If you care about what you eat, eats. Then you care about grass-farming. At Mt. Capra we’re about more than just goat milk products. We’re grass farmers.

This is grass-farming at Mt. Capra:

In all of God’s green earth, there are few things as amazing as grassland. It can quite literally harness the power of the sun, survives year after year, and out of thin air, creates a food that sustains the world. As ruminants, goats need grass for optimal health and that is why we’ve made these organic pastures their home. If you care about what you eat, eats. Then you care about grass-farming. With grass-farming at Mt. Capra, we’re about more than just goat milk products. We’re grass farmers. If it wasn’t for our pastures we wouldn’t be here. Let our goats harness the goodness of pasture and we’ll pass the goodness of goat milk to you, with grass-farming at Mt. Capra.

Definition of grassland: An area, such as a prairie or meadow, of grass or grass like vegetation, or farmland occupied chiefly by forage plants and especially grasses.

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  1. I haven’t been able to find where it states that the powered CapraMilk™ is from grass fed goats. Since the powder is a product coming from Dutch goat milk farms in the Netherlands, can you confirm if the powder is from grass fed goats or not?

    • Hi Lauren! Not all the goats are grass-fed in the EU. Some certainly are and others aren’t. However GMO’s are banned in Europe and therefore we are assured that a non-GMO diet is being achieved.

  2. Hi, i want to know what is de function in the Health of the Mt Capra. I start to used the powder milk 3 times a week. Please you can explain me?
    Thank you very much


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