Nutritional Supplements and the New Age of Self-Care

A quick scan of a medical dictionary will tell you that nutrition is the “ingestion of food for growth, metabolism, and repair. A nutritional supplement, then, is one which aids in the growth, metabolism, and repair of the human body. It seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it, and yet there seems to be a great deal […]

Mt. Capra, From Sea to Shining Sea

Click on “find a store” from our home page menu and take a look at the map of the United States. There you will find the locations where Mt. Capra products are sold. From sea to shining sea! From the Canadian border to the Mexican border. We are just a small, family-owned farm under the […]

Global Healing Center Touts Goats’ Milk

It comes as no surprise to us that the Global Healing Center is high on goat milk products. According to the Center, goat’s milk provides the following benefits: Reaction to Inflammation Environmentally Friendly Supports metabolism Bio-Availability “Smaller” Fat High in Fatty Acids Rich in Calcium Anti-Mucousal Ultra-Nourishing Less Toxic Than Cow’s Milk May Boost Immune […]

Wellness Shaped by Goat Milk

That’s not just an advertising slogan, you know . . . we are staking our reputation on those five words . . . wellness shaped by goat milk! Everything we do at Mt. Capra is aimed at improving wellness in our customers. It begins with the goats.  Our goats are grass-fed.  There are no pesticides […]

American Idol Gives A Shout Out To Goat Milk Products

When you least expect it, the unlikeliest of sources will promote your product. That lesson was learned this past Sunday night on an episode of American Idol. Trevor McBane, a goat farmer from Oklahoma, gave a rousing solo performance on Sunday night’s show, and afterwards he and the show’s host, Ryan Seacrest, briefly discussed goat […]

Goat Milk Cheeses

It’s a big world out there! In the world of cheese, contrary to what many Americans believe, there are many varieties of cheese available besides Velveeta. We jest! And in the world of goat cheese, there are many varieties available other than Chevre, which is just about the only goat milk cheese any American has […]

Let’s Talk About Goat Manure

  Why not, right?  We spend considerable time on this site telling you about the benefits of goat milk products;and about goat milk products in the U.S., it is only fair that we go all the way and mention a product you may not have considered when you think about goats. We are talking to […]

Bless the Goat!

We love goats! That should be fairly obvious, right, since we make our living from them.  We thought we would take up some computer space this morning and share a few facts about goats. There are over 300 species of goats. Goats are the oldest domesticated animal in the world, despite what dog owners will […]