Benefits of Goat Milk vs. Cow Milk

“Milk, it does a body good.” This was the marketing mantra employed by the cow industry in the 1980’s to boost interest in cow’s milk. The campaign was wildly successful and as a result, The Dairy Farmers of America have reported sales topping 11 billion dollars in 2007. But does the overwhelming popularity of cow’s milk in the United States signify that it really is the best? Should we assume that quantity equates quality when referring to a substance that is such an integral part of our food supply? Interestingly enough, when worldwide consumption of milk is taken into account, it is not cow’s milk that is most popular but goat’s milk.

In fact 65% of the milk consumption worldwide is from goat’s milk, and this popularity hasn’t come about due to high profile marketing campaigns or big-budget advertisements.

The reasons for the worldwide popularity of goat’s milk are multifaceted. First, we need to remind ourselves that “All milk is not created equal.” The differences between cow’s milk and goat’s milk may not seem apparent upon first examination. A closer look, however, reveals several key factors that play an integral part in how milk (from either cows or goats) matches up with the human body in its various stages. All humans have been created to be sustained entirely upon mothers’ milk for at least the first six months of life. There is no other food in the world better than mothers’ milk, and it truly shows both in the laboratory and the real world. But what about after these first few months are over, and one is faced with the rest of life? Why would someone choose goat’s milk products over the far more popular and accessible cow’s milk?

Here are 5 reasons goat milk is better than cow milk.

1. Goat’s milk is less allergenic.

2. Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized.

3. Goat’s milk is easier to digest.

4. Goat’s milk rarely causes lactose intolerance.

5. Goat’s milk matches up to the human body better than cow’s milk.

1. Goat milk is less allergenic.Goat milk has less allergens

In the United State the most common food allergy for children under three is cow’s milk. Mild side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, and skin rashes and severe effects can be as serious as anaphylactic shock! Needless to say it is a serious condition. The allergic reaction can be blamed on a protein allergen known as Alpha s1 Casein found in high levels in cow’s milk. The levels of Alpha s1 Casein in goat’s milk are about 89% less than cow’s milk providing a far less allergenic food.  In fact a recent study of infants allergic to cow’s milk found that nearly 93% could drink goat’s milk with virtually no side effects! ((Freund G. Use of goat milk for infant feeding: experimental work at Creteil (France). Proceeding of the meeting Interets nutritionnel et dietetique du lait de chevre. Niort, France: INRA, 1996:119–21))

2. Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized.Xanthine Oxidase

If you were to place both a glass of fresh cow’s milk as well as fresh goat’s milk in the refrigerator overnight, the next morning you would find that while the goat’s milk looks exactly the same, the cow’s milk has separated into two distinct ‘phases’ of cream on the top and skim milk on the bottom. This is a natural separation process that is caused by a compound called agglutinin and it will always cause the cow’s milk to separate. As Americans, we like everything neat and tidy and so to get the milk to the consumer in a uniform manner, the dairy industry utilizes a process called homogenization. This method works by forcing the fluid milk through a tiny hole under tremendous pressure which destroys the fat globule cell wall and allows the milk and cream to stay homogeneous or suspended and well mixed.

The problem with such homogenization is that once the cell wall of the fat globule has been broken, it releases a superoxide (free radical) known as Xanthine Oxidase. (see picture) Now free radicals cause a host of problems in the body not the least of which is DNA mutations which often lead to cancer! Thus, the benefit of natural homogenization comes into clear view. Goat’s milk has smaller fat globules and does not contain agglutinin which allows it to stay naturally homogenized thus eliminating the dangers associated with homogenization.

3. Goat’s milk is easier to digest.

Goat’s milk has smaller fat globules as well as higher levels of medium chain fatty acids. This means that during digestion, each fat globule and individual fatty acid will have a larger surface-to-volume ratio resulting in a quicker and easier digestion process. Also, when the proteins found in milk denature (clump up) in the stomach, they form a much softer bolus (curd) than cow’s milk. This allows the body to digest the protein more smoothly and completely than when digesting cow’s milk.

4. Goat’s milk rarely causes lactose intolerance.

Goat milk has less lactose

All milk contains certain levels of lactose which is also known as ‘milk sugar.’ A relatively large portion of the population suffers from a deficiency (not an absence) of an enzyme known as lactase which is used to, you guessed it, digest lactose. This deficiency results in a condition known as lactose intolerance which is a fairly common ailment. (Lactose intolerance and cow’s milk allergy (cma) are two distinct conditions. CMA is due to a protein allergen, while lactose intolerance is due to a carbohydrate sensitivity.)

Goat’s milk contains less lactose than cow’s milk and therefore is easier to digest for those suffering from lactose intolerance. Now the interesting aspect to consider is that goat’s milk isn’t much lower than cow’s milk (contains about 10% less than cow’s milk) and yet, countless lactose intolerant patients are able to thrive on goat’s milk. Although the answer for this is unclear, it has been hypothesized that since goat’s milk is digested and absorbed in a superior manner, there is no “leftover” lactose that remains undigested which causes the painful and uncomfortable effects of lactose intolerance.

5. Goat’s milk matches up to the human body better than cow’s milk.

Cute Baby Goat

This matter is both an issue of biochemistry as well as thermodynamics. Regarding the biochemistry of the issue, we know that goat’s milk has a greater amount of essential fatty acids such as linoleic and arachidonic acid than cow’s milk as well as significantly greater amounts of vitamin B-6, vitamin A, and niacin. Goat’s milk is also a far superior source of the vitally important nutrient potassium which we discussed in a previous High Road to Health issue. This extensive amount of potassium causes goat’s milk to react in an alkaline way within the body whereas cow’s milk is lacking in potassium and ends up reacting in an acidic way.

Thermodynamically speaking, goat’s milk is better for human consumption. A baby usually starts life at around 7-9 pounds, a baby goat (kid) usually starts life at around 7-9 pounds, and a baby cow (calf) usually starts life at around 100 pounds. Now speaking from a purely thermodynamic position, these two animals have very significant and different nutritional needs for both maintenance and growth requirements. Cow’s milk is designed to take a 100 pound calf and transform it into a 1200 pound cow. Goat’s milk and human milk were both designed and created for transforming a 7-9 pound baby/kid into an average adult/goat of anywhere between 100-200 pounds. This significant discrepancy, along with many others, is manifesting on a national level as obesity rates sky rocket in the U.S.

To conclude, we have seen that goat’s milk has several attributes that cause it to be a far superior choice to cow’s milk. Goat’s milk is less allergenic, naturally homogenized, easier to digest, lactose intolerant friendly, and biochemically/thermodynamically superior to cow’s milk. As if these benefits were not enough, Mt. Capra’s goat’s milk products do not contain any growth hormones or antibiotics that massive cow dairies have come to rely upon to turn a profit! So to sum up and paraphrase the cow industry catchphrase: “Goat Milk: It Does a Body Good.”


Dr. Thomas Cooke

Graduated in 1976 from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. For over thirty years Dr. Cooke has been caring for patients in a culture of holistic treatment, practicing a preventative illness approach, while teaching and encouraging patients the importance of wellness care. Dr. Cooke did his internship at Stevens Park Hospital in Dallas TX. The past twenty five years his private practice, family medicine, has been in Centralia/Chehalis, WA. “Health care is an exciting time with technological advances and yet with these scholarly developments I’m still amazed at how our bodies try and compensate, correct and facilitate the healing process under some extreme circumstances.”

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  1. Q: I wish to switch to goat milk. I would like to know if it’s possible to buy goat buttermilk or make one? I make my own farmer’s cheese from cow milk using whole fat milk and buttermilk to help the milk go sour at room temperature for 2 days, and turn into kefir/ yogurt thickness. Then I cook this over low heat to separate the cheese from the whey. The resulting cheese is low lactose, but still contains cassein. I wish to adapt this recipe to goat milk, but unsure where to get buttermilk. And I don’t want to add cow buttermilk to goat milk. Any suggestions ?

  2. Very informative article ; answers many questions . Should have looked this question way before i turned 70. Well i’m going to convert ; no more MOOOO for this KID .Thank you ,Happy Holidays .

  3. I start just got milk drinking in Chania, Crete Greece. After then never stopped or drink other milk 10 months. My arms and my knees much better. My sholder pain disappeared! I can easily sit and stand up. I am 67 soon 68.

  4. Our son, who has been diagnosed with severe pan colitis, has been taking Capra Colosrum for the past year and a half. His immune system was suppressed from prednisone, and he constantly had nasty colds., and is experiencing some symptoms of possible osteoporosis from the side effects of the steroids. But he has not had even one cold since taking the goat colostrum! He has not been able to take any of the generally prescribed prescribed medications, even biologics, due to anaphylactic reactions to all such treatments. His gastroenterologist specialist has indicated that because of not being able to take the drugs, if our son’s condition worsens, the colon may have to be removed. Not a nice prognosis! However, so far he is keeping severe colitis at bey using natural supplements , organic diet, and the colostrum.
    The ongoing problem though now is inflammation of his colon that every few days results in bleeding and pain. It has been suggested he take whey isolate to boost the production of glutathione to aid in cell repair of his intestinal tract. The recommendation was to use a bovine whey product, but he has major intolerance and allergic reactions to bovine dairy, My question is does goat whey have a similar glutathione support? You mention the electrolyte benefits of goat whey, and that certainly is beneficial for folk who have ulcerative colitis issues, but am wondering if goat whey will also promote cellular healing which is aided by glutathion, since the goat colostrum by itself is not necessarily addressing this issue? He is hesitant to try a bovine whey product due to severe allergic response to bovine dairy, and would prefer to use goat whey isolate instead. We simply need to know if goat whey isolate has a similar glutathion benefit as bovine or not. Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Hello, Alistair. Apologies for taking so long to respond to you. For some reason we couldn’t see your post until recently.

      Goat milk and goat milk protein has outstanding glutathione pre-cursors, i.e. the primary components that allow the body to make glutathione. Although we have not tested the ISO-Goat Whey specifically for those pre-cursors, we have every reason to believe they are present in the ISO-Goat Whey as well.

      Blessings on you, your son, and your entire family. That’s a very sore trial for someone so young to have to go thru, and we wish with all of our heart that it was not so.

  5. Hi Joe, I came on this thread while googling ‘species specificity’. I have been buying Mt. Capra Goat colostrum capsules for over a year now and all I know is that since taking just two per day, to better stretch the costs, I have never gotten sick, not even a cold, EXCEPT for the two weeks I got off all supplements leading up to knee surgery, when I then picked up a nasty upper respiratory crud. Since I usually get your product via Amazon Prime and gave it a thumbs up review, Amazon routed a shoppers question I knew nothing about. It was “I have read that bovine colostrum was superior because goat’s is ‘species specific’ and therefore much less effective for human consumption”. Can you speak to that or give me a solid response to make? Thanks (and I must be the right species????). Hank R.

    • Hello, Hank. This is Jeff working the Mt. Capra Comments desk today. Don’t know why anyone would claim that bovine colostrum would be superior, since cow’s milk is a huge allergen in our population today. Alternatively, more people with cow’s milk allergies are able to take goat’s milk, and as a general rule it is understood that the biochemical structure of goat’s milk proteins and other substances are more compatible with human biology, closer to human breast milk than cow’s milk is. But you can find nearly any opinion on the internet these days.

  6. Hi I’m very interested in changing to goats milk as I’ve heard it helps reduce ezcema. Has anyone had any positive results from making this change?

  7. I’ve read several times on different websites, including this one, that one of the benefits of goat’s milk over cow’s milk is that it is not homogenised. Looking at the various options for buying goat’s milk in the UK this is certainly not true. The 3-4 brands that I have seen are all pasteurised and homogenized – though one claims to be “lightly homogenised”.

    Granted, the fat in raw goat’s milk is evenly distributed throughout. That doesn’t help much however considering raw goat’s milk is not available from the supermarket.

    Comparing like for like, commercial cow’s and goat’s milk, both are pasteurized AND homogenised.

    Or maybe things are different in the states? Can you buy pasteurized, non-homogenised goat’s milk from the store? By my reckoning that would be highly unlikely given that the act of pasteurising would cause the fat (cream) to separate from the milk anyway, thus making homogenization desireable from a commercial point of view.

    • Watch “What the Health” on Netflix and see many reasons. I was a meat and dairy eater until today, but have been getting goat milk and making kefir. Huge difference in my stomach problems,, but now I want to go plant based and see if that’s even better… With maybe some goat milk kefir and cheese!

  8. Hello. I’m nes to this site and very interested in goat’s milk history for general and personal reasons. One, my sister has dry mouth, sinus, and stomach problems. I also have stomach problems such as, bloating, gassy, and inflammation externally ( acne related skin rashes) as well as internally. I was diagnosed with cos allergy and my sister lactose intolerant. So, my question is the above issues immune related from drinking and eating milk since childhood? And if my family started on goat’s milk now, will it help even though it may not be a instant cure all? Any advice or suggestions on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and patience.

    • Hello, Shalonne. We cannot say whether or not your medical / health issues are related to milk consumption, but all of your conditions have been found in people intolerant of cow’s milk, so it is certainly possible. Having said that, please be aware that we are not doctors and do not prescribe drugs or make diagnoses. On the other hand, if you and your family are suffering with cow’s milk-related allergies, it may very well be worth it for you to try a goat’s milk alternative for a few months and see how it works for you. I hope that is helpful information.

    • Hi my name is Pamela. You might want to read a book called Dr Coca s Pulse Test. It tells you how to test with your heartbeat to test ALL or any foods or supplements for allergies or sensitivities. Its very easy- just take a 60 second pulse – then eat a food or vitamin – then take 60 second pulse again – if it goes up 5 pts – you r sensitive – if it goes up 10 pys or more – allergic! Or not good for you at this time! With allergy clearing (- liver cleansing ) you may eventually be able to eat again – but avoid for now. Test even your toothpaste!

      Also a book called – why stimach acid is good for you. Sometimes ones are deficient in hydrochloric acid or enzymes. Sometimes even dehydrated! Drink a large glass of water 30-45 minutes before any meal- body needs to be hydrated to carry enzymes to the stomach to digest food! And if hydrochloric acid is low – can take with meals. One tablet each 5 minutes – until you get acid stomach. This from NTA or Nutritional Therapy Association. They have a supplement line called Biotics – dr s formulas but also available on Amazon- intenzyme forte is a great enzyme supplement if needed also. Clear up digestive issues – thennyou can eat many more foods- bravo yogurt is another incredible food ! To get your gur bacteria in balance! Dr use it to treat autistic kids – OnLY yogurt – and kids are functioning in just a few days again. GUt health super important!

      Hope you can see some improvment soon!

    • I was having stomach problem then I went from cows milk to goat milk no more stomach problem.
      Also goat milk helps when I have craps in my leg I drink 8oz when I have leg craps in 10 mins my leg craps are gone.

  9. Goat milk is best. My 85 years old mother is having digestion problem, but when she have stated to drink raw milk of goat, all digestion problem removed.

  10. This article helped a lot to differentiate,I knew there were differences but didn’t know the specifics so I’ll be consuming more goat milk now even above organic cow’s milk. Thank you

  11. “Thermodynamics??” Am I missing something? Your assumption that since cows milk is designed to make a bigger animal, it also makes people obese sounds good on the surface, but is actually provides absolutely no logical or scientific explanation. A cup of cows milk has 12 grams of sugar vs 11 grams in goats milk; pretty much the same. As for FAT, a cup of goats milk has 10 grams, vs 8 grams in cows milk. So where does this mysterious force come from that automatically makes you fatter from drinking cows milk? By the way, “thermodynamically speaking,” the weight of a 1200 lb cow still consists of mostly muscle and bone, NOT fat, so how does that map onto the 30+ bmi of an obese person? Please do explain in words that an ignorant person like myself can understand!

  12. Hi–can you tell me why it’s powder? I’m still breastfeeding my 7 month old and I’m looking to see what kind of milk I will start him on at 12 months. I’m just wondering if I want to do this or find a local farm that sells goat milk. Thanks!

  13. Hi Joe,
    so I’ve doing lots of research on formulas. (unfortunately I can’t breastfeed my baby anymore.) One thing that all these medical professionals say that isn’t good about goats milk is that it lacks folic acid and vit. B-12 which are very essential in babies growth. Will reading through the recipe i didn’t see any products that contain those? Am i missing something or do you have any input on that?
    Jesi & Baby Charlie

  14. Joe,
    Thank you so much. We have some powdered milk but will be getting fresh pasteurized goats milk. How do you mix the recipe with the fresh pasteurized milk. Thank you so much.

  15. The reason the Dr. put a stop to the goats milk was because of the potassium percentage in goats milk and that it made her dehydrated but then I realized it wasn’t being properly mixed. I have since done research and came upon this site, and we will be going back to goats milk but adding in a vitamin supplement.

    • My daughter tried nursing and just couldn’t produce enough. We now have an almost 2 month old baby granddaughter that is constantly crying and not tolerating formula at all. They have switched it 4 times and the only time we had a happy baby that was doing well was when she was on goats milk. We did goats milk and the Dr. put a stop to that, but we are going back to it because it has been the only thing that she can seem to take and tolerate.

  16. Do you think switching my daughter to the homemade goats milk ‘formula’ will clear her eczema? Its so severe it keeps her up at night, she’s covered in blood when she wakes from scratching her face and legs, and she has horrible reactions to all formulas. Shes currently on donor breastmilk but its next to impossible to find a dairy free donor. Shes 8 months.

    • Hi, A little late I know, but did you ever sort this out? I was going to suggest trying DIATOMACEOUS EARTH?

  17. Lactose intolerance is definitely not a defect or ailment. It is the normal state for lactating animals. Lactose tolerance is a relatively recent evolutionary step made by different groups (and involving a variety of genes) across the world following the introduction of animal husbandry thousand of years ago.

    Nomadic peoples are universally lactose intolerant since they did not take up animal husbandry. The Masai of Kenya keep cattle but are lactose intolerant because they found a cultural method of ‘killing’ the lactose. They drink milk with cow’s blood and so do not need lactose tolerance.

  18. My second son was put onto goats milk at around 3 weeks of age and his crying and wind improved. From the goat dairy owners I added Bengers (old fashioned digestive enzymes) I had a perfect baby then – no more wind a happy fed baby every 4 hours.
    Now I have a grand daughter – so very windy (colic) tried on normal formulae just cried – tried soya (for 2 weeks ) – the same so much disagreement of the Dr and the Health Nurse no baby should be given this until 12 months of age – I put her onto Goats milk – she is better – with a vitamin liquid supplement. I have also given probiotics.

  19. I started giving my son goat’s milk a few months after he was born. We tried every formula on the market and he was very sick. When born he was 10 lbs by the time he was 2 months old he was close to 6 lbs he couldn’t hold any formula down and the screaming pain he was doing was unbearable to hear. He was seen by 3 different doctors and they could figure out the issue. His doctor said we could try Goats milk it is hard to find but to try it. I was able to find it at a market hour and half away and within a day he had no more issues. I was able to find a farm near my home that sells it. It has been a life saver. This farm sells milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. I would recommend goats milk for anyone dealing with an allergy. Most Walmarts sell it now in the dairy section by the quart.

  20. In one of your fact sheets you state the goat milk protein is superior to cows milk on digestion rate. Can you supply the peer reviewed published study demonstrating that claim?
    Dr. Stout

  21. This was a very informative article. Thanks for all the info on goats milk. I’m a student of T Colin Campbell and colleagues, who all express the dangers of casein in dairy, probably one of the most serious animal protein carcinogens, and the need to cut out ALL dairy from the diet. I will point out that the 27 years of study Dr. Campbell did was based on the effects of cow’s milk casein, no reference to goats milk casein. The research showed that they could actually turn cancer tumors on and off by keeping the animal protein casein to 5% of the diet of lab animals. If they gave them more than 5% of casein in their daily diets, the tumors would redevelop.

    My question , is there less of the animal protein-casein in goats milk?

    Although I had no problem giving up animal protein in the form of meat, eggs and almost all cows milk products…..I really miss my cheese. I would really be interested in your thoughts. I am a colon cancer survivor and I now follow a plant based whole food regime and exercise regularly. So far, so good. I have also had great improvement n lipids as well. Thanks and will look forward to your advice.

  22. Goats milk is widly available in Australia from the two major supermarkets and a large network of health food shops. My grandmother attested her good health and longevity ,95 to being raised on goats milk. I believe variety is the best diet. Not too much of anything and a lot of vegetables after all it is obvious looking at most people now that as a society that we eat too much.

  23. i have 3 goats 2 nubians and a nubian alpine milker. she puts out 1 gal.a day,so i have been trying to find ways of using it. my wife hates the cheese,hates the milk ,and hates the yogurt and kefir. i eat anything but admit goats milk smells and tastes like goat hair. i have found a way to make it taste great. i do the low carb thing so i know milk is mostly carbs but the nutritional benefits are high so i use it.
    here is the secret way to make goat milk taste good. low carb people all know as everyone should, coconut oil is excellent. so take a spoon of coconut oil 1/2 cup stinky goat milk and 2 drops vanilla some sweetener(i use stevia i grow )1 cup hot coffee and blend. (i use the silver bullet) it comes out foamy sweet and no goat taste.
    you can do hot or cold with ice. if you do cold make sure you use melted coconut oil . it makes a darn good milkshake on those hot days .
    and low carbs. i have been droppin the pounds(down 18 in 2 1/2weeks) when nothing else worked and i feel much better 33 so-so pull-ups and adding at 53yrs.

    • If your milk is bad tasting you may be doing something wrong. How is your sanitation ? Are you cooling the milk down rapidly as soon as you milk. You should strain your milk and cool it down quickly, you can use cold running water to cool it. If your milk is handled properly and your goats are eating a good diet your milk should not have a strong taste. Nubians are known for their great tasting milk.

      • I just bought my first litre of goat’s milk and it doesn’t taste ‘goatey’ at all. I drank a whole glass straight down, and it tasted wonderful

    • Hello shawn,

      Goats milk will not smell bad if you keep it away from a male. It is the smell of pheromones that you say smells like goat hair. I have 10 goats and keep them away from a lone male that I have and believe me there is no smell at all.

      Just milk the goat and within 10 minutes cold store it. Do not pasteurize it. Drink it cold just out of the fridge.. Believe me you will enjoy it even more.

      Best of luck..

  24. I’m drinking goat milk and I buy goat cheese only now . I’ve lost weight every week and I have not been sick at all . I feel great! Now I’m going to make ice cream with it . Thanks for the tip!

  25. I have suffered chronic cattarh in the mornings and a wheezy chest and cough for about a year. Yesterday I replaced cows milk products, yoghurts and ice cream, milk and cheese with goats.
    Wow, what a difference this morning after only one day, much better..

  26. Im suffering with terrible skin condition on my face. Tightness, inflamed, itchy and puffiness. Friend suggested I drink goats milk. She aid the properties in the goats milk will help. She had similar condition as a child and her mother started giving her goats milk and it helped clear it up.Im hoping it will do the same.

    • Drink it and buy goat soap. Chiva’s makes an excellent bar. It works. Amazingly. And FAST. They sell goatmilk lotion and creams too. I ordered online as I live farrrr away from them.

  27. my mum was told both her hip bones are soft and her left leg is so painful ,she handling sense her knee and her foot is always cold.she has difficuties in walking proparely and she was given the goat milk samplement just yesterday and im wondering would that help her and how so will she be able to see the results

  28. For those looking for goats milk, you will find it at Woolworths. Not my favourite store but, when needs must! I love it and when I read all the reports I can understand why.

  29. Thanks for this info. I’d ling known about the problems with cow milks and often advise patients to abstain especially those with skin problems or food intolerances on trial basis.
    I’ve suggested alternates such as soy and rice milk, but have never been quite sure if the benefits of goat milk. I’m off to buy my first one to try! don’t suppose you ship:)

  30. With the soon collapse of the dollar, and the stock market crash upon us, would it not be a good idea to have a couple of goats for milk instead of a couple of cows? since the stores will be out of milk?

  31. I have always been a bit funny about drinking goat’s milk. Maybe it’s their creepy eyes or bony bodies but I’ve always just thought goats were better left alone. I don’t drink cow’s milk except in coffee but I do love cheese and yogurt. I am well aware that dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, coffee, booze are just a few of the things I don’t digest well but it seems like there’s nothing left to eat. Therefore I have been experimenting with baking without most of these ingredients. I tried goat’s milk in my rice bread and I was pleasantly surprised! It tasted really good and didn’t make me sick. Since I pretty much have to cut out everything but meat and berries, it’s good to know there are some decent substitutes out there. Next I’m going to try some goat’s cheese and see how it goes…

  32. May i know if i have heartburn and gastritis problem, can i drink goat milk instead. I cannot take cow milk, chocolate drink, oat and cereal.

  33. Hi, Can you recommend a particular product (whey, etc) for someone
    with poor bone density. I read about Dr.Luteyn recommending your products to her patients with poor bone density
    but not sure which one would be beneficial.
    Thank you,

        • Hi Joe,
          I tried taking Capra whey (you suggested) and I do take enzymes. I started using 2 Tablespoons as directed on the package and had to drop to 1 Tb. I am lactose intolerant but I am continuing to use the goat whey. I have added a lactade pill to help with the side effects.
          Do you think this small amt will help bone density??
          Thank you, Sandy

          • There is not any appreciable lactose in goat’s milk so you do not need to take lactaid or anything for “side effects.”

            Here is one of my favorite goat’s milk ice cream recipes
            1 cup sugar
            1 cup goat’s milk
            1 tsp vanilla
            2 cups cream (can be skimmed and saved frozen until have enough) I have made with 3 cups milk instead and it is good but not quite as rich.
            Freeze using your favorite ice cream maker.

    • Sandy, one of the best things you can do for bone density (in addition to changing your diet) is weight bearing exercises. Use weights but be extra careful in using them. There is a proper way to weight lift to avoid injury. Lots of videos. LOTS OF THEM. Weight bearing exercises increases bone density. In fact all exercises do but weight bearing especially important exercise for women

  34. Heya great blog! Does running a blog like this require a great deal of work?

    I have no expertise in programming however I was hoping to start my own blog soon.

    Anyhow, should you have any suggestions or techniques for new blog owners please share.
    I understand this is off topic nevertheless I simply wanted to
    ask. Cheers!

  35. To Pamsey,
    I have been making my ice cream out of goat milk and havent had a cold in over a year ,thats about the time I started drinking goat milk and making ice cream.Also I was wondering if anyone out there knows if goat milk creats much fat that developes into plaque that plugs up arteries.I would appreciate any info on the subject.
    Thanks rod Haan

    • Hello Rod,

      • Barbara Melton, I’m nearly a year late seeing this blog but if you see this try going to “Goat Milk” Recipes…Soaps, cheese, lip balm etc on facebook and sign up. It’s great for recipes soaps and all things goat. I replace the cow’s cream with coconut cream due to lactose intolerance for a re-freaching change.

  36. I’m a small-time dairy goat breeder, and I love my goat milk products. The milk itself tastes so much nicer than supermarket cow milk. I also make yogurt, cheese, butter, ice cream and kefir. I’m having trouble getting my 10yo to accept goat milk on his cereal, though. Some of this info will hopefully help change his mind 🙂

  37. I would appreciate reading results of scientific investigations and especially of any disadvantages physiologically. Many thanks, Gerard

  38. Both of my kids drank goats milk every day because of allergies to milk. At one time we were getting 6 gallons a week. We also had a recipe for French Vanilla homemade ice cream that is to die for!! Yum!YUM!

  39. After suffering from stomach flu I noticed I was always sick after breakfast due to the fact I like milk on my cornflakes etc. Then my aunty told me to change to goat milk and assured me it tasted nice. I’m glad I listen to her because not only it tast good but I’m no longer feeling sick and if I’m not mistaken my skin looks better.
    Never going back to cows milk again.

  40. I like goats milk with my post work out protein shakes instead of moo juice. I feel better, more energetic and not sick like I did with cow milk.

  41. How does goats milk affect person who easily has gout/ uric acid?
    I started drinking goats milk …not sure if its the milk or not but my toes ache a bit. I found conflicting info online. .. some say it cures gout others say it causes it.

  42. I eat yoghurt and cereals for breakfast, drink tea with cows milk a lot and usually have ice-cream after dinner…I’m finding that about every 3 months I’m down with a cold/flu…could this be caused through the cows milk. When I was young I used to get colds a lot until mom and dad put me on goats milk then they calmed down. Could this be triggering it off again?

    • When you’re allergic/intolerant to a food you consume often, the function of your immune system will definitely suffer. Since your body treats the food (milk in this case) as a foreign invader, it devotes a lot of resources to getting it out of your system, which can in turn leave you more vulnerable to illness/colds.

  43. I drink a lot of tea with cows milk in it…have yoghurts for breakfast with cereals and enjoy ice-cream on some nights after dinner. I’m going down with colds now every 3 months could this be a sign that its not agreeing with me anymore. I used to be down with colds all the time as a child and mom and dad put me on goats milk which calmed them down a lot…maybe a sign to go back on goats milk?

    • I have the same problem. If I drink more than three Chai lattes with cows milk or goat milk I start getting cold symptoms. I also have keifer ( cow) in my breakfast at least three times a week. Also eating Icecream adds to the problem. After drinking/ eating a combination of these several times a week I have neck gland swelling and sneezing. If I cut out all of these I feel better. I found drinking cleavers tea for one day the symptoms go very quickly. The Blood group diet has a lot of good information on the physiology of the effects of these products on the immune system. I had been drinking Soy for a few years and became quite ill with bowel symptoms. Stopped drinking soy and recovered within three weeks but felt much better by the end of week one. I think Goat milk in moderation may be the best choice.

  44. I drink both cow and goat milk, I have cows milk for visitors and just because I like to drink it also, I like dairy products in general, but I prefer goat milk to cow milk. I buy an unhomogenized variety that is in a 1 litre carton. I buy cow milk yogurt, and organic unhomogenized cow milk, but I prefer the taste of goat milk.

    So after drinking it for quite a while I can definitely attest to he health benifits of fresh dairy and goats milk inparticular. I think goats milk goes great in a cup of tea or just a glass on it’s own. I prefer the taste of goats milk and I like to support the goat dairies in Australia, as I think goat milk is a good product and people should try it. I don’t like the fact that a lot of regular cows milks have had the cream processed throughout the product it tastes quite bad in my opinion, whenever goats milk in a carton (shake before use) is available I get it, it tastes great and is a fresh natural product.

    Should be more of it available. I tell everyone give it a try, in my opinion it’s the best tasting milk.

    • Thomas,

      Thanks for the post. …

      Question 1: What goat would you consider to be like the Texas Longhorn. Maybe not the best goat for what it does, but maybe the one that’s most tolerant to disease. … FYI, I am from Texas LOL.

      Question 2: What are your 2 or 3 top favorite milk producing goats and why? Is that maybe a silly question? … I’m curious about it, as I’m interested in buying raw land with maybe a water well on it, and am considering opportunities to gain a cashflow off the land. Chickens? Farmland? Goats milk! Lol.

  45. I love goat milk and can’t imaging ever going back. It’s mainly the growth hormone that naturally occurs in cows milk that I almost feel I can pick up on now when I have cows milk after month of drinking goats milk only. I’ve always loved cheese (in small doses) and was over the moon when I found goats Camembert at my local Sainsburys!
    As for the milk I buy St. Helen’s whole milk but whenever I can I order raw natural biodynamic goat milk from – the absolute best in my humble opinion!

  46. Thank you for your research and for sharing it with the internet community. I have been drinking goat whey for a few months and my acne is cleared up and my mensus cramps are almost completely gone! We have two Nubian goats and lots of goat product related questions. What is the difference in health benefits of the goat milk and the goat whey? How does pasteurizing the goat milk impact the health benefits of the milk, and the shelf life of the milk, and anything else? If the milk is being made into yogurt or cheese is it as important to pasteurize it? We are interested in learning the importance of pasteurizing versus consuming raw. Raw milk is consumed all over the world and was the only way milk was consumed for a long time.

  47. It has been mentioned to me that Cow’s milk causes depression. Does this also apply to Goat’s milk ? Can a human catch any type of disease or brain disease from drinking Goat’s milk. I know it’s far superior to Cow’s milk. Would someone please answer these questions and get back to me ASAP. Thanks.

  48. Why is it that goat’s milk has to be shaken up before using? Why is it that the fat settles to the bottom and not to the top as it does with cow’s milk?

  49. Hi, I have a 12 month old daughter who I have breastfeed until now, and want to start weaning her. She was born almost four weeks early and about three weeks after birth she had severe reflux, gas and iiritablity until i stopped eating all dairy and all other things I noted she would react too. I have been researching what to give her instead of cow’s milk and goat’s milk seems to be the best option. My question is -I have read that goats milk does not have enough folic acid or vit D in it compared to cow’s milk. I realize I can give VitD drops which I do already but what could I give to increase the folic acid if this is true statement?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes goat milk is low in folate and B12. Both goat and cow milk are low in vitamin D (cow milk in the store is just fortified with Vit. D) Which is why i recommend the vitamin drops. Blessings on your daughter!

    • Lisa,

      I am in nearly the same exact position as you. I have a 9 month old and I’m considering weaning him at 12 months. I hate the idea of cow’s milk but I can’t find a milk with the folate and B12 that he needs. I asked his pediatrician this past week about goats milk and she was quick to say no because of the folate/B12 issues. Here I thought I had found the “perfect” milk, but now I’m back on the hunt. I considered almond and even hemp milk, but I decided on goat’s milk so i stopped researching those options. Then his pediatrician said no to that. I wish his pedi would be more open minded about other options other than cow’s milk. I would like to see a holistic/naturopathic/nutritionist doctor along with his regular pediatrician, but insurance doesn’t cover those type of doctors so I’m left researching and relying on myself for answers that aren’t just “by the book”. Never mind the fact that cows milk has umpteen amounts of hormones and a slew of other factory farming issues.

      Point being, if I find any alternative I will post here. I did research the differences between folate (original form) and folic acid, and folate is actually its natural/better form. I wonder if I can get enough of this into his diet through solids and possibly a supplement, but I have yet to research this. As far as the B12, that is another one to add to the list!

  50. I am thankful for the information available in the website regarding goat milk. It is not easily available here at my place but still today onwards I will be getting it. Me and my son, who is 4years old would like to have a glass of goat milk one in morning and evening.
    I hope that it will be better from cow’s milk.
    If anyone have more information kindly provide me. I would appreciate if anyone can provide me with more and more information regarding the same.

  51. Is it safe to supplement 2 week old twins with goats milk? My milk supply is low and I’m mixing the amount of breast milk I do pump with goats milk. I just hate the thought of formula.

    • Hi Laura,

      I can’t give medical advice but I wouldn’t hesitate to if the little ones aren’t getting enough food. I would advise running that thought past your doctor and see what he/she thinks. Thanks!

    • Hi Kara,

      Not sure about the unpasteurized cow milk but the allergen content would be the same.

      Goat milk is actually less sweet than cow milk. (less milk sugar or lactose in goat milk)

  52. What is the ingredient in both cow’s and goat milk that produces mucous? Is there less of that ingredient in goat’s milk? Someone else brings up sinus infections/chronic sinitus but I would like more specific information. Thanks for all the good information here! We have milking goats for about a year and love goat’s milk!

  53. I started my child on goat milk at 4months! It was a last resort for her. I asked the pediatrition and he gave me alot of info on how goats milk is better for the brain and digestion. I was taking meds to produce more milk but I felt that that was bad for my child. After starting goats milk my child thrived and started gaining weight she went from 10pds to 13pds in a month. Her pediatrition was anti soy and I am too so that was never an option.
    Ill feed my next child goat milk to. Its the best and if you dont prodice enough breast milk supplimenting goats milk is great.

  54. I thought i might have an intolerance to cows’ milk so would give goats’ milk a go. My daughter also suffers from bad eczema on her arms and legs and i’d heard that it can help to cure this. I was a little reluctant to try the goats’ milk but bought a carton of Delamere Dairy’s goats’ milk anyway. It tasted really nice, fresh tasting. I couldnt even tell the differrence between the cows’ and goats’ milk. We are drinking the Delamere Dairy milk still. Its’ great, my daughters eczema has pretty much disappeared and i feel so much better.

  55. My children are now grown. But I had a your.mine.ours. blended family of 12 children. Five of the 12 were brittle asthmatics. I choose to raise a couple of goats for pets, and for dairy. The asthma cleared up, the family enjoyed the goats, and I loved the milk and dairy production. Goats are easy to train, and small enough to be handled by anyone in the family. I did debud or dehorn my goats and I did use the males for meat. Thier meat is delicious and nourishing. I also ket my goats in bedding of straw or pine chips and used these in the garden. Without even trying we had best of all worlds in our backyard.

  56. Hi my son is 15 months old and he is allergic to high protein diets,including dairy,fish,nuts and egg.I tried soy milk as well but no use…he is allergic to it as well.I am so frustrated to give him some kind of milk to fufill his calcium and protein requirement….I have one good hope,goat milk.Hopefully results would come positive.

  57. I was born and grew up in China, at a time when food is not plentiful, especially things like milk, milk powder (no formula in those days in China), and sugar. My mum breastfed me to almost 2 years old, and I was mad into all kinds of diary products. After weaning me, she tried very hard to find milk/milk powder/condensed milk for me but was very difficult. Eventually, she settled on goats milk because a peasant family lived close to us in the country side had goats. This family has goat milk, food resources were not scarce for them, as they also grew their own vegies, but they lack cash and markets were a long way off. So mum struck a deal with them by offering to buy their goats milk. Every morning, their son will take a mummy goat to walk to our door, and called out at our door upon arrival, and I would dash out with a big china bowl for him to place right underneath the mummy goat tummy, to pull the teats to milk her, and fill up my bowl. Then mum would give the young boy cash, I think was 50 cents or something, small amount for now, but not so small back then. Then my mum will boil the milk and lace it with some table salt for me to drink it as breakfast. Sugar was hard to get those days, so she settled on salt for taste, and it turned out that salt goes better in taste with goats milk, than sugar. I’m now in my 40s, living in Sydney, and I still can remember the days I was given goats milk. My younger son, 3years old has lots of food allergy. Last week, someone mentioned to me to try him on goats milk, so here we are, bought him goats milk from super market. All of a sudden, I feel grateful for goats, it gave me nutrition when cow’s milk was not available when I was a toddler and now it might help out my younger son as well. That’s gratitude across 2 generation, 2 genders and 2 countries, how amazing!

  58. Is there a non-powdered goat milk brand you would recommend? I usually use full fat milk for latte’s and teas. I’d like to get away from dairy because I just got over bronchitis and I hear milk just adds to phlegm. Any thoughts?

  59. Thanks for the information…good to learn that….and now, they put so much junk in the cow milk before it arrive on our tables, that it is not like it was 75-100 years ago, when everything was ”natural”.

  60. Hi! 😀 I’ve been lactose intolerant sense I was a wee person. So for a lot of my life I took supplements to catch up on my nutrition because if I had milk or cheese my stomach would get VERY upset…and don’t get me started on yogurt! Ha ha! Anyway, for about three years now I have been drinking goat milk and other products and everything went grate! 😀 Was a bit frightened at first but nothing happened. I felt a grate satisfaction in my belly. Also my autistic brother couldn’t eat cow dairy either! So that’s what got me started on the goat dairy. 😀 Reading your article was a joy! Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Seems to me a lot of people who always thought they were lactose intolerant were actually cow milk protein intolerant. Lactose is just glucose and galactose and really shouldn’t be that problematic in and off itself. The protein is normally what will cause people problems, whether it be gluten, peanut protein or cow milk casein

    • Hi Lori,

      The extra vit D in cow milk is only there because the law requires milk producers to add it to the milk before bottling.

      Your infant vitamin drops will deliver the amount of vitamin d your baby needs.


  61. I just received some goat milk that was frozen for any of the baby goats that might need to be bottle fed. Since my friend didn’t need the milk she gave it to me to try. There are some impurities it looks like in the milk. Is there a way to filter the milk and is it safe to drink? Is there something special I should do before we taste it? We are thinking about getting a couple dairy goats because we really like to drink milk and make yogurt. Thanks for your advice.

    • I would not use any raw milk that I was positive had been handled safely.

      Raw milk is wonderful but can make you (or your baby) very sick if it has been contaminated.

      No free milk is worth getting sick over.

      Take care

  62. Thank you for the information on cow vs goat milk. It’s got me thinking and concerned. I was raised with dairy products from cows, and I used to give my son cow milk all the time. With the mention of hormones in cow milk, I wonder if milk had anything to do with me growing breast in the 3rd grade, or why my son is 4, and can pass for a 7 yr old. I used to make sure he drank milk everyday, but after reading this, not anymore.

  63. I love this article! I have a 21 month old who was breastfed until she weaned herself 2 months ago. I did a lot of research about the benefits of goat milk vs cow milk. We live in a small town in Canada and they don’t sell goat milk at our grocery store, we have to get it from a natural food store and its super expensive. But I think it’s so worth it. We tried cow milk before and she got such bad diarrhea, I think she’s lactose intolerant and she has no reaction with goat milk. I’m so glad I did my research, it’s been 2 months and she’s as happy as can be!

  64. We bought one acre of land where we could have a hobby farm experience…. I wanted to get cow that we could milk and become one step closer to self reliance. My husband did not like the idea. So we did some research and discovered that we have all been duped into the cows milk thing. We took the plunge and bought the cutesy little Nigerian dwarfs, a mother and two kids. We sold the wether and tried to milk the doe. Not successful… The next spring our two does had 6 kids and 4 lived! What joy! We were soon into another attempt at milking, SUCCESS! We did not get much from our tiny goats but loved the milk and soon we wanted more for our children and grandchildren. We then bought a Nubian /Nigerian dwarf mix. What fun it is to fill our jars and go sound playing milkman!!! We think this summer we will have a lot more milk but still not enough. I have to figure out how to tell my husband we might need to keep a couple of our kids. This is sooooo fun. We have never lived on farms and this is an experience we recommend to anyone with the land to do it.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for sharing your story. You should check out the Toggenburg goat. They give a great butterfat % and are very easy to work with. They also are the smallest full size goat.


  65. I have a confusing dilemma. I’m wondering if goat’s milk might be an option for me; if you could listen to the story (I will try to make it as brief as possible), maybe you could let me know if it is a viable option? Okay, here goes:
    About 6 weeks after I had my son, I had a choleosystectomy (forgive my spelling). It was an emergency surgery as my gall bladder was badly infected and about to burst due to the excessive amount of gall stones. I had this surgery and my abdominal pain eased, some, I would occasionally have nasty flair ups that would land me back in the ER on a morphine drip. The pain flair ups were in the same location as when I had the pain from my gallbladder. My doctors (I have a couple) have been unable, as yet, to determine what is wrong with me. Anyway, my GP (who is also a DO) has placed me on a “back to zero diet” as he called it. I basically am not supposed to have dairy/lactose, nothing spicy, no saturated fats (or limited amounts), no added oils, etc… he said he basically wanted to detox my body from the nasty stuff I’ve been putting in it (thanks, mcdonald’s). I’ve been on soy and rice substitutes for a while now and while they are great, they are also rather expensive. For a while the diet he put me on helped. Then I started to notice that I would have abdominal pain when I ate ground beef, then pork, then turkey, then chicken. The only animal I can eat anymore, without causing abdominal pain and then spending an hour in the bathroom, is fish. Now, I have found that eating soy meat and tofu helps a great deal and everything was hunky dory for a while, now I can’t even eat egg whites. Avoiding most animal proteins has kept me relatively pain free (it sometimes rears it’s ugly head, still), but comes at a cost. My family is having to make these same sacrifices, and that’s just not right. Having read all this I’m wondering if you think that goat’s milk might still be a possibility. I’m really hoping it’s a possibility because I would like some kind of normalcy in my life. It’s one thing to choose a mostly vegan lifestyle (more power to ya) but is a completely different animal (or in this case vegetable, lol) to be forced that way just to avoid pain.

  66. I just figured out that I have gluten sensitivity and so I went to a local food coop today to buy gluten free pasta and flour, while there I picked up my first pint of goat milk. I love it and will only be buying it from now on. Thanks for the great article.

  67. I live in Alaska, and about 6 months ago I brought home 4 does of mixed breeds. I had NO idea how awesome these animals were, and didn’t know I was going to love them so much… (My girls are mixes of the Oberhalsi, Nubian, Saanen, and Alpine breeds) Currently, only 3 of my furry babies are in milk, and these girls give us about 2 gallons of milk a day, and we gladly offer goat shares to a few people who absolutely ADORE the milk. A few people who ended up buying a share of our girls tried goat’s milk before, and did not like it, but when they tried ours, they were amazed.
    We don’t have a buck near our girls, so there is None of that “goaty” taste, or smell.

    Thank you SOOO much for posting this information.!!!
    A LONG time ago, I read what you wrote here to my 2 young children, an 8 year old boy, and a 5 year old girl. I also explained how the ‘milk’ industry works, and how badly the animals are treated…. Now, both of them make sure to tell everyone abut how “bad” store-bought milk is! LOL They won’t even drink milk in school, and ask to bring their own every morning. 🙂

    I wish more people could find this, and more would open their minds about milk from these wonderful animals. I MUCH prefer the taste of milk that I get from my sweet goats over the taste of cow’s milk… Hubby loves it too, and raves about it to everyone…

    And, if I let the milk sit in the fridge for a couple of days (usually when I am going to use it to make cheese), The cream WILL separate (though not as ‘clearly’ as cow’s), and I can take the cream off of the top, and use it in my coffee.!!! YUMMMY..!!!

  68. Hello,
    Thank you for all the information.
    Ok hencern my daughter just turn 3.
    I breast feed here until she was 15 months . She was super healthy
    Then I start with goat milk and she loves it but when she turn 3 she start having a cough and cough all the time with no reason .
    I quit her goat milk for a nth and it stop. I don’t know if it was
    cause of the season or what but it stop and she almost kill me cause she loves her purple goat milk so she made me promise and I got it again this week and guess what
    Her cough is back I don’t know what to do please advice .!!!!

  69. Goat milk, like cow’s milk will foam very well when they are on pasture (spring/summer), but when they go to feeding hay in the late fall and winter, the milk won’t foam up as well. We use goat milk for just about everything, kefir, yogurt, chevre, fromage blanc, cheesecakes, dips, sauces, custards, soap…and on and on! We keep our herd to about five milking Alpines per season…gives us 5-6 gallons per day. We have one lactose intolerant adult who can now have milk, cheese, ice cream etc in any amount he wants, and my skin allergies have completely disappeared (which our doctor is attributing to the goat milk…wow!)

    Also to mention, they are friendly, social animals that learn their names and come when called, love attention and are a joy to work with. Only the bucks stink, the does don’t smell at all

  70. Hi, on the jug of Goat’s milk I bought it says that it is
    pasteurized what does that mean? Also should I be giving my son a separate dose of Vitamin D now that I am not giving him Cow’s milk?

    • Hi Chantelle,

      Pasteurized means that the milk has been heated to kill any bad bacteria. It is required by FDA regulation/law to pasteurize milk. We get Vitamin D from the sun so if your boy is in the sun enough you shouldn’t have to supplement much.


  71. I want to put my daughter on goats milk but she is only 8 and a half months old. Shes starting to loose interest in nursing and will only nurse for a couple minutes sometimes not even. So I know shes not getting enough like she should be which I feel is making her up 3-4 times during the night cause shes still so hungry and fussy through the day. She does get solids as well up to 3 times a day but she doesnt seem to be gaining as much weight either. Although I havent had her weighed since her 6 months check up and dont see the doctor until shes a year old. Since she was born shes had bowel troubles (constipation). She gets 1 bottle of formula before bed but thats all the formula she gets. I dont want to put her on formula fully because I know it will just make her even more constipated. So I would like to switch her to goats milk at 9 months (will be on Oct. 1st) or even now. Any thoughts on when its safe to switch her to goats milk??

  72. very informative website. we have 5 goats that are producing milk right now. they have been milking for a little while now and i haven’t tried it due to the annoyance they are. they are loud and annoying. well, the nubians are anyway. but, i decided since we didn’t have any cow whole milk in the fridge that i would go with goats’ milk. delicious! what have i been missing out on??? the feta we made with it was better than cow feta too. we are currently working on making chevre. i am glad to hear it is better for me than cow milk. there is no foul smell, especially when it starts warming up a little bit. i was waiting for it to happen, and it never did. it would good all the way to the last gulp. now as a chef, i am thinking about using it in my daily cooking as well. how does it handle with being steamed in let’s say a latte? would it froth the way cow milk does? i think it would be delicious in a coffee drink. goat milk cream sauce would add some flair to things too. if i could go straight goat, i think i might.

    • Wow, where is your restaurant? I would come for sure. Have you ever though of offering gluten or grain free items on your menu?

  73. I have a question for you. I was told by my doctor that I cannot digest the whey in cow’s milk. I know that cow’s milk and goat’s milk have one protein in common. What is/are the other proteins in goat’s milk?

    • Hi Julia,

      Both goat milk and cow milk have whey protein but goat milk protein is far more digestible than cow milk. If you switch to goat milk, you’ll never goat back!


  74. I have a 12month old beautiful son. I nursed until he was 11 months but due to illness and antibiotics, I had to stop. Tried Organic full fat cows milk. Though it helped him grow, it also cursed him with horrible ongoing constipation. After trying everything with no relief, and getting no additional advice from his pediatrician, I did my own research and discovered that goats milk is much easier to digest. I now mix his bottle with a combination of cows and goats milk and it has made a huge difference. I would do all goats except for the cost factor. Thank uou for your informative website

  75. I’ve discovered that dairy products (cow) cause my asthma/congestion to really flare up because of the mucous build up–would goat’s milk not have this effect on me?

    • This is a common side effect for cow milk and one that is rarely seen in goat milk. In fact most people who suffer from a mucus build up with cow milk are free of such a build up with goat milk. Great question!

  76. I’ve been doing some research on acne free diets, and I’ve found that goat milk comes up as a popular substitute for the fattier cow’s milk. I’m going to try switching to goats for awhile to test this, do you think that goats milk would be better for your skin from a biochemical stand point?

    • Madeline,

      Absolutely! In every way. That is why goat milk soap is so popular. The fatty acids caprylic, caproic, and capronic acid are all excellent for the skin and found only in goat milk!

      • I have been using goats milk soap for about a year and about 6 weeks ago completely went off cows milk substituting it for goats milk and soy milk products.
        It has made a huge difference to my acne and psoriasis.

  77. Hi, This is very informative. I’m just starting to drink goat’s milk, as I’m figuring out that as I age I might be getting lactose intolerant. I have tried and liked soy milk too but it seems to be an overly-processed product. I love goat cheese anyway, that’s been the only cheese I’ve been eating for awhile now. My question: Is it OK to froth goat’s milk to use in coffee? Would it destroy its properties? Thanks.

  78. One Nubian doe provides both my grandparents and our family with more than enough milk; I love having warm goats milk with honey, ginger, cinnamon and cloves every night before bed. 😉

  79. Found your site when I was checking out goat milk. Recently, I was told by a GP that goat milk has the highest cholesterol. Please advise. Thank you.

      • Cholesterol is NOT an essential “nutrient”. That is completely inaccurate and misleading. Our body makes all the cholesterol we need entirely on its own. It does not require a dietary source and, in fact, too much is harmful.

        • Mel, this would be a good read if you:

          True, cholesterol is not an essential nutrient since the body can produce it. If we get it from foods, simply only get it from healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocados, healthy animals such as wild caught lean meats and grass-fed ones. Then get out in the sun for a sensible amount of time and convert some of that cholesterol into vitamin D. If you are truly worried about your cholesterol intake, get blood tests once in a while checking your levels. The cholesterol in the goat milk products should have no negative effects on your cholesterol levels unless you are living an un-healthy lifestyle.

          • Yay Greg!! Goat’s milk over cow’s milk, free range (not free run) eggs, grass fed/finished red meat, locally or personally grown produce, honey over sugar, never eat anything with more than 2 ingredients on the “ingredients label”. I agree!! Except, the cholesterol tests can be terribly miss-leading. Total cholesterol doesn’t matter nearly as much as the balance, and they type of LDL and HDL (small or large) is much more important. Why now just eat the foods that we actually know we should and not worry about all of these tests. Healthy meat, veggies, seeds, nuts, lower sugar fruits: organic if you can afford it, and no GMO’s It is easier than you think. I love goat’s milk, no thick mucussy film in your mouth, without mentioning anything else, goat’s milk is refreshing compared to cow’s.

  80. I really like goat’s milk! Never tried up unil about a year ago, I saw a packet of St Helens whole goat’s milk in Sainsbury’s and decided to give it a try. I was expecting it to taste like goat’s cheese, but I couldn’t be more wrong! It was a lot more creamy and had less of that tart/sour taste that cow’s milk sometimes has, and it didn’t have that funny greasy after taste that cow’s milk has or have as much of an odour as cow’s. I find it alot easier to drink on it’s own in comparison to cow’s milk, I think from now on I will be switching permenantly to goats!

  81. Our was not able to breast feed her baby and put her on formula. We found that unfortunately she obviously inherited her father’s lactose intolerance and had stomach cramps all the time while doctor’s tried different formulas. Finally doctor put her on soy formula (stinks) which helped a little then said to stick with the soy stuff and that she would have the pain until she grew out of it. Righfully so, our daughter didn’t like that option. Against pediatricians wishes, she consulted a holistic doctor who recommended goat’s milk. We went some distance to a goat farm to get it and then found out that the local grocers carried it. We did have to ask one grocer to get some in which they did. The milk was so rich that we were told to not shake it up and and in addition to that, dilute it. We were amazed at how much fat was left in the bottom to be thrown away. Anyway, we were so thankful because our baby thrived on it and no more pain! Today she is a beautiful, healthy intelligent twelve year old.

  82. I think goat milk is great besides doing my research. I’ve read alot of ariticles about the benefits of goat milk and some of them are good for digestion, respiratory, and vision. My son has been drinking this milk since he was born now at nine months amaziningly he can pick up a small particle from the floor when he is crawling, he plays with it and throws it back on the floor and picks it up again or picks up other small particles. He has gained healthy weight he has grown in bone mass and has lean skin not much fat on him which, this milk is amazingly good.

  83. I tired fresh goats milk for the first time yesterday. (I am a big milk drinker but never tired goats milk.) I was a little hesitant at first. Not sure if I would like it or how it would affect me. Verdict? It tastes better than cows milk and I feel good. I bought the milk from a goat farm in the mountains east of San Diego, CA.

  84. I had tried goat milk before, not fresh from the farm, but the one sells in a health food store. I tried the powder one and the carton one. I would say both taste very goaty to me. I was surprised that many people didn’t taste the “goatiness” and many of them even told me that it tastes almost the same as cow milk????

  85. I just like to say to the folks that are,, ummming the will or won’t they,,,
    Please just go ahead an try,,,,, its the best thing I’ve done!!!
    i would always have painful, grumbling stomach, and lots of trouble for the in the toilet department,,,
    I’ve only been drinking goats milk for 3 weeks now,, and what a difference,, and the best bit,, even my skin has improved in many ways too,, I’m not so dry or spotty!!!
    Now, i only hear my tummy rumble because its hungry,, I must admit, its been hard to avoid my favourite foods, because of it being made of cows milk (esp ice-cream)
    an for the taste of the goats milk,, its G8!!!! (0:

  86. I’m a senior citizen and suffer from lactose intolerance. When my 5th grandson was born, my daughter nursed him for two years. Once he was weened from the breast milk, she started giving him goat’s milk with no problem. He loves his milk and is now three years old and continues to drink goat milk. He is a very healthy little boy. Being that he started drinking goat’s milk, I too started drinking the skim goat milk and have had no lactose intolerance and it agrees with me very well. I have grown to like the taste and will continue to drink it. It is so much healthier and beneficial for you than cow’s milk.

  87. I am currently in the process of going vegan and have given up everything but the cream in my coffee and cheese…I still crave those two comfort foods. One of my main reasons for going vegan is factory farming and how we are treating animals in North America. I have been trying to get information regarding how goats are raised for dairy products and whether or not the same factory farming processes are used for goats as are currently used in raising dairy cattle. I like goats milk and goat cheese and I would love to be able to keep my two comfort foods if I know that the goat products I purchase in the grocery store come from ethical farming methods.

    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks for the comment. Our goats are free range and live happy healthy lives in the Pacific Northwest.

      Check out our video on the home page if you want to see the farm.


  88. This was a great article. Not only enlightening me but also explaining it so I could understand! I think I’m going out this week and buying goats milk for my 2 1/2 year old son…hopefully it’ll help with his stuffy nose he can never seem to get rid of. Thanks for this!

  89. Its a privilege to read about the benefite of goat milk in human body,i actually tried it before i thought of the benefits.thanks for enlisting me.

  90. Thank you for the wonderful article – it’s good to be reminded of the benefits of goat’s milk. I grew up in Europe, so I have had some as a kid; now I am definitely interested in finding some locally and using it in place of cow’s milk. While the article and every comment provided useful and exciting information, I didn’t see anything about processing the milk before consumption. Wasn’t there a ‘boiling’ process that should be undergone before drinking it?

  91. Mt.Capra.
    Thanks for your response on March 22, about goats milk & my daughter’s allergies.
    We tried “goat’s milk”. Oh! Mt.: my daughter immediately got an allergic reaction to drinking it. Her lips got swollen as soon as her lips touched the goats milk. We’re now trying coconuts milk. I’m at wits end. She’s lost 10lbs.. She’s now having constupation issues now? Dr’s. are baffled. Do you have any other idea’s. Thanks for your help in this matter.
    mike orly Miami

  92. I was following this story with great interest right up to the point where the author referred to the enzyme, Xanthine oxidase, as a free radical, and implied that drinking milk containing this enzyme could contribute to free radical damage or cancer in your body. I quote:

    The problem with such homogenization is that once the cell wall of the fat globule has been broken, it releases a superoxide (free radical) known as Xanthine Oxidase. (see picture) Now free radicals cause a host of problems in the body not the least of which is DNA mutations which often lead to cancer!

    Unless the digested peptides cause allergy. . . .the enzyme xanthine oxidase will NEVER have a chance to cause free radical damage to your body because it is chewed up into small peptide bits by stomach and intestinal enzymes (e.g. pepsin, various peptidases).

    • Scott,

      I removed the parts of your comment that seemed less civil because I think you bring up a good point and I didn’t want anyone to have their eyes glaze over.

      The Xanthine oxidase itself causes the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which is the superoxide. These cause the oxidation problems. See citation below. Also, check this article for more on ROS:

      Ardan T, Kovaceva J, Cejková J (2004). “Comparative histochemical and immunohistochemical study on xanthine oxidoreductase/xanthine oxidase in mammalian corneal epithelium”. Acta Histochem 106 (1): 69–75. doi:10.1016/j.acthis.2003.08.001. PMID 15032331.

  93. I am new to this site. I really appreciated this article. I do have a question though. Is raw goat’s milk as nutrional as raw cow’s milk with the probiotics and enzymes? Would it have the same health benefits in this area as cow’s does? Thanks. I am newer to the whole foods, fresh milk and am curious about this. We own a herd share of Goats and get our goat’s milk from there. We LOVE the fresh goat’s milk, the taste is wonderful!

  94. its just getting used to the taste (or rather smell) of the goat milk and then things are different. I remember my grand father telling me that in India during ancient time when there were no medicines for tuberculosis and other ailments, people used to treat these by having Goat Milk

    • Hi Tammy,

      Great point about the tuberculosis. I forgot about that one.

      Where are you sourcing your milk? There really shouldn’t be any odd smells. Maybe slightly tangy but nothing bad.

      Thanks again!

  95. Umm unless I messed up in science class doesn’t thermodynamics have to do with physics and heat calculations? Although I suppose one could argue that milk involves the transfer of energy, but still I don’t know if it was used in the right context here. I could be wrong I’m just saying everything sounded fine until I hit that part of the argument.

    Either way I liked the article and still intend to try goats milk.

  96. We are at our wits end. Our daughter was born with numerous allergies. The deadly one’s are Peanut & Latex. But lately she’s having reactions to what we thought were “her eatable foods”. Rice & beans, spagetti (pasta?), some other normal foods. She’s always had reactions to: Cow’s milk, soy milk, lactose & gluton intollerant, mustard, ketchup, citric acid, lemon-lime, strawberries, eggs, fish, shrimp,tuna (anything out of the Ocean), etc. The list is long. HELP! We as parents, want our Daughter to grow up Healthy & Strong. It seems that there’s always some-thing NEW popping up. We’ve run a brick wall with Doctors. We’re willing to try Goats Milk. Do you have any other suggestions ???

    • Hi Mike,

      The only thing I can tell you is that cow milk and soy allergies are some of the most common allergies affecting children. I would avoid them at all costs. As far as goat milk is concerned, I was deathly allergic to cow milk as a child be thrived on goat milk. Its worth a shot. Talk with you doctor if her allergies are life threatening.

      Thanks and we hope your daughter gets through this tough time.

      God bless.

  97. I drink a lot of milk, and I work-out a lot, two gallons of cows milk a day, but now I drink less and I got the strength of a bull. love the goat milk.

  98. I would like to say THANK YOU! For having a protein powder that does NOT contain Soy Lecithin. I have been endlessly searching and finally found Mt. Capra!

  99. For those who don’t like the TASTE of goats milk, there is a really simple solution– from what I’ve read, that funky taste that goats’ milk often has is a result of the lactating female goats being kept near the male goats. The male goats release a pheramone (sp?) that triggers some kind of reaction in the female goat, causing her to produce milk that tastes kinda musty. So if you keep the female goats away from the male goats, then you don’t get the musty flavor.

    This makes sense since I’ve had some goat cheese that was super strong, and other goat cheese that was indistinguishable from cow’s cheese (much to my dismay, because I love goat cheese).

    So, if you want to switch to goats’ milk but can’t stand the taste, just find a provider (probably a local one) who keeps the male and female goats separated.

  100. My daughter had difficulty with cows milk starting around the age of 3. I tried everything, soy milk, almond milk, but she didn’t like any of it. We live on a very remote military base, so the options are limited. We went to a specialty grocer in town and there I found my savior, Goat milk!! She tried it and we never looked back! She loves it, and prefers it to cows milk, and now my 2 year old son wants it as well. We are starting to move to all goat dairy product. Even Laloos ice cream!

    • Hi Lilian, you will want to check with your doctor before you give the goat milk to your 4 month old. Also, you will want to make sure you supplement vitamin D and folate and goat milk is low in both of these nutrients.

  101. I have had a milk allergy most of my life. I am 53 years old. I was taken off cow’s milk and given goat’s milk for two years. I improved so greatly, the doctors said they must have been mistaken about the allergy. After being put back on cow’s milk, I developed asthma. I have read that all protein allergies are the same. Will goat’s milk effect me the same as cow’s milk? I have had asthma so long my allergic reactions are very violent. Is it safe to eat goat cheese, etc.

    • Marie: As with any medical condition, you’re going to want to talk with your doctor. However, I will say this much: All protein allergies are not the same. I would find a good doctor who doesn’t look down their nose on alternatives. Seek their advice and then make the decision!

  102. My mom has sent me on a quest to look up products made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep and wildebeasts. I am finding the nutritional benefits of the non-cow milks to be very interesting. I am on this quest because my mom is giving Christmas presents to her siblings this year in the form of donations to Heifer International, a.k.a. “The Heifer Project”, in the name of each sibling. She is giving each recipient a basket of produce made from one of the animals their donation is purchasing. We will also be including the nutritional information I am finding. I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn about the wildebeasts next…

  103. I am lactose intolerant, breast cancer survivor (early ductal insite-2, high estrogen based) I also suffer from a mild chronic pancreatitis from a car accident some 30 year ago. I am thankful to have found your sight. The comments people leave are helpful and your news letter is great. Tho the taste of goats milk takes some getting use to, i use goats milk yogart and the milk in the morning with groundflax seeds in a mixed berry smoothie. I use stevia to sweeten it. Stevia helps to regulate blood sugars thru out the day. My stomach hurts and feels sour with cows milk but with goats milk i have no issues and my stomach handles it well. No problems. I like the heating process you use over homongonized cows milk. Since using goats milk and yogart i seem to have less gas and it agrees with me well. My aunt as a baby was allergic to cows milk and she was actually given goats milk right from the goat, granted this was before laws came out on making all milk not in raw form. I wonder if goats milk causes estrogen levels to rise? Do you have an answer? Goats milk is more alkaline there fore better for my body, cancer lives and grows in acidic bodies. Looking forward to more news letters from your site. Thank you so much. Cindy

    • Cindy, thanks for your comment. As far as goat milk causing estrogen levels to rise, I can’t say definitively either way. Generally stressors cause those levels to rise and so my guess would be no. Thanks again.

    • You’ve been sold a bill of goods about acidic vs. alkaline diets and cancer. “Acidic bodies?” Sorry, but the human body has an amazing ability to maintain homeostasis between acidic & alkaline, regardless of what we do or do not eat. Cancer cells are not fueled by acid, nor does “sugar cause cancer.” ALL cells thrive on sugar in the form of glucose–to which everything we eat (other than pure fat) gets converted to some extent. Cancer cells divide faster (uncontrolled cell division is the hallmark of malignancy) and don’t die off when normal cells (which at one time they were) would. So the “sugar causes cancer” myth stems from the fact that glucose or fructose is used as the “carrier” for the radioactive dye used as contrast in PET scans. Cancer cells, being more active, take up more of the sugsr-dye solution and that’s what makes them “light up” on PET scans.

      That being said, goats’ milk is nonetheless nutritionally & medicallt preferable to cows’ milk for myriad reasons–none of which have to do with pH.

  104. I wanna give my 18 months old son goat milk because he is milk allergy where can I got it I m living in Alexandria, VA
    Plz someone help me

  105. Due to some growing health issues I began to change all of my eating habits and so long story short I bought a dairy goat doe and then several…I was so pleased to find the milk was not very different in flavor from cow’s and I began to feel better and better, the less processed food I ate. There is a big difference in taste between store bought processed/pasteurized goat milk and it isn’t pleasant IMO, and my does’ raw fresh milk. I hope I never have to be without my amazing goats and their fantastic milk.

  106. Very Interesting article.I was quite reluctant to taste goat milk.I had no idea goat’s milk is so much healthier for us than cow’s milk.But after reading your post on all the benefits of goat milk, I would like to give it a try.

  107. I love your writing style and how you write articles, really perfect. Do you consider writing for other blogs as a guest?

  108. We have been told by several other moms that goat’s milk would be beneficial for our baby who is struggling with acid reflux and has not been able to gain weight very well. She throws up frequently and has never liked to take a bottle. She was born with extreme health issues, spending her first two months of life in the hospital. Drs. tell us goat’s milk is not a good choice for her for any infant, but nothing else they have done for her has helped. She is now 5 months old. Have you ever known goat’s milk to be a safe replacement for commercial baby formula? We are aware things need to be added to compensate for the lack of B vitamins, folic acid and iron.

    • Hi Brenda! We never would tell you to go against your doctors wishes on what to feed a baby with such extreme health issues. One piece of advice that might be helpful is that doctors are not infallible and if you are just not seeing good results from what your current provider is advising it may be time to get a second opinion. Hope your baby feels better soon. As a side note, all formulas have some kind of milk base whether it is cow milk or soy milk so to dismiss all goat milk as being bad all the time for infants is to be a little short sighted. Hope this helps!

      -Mt. Capra

      • We found that pediatricians are extremely pro-formula even when it causes pain in babies. They really frown on diviating from their recommendations so don’t expect their approval. Our late daughter’s baby inherited her father’s lactose intolerance and pediatrition put her on soy milk which only helped a little and it stinks. Our daughter was told that her baby would have to suffer until she grew out of the problem but to keep her on the soy anyway. Who wants to see their baby crying all the time from stomach pain? In frustration, our daughter took her baby to a Holistic Doctor (they’re real doctors) who put her on goat’s milk. Bingo…her problems dissappeared and she is now a healthy and intelligent 12-year old who is no longer lactose intolerant. After our daughter passed away, her husband and now has a new baby with his new wife. The baby’s mother’s milk is drying up and after trying to suppliment with formula, it looks like the new baby has also inherited the problem. Her mother has bought some goat’s milk to try after I told her how well the baby’s sister did on it. Just be sure to follow directions from the carton or the internet on using the milk for infants because it’s so rich it must be diluted but I can’t remember how much. Please don’t try to figure it out on your own.

  109. Thanks for sharing all of this valuable information on Goat’s Milk, I have never had it before, I need to check this out. Until recently I did not know my daughter was lactose intolerant. This is another reason to try Goat’s Milk!

  110. I have just ordered some of the mineral whey. I drink raw guernsey milk as I heard that it is the holstien cow that has the highest of that particular casein. I do goat milk accoasionally as well. What are your thoughts on raw from a non holstien cow? Is there any benefit?

  111. Hi Mt Capra,

    In your answer to Jenny you mentioned 120 degrees as the temp to answer the pasteurization question. Are you saying that you do not go above 120 degrees or is that just the drying? Also most sources I read that claim low temp do initially pasteurize at 160+ degrees for “X” seconds and then lower the temp.

    Can you be more specific about your pasteurization process?


    • Hey Ted,

      Thanks for the question! Our patented process of drying our product is known as Refractance Window Drying. The way it works is the product is applied to a Mylar belt which is suspended above water that has been heated to 120 degrees F. The belt then slowly turns and the refracted heat from the water through the belt gently dries the product. Does that answer your questions? Thanks again!


  112. I do believe that goat milk as a food source is naturally homogenized unlike cow milk it is due to its smooth texture which makes it easy to absorb in the body and digest. Goat milk contains more vitamins A and B than cow milk although both types of milk have the same levels of vitamins C, D, Iron, Protein and Fat. Goat milk contains less lactose than cow milk. Hope I also add another idea. I do really like your post.

  113. We want to supplement my breast milk with your goat colostrum powder for our adoptive baby as soon as he is born at the end of January. Have you had any customers purchase your product for this reason? If so, how long did they feed their infant? I am so excited to learn about your processing plant and that there is a choice to bovine products as I don’t trust the integrity of cow products due to hormones, pesticides, etc.

    • Linda: its great to hear you are looking for alternatives to bovine products. I agree with you suspicion of bovine products due to the hormone use, pesticide use, etc. Regarding specific use of our colostrum in terms of supplementing the baby (and yourself I assume) this would be an issue to discuss with your doctor as well as baby’s pediatrician. Thanks for the comment!

  114. Great article!
    Also there are huge differences between raw milk and pasteurized milk. It is known fact that raw milk promotes vitality and good health to the body as oppose to pasteurized milk which is void of precious enzymes and nutrients and tends to be allergenic.
    Just wondering, are Mt. Capra products made of raw milk or pasteurized milk?

    • Jenny, I agree with your take on the differences between raw and pasteurized milk. I feel that one of the biggest issues that occurs during the pasteurization process is the destruction of key enzymes that are vital for proper digestion. However, due to extremely strict regulation, Mt. Capra is not able to maintain true raw temperature levels (below 105 degrees F) on our products. Public health officials are pretty serious about some issues surrounding raw milk in general so we need and must respect that. However our patented drying technology (Refractance Window Drying) keeps our foods at a comfortable 120 degrees F which is the lowest in the industry. Thanks for the question! -Joe Stout, M.S.

  115. I started drinking goat milk & eating goat cheese several yrs. ago when I stopped chemo & began an alternative protocol – my Doc gave me a specific diet to follow that totally eliminated dairy from cows – but, I could have goat milk! I am today amazingly healthy – and still drinking/eating products from goats!!! BTW – your Mineral Whey is great in smoothies!

  116. Great post, very informative. I had no idea goats milk was easie rto digest. I will try is and see if helps with my reflux. keep up the great work.

  117. I felt much better when I started drinking goat’s milk. Unlike cow’s milk, I fall asleep more faster everytime I go to bed. Ever since, only I am drinking goat’s milk but when my siblings also knew about the benefits, they started drinking it too.

  118. I’ve never had any luck with cow’s milk these past few years because of horrible digestion issues. The casein thing in particular caught my attention because I’ve noticed that I have intolerance issues even when I drink Lactaid milk and the like.

    What does goat’s milk taste like in comparison to cow’s? I keep imagining it is more salty and sour for some strange reason.

    • John, you are absolutely correct. It is the casein that is bothering your digestion. Alpha s1 casein. Goat milk has very little of this allergen and has much more of the Alpha s2 casein which is similar to that of human milk. Goat milk has a delicious tangy flavor that I think you will enjoy if you give it a chance! Good luck!

  119. My whole family drinks goat milk because my wife is lactose intolerant and we wanted to shield our sons from that pain while they were young. Now we all prefer the taste! I am glad to read about the other health benefits as well.

  120. This is very motivating article. I had no idea goat’s milk is so much healthier for you than cow’s milk. I was very doubtful to try goat’s milk, but after reading this article, i would like to give it a try..

  121. Great explanation of the benefits of goats milk. I was unable to digest cows milk as a baby and had to be switched to goats milk. My mom says I was able to drink it without the reflux, vomiting, or stomach pain and thrived from the change. I like the taste and think it is slightly sweeter than cows milk.

  122. This is very interesting. I had no idea goat’s milk is so much better for you than cow’s milk. I am very hesitant to try goat’s milk, but after reading this article, i would like to give it a try

  123. I was quite reluctant to taste goat milk, but after reading your post on all the benefits of goat milk, I’m going to give it a try…

    • I too was reluctant to taste goat’s milk. I was offered some by a farmer friend today and decided to give it a whirl. It’s basically the same flavor as cow’s milk, just a little sweeter (in my opinion).

      • Isn’t that odd??? Some people say it tastes sweet and some sour. It’s a little sour to me but then I have always been extra sensitive to anything just slightly sour to some folks.

  124. I do agree that dairy products are good to our body. Never i imagine that goat milk also give some benefits to our health and worst it does works better than cow milk. I prefer drinking goat milk for the reason that it contains less lactose or milk sugar.

  125. Dr. Cooke, great topic and post. I had no idea that Goats milk was a better fit for human consumption than cow’s milk. Ive tried goats milk on a number of occasions but I feel the taste is a bit too sour for my liking.


    • Goat milk should not be sour. You aren’t getting fresh milk or the place where you are getting it is running their bucks with the does.

      • It has a sour taste to me too but our grandbaby was switched from formula to goat’s milk because of lactose intolerance. S seemed to love it and she thrived. She’s a healthy twelve year old and has grown out of the intolerance.

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