I turn on the electric kettle, which takes a couple minutes to come to a full boil. Add boiling water to the 8oz mark. It melts the oil, and the bottle is at a perfect drinkable temperature almost instantly. So convenient!

  279. My 6week old isn’t doing well on formula. I’ve received the ingredients today with regard to having Meyenberg powder instead of Capra.
    I’ve cut the powdered milk in half per 80z and he has taken 60z this evening.
    I do breastfeed but am not producing enough to satisfy after each feeding.
    So far, he has spit up the oil a few times. I’m wondering if any others who started using this formula at 6weeks can give me any pointers. I don’t want to have to use another formula but not sure exactly if I’m ok to supplement every other feeding.
    Thanks for any input.

    • If you’re using the Meyenberg powder it may be too much fat. Like Joe stated above, the Meyenberg often comes in whole milk form while his recipe uses the Capra Non-fat for the recipe. I just read that also and realize I have been using too much of the oils for my baby and she was spitting up the oils when she was 3 months old right after feedings. Now I know, I will make the adjustments but shes 10 months now and we haven’t had an issue even with the extra oils.

    • I have a 9 month old that has been happily drinking this formula (with fresh goats milk) first as a supplement to breast feeding from 4 months and then full time from 6 months on – when he decided he was done with breast feeding)
      The one thing that seems to get the oils in to him better is if I feed him when he is in a more seated position in my arms. That way I can keep the bottle more level so that the oils go in to the nipple and into his mouth throughout the whole feed. If he gets the oils as a hit at the end he does a lot of coughing and spluttering. Hopefully that helps!

        • Hello, Rachel. No, the recipe uses whole milk, although you can use the fat-free version of our powdered milk, if you double the quantity of ghee and sunflower oil in the recipe. I am sending you the recipe card in a separate email now.

    • Kerri,

      I started traditional formulas at 6 weeks and my son didn’t tolerate them at all. I would honestly cut the volume a little and make sure you have a slow flow nipple or something like the Medela Calma that makes them really work to get the milk like the do while nursing. Nurse first EVERY feeding that you can and then give a few ounces of formula. This will help you keep what supply you have but give baby enough to eat. There are charts online to how many ounces of breastmilk a baby should get at what ages. Their tummies are TINY so 5 ounces at 6 weeks probably crowded his tummy and that would cause the spitting up. Up until we started giving solids at 6 months or so, my son wouldn’t take more than 6 oz’s from the Calma nipple, total pumped breastmilk *I have to work* and formula combined. At 4 months he was taking 4.5 total ounces, milk & formula every 3 hrs and the Dr still told me I was giving him too much. I followed his hunger cues for increasing the amounts. If he dropped the bottle and cried, I’d give him another ounce but if he spit up I knew he’d had a little too much or had a gas bubble stuck. Just watch your baby’s cue’s and GL Mama and keep it up!!

    • I had noticed on the Meyenberg can that the instructions for a full strength 8oz glass of milk is to use two scoops, not four scoops, as Joe had initially written. So, I am using one heaping tablespoon OR a little less than a full scoop of the Meyenberg powder per 8oz bottle, and cutting the oils down to 1/2 a teaspoon…similar to the original recipe. My little one seems to be responding better. When I added 2 level scoops to his 8oz bottle (too much), like Joe had mentioned to do, it was way too strong. He became constipated.

  280. For travel, we used this formula with MUCH success! We used a large water bottle and added ALL the ingredients except powdered goat milk, probiotics, and vitamins. Then I put the dry milk in single serving amounts in snack-sized zip locks (to keep it neat we put the powder in the corner of the bag and used a rubberband to keep it in the corner so we could easily dump it in the bottle. When it was time to make a bottle, we simply filled a bottle with the liquid and added the powder. Then we shook it (sometimes stirred a bit too). The vitamins and probiotics we added once a day, which of course allowed for airplane travel without having to pull those ingredients out at all. Simple. Surprisingly, TSA didn’t question our water bottle full of a strange liquid, but I openly declared it as baby formula right up front, and I brought the recipe along with a doctor’s note just in case (but wasn’t asked for either). This recipe was WONDERFUL for our baby!!! We used it from newborn on. I only wish I’d known about it with my other children. THANK YOU!!!

    • On the question of travel… We have travelled extensively with our little guy and we have found a system that works really well. Because we use fresh milk in our bottles we pre make a batch of 10 that last for 2+ days. (Less when we are travelling because no one wants to carry that many bottles) We make them with all ingredients except for the water. When we need them we boil the kettle and pour boiling water to fill the bottle. It is a perfect temperature to melt the coconut oil and heat the milk to a reasonable temperature. It turns out this is excellent for travelling. We keep the premixed bottles in an insulated travel pack with ice and then we ask for hot water from a flight attendant or waiter. No thermoses/bottle warmers/microwave required.

  281. I would like to thank you for your formula.
    My daughter had/has a terrible cow protein allergy in a form of skin eczema. She was literary covered with blothchy red scratchy patches all over her legs and arms. That’s when I started to research on goat milk formula. We started her on goat milk when she was 3 months old. I used raw goat milk and I slightly modified your formula adding slightly less sugars and more oils (added a tidbit of flax seed oil). My daughter’s skin cleared up in a matter of days. When I told the pediatrician about the formula, her initial reaction was “Oh, well, you know, I can’t support what you do… bla-bla-bla”. I understand, everyone has to cover their behinds. But she told me that she sees absolutely no problem with the baby, as baby is getting all the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, and her blood test were all good. (Dahh, I am a nurse myself. Do they think I would hurt my own baby?!). So, relactantly, she had to agree that the baby is just thriving and well above average on every single marker (weight, height, general development).
    So, I am utterly greatful to you and your website. I will not hesitate to recommend it to other moms.

    • My pediatrician had a similar reaction when I told him I was making my son’s formula. He literally started his sentence with those exact words… “I can’t support what you’re doing…”

      How did you get past that? I showed him the recipe card and he still didn’t budge… I’m feeling very disheartened and would love any advice on how you handled that.

      • Hi Diana,

        Most doctors are under immense pressure due to their risk (or perceived risk) of malpractice lawsuits. That is probably where most of the resistance is coming from. Your doctor hasn’t heard of this kind of formula before and immediately thinks that if he endorses it he might put himself at risk.

        This is not always the case but seems to be quite common.


      • Diana,

        I went to my appt w/o even the card in hand but fully aware of what I was going to say. Organic Goats Milk Based Formula. That was my golden phrase. I said “I switched to (golden phrase) because he didn’t tolerate the commercial formulas that are cow based and you said dairy might be the problem with his eczema. His colic went completely away, he’s not gassy or fussy and he’s HAPPY all the time.” My Dr sighed at me, typed something into his computer instead of clicking one of the major brands pre-listed, and asked how many ounces per feeding. That was IT!!! I used his words to justify what I did and it worked. NO fuss, no muss, his size, weight, health, activity level, eye contact, etc spoke for itself!! He didn’t ask where I found it, didn’t ask anything else about it, but didn’t argue with me about it either! This is the same Dr that told me since I was nursing that he HAD to have vit D drops. I gave them to him two days in a row and when he started a marathon screaming fit wihtin 30 mins both days, I threw them away and told him I would NEVER give my son something that HURT HIM like that did. I would take him outside to get some natural D for a few mins at a time a few times a day before I’d EVER hurt him like that again. He’d never heard of that reaction and I’d bet it’s because we’re convinced as a society that our babies are going to cry for no reason and there’s nothing we can do. Don’t be disheartened because I’m finding more and more that you have to get your Dr’s permission to do anything. Dr’s permission to give baby different foods, to give baby a non commerical formula, Dr’s permission to do anything!!! but you know what, they’re the hired help! We ask for their professional opinion, not permission. Keep doing what you have to for your baby!! 🙂

  282. I have just started using the formula recipe with my daughter and she seems to love it. Right now I am using powdered goats milk but have been able to find very good raw goats milk. The family we get it from had their daughter on it at 6 months so I feel comfortable if they gave it to their daughter they must be very clean. Anyway, I read above that if you are using the full fat goats milk to decrease the oils. Would you recommend decreasing the oils if using raw goats milk? Also, the infant multivitamin that I was able to find does not seem to have folic acid in it. Should I be adding that in addition to the multivitamin? Thank you so much for the recipe… As you mentioned it is much more manageable then some others that I have read.

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Aleita,
      Its great to hear that the your daughter loves the formula. The reason I don’t recommended reducing the oils in raw goat milk formula is because raw goat milk is going to vary quite a lot based on what season of the year it is. Summer milk will have less fat than winter milk and so I recommend keeping the fats the same if using raw milk. You certainly can back off on the fats a bit if you want to but a little extra fat isn’t a bad thing either.

      • Hi Nicole,

        I updated the FAQ to include your question. Yes you can use organic maple syrup. 1 tbsp per 8 ounce bottle is a good rule of thumb. These ingredients vary somewhat in carbohydrate content but it is negligible. thanks!

        • I had read it wrong and have only been putting in 1 tsp instead of 1 Tbsp of Organic Maple Syrup per 8 oz bottle. ACK!! At what point do you start cutting back on the carbs? My son is 9 months old and is getting 2 – 3 meals of solid foods a day now so if there’s a point you start cutting back the carbs because of solid foods, I’d hate to go back and add more syrup to it now…

          • Connie,

            As long as you’re son is doing well, I wouldn’t worry about adding any carbohydrates back in. Yes you can start cutting back the carbs but make sure you increase the milk powder when you do as the chart above shows.

  283. I just wanted to write to say how much we appreciate all the information we have received from your site!!
    My grandson will be a year old in 2 weeks. He was breastfed, very successfully, the first three weeks of his life. Then things went bad. He developed eczema from head to toe. Cracked and bleeding on his face. Horrible diarrhea and went from a seemingly content baby to one that screamed for hours on end.
    All dairy was cut from moms diet. By 6 weeks the pediatrician talked my very disappointed daughter into trying a hypoallergenic formula. Overnight the eczema was almost completely gone. He slept. That lasted two weeks. Started all over again.
    The next couple of months were spent switching from one formula to another. Soy, easy on the tummy, prescription hypo allergenic, etc. I think a total of 12 were tried. The expense was unbelievable.
    Finally I got online and somehow found someone with a similar situation and it led me to your recipe. That was a little over 5 months ago.
    He is so healthy, SO happy and in the 99th percentile for height and weight. He is walking, saying words and comes across as a child much older.
    His pediatrician was a little hesitant when we told her about the goats milk recipe. But as soon as we showed her the recipe and nutritional content along with the fact that we included a vitamin with DHL as well as all of the B vitamins, she was good with it.
    The best part is everything in his bottle is organic and whole. We know exactly what he is eating. It tastes soooo much better than his expensive, chemical tasting prescription formula. A formula that was costing almost $20 per day and their insurance would not cover it! This formula works out to about $3 per day. (At 7 months old)
    I have even found liquid coconut oil. No more chunks in the to go bottles!
    A tip we use for traveling- place all ingredients except powdered milk in the bottle. Put pre measured powdered goats milk in a formula dispenser. When you’re ready for a bottle, just add the milk and shake! (We add the probiotics and vitamins to his night time bottle so they are not included in travel bottles)

    Again, thank you so much!!
    Michelle McAteer

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story! My baby had a very similar situation and I wish I’d known about this formula a year ago! He’s 14 months and I’m going to try this. I just wanted to caution you on one thing. The liquid coconut oil you are using is what is called Fractionated Coconut Oil. FCO has had most of the saturated fats removed. Your baby needs those fats, so I would not recommend using this oil. You really need to be using organic, unrefined coconut oil. It melts quickly and easily and you can just omit it if you are making a large batch of formula and add it in when you warm up a bottle for baby.

      • I was using the liquid at first too but have continued to do more and more research on my ingredients and discovered my mistake. These FAQ’s have SAVED my recipe because I was using the full amt of oils and full fat Meyenberg & his poo was looking greasy so I went back to this page to see if anyone else mentioned that and found out that I was adding too much fat back.

        We also have eczema trouble and I’m sure it’s related to something I haven’t thought to cut out of my diet since we do still nurse some at 9 months old, but I’m using essential oils to treat it. Found a wonderful recipe for a healing salve that clears his face RIGHT up. He only breaks out now after bath time so we do washrag baths nightly and a full bath just once a week. I’m still trying new soaps and I think this one I found from Dr Bronner that’s a baby soap is going to be the one!

  284. Thanks for the helpful clarifications. We started using your recipe about 6 weeks ago for my son who had just turned 6 months. Previously exclusively breast fed. It’s been great. Better weight gain right away and no tummy issues. I get whole raw goat’s milk from a trusted source. I’ve been mixing about half undiluted goat formula with half breast milk and not diluting further with water. At first I tried to make sure I was using the more watery foremilk but he had no constipation or other issues so I relaxed and mix it with any breast milk. As my supply has dwindled, he’s started getting about 2 parts goat to 1 part breast. He occasionally sucks on an ice cube through a mesh nibbler and seems really interested in water. Sounds like I should both reduce the maple syrup at this point and either dilute his bottles with a bit of water or give him a little more water throughout the day?

    • Hi Jade. Yeah it sounds like it might be a good thing to dilute the bottle with a bit more water especially if he is looking thirsty. Sounds like your doing great a great job! Thanks for sharing!

  285. Thank you SO much for putting this FAQ page together. My daughter has been on your goats milk formula starting when she was 2 months (with an occasional bottle) and then transitioning to all goats milk formula at 5 months. Your recipe has relieved such stress, especially with a decreasing breast milk supply. She has loved it, has thrived, and is very healthy! As she is approaching her first birthday in a couple of weeks, I came back to your site to read comments as what to do as she gets older. Now, a couple of days later, you send out this FAQ answering all of my questions! 🙂 Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide this service!

      • I can’t remember exactly how much it was a bottle but it is at least half the price of regular formula-even the store brand formula. I was spending about $130 a month when my daughter was eating around 24-28 oz a day, and on this it was around $55 a month. This definitely is the next best thing to breast milk!

          • As I started making the formula more concentrated now that my daughter is older, I realized I have a couple of questions still. You mention that you still add the oils back in because the powder is low fat. If I am using the Meyenberg Whole milk (full fat) powder, is it still necessary to add the oils back in? Also, I know that the sugar/maple syrup in not needed, but is the molasses also a carbohydrate that is now unnecessary in the formula for my 1 year old? Thanks for your help!

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