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Top Ten Goat Milk Producing Nations in the World

A little goat milk product information for you . . . Since we are in the goat milk product business, we have a tendency to read an occasional article about the goat milk industry.  One such article was recently published listing the Top Ten Goat Milk Producing Nations in the world, so we thought we […]

Goat Milk Cream Soap

If you have perused our product line here at Mt. Capra, you might have noticed that our soaps are all labeled “goat milk cream soap,” and not just “goat milk soap.” It is an important distinction. Did you know that lactose from goat’s milk actually moisturizes and protects your skin? Well it does, scientifically proven […]

Reflecting Upon Lawsuits Over Lead Found in Baby Formula

In the news recently we heard about the State of California filing a lawsuit against a company which makes Free Range Goat Milk Baby Formula.  The State alleges that there is an unsafe level of lead in the baby formula and thus there is a danger of cancer if that product is used. Our purpose […]

Mt. Capra Says No to Hormones!

Growth hormones have been approved by the FDA since 1954.  Practically all commercial-raised meat in the United States is the result of growth hormones being given to the animals to increase their growth and achieve greater feed-to-growth ratio. This is a disturbing fact given the knowledge that there has been practically no research done to […]

Mt. Capra is Pesticide-Free

Mt. Capra is pesticide-free! We make that statement proudly. In 1962 a woman by the name of Rachel Carson published a book called “Silent Spring.” It was a game-changer for society. Thus began the environmental revolution. “We still talk in terms of conquest. We still haven’t become mature enough to think of ourselves as only […]

Mt. Capra Will Not Use Antibiotics

Currently the FDS has a volunteer policy with farms concerning the use of certain antibiotics on farm animals.  They explain that a volunteer policy is the fastest way to entice farmers to stop the practice. We at Mt. Capra do not use antibiotics on our goats.  Never have!  Never will! Why do some farmers use […]

Healthy Goats Equal Healthy Products

We don’t know how much you know about goats, and the raising of goats, but we can quickly summarize by saying this:  goats are not a whole lot different from humans with respect to input and output.  In other words, what goes into a goat comes out of a goat, and what goes into a […]

A Lesson from the Past About Product Quality

Take a trip back in time with us, back two-hundred, three-hundred years ago, back when this country was just getting its legs under it, back when most people lived in small villages and towns sprinkled along the eastern seaboard . . . Back then a village was comprised of the residents, of course, but also […]

Goat Milk Products are Increasing

This may sound strange, but hang with us for a moment. I was doing a Google search for “goat milk products” the other day, sort of a quick marketing survey to see what is going on online with our industry.  The first thing I noticed was all of the new companies starting up in goat […]

Better Health Baby Steps

We were shopping in town the other day when a group of ten or more joggers went running by.  They were in training for an upcoming marathon.  Some were obviously in great shape. Others were struggling and had a ways to go before they would be ready for a twenty-six mile trek.  All were doing […]