Goat Milk Creme Brulee

Goat Milk Crème Brûlée 3 Ways

Who doesn’t love a good Crème Brûlée? Crème Brûlée is a cool, creamy custard with a burnt sugar topping that can be hard to resist. The problem with Crème Brûlée is that I have only ever seen it made with cow’s cream, which can sit very heavy in the stomach, especially after eating a large […]

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COVID-19 Update + Virtual Farm Tour

The wise king Solomon tells us in the book of Ecclesiastes that there is “nothing new under the sun.” This is a comfort during this difficult time of living in a world racked with fear and sorrow surrounding COVID-19. I find comfort knowing that although the world may seem to be crumbling now, we will […]

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Protein Products

Mt. Capra Protein Products Comparison

We currently offer many different protein products to fit the various needs of our customers. With so many options, customers often have questions on what the differences are between the various protein products and which one would be best for them. In this blog post we will highlight the key features of our different proteins, […]

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Pinterest Reports on Goat Milk Soap Popularity

Chehalis WA – Every year Pinterest creates a report on the 100 top trends what they see in the content shared on their platform.  In their latest report, Pinterest highlight goats milk soap, noting that searches for goat milk soap were up by 231% from the previous year. We here at Mt Capra are delighted […]

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Benefits of Goat Milk Soap for Skin

It is no secret that milk and goat milk soap is beneficial for the skin. Its qualities have been known since ancient times, and it has even been suggested that Cleopatra bathed in goat milk to preserve her youthful appearance. In an attempt to go behind the myth, science has proven that goat milk-based products […]

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Top Ten Goat Milk Producing Nations in the World

  A little goat milk product information for you . . . Since we are in the goat milk product business, we have a tendency to read an occasional article about the goat milk industry.  One such article was recently published listing the Top Ten Goat Milk Producing Nations in the world, so we thought […]

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Our Family, Our Farm, Your Assurance

We have spent a great amount of time on this blog telling you about our various products. We have discussed the pros of goat milk products, from our cleansing supplements to our goat milk whey, from our ghee to our baby formula.  We have discussed the benefits of goat milk vs cow milk. We have […]

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Dairy Allergy? Try Goat Milk!

Goat Milk Products In The United States

Goat milk products in the United States face an uphill battle. That statement has nothing to do with the products and everything to do with tradition in the U.S. Change comes slowly in the States.  That is an undeniable fact. Over the past few centuries, Americans have grown accustomed to their milk coming from cows.  […]

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Goat Milk Cream Soap - Goat Milk Soap Made With heavy cream from grass-fed goats

Goat Milk Cream Soap Launch Tomorrow

Our newest product is launching tomorrow! This is not simply goat milk soap, it is goat milk soap using HEAVY CREAM from GRASS-FED goat milk. As far as we know, this has never been done before.

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