Benefits of Goat Milk Soap for Skin

Goat milk soap has so many amazing benefits... See how it moisturizes, cleans, protects, and prevents damage---all this while utilizing only the most natural ingredients!

It is no secret that milk and goat milk soap is beneficial for the skin. Its qualities have been known since ancient times. It has even been suggested that Cleopatra bathed in goat milk to preserve her youthful appearance.

Benefits of Goat Milk Soap for Skin
Benefits of Goat Milk Soap for Skin

In their efforts to back up the “old wives’ tale,” science has confirmed that goat milk-based products do indeed have many properties that help keep your skin healthy. This includes healing virtues that help soothe skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

But what is it that makes goat milk so good for our skin?


benefits of goat milk soap for skinIts many essential nutrients

A simple search on the internet will show all the essential micronutrients contained in goat’s milk. Many of them are necessary to keep our skin healthy, and only goat’s milk has them in appropriate concentrations without the need for additives.

Some of these micronutrients include vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, and E. There are even other elements with proven healing or rejuvenating properties. Goat’s milk contains traces of selenium, zinc, copper, and iron, which keep our skin nourished and healthy. In contrast, most high-end cosmetic names are careful to claim their products contain all these ingredients, but fail to tell us how they end up in the mix.

Moreover, because of its chemical composition, goat milk easily penetrates skin layers. This quality makes sure to provide deeper tissue with enough nutrients for the skin to stay and look healthy from within.

Its deep moisturizing properties

Goat milk is rich in fat molecules (fatty acids), proteins, and it naturally contains glycerin which boosts its moisturizing qualities. It’s a natural emollient, and it gets quickly absorbed by the skin, creating a barrier that keeps it protected and smooth.

Additionally, goat milk soap’s creamy texture helps it reach the in-between cell cracks and gaps easily, providing that luscious, soft feel.

Regular soaps, and even those on the high-end side of the spectrum, tend to remove the natural oils from your skin. They tend to leave your skin overly dry and with a feeling of “tightness”. The fatty nature of goat milk soap helps your skin maintain a healthy natural oil balance, and even replenishes dry skin.

Its deep yet gentle cleanse

Goat milk soap does not contain harsh detergents or harmful chemical compounds. Because goat milk already has so many beneficial elements, it is usually handmade with the most basic ingredients.

Its naturally occurring lactic acid helps get rid of impurities, leaving our skin spotless.

Goat milk also contains alpha hydroxy acids. They can break the bonds between dead cells, which makes goat milk soap a mild exfoliant. It is why using it gives the skin a glowing and clean appearance.

Alpha hydroxy acids also encourage the growth of new skin cells, helping repair damaged skin and make healthy skin look vibrant.

Goat milk soap is so gentle that even people with sensitive skin can take advantage of all its benefits without any of the consequences of using regular soap.

In fact, some goat milk soaps are so mild that they don’t even sting when they get in contact with your eyes!

Its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties

Goat milk soap’s anti-inflammatory properties come from the fat molecules present in the milk. If you use it regularly, goat milk soap can offer relief for skin inflammation.

Goat milk soap is high in antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E. They prevent the oxidative damages caused by free radicals.

Its antioxidant and mild exfoliant properties work together to help delay the appearance of the signs of aging such as fine lines and sunspots.

Its anti-bacterial properties

These attributes derive from the proteins present in the milk, and they make it great for combatting acne and blemishes. Goat milk-based skin care products can help keep acne-causing bacteria in check and kill any germs that have already caused a breakout.

Those same properties help soothe other skin infections such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and certain types of dermatitis.

Its protection of your skin against the sun

Goat’s milk has high selenium content, which has been proven to protect the skin from UV rays.

As we all know, sun exposure is one of the leading causes of skin cancer worldwide. Goat milk soap can help us add an extra layer of protection to our skin.

Selenium also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent cell damage and inflammation caused by UV rays.

Its provision of a natural alternative

Goat milk soap has a lot fewer ingredients than any commercial soap you can find at the pharmacy or supermarket.

It’s ideal for people looking to use more natural products. Pure goat milk soap does not contain any detergents, alcohols, petroleum-derived products, or dyes. Some don’t even have any added fragrances and those that do, usually get it from essential oils which are also beneficial for our skin.

If you are not yet convinced about the benefits of goat’s milk for your skin, we encourage you to give it a try. Most users see results after just a few days of switching from any commercial brand soap to handcrafted goat milk soap. You have everything to win and nothing to lose!


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