Healthy Beet Salad Recipe for the Gallbladder

The gallbladder is a small, but important organ that plays an important role in fat digestion. It stores and concentrates bile and then excretes it when fat enters into the small intestines to breakdown the fats and enhance their absorption. In order to keep it healthy, we need to eat healthy fats. When we don’t eat healthy fats, or avoid fats in general, the bile can become thick and viscous and lead to gallstone formation. There are various foods that support the gallbladder by thinning the bile. We want free-flowing bile for a healthy gallbladder. Beets, carrots, apples, and lemons, are some of these foods. For a tasty recipe that you can enjoy regularly to support a healthy gallbladder, check out the Gallbladder Salad below.

To learn more about the gallbladder, check out our blogpost on Chronic Constipation and the Gallbladder.

Gallbladder Salad

  • Shredded raw beets
  • Shredded carrots
  • Shredded green apple
  • Squeeze of lemon juice
  • 1-2 TBS cilantro (for added flavor and liver support)
  • Flax oil or olive oil

For the beets, carrots and apple, you will want equal parts of each and will need to grate/shred them. A salad shooter works well if you have it, though your food processor should also have an appropriate attachment that will shred these foods. Maybe a half of a large beet, 1 carrot, and 1/2 a green apple can be a good starting point. Mix together and squeeze some lemon juice on top. Chop cilantro and add in. Then you can drizzle with an olive oil or flax oil (or leave out if you want) and enjoy!

Note: Some recipes mix in some honey mustard to this mix, which can provide more flavor and be a tasty addition.


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