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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Rather than tooting our own horn, we would like to point you to the work of esteemed family practice physician Dr. Thomas Cooke. He has written a wonderful article on the benefits of goat milk that can be found here. Don’t worry, after all it’s not some heady academic piece; it’s a down-to-earth article from a down-to-earth man who has been successfully caring for the health and wellness of down-to-earth people for over 30 years.

This is both our most frequently asked question and as well as the one we are most excited to answer.

We feed our goats one main food. Are you ready for this?

Grass. Organic pasture: intensively-managed, never-overgrazed grass, to be exact.

Goats have been specifically designed to thrive on both pasture grazing and browsing.

Now, full disclosure: we are located in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a lot. This means the goats don’t always want to go outside to graze.

For those times we offer them free choice organic grass hay and 100% certified organic grain along with non-GMO alfalfa and organically grown barley fodder.

As you can see, these goats are living the good life. As much access to pasture as they want and lots of organic and non-GMO goodness for the rainy days.

Also, in case you haven’t seen it yet: Check out our farm video below. It will show you in 90 seconds what I could never convey with words.

Our farm is located in the Pacific Northwest in the small town of Centralia, WA. Turn left at the riverside volunteer fire station and head north for about a half mile. We’re the last farm on the left. Ours is the farm with the windmill faithfully pumping away in the lower pasture.

Hey man, it’s cool, we love our mother! Our processing facility is only 9 miles down the road in the adjacent town of Chehalis, WA.


Absolutely not!

Each one of our products is completely and 100% non-GMO. Always have been and always will be. Rest assured we are just as opposed to using GMOs in our products or with our goats as you are to eating them!

We use the most gentle form of processing equipment on the market today called Refractance Window Drying Technology®. The technology is nothing short of genius and was invented relatively recently by a real life Mr. Wizard who lives only an hour from the farm. We were the first company to adopt Refractance Window Drying Technology®—we literally bought the first machine he ever made—and have been using it for nearly two decades. The way it processes ingredients is so gentle that naturally occurring colors, water soluble vitamins, and various other fragile nutritional components are not damaged or denatured.

Yes we do! We are on Amazon as we know it can be more convenient for those who are buying other products there. However, make sure when you buy our products from Amazon, that it says Sold by: Mt. Capra Ships from: Amazon. Amazon does the fulfillment. There are no other authorized resellers on for Mt. Capra products. Any resellers besides Mt. Capra on Amazon would be unauthorized. 

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