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Goat Milk Whey Benefits

Goat milk whey contains leucine, an amino acid which has been found to aid in muscle growth and muscle repair. Because of this effect, goat milk whey is very popular for muscle-building and overall physical fitness.

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Mt. Capra News + History

Goat Milk Products In The United States

Americans are, ever-so-slowly, becoming more health conscious. They are, in greater numbers, looking at alternative products for a healthier lifestyle, and in that search they have discovered goat milk products.

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grass farming with goat milk grass fed pasture organic
Farm Life

Grass-farming at Mt. Capra

If you care about what you eat, eats. Then you care about grass-farming. At Mt. Capra we’re about more than just goat milk products. We’re grass farmers.

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Goat Milk Cream Soap - Goat Milk Soap Made With heavy cream from grass-fed goats
Mt. Capra News + History

Goat Milk Cream Soap Launch Tomorrow

Our newest product is launching tomorrow! This is not simply goat milk soap, it is goat milk soap using HEAVY CREAM from GRASS-FED goat milk. As far as we know, this has never been done before.

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