grass farming with goat milk grass fed pasture organic

Grass-farming at Mt. Capra

If you care about what you eat, eats. Then you care about grass-farming. At Mt. Capra we’re about more than just goat milk products. We’re grass farmers.

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Goat Milk Cream Soap - Goat Milk Soap Made With heavy cream from grass-fed goats

Goat Milk Cream Soap Launch Tomorrow

Our newest product is launching tomorrow! This is not simply goat milk soap, it is goat milk soap using HEAVY CREAM from GRASS-FED goat milk. As far as we know, this has never been done before.

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The Future of Farming

Hydroponic fodder production is insanely simple to understand and absolutely magical to watch. It was the answer to the question of how to give animals access to the same top quality living nutrients in the winter as in they have during the growing season.

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All five Stout kids by the water

Temporary Lakefront Property

We live in the Pacific Northwest so we’re pretty much used to the rain. But boy did we have a monsoon-like downpour this week! I literally saw with my own eyes our lower pasture completely flood (driveway and all) in a matter of hours

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A Brief History of Mt. Capra

In 1928 a young farmer named Peter Eggers began making raw goat milk cheese from the milk produced on his small goat dairy. That goat dairy is now known as Mt. Capra and operates today with the same values, principles, and vision.

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