Homemade Baby Formula – The closest thing to breast milk?

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Breast milk is the gold standard for infant nutrition.
But you already knew that.
What you might not know is that Mt. Capra does not manufacture a goat milk infant formula. We have created a formula recipe that mimics breast milk and follows the guidelines created by the 1980 Infant Formula Act. The products we produce, sell, and recommend are simple wholesome ingredients, not finished infant formula. Nothing written here or anywhere on this site should be seen as medical advice. Talk with your doctor before making any changes to your infants diet. 
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Since our middle child Liesl was around 4 months, we have used a homemade baby formula I created to supplement breast milk feedings. Almost as an aside, I decided to share the goat milk formula recipe here on our blog in hopes of encouraging other parents and caregivers in their quest to give their little one what I considered to be the best food available next to mother’s milk.

The positive response to this homemade baby formula has been overwhelming! We have literally had thousands of parents flock to the formula. Some use the formula exactly as I wrote but we have also assisted many along their journey to adjust this homemade baby formula to fit the needs of their own little one. Nearly every parent who has tried some version of the goat milk formula has experienced amazing results.

Homemade Baby Formula Recipe: The Goal and the Challenge

When breast milk isn’t an option or supplementation to breastfeeding is needed, parents now have the choice to enjoy the many advantages making a homemade baby formula offers and avoid the nasty ingredients found in commercial formulas. Most commercial formulas amazingly come loaded with junk like corn syrup, GMO soy and vegetable oils, preservatives and other artificial ingredients.

My second goal in creating this homemade baby formula was to make the recipe resemble mother’s milk as closely as possible. However, mimicking breast milk is like trying to mimic the weather; it is constantly changing.

There is no standardized nutritional profile for breast milk.

I know, I know, we want a nice little nutrition facts panel that clearly details exactly the amounts of fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, bio-active components like nucleotides, cytokines, and growth factors in mother’s milk.

However, this is never going to happen.

There are literally huge changes in the composition of breast milk that make it impossible to give an exact nutritional profile.

The best we can do is analyze thousands of samples of breast milk for hundreds of different women at different times during their lactation taking into account such variables as time post-partum, minutes into feeding (foremilk vs hindmilk), ethnicity, region, age, diet, health status, etc. The list of variables needed to determine the nutritional profile of breast milk is mind-boggling.

However, we are not completely in the dark, we do have some detailed analysis that shows in every 8 ounces of milk on average breast milk contains the following nutrient profile. As a comparison, the nutrition data of the homemade baby formula recipe as prepared is also included.

Per 8 ounces Homemade Baby Formula Breast milk
Calories 163.3 165.6
Carbohydrates 17.5 17.5
Fat 9 9.3
Protein 4 3.3

So even though the nutritional composition of breast milk might vary (some estimate by as much as a factor of 3 during feeding!) we can get a general ballpark for where a baby formula should be nutritionally speaking. You can also see that the recipe I am about to share with you is very close in overall nutrient composition. Now on to the recipe!

The “Stout Sprouts” From left to right Liesl (8), Ellie (7), William (3), Jack (5), Charles (10), Eva (10)


Recipe for Homemade Baby Formula

(Note: The proportions listed are for making an 8 oz. bottle.)

CapraMilk - All natural premium whole goat milk powder

Whole Goat Milk Powder 1 level scoop (14 grams)

This is really where all the magic begins. Goat milk is a remarkable food in that it more closely resembles the protein, fat, and carbohydrate structure of breast milk than literally any other ingredient available. The benefits range from the nucleotide (DNA) structure of goat milk being as similar to breast milk to the presence of taurine in goat milk amounting to 20 times that of cow’s milk which is, not surprisingly, the same ratio found in breast milk

Capra Lactose - Goat Milk Lactose SugarGoat Milk Lactose – 1 tbsp. (12 grams)

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for baby and there is a fair amount of flexibility here. I prefer to use lactose as it is true “milk sugar”. Lactose is a combination of glucose and galactose which is perfect for an infants diet. Babies naturally produce excessive amounts of lactase, an enzyme used to digest lactose so the fit is natural. Also, lactose is really helpful in establishing Lactobacillus acidophilus (good bacteria) in the newly formed GI tract of your little one. Other good options for your carbohydrate sources are organic, raw turbinado sugar, organic maple syrup, brown rice syrup, and even cow milk lactose. Honey is not a good option as it is not recommended for babies less than 12 months old.

100% Grass-Fed Pastured Goat Milk Ghee Clarified butterGoat Milk Ghee ½ tsp.

This is one of nature’s greatest fat sources. Ghee is the clarified “butter oil” from goat milk cream and does not contain any of the allergens found in cow milk. Mt. Capra is currently the only company in the world producing this unique food. Saturated fat is extremely important for the brain development and overall health of your growing little one. The saturated fat in goat milk ghee is high in medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) and because our goats are grass-fed, our ghee contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) as well as important fatty acids such as lauric acid which is found in high amounts in breast milk. Coconut oil is still a great option for the saturated fat category of the formula and can be used in the same amount as the goat milk ghee. Coconut oil was the most requested ingredient replacement question as it is unfortunately somewhat common as an allergen. We created our goat milk ghee to address this need and because this formula is meant to be a low-allergy option, the Goat Milk Ghee is a great tool for those little ones who are especially sensitive to the allergens found in coconut oil.

sunflower oil for infant formula goat milk Organic High Oleic – Sunflower Oil ¼ tsp

High Oleic Sunflower oil delivers more healthy fats, this time in the form of monounsaturated fats. High Oleic (not cheap standard) sunflower oil is the highest source of monounsaturated fatty acids available on the supermarket shelves. Olive oil is acceptable to use here if it is high quality and not adulterated with low-quality oils. High Oleic Sunflower oil is also a great source of naturally occurring Vitamin E.

Expeller Pressed Grapeseed Oil⅛ tsp

Grapeseed oil is present to deliver the essential fatty acid linoleic acid which is vital in infant nutrition. This is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that the body cannot produce on its own but is not in need of in large amounts. Commercial formula manufacturers pack their formulas with cheap canola/safflower oils that are high in linoleic acid but much higher than an infant needs for proper health. Since these oils are high in polyunsaturated Omega6 fatty acids, they tend to be inflammatory as opposed to the saturated/monounsaturated fatty acids. Since you are making your own formula, you get to add only the necessary amount of this essential fatty acid without flooding the formula with polyunsaturated fatty acids. You won’t find that level of flexibility in any prepackaged formula.

Wholesome Molasses for goat milk infant baby formula blog postUnsulphured Blackstrap molasses – ⅛ tsp

This thick black syrup is high in B vitamins, minerals, and is a natural source of iron. It also can help keep baby from getting constipated so be careful not to give too much! Make sure you get the unsulphured blackstrap molasses variety as it is far less processed.

Baby DHA for infant formulaDHA – Based on weight

DHA also is known as Docosahexaenoic acid is found in fish, algae and most importantly here, breast milk. It is not found in goat milk and is a required addition to the formula for its content of DHA as well as Vitamin D and Vitamin A. This is another ingredient that only needs to be added once per day based on the weight of baby.

NutriStart Multivitamin Powder for infant formulaVitamin/mineral supplement – ¼ tsp.

NutriStart Multivitamin Powder created by Rainbow Light®. This is a key ingredient to add to one bottle per day. Goat milk is naturally low in folic acid and iron and this multivitamin powder will help remedy that issue. Remember, that you only need to add this to one bottle per day as it will contain all the vitamins/minerals needed for that day. NutriStart Multivitamin Powder™ delivers key nutrients in optimal potencies and combinations for the special needs of young children. 100 mg vitamin C (250% DV), 400 IU vitamin D3 (100% DV), and 50 mcg vitamin K. Please don’t add this to every bottle.

Goat Milk ColostrumCapra Colostrum - Goat Milk Colostrum 174 g powder – 1 scoop (1,450 mg)

Mt Capra offers the only commercially available goat milk colostrumColostrum is the thick yellow fluid which is produced as a precursor to mother’s milk. It is found in humans, goats, and other mammals where it is produced by the mother for two days following birth. Colostrum can be described as a brilliantly designed transfer system which effectively “jump starts” a newborn’s undeveloped immune system. Colostrum adds many beneficial bioactive ingredients such as lactoferrin, cytokines, growth factors, and immunoglobulins. It only needs to be added once per day. Make sure to get the powdered version for easy mixing.

Infant probiotic strain – ⅛ tsp.

Infant formula probiotics homemadeProbiotics are naturally present in breast milk and there are several different strains that are perfectly designed for infants. Bifidobacterium infantis, Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium longum, and Saccharomyces boulardii all have clinical research that shows safety in infants as well as many beneficial effects. I recommend the Garden of Life brand Primal Defense Kids but there are many high-quality infant probiotics available. Since most probably will only recommend them for kids 3 and up, I suggest only using half a dose but probiotics are amazingly safe and I would have no problem using the regular strength or even double the strength if the situation needed it. Remember, this ingredient only needs to be added only once per day and should be kept in cold storage until right before you add it to the bottle.

goat milk formula recipe card downloadI have spent many hours researching and refining this goat milk infant formula recipe. I have formatted it into a convenient recipe card size that is easily printable and comes with step by step instructions. It also has a conversions table so that you can mix 1 pint, 1 quart, and 1 gallon of the formula without doing a single calculation in your head. How’s that for convenience! 

I will send this free recipe to you instantly. All you have to do is join the Mt. Capra family ‘Inner Circle’ by putting your email in the form below and confirming your subscription. Don’t forget that you must confirm your subscription before the recipe will come. I also include a ton of useful and exclusive information that allows you to dig way deeper into this formula and become extremely informed. 

By the way, if the thought of sources each of these ingredients on your own is overwhelming, have no fear. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Our famous homemade baby formula recipe can now be purchased as a kit. Total retail value of kit is over $200! Kit contains all wholesome ingredients necessary to make the homemade goat milk formula at home.

goat milk homemade infant formula starter kit recipe
The Homemade Baby Formula Recipe Kit

This has been a homemade baby formula that has worked wonders for our daughter and I think it can work wonders for your children too! Please be sure to talk over the formula recipe with your doctor so he or she is aware of your choice.

I would love to hear your feedback in the comment section.

Here’s to your health!

Joe Stout, MS

Questions about the homemade baby formula? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

FYI: Liesl (now 8 years old) is in the back on the right and now her little sister Josephine (on mama’s lap) is on the same homemade baby formula recipe!

joe stout family

Joe Stout, MS

Joe and his wonderful bride Elizabeth have been married for nearly 13 years and have been blessed with 8 beautiful children. Joe has earned both Masters and Bachelors of Science Degrees in Human Nutrition. Along with running the farm, he has engaged in graduate studies of Sustainable Food Systems and is also certified in Permaculture Design.

537 comments on “Homemade Baby Formula – The closest thing to breast milk?

  1. My 7 month old is on puréed food and breast milk.. could I give the full fat goat milk powder (1scoop) only with water without all of the other ingredients? I would think he would be getting plenty of vitamins from the food I fix (spinach, avocados, sweet potato. Etc.) along with the breast milk. I’m looking to ration the breast milk we have saved hence the goat milk. I don’t see the problem with it since the formula states 1 scoop but I wanted to be sure.

    • Hello, Ash. Our formula recipe is designed to provide 100% nutrition to babies, but when you remove ingredients from the recipe to ‘build-your-own’ diet for your child, it’s impossible for us to know if the diet you’re planning for your child is adequate. If you’re not using the formula recipe as written, it’s best for you to consult with your child’s pediatrician.

  2. Started my almost 7 month old on diluted raw goat milk. Please advise on what I should include to ensure she’s getting all her nutrition in.

    Thank you!

    • Pretty simple…purchase our goat milk formula starter kit, and follow the included recipe instructions to make your own 100% complete nutrition formula. If you prefer you may substitute the diluted raw goat milk for the goat milk powder in the kit…but you may find an extra gallon (equivalent milk from the 1 lb. bottle included in the kit) of milk to be very handy in a pinch.

  3. Would you use the same formula for a 1 or a 3 year old? What do you have your children drink? I am in need of a milk substitute for both of my girls.

  4. Can I please get a recipe card for my newborn? He’s not even a week old yet so I wasn’t sure if all the ingredients listed are okay for his age. I read in some comments that the cut the oils in half and weren’t giving molasses. Is it okay to make the formula as directed for a newborn with using the meyenberg whole milk powder?

  5. I currently have my baby on a sensitive cows milk formula can you recommend modifications to your recipe for a more sensitive digestive system as I tried it when she was 3 mo old and it didn’t agree with her system, now at 6 mo I want to try again but thinking reduced lactose will help? Thanks!

    • Certainly try the formula again without the lactose, especially if you suspect that ingredient. Keep in mind, though, that you are taking some calories out of the formula, and those calories will need to be replaced by other foods or liquids, either given along with the modified formula, or separately.

  6. Hi! Will you please send me the recipe card? I’m using raw goats milk but I need to add oils and think your recipe is my best option.

  7. Me again. First, let me thank you for existing. And for taking the time to respond to questions. You have truly been extremely helpful.
    I would like a recipe card for a 6 month old please. And also, at what age does the recipe change?
    With regard to the colostrum, you say to make sure and get the powdered form but all I see are capsules and the recipe above says ‘1 scoop’.
    Thanks so much Jeff.

  8. My daughter in law was supplementing with this formula in addition to breastfeeding (she unfortunately had an inadequate supply). Now she has stopped completely and baby is not sleeping well or pooping easily. I don’t believe she was using the probiotics or DHA or colostrum in her recipe because she was still nursing. Can we add those things now? Or is it too late? My grandson is 6 months old now. Gainining weight and meeting all milestones. He’s a happy baby except during the night when trying to sleep or trying to go. We have on occasssion added more molasses and less goats milk powder per a suggestion you made to another comment. But it doesn’t seem to help. We just started to give him some diluted prime juice suggested by the doctor. And again, seems this coincided with her completely stopping the breast milk.

    • Yes, you can and should add those items to the recipe. It is most important now that your daughter-in-law is no longer breastfeeding. The prune juice should certainly help with his constipation.

  9. I keep seeing reference to the new formula and its adjustment for a 1 yr old. My son is 14 months and transitioning from breast milk to this formula. What are the adjustments I need to make for the correct nutritional balance?

    Thank you

    • Hi Chris. At 14 months you son can drink the goat milk without diluting it at all. This would be two level scoops (28g) per 8 oz bottle. You may still add the vitamins and DHA etc. as these are excellent ingredients to keep in his diet.

  10. We used this formula for the first 6 months of her life. AMAZING! She loved it. I loved it.
    She NEVER got sick – even when both dad and I got the flu and she DIDNT!! Wow! Thank you so much.

  11. Can I please get a recipe card? I have an older version from 2015 when I made goats milk formula for my son. Now I have a 6 month old and would like to try her on the updated recipe. Thanks!

  12. Hello-
    I’m wondering about adding a small amount of organic sunflower lecithin to the formula so that the oils mix in more thoroughly. Any thoughts on doing this? Thanks!

  13. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for this company and for what it has done for my son. My milk supply wasn’t the greatest, therefore I had to supplement. I was using formula for about three months and my sons digestion was horrible. Thank God for goat milk and probiotics! I do have a question though. Instead of the sunflower oil, I’ve been using avocado oil. He seems to be doing fine on it what are your thoughts about this oil? And also, instead of the ghee, i’ve been doing coconut oil. Are these oil’s OK?

      • Joe, I think you may have not seen my question. I am substituting sunflower oil for avocado oil and instead of ghee I am using coconut oil. What are your thoughts about using these oils instead. Also, my son is 10 months old, do I need to change anything. Currently, when I make a 16 oz bottle, I am doing 2 scoops of goat milk, 2 TBS of lactose , 1 tsp of avocado oil, and 1/4 tsp of black-strap molasses. Do I need to change the amounts in any of this? When I make a baby bottle for him, that’s when I add in the DHA, probiotics, and vitamins but I only do that once a day, in the evening.

        • Hi Summer, sorry about missing your question there. Yes avocado oil is fine to use as is coconut oil. I would add a 1/8 teaspoon of grapeseed oil to ensure baby is receiving enough linoleic acid. All the other ingredients are still good to use and don’t need to be changed.

  14. Hello, what are the modifications for a 1-year old (taking into account the new formulation)? I saw somewhere that I can remove all the oils/ghee but do I still add molasses? What about the various vitamins/supplements?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Camilla. By 12 months of age you can start increasing the amount of milk powder that you add to the formula. As you increase the milk powder you can decrease the added fats/oils as the milk powder has both protein and fat. By 12 months you can add a full 2 scoops of milk powder per 8 oz. bottle. It would probably be a good idea to keep adding the vitamins/molasses/DHA to baby’s bottle.

      • Hi! Does that mean we can eliminate the oils – coconut, sunflower & grapeseed? And only retain the vitamins, probiotics, DHA & molasses? What about maple syrup? TIA!

  15. I saw that the linoleic acid in your homemade formula is significantly less that the amount in conventional formulas (860 mg per 100 cal). I read that linoleic acid is essential for brain development, so I’m worried that your formula doesn’t have enough of this nutrient. Is there any other supplemeny I could give my infant to make up for the difference in amounts? Thanks

  16. I have a question. Can this be given to a 1 week old newborn? If so, do I use the amount of vitamins and probiotics you listed in the recipe or reduce them? If I make a whole gallon, what do I store it in and how long is it good for?

      • If I make a batch of 2 days’ worth, can each bottle be warmed before being fed to my baby? Or does warming it ruin the nutritional composition of it? Also, should I store it in glass?

  17. I used this formula with my son from 6 months on, and am now using it with my newborn daughter. There is at least one bottle during the day that we have a really stressful time getting her to drink the formula because of all the multivitamins that end up in that one bottle. It gets clogged and she cannot suck it out. I have two concerns; 1) How can I guarantee she is actually getting her daily dose of vitamins and minerals, and 2) Am I making the formula or filling her bottles incorrectly which causes all the powder to concentrate into one bottle? I make a few quart jars of the formula following the recipe card instructions. Before I fill the bottles, I make sure to shake it up so as to not have a bunch of the oils/vitamins in one bottle, but I still end up having this issue. I am thinking of just reverting back to a liquid multivitamin like the country life brand you used before the powder. However, I prefer to use the powder knowing it does not have the preservatives. I just hate seeing her cry and get so frustrated when she wants to eat.

    • Hello, Katie. You can split up the multivitamins into two bottles, as long as you make sure your daughter completes both bottles each day. That may help reduce the clogging. Another option would be to mix the formula in a blender, putting in just half of the liquids with all of the powders, blending vigorously, then adding the remainder of the fluids, and blending vigorously again.

      You should also be able to purchase bottle nipples with larger holes. Some manufacturers offer them…you’ll have to check your local store to see if they have them in stock, or if they can order them for you. Best wishes.

    • Hi Katie I know when my son was a little younger we would mix the multivitamin and the probiotic powder with a little bit of water and feed it by spoon or dropper once a day. The only thing we would add to one bottle /day was the DHA. Now that he’s a little older we still don’t add the multi-vitamin powder or the probiotic powder to the bottle instead we put it in one of those little medicine bottles it looks like a medicine cap with a bottle nipple on top. It usually comes in one of those baby value packs with the nail clippers and the file and the thermometer Etc. This has worked really well for us as the hole in that one is bigger and we didn’t want to cut holes in each of our bottles. Hope this helps 🙂

  18. Took my son to his 4 month well child visit today and had the pediatrician read me the riot act about using goat’s milk formula. By the time she got to it being an irritant to their GI track and blood in their stool and the need for iron because they could become anemic I tuned her right out. Her argument was that regular store bought formula was better because to had iron in it. I was thinking… but it is made with cow’s milk… how is that better than goat’s milk? Surely it is just as much of an irritant to their GI track. I don’t know… it seems that the main stream just wants to exert more and more pressure on us to conform to a preset method. Don’t question anything… lest you be branded a pariah!

  19. Hi. Could I get a copy of the recipe card? My little one is premature and not agreeing witu formula. Thus I am looking for a total substitution recipe. She require 24calories per oz. Additionally I ran into your recipe after having followed one that called for meyenberg vitamin d powdered goats milk version, coconut oil. Turbinado sugar, olive oil, and nutritional yeast. I add a probiotic, and multivitamin once a day in a bottle. Is this sudficient for my little one? Also what can i add in substitution of the molasses? Pedi believes there is a risk of spores?

  20. Hello, can I get the recipe card? We previously used this awesome goat milk formula for the last Baby (who is now 15months, 25 lbs). We now need to supplement here and there for our newborn, but I no longer have the recipe card. Thanks

  21. I am having issues with the Ghee getting hard and not fitting through the nipple hole I do heat up my bottles. What do I do about this issue am I not doing something right?

    • Hello, Kara. Very surprised to hear that the ghee would be the problem, since it is usually liquid at room temperature and should not be staying solid at all in a heated bottle. Some families have attempted to crush Colostrum capsules instead of powder in the recipe, but this will not work, and the result is clogged nipples. That’s the only ingredient that we’ve heard of that will clog bottle nipples. Let us know if you’ve made any modifications to the recipe, and we’ll try to give you some other suggestions.

  22. Hi there! I signed up for the recipe card, but it never came. I checked my spam folder. REALLY wanting to make this for my 4 month old! Many thanks!

  23. My son is just about to go to straight goats milk and I still have a lot of lactose left. Is there anything else I can do with it, and what is its shelf life? Thanks!

  24. Our son started on this formula at 8 months. Now, at 10 months, we recently adjusted the milk powder and lactose quantities accordingly. Is there a chance that the increase in milk powder could provoke a reaction similar to an infant who has a cow’s milk sensitivity? I ask because since increasing the milk dose, I have noticed my son to be quite uncomfortable/gassy more often than not. In addition, his stools have become more difficult to pass and he has developed a light rash on his cheeks and lower legs. Prior to changing the quantities he had been doing so incredibly well with your formula recipe. Now, he seems to be reacting much the same way he has to cow’s milk (he has quite a severe sensitivity). It could all be coincidental, but I am curious if you think increasing the goat milk powder may be the cause for his discomforts and if it would make sense to stick to the under 10 month milk quantity for now and maybe try again next month? Thank you, as always.

    • Hello, Andrea. It’s very unlikely, but go ahead and just revert back to the original formula to see if these conditions resolve. Be aware that at his age he’s going to need more protein than the original formula provides. That’s why the amount of milk powder is increased at around 10 months (from the original formula). We also suggest that you test any and all solid foods he’s getting now, assuming that he is taking some solid food. Keep in touch and let us know how things go with your little one. : – )

      • Thank you! He is doing well with protein solids. Chicken, beef, salmon, cod, and some organ meets like chicken hearts and beef liver, and egg yolk dishes are his main sources of solid food protein so I’m not as concerned about his protein intake in that sense, it’s just the mystery of why he has suddenly become more uncomfortable and developed this small rash. Nevertheless, I will revert back to the under 10 month quantities, confident in his solid food protein intake, and let you know if it makes a difference.

  25. My little one was very small at birth and they even did a c-section to take her out earlier because she wasn’t growing a lot while she was in my belly. Needless to say, it was a stressful time as she was always jusssst inthe the 3rd percentile. Her little head needed to grow and she needed to put weight on. When I saw that I was not producing enough milk to 100% breastfeed my daughter, panic mode kicked in as I didn’t want to give her store formula. I heard about your formula through friends and like them, it has been a huge success in our home! My daughter is now 4 months and drinks approx 75% formula and 25% breastmilk. Today, I can happily say that my daughter is now in the 50th percentile for her length and head circumference and in the 15th percentile for her weight. This formula is AMAZING and our baby is thriving because of it! Thank you so much, I appreciate the recipe, the amazing products and ALL the help. I’ve always been amazed at how you always take time to reply to my questions via email.

    Thank you from Canada! 🙂

    • Pretty simple. Store fresh batches of the formula in your refrigerator up to 4 days. On the 4th day of storage, be sure to taste- and smell-test the formula before feeding your child.: – )

      • I chuckled when I read this because my wife says it smells awful and tastes disgusting when I first make it!!! So I guess she will not be able to take on this task!!! I think it tastes sweet and buttery and my son inhales it 8 ounces at a time so as long as he is happy and thriving… there is no debate!

      • Thanks Jeff. I am wondering what i should do if my son starts his bottle and doesn’t finish it while we are out and about and i don’t have access to a fridge? In addition, if i take out a bottle from the fridge and warm it up and he does not finish it can i put it back in the fridge and warm it up once again? I am sorry about my endless refrigeration questions, i pumped exclusively for 11 months for my preemie and the guidelines were extremely strict, want to make sure i don’s accidentally give him an upset tummy or food poisoning. Thanks!

  26. This formula has changed our lives, I can’t thank you enough for it. Our son is 10 months old now and I realise the milk and lactose amounts will change. I have a question about the continued multi-vitamin supplementation. He is eating solids now, three meals a day. We feed him whole, homemade foods – never processed – and are careful of including vegetables and proteins that cover the important vitamins and minerals he needs by reading which foods are highest in them. (Ex. Liver, romaine lettuce, egg yolk, red meat, organ meats, salmon, etc). I am wondering if, by this point, the daily multi-vitamin is still necessary? Or, if it is continued, is there a concern for over-vitamin’ing (I just made up that word, ha) if he gets the vitamins and minerals from natural food sources as well as from supplementing? Hope this makes sense, thank you again!

  27. Hi Jeff,

    Could you please send me the recipe for older babies, my son just turned 9 months adjusted.

    I also have a question about iron, my son was born three months early and therefore was lacking in iron stores, he has been on iron supplements since birth should I continue with those, how much iron is provided in the formula.

    I made a batch for my first time yesterday, I mixed the oils in one 1 cup of hot water and the rest of the ingredients in another 1 cup of water and combined the two together. I am just a little confused on the volume, is it a total of 2 cups of water before all the ingredients are added in?

    In addition, I am still waiting on the ghee to arrive in the mail (I ended up ordering bulletproof brand ghee so it’s cows milk as I couldn’t get the goats ghee to Canada fast enough) do you see any issues with that? I used coconut oil in my first batch.

    Once I refrigerated the formula I found that (what I think is coconut oil) solidifies into clumps, do you find this to be the case with ghee? The clumps seem to dissolve once I warm the formula in a hot cup of water. Just want to confirm that this is the norm.

    Sorry about the endless questions! Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your support.

    • The prepared formula will keep in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days. Please be sure to taste- and smell-test it on the 4th day to insure is has not turned. Yes, you can prepare it in advance, and you can re-heat and re-serve a bottle that was not finished at the initial feeding…just take care that the unfinished bottle is the first bottle you give your child at next feeding, so you are not re-warming bottles multiple times (which might allow for unwanted bacterial growth over an extended period of time).

  28. Hello, my little one has been on this formula since 3 months old and is doing very well! He will be turning 10 months soon. Are there any recommendations for the formula recipe as baby gets older?

  29. Hey! I’ve been using this formula for several months now, thank you again for the great option. I was wondering how to reheat milk after the fridge I’ve always done it under warm running water and then used the microwave once, not knowing if it is allowed.

    • Hey Yelena–
      We have using this formula for almost 2 yrs now. We make up batches, put it in bottles, refrigerate the bottles and then take the bottles out as we need them and warm them in a bottle warmer. At the baby-sitter’s house, she doesn’t have a bottle warmer. She unscrews the lid slightly and puts the bottle in a saucepan and warms it up. I personally would not use the microwave. I would be concerned that the milk would get too hot. Hope that helps!

      • Is this the only reason you do not use microwave? Because of the temperature or does it actually kill nutrients? I’m not worried about the temperature because it gets as warm as I wanted it. I’m worried that microwaves kill the nutrients. Is this true? Does anyone know?

        • We always heat a mug of water for a minute and place the bottle in it 🙂 if we’re on the go, we get a venti cup with 1/4 filled hot water from Starbucks and let the bottle sit in it for a few minutes 🙂 this has worked wonders for on the go.

  30. Hi, I am wondering if i need to maintain the D drop once a day, or is there going to be enough in the multi vitamin I am adding?

    In addition, how long will this keep for if I make a bigger batch? Also, if my son takes a bottle and doesn’t finish it does it have to be dumped immediately?


    • The formula, properly prepared, provides all of the nutrition, minerals and vitamins for a typical infant. If your child has any special requirements, you will want to consult with your pediatrician.

      A batch will keep for 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator. No, you do not need to dump out an unfinished bottle..you can re-refrigerate it once. Just make sure it is used up with the very next feeding. : – )

  31. Hello There,

    I started my 6 month on this formula as a supplementation to breastmilk, as my supply is dwindling down. He loves it, but seems to be having more spit up and reflex symptoms since beginning that he has not had since roughly a month after birth when we realized dairy may be affecting him. I have a very small amount of dairy in my diet currently and I am thinking it could be the reintroduction of lactose? Could I use 1/2 of the recommended lactose amount and still have the recipe meet the health requirements?

    • Hi, Alesha. Try reducing the CapraLactose for a couple of days and see how he does. If you find he responds well, you can substitute organic turbinado sugar for the lactose (in equal portions).

      If I understand your first question, the answer is: assuming you have healthy digestion, the chance that you could be passing dairy lactose to your child thru your breast milk is pretty much zero. Lactose is normally fully digested (i.e., broken apart) in your intestines, and cannot survive a healthy digestive process.

  32. What are your thoughts on using Hemp Seed Oil instead of Sunflower? I am concerned about Omega 6:3 imbalances and it seems as though hemp seed oil has the closest ratio.

    • We are not familiar enough with the fatty acid profile of Hemp Seed oil, and so cannot offer an opinion. We can tell you with confidence that the ratios of Omega 6 vs. Omega 3 found in organic sunflower oil are appropriate and healthy for a normal healthy infant.

  33. When we switched from the store bought formula to the recipe we have immediately seen our son’s stool go from a pasty yellow and frequent (soiled diaper every other hour)… to brown and once a day. I put this down to the fact that one is processed crap and the other is actual real food… so it is taking longer to go through the system and more of it is being absorbed… but, I am concerned that only once a day or longer is not good. I thought that the molasses would sort that out (I have only used what the recipe outlined) but it hasn’t. Is there something else in the formula that might be a cause for this. Full disclosure we are using Meyenberg Powdered Goat’s Milk because we had some already and we mix it diluted 1 part milk to 4 parts water (i.e. it is watered down to a 1/4 of the regular milk). We originally used coconut oil but he seemed to be gassy. We are now using the Mt Capra ghee, extra virgin olive oil and maple syrup. I don’t want to go back to formula but wondered if you had any experience with this happening. We don’t use the probiotics or vitamins in the formula yet. We used a similar formula with all three of our other children when they weened but the youngest was about 4 or 5 months before. Our fourth child is only 2 months but my wife has MS and needs to get back on her meds. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hello, Robert. You’re making several substitutions / deletions from our recipe as written, so it’s difficult for us to make many suggestions. You can always reduce the amount of any single ingredient for a day or two, and see what the result is.

      You did not mention whether or not your son is constipated. If he is not constipated, but is having only one bowel movement per day, is is not under any distress, and the movement is ‘normal’ in consistency, I would not be concerned. However, if his single daily bowel movement is due to constipation, I suggest that you increase the amount of molasses, up to double the recipe amount, and see if that helps. Beyond that…you’re already diluting the milk, so at that point you may wish to consult with your pediatrician.

      • Appreciate the response. He went again today and the movement was not hard, etc. I don’t think it is constipation… so I am going to leave things alone. Again… thanks for the response!

  34. Hello,

    I am interested in making this formula with fresh raw goat milk while keeping the other ingredients the same. Could you please tell me how much raw goat milk should be used in place of the powder? Thank you!

    Megan Murphree

  35. Hello, my son is loving the formula so far but has been really gassy since being on it. Just wondering if there is anything in specific that would be making him more gassy that I could change. Also as he gets older he will be drinking multiple bottles of formula per day just wondering if the amount of ghee and oil would add up to be to much. Eventually he would be having 2-4 tsp a day…seems like a lot or should I not be concerned?

    • Hello, Laura. You could try substituting organic Turbinado sugar in place of the CapraLactose, and see if the gas moderates. And, with regard to the ghee and oil…your baby needs plenty of raw fuel to grow, and that ghee and oil is a big part of it. It won’t be too much for him. As always, consult your son’s pediatrician first with respect to his diet.

  36. Love this formula! I’m only having one issue… the multivitamin doesn’t really mix with the rest and there’s often some left at the bottom of my baby’s bottle or even the sides. Any tips? Also, it says on the multivitamin ”do not mix with hot foods”… Obviously since you chose this multivitamin it’s fine to use, but just wondering what you thoughts are on this as there must be a reason for those special instructions.
    Thank you! 🙂

    • My son did not do well with the multi vitamins, it made his behind red and with overall bad diaper rashes, consistently each time we used it. Recenlty the health store said that specific brand is not for babies under a year old. (Said to Check with ped if you do use it). Otherwise, the formula is great, raised my son on goat milk for the last 11 months and he is a happy healthy boy (without the vitamins) , my son has loved it turning 1 in three days!

  37. Hello! We are on our 2nd batch of your formula and our son loves it! It also seems to be really agreeing with his system because, for the first time in months, he is passing easy bowel movements every day! Previous to this he would be every 2nd nf or 3rd day and they would cause him a considerable degree of discomfort while trying to pass. We are so relieved and happy. Thank you, so much, for this formula.

    I do have one question with regard to supplementing with commercial formula, as necessary. If, say, our 8.5 month old son gets two, sometimes three, 4-oz bottles of commercial formula in a 24 hour period, is there anything in the homemade formula that should be adjusted to account for this? Given that the commercial formulas are already fortified with iron, and other vitamins and minerals. I guess what I’m asking is of there is the possibility of vitamin and mineral overkill by supplementing with a commercial formula sometimes in the course of a full day?

  38. Hello, sorry if this has already been covered somewhere… which of these ingredients covers the vitamin D? Or, is it within the multivitamin? Thank you!

    • Absolutely it can be given to newborns. Just make sure you follow the recipe, which is specially designed to reduce the amount of protein, so as not to harm your newborn’s immature kidneys and renal system. In case you don’t have the recipe card, we’ll send one to you right away (in a separate email).

      • Got the email with recipe card. Thank you! My husband and I are working on building our family through adoption. We know that we definitely don’t want to use store bought formula or cows’ milk. We will try to obtain breast milk, but need something as a back up or as supplemation. So excited to have found this! I have seen other homemade recipes online but they are all way too complicated for me to realistically do. Thanks again!

  39. What are your thoughts on the following two critiques of your ingredients list… 1. The molasses: it is recognised for its iron and being high in other important minerals; however, is high in sucrose, glucose, and fructose and ranking at 55 on the glycemic index. 2. It has been written that powdered, whole goat milk is overprocessed, denatured, and a potential allergen.

    I am in no way attacking. This is just going to be a significant undertaking for me and one that I am a little nervous about starting so these questions are important for me to have addressed before I feed this to my baby. Thank you! I really appreciate it.

  40. Thank you for your response, so far he is loving the formula. We are noticing more spit up as well as a strong throw up smell. Is this typical of the goat milk? Thank you

  41. Hi there, excited to try this formula my son is 4 months old and really struggling with breastfeeding as well as the couple decent formula options on the market. Our pediatrician is concerned about iron levels/and-or electrolyte balance potentially linked to seizures etc. I remember reading somewhere on here about this but was wondering if you could help me figure out how to explain this. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Lauren,

      Both iron levels and electrolyte levels are fine for baby with this formula.

      Here is the response on iron from the FAQ section: This is an excellent question and requires a bit of explanation. When a baby is born full term they usually have a 6 month supply of iron that they have stored up while still in the womb. Therefore, from 0-6 months, the iron requirement for infants is only .27 mg/day. After six months however, the requirement jumps up to 11 mg for babies between 7 -12 months and then drops back down to 7 mg/day for toddlers 1-3 years of age. (The iron RDA won’t go back up to 11mg/day until your son or daughter is a teenager.) The formula that I created will deliver the .27mg/day with no other fortification because blackstrap molasses contains a good amount of iron. Usually by the time a baby gets to 6 months, they begin eating a variety of solid foods and as long as parents are careful to include iron rich foods (winter squash, sweet potato etc.) along with vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables (vitamin C assists with iron absorption) supplementing with iron drops shouldn’t be necessary. However if you choose to supplement with iron drops remember that often these can cause constipation.

      • I was wondering if I could get the recipe cards for 10 months on? I believe that is when the recipe changes, correct? Thank you

  42. Is there any sub for the molasses? I am thinking that it does not agree with my daughter. Also, when using maple syrup for the sweetener, is it still 1 tablespoon per 8 oz? Thanks!

  43. Hello, I currently have all you products and recipe. I noticed the recipe says olive oil but the site recommends the sun flower oil. I was wondering if the sun flower oil should be added instead of the olive oil, and in the same amount? Or should both oils be added? Thank you, I’m really excited to try this formula!

    • Yelena, you can use either organic virgin olive oil, or the organic sunflower oil. The sunflower oil has a bit more linoleic acid per serving, so that is why we switched up the formula. But the olive oil has adequate supplies of this essential fatty acid. : – )

      PS – yes, you would use the same amount of either oil.

  44. I temporarily ran out of lactose (new order will be here next week). In the meantime I would like to use organic maple syrup…can you please let me know the quantity I need of the maple syrup to replace the lactose for now? Thank you!

  45. An 11 month old is scrunching his nose in the last month, and I fear this is a tic like symptom possibly caused by vitamin b12 deficiency. He has been having goats milk formula since three weeks old. The vitamin pack suggested here gives him severe diaper rash in just the smallest amounts, everytime, so we do not include it in the formula. He has been eating solids for 4.5 months. We do have a varied diet with lots of vegetables, and fish and meat. Is there any other suggestions for b12 in the formula other than the brewers yeast? There is usually a little bit of sludge left over from the formula, and I wonder if that is the brewers yeast, or do you know what else it could be? Have you had any experience with this?
    I plan to talk to my Dr., but I thought I would ask here as well since you are the goat milk experts. Thanks.

    • Hello, Natalie. The formula as written provides plenty of B12 if the vitamin is included. The brewer’s yeast provides assorted B vitamins, but not B12. Your plan to discuss this with your pediatrician is probably the best course of action at this time.

  46. Where can I find the recipe for 10 months old and older. My son will be 11 months old in two weeks and I’ve noticed that the formula isn’t satisfying him aa much.

  47. I’d like to subscribe to receive the recipe card, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Please email it to me. Thank you.

  48. Hi, I found sun coco oil at Fred Meyer. It is the same brand of the sunflower oil offered here. It has refined coconut oil and sunflower oil in it. Would this be okay in place of the coconut and sunflower oil? And just add 1 tsp instead of the 1/2 tsp of each.

    Thank you!

    • Hello, Melissa. I am not familiar with the ‘sun coco’ oil that you are referring to…so we can’t recommend substituting it in place of the sunflower oil. The sunflower oil is a big supplier of linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid that you child must have in his / her diet.

      Sunflower oil has abundant supplies of linoleic acid, but coconut oil has less than 3% of the amount of linoleic acid found in pure organic sunflower oil. Your baby’s requirement for linoleic acid is the primary reason the formula contains organic sunflower oil.

    • Hi Michelle,
      After one year of age you can switch to 2 scoops of CapraMilk (whole milk) in 8 oz. of water and not add any lactose, oil, or ghee. It would be awesome to continue including the other ingredients such as vitamins, DHA, probiotics, colostrum, etc. but it is not vital if baby is eating a varied diet.

  49. Many things that I’ve read state that it is very important to take colostrum on an empty stomach so that the bioactive components bypass the stomach and enter the intestines where they can start to heal the intestinal wall, release immunoglobulins into the bloodstream, etc. How does this work when adding colostrum to the formula recipe? Does the stomach acid render it ineffective or less effective? Thanks!

  50. Hi there
    Is there any other substitute for the Goats milk ghee? I live in Australia and am finding it very difficult to source it for when I need to replace my original supply.

  51. Love this formula for my soon to be 5month old baby girl, I mostly pump but this is great when I need to supplement it when I don’t have enough of my own milk. I have a few questions when I give her the formula she poops 2 times a day which is more then when she drinks my milk can this be due to the oils ? I did get the goat ghee and I use sunflower oil.

    • Hello, Julie. It’s hard to say why this would be so, but as long as your baby is not experiencing any distress, it is not something you should worry about. Yes, it’s another diaper to change…but that, unfortunately, goes with the territory. : – )

  52. Hello,

    We just purchased the ingredients to start making your formula recipe and we are very excited and hopeful that the new formula will help to clear up a few issues that our 2 month old is currently dealing with. I should have asked this before ordering, but can you confirm that your products do not contain corn? Thank you!

    • Hello, Megan. None of our Mt. Capra products contain any corn or corn by-products. With regard to the additional ingredients included with our Homemade Infant Formula Kit (that are not made / manufactured by Mt. Capra), none contain any corn either. : – )

  53. Hello, I’ve just ordered all the components necessary to start making this recipe…so excited to try it out! Will you please send me the formulation for a 10-month old? She’ll be hitting that mark next month. Thank you!

  54. may I please get the recipe appropriate for a 10 month old emailed to me as well? So far he has only had breastmilk.
    Also, is there a substitute for the sunflower oil? Like maybe avocado oil? Thank you so much!!

  55. Hello, I entered my email address but never received the recipe. Please send both formulations as my baby will be turning 10 months old next month 🙂 Thank you!

  56. Hello! We made this formula last night and are very excited to use it. However, we made one quart and wanted to use it during the day today while I am at work and baby is home with her daddy. He went to use it this morning and the formula has hardened in the fridge. Is this normal? Do we need to portion out bottle sizes when it is made to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future? Nothing in this post or the email I received indicated this might happen when making larger quantities. Please help!

    • Hello, Bethany. Since the formula is not homogenized, in the refrigerator the oils / saturated fats will rise to the top and harden. I would suggest that you fill individual bottles right after you’ve made the formula, and store the individual bottles in the refrigerator. They too, will separate out, but you can heat them up one at a time, and with a bit of shaking / stirring, they will mix back up and contain the appropriate ratios of all of the nutrients in the recipe. : – )

      • Thanks so much! I was also reading that we might need a different recipe for when she gets older? She’s 7 months now. Let me know where I could find that!


    • Hi Bethanny–
      We have been using this formula for almost 2 years now. (since my grandson was 4 weeks old)
      We make batches of 12-16 8 oz bottles at a time. We put them in the bottles and refrigerate them and then use a bottle warmer to warm them up. We have a Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer. When he was younger, he liked it warmer, so we did it for 5 minutes. During the summer, he wanted it cooler, so we do it about 4 minutes now. Next project: weaning him off of bottles!

  57. Can you please send me the recipe card.. Also can you send that one plus the one for a 10 month old. She will be 10 months in 2 months and i want to have that one too..thank you

  58. Hi, I just love this formula! My daughter has been on it since she was 4 months old. She is going on 9 months old and I assume that she needs a different combination/recipe for her age. Just this week I changed her from whole milk to your low fat milk powder. She is drink a lot more bottles! Any suggestions? New recipe for 9 months old? Thank you! -Melissa

  59. I just started this formula for my 3 month who was sensitive to other formulas. She seems to have more mucus and coughing, sneezing, and clearing her throat. Could it be the coconut oil if so what is the alternative?

  60. Hello,
    Does it matter if the sunflower oil is refined or unrefined? Also, both the probiotics and multivitamin that you recommend are flavored. Does that affect the formula at all? Thanks.

  61. I have been using the homemade goat formula recipe to supplement for my daughter. She will be 1 in March. Should I continue to use the formula recipe or can I just use the powdered goats milk?

  62. Hi there,

    I’m very excited to give this a try. I just signed up and wondering when I’ll get the recipe? Also, I’m curious if anyone has use this and breastfed or if that will make your milk pretty much go away? I have a 6month old and looking to supplement a bit but would still love to BF at times. If I keep a consistent first morning feed (or pump at that time) will that work?

    Thank you.

  63. Hello! We are big fans of Mt. Capra, used the original formula to supplement with our first son, and are now using this updated version to supplement feedings for our daughter. Question: She is almost one year old. What benefit would adding the Colostrum have for her at this point in her life (versus a newborn)? Thank you in advance!

    • Hi, folks. The colostrum provides a continual supply of immunoglobulins, i.e.,antibodies, that will continue to strengthen your daughter’s immune system. Fact is, no matter their current level of health, anyone would benefit from the immune-boosting powers of colostrum.

  64. Hi! I was wondering if the formula can be made with canned goats milk (it is available through w.i.c) if so, how would I modify the recipe. my daughter is 10 months and has had donor breastmilk but it is getting harder to find. Also, what are your thoughts on transitioning her to raw cow’s milk (as far as nutritional profile compared to goats milk formula) So far she does great with grassfed butter. Haven’t tested the raw milk yet. I joined and am waiting on the recipe. Thanks!

    • Hello, Stephanie. We can’t recommend using canned goats milk with the formula recipe, simply because most canned milk is evaporated or condensed, and we do not know the level of milk concentration in the product you might be using. It’s very important that you not feed an infant whole goat’s milk, because it is possible to damage the child’s kidneys and renal system by doing so. Whole goat’s milk contains too much protein for an infant’s young kidneys. That’s why the Mt. Capra recipe dilutes our powdered goat’s milk with water down to a safe level of protein.

      Now, having said all of that, your child is 10 months old, and may have a renal system that is mature enough to handle the higher amounts of protein. Still, we can’t make a recipe suggestion for the aforementioned reason, and we strongly recommend that you consult with your pediatrician before proceeding with canned milk.

  65. I’m thinking about purchasing the kit to make the baby formula. They think my daughter may have a milk protein allergy. But I’d like to run it by her nutritionist and doctor first. Could I have the recipe info? Thanks!

  66. I also been trying to sign up a few times now for the recipe card …. but i haven’t received anything yet .
    And i was wondering , when it says on your website that there is enough goat milk powder for 7 days … ( for how many feedings a day of 8oz lets say? )

  67. Just wondering why there is a need to add lactose and ghee when they are goat milk products and the powder is made from goat milk. Is there not sufficient of them in the goat milk powder?

    • The reason is because the protein levels are too high in regular goat milk. We therefore water the milk down to bring the protein levels down. Since the milk has been watered down we need to add the other nutrients (carbohydrates and fat) back into the formula to make it balance.

  68. The formula keeps getting clogged in the nipple and my daughter gets mad that she can’t get anything. What do I do? She chokes if I enlarge the nipple.

    • Hi Emily, here is a tip Krista shared with us that might be some help.

      “And just an FYI… I’ve seen people complain about coconut oil not staying mixed well. I think I’ve found the secret! I warm up one cup of water and put coconut oil in that to melt, I have one cup of cold into a pitcher and two cups in a bullet blender…. I add everything to bullet except for the one cup in the pitcher because it won’t fit. I’ve had zero prove with keeping oils from clumping or clogging nipples and we are still in size 2 nipple with no cuts. Just thought I’d share in case others are still struggling.”

  69. Hello 🙂
    I was hoping to get the recipe card soon, for some reason I never received one. I want to make sure I get the proportions right!

  70. Hello Jeff,

    I am using the recipe card to make premixes of the dry and daily ingredients separately. Is it alright/possible/safe to make a pre-mixture of the wet ingredients as well (i.e., molasses, ghee, and sunflower oil)?

  71. I’m also trying to get the updated goat milk formula, our baby isn’t due till March and I just want to get a jump start on things. I’ve tried nursing and it just isn’t for me, I nursed our first child up to 4 months and once we started giving her this formula she put on some healthy weight. So glad there’s an alternative to regular formula out there, thank you so much!

    • We can ship almost anywhere in the world. One word of caution, though. Some nations’ postal systems, on occasion, add import tariffs for which we are not informed, and cannot be responsible for. To get more information in advance of an order, please contact your local / national postal service.

  72. Hi there, our pediatrician questioned the iron and folate in this recipe. She said iron deficiency anemia is a big problem and why all formulas are iron fortified. She handed us a “hypoallergenic ” gerber can ;). Can you tell me where those 2 things are covered in this recipe – as I’m sure they are.


  73. I shared this with my 4 mo old’s pediatrician and she seemed ok with it but said the concern with goats milk is folate. Where is the recipe is this covered (because I’m sure it is!) and is it comparable to breast milk or commercial formulas per 8oz? Thanks!!!

  74. Have you heard of anyone having success with this if their infant has reflux? Our 4 mo old has been on nasty canned formulas since 6weeks and is on omeprazole for silent reflux while I don’t even know if she truly needs to be. She was just a FUSSY colicky baby and dr’s wanted to rule it all out. Unfortunately breastfeeding stopped for us at 6weeks for a few reasons. Our dr put her on nutramigen and it didn’t do much for her reflux or fussiness and it is expensive and full of crap.. . I’m not convinced she has a true cow milk allergy but maybe just a sensitive tummy. We are currently using Baby’s Only Organic lactorelief and she tolerates it but is still super gassy. Our chiropractor asked us to try her goats milk recipe and we did for a few weeks. Our daughter loved it but it caused her to spit up more (and the spit up was super acidic) and it constipated her very badly. I freaked out and went back to baby’s organic. That recipe didn’t water down the goats milk at all and had a few other things in it (molasses, flax oil, carrot juice, maple syrup, and spiraling). I just didn’t feel comfortable with it and guessing. I WANTED to try your recipe at the time… any insight into your recipe for babies with reflux? Or any constipation problems with it? I want to feed my daughter WHOLESOME nutrition and help her tummy too….. I would value ANY input!!

  75. Hi. I never received the recipe card either. And I’ve tried signing up multiple times. Also, you say to add the DHA based on weight, but you don’t say what you mean by that. My baby is 5 months and is only in the 5th percentile…is this when you would recommend it?

    • The recommended dosage should be on the DHA bottle. As for when to add it, that would best be answered by your pediatrician…but we recommend adding it for babies of all ages, including newborns.

  76. I tried signing up with my email twice and never recieved a message for the “Inner Circle”… I’m trying to make this formula for my little guy and it’s very difficult to read the directions from this webpage. Can I get the recipe card? It would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Thank you

  77. If I do choose to add acerola powder, nutritional yeast, and beef gelatin, would I not need to add a multivitamin? If I used these additional ingredients, and a multivitamin powder (raw, from food) would there be too much of any specific vitamins?

  78. I love this formula! My LO cannot break down cow milk protein and had her throwing up blood which was dismissed by a ped. After seeing a diff. Ped with different approach she advised me to get off of dairy and to put her on hair formula. My husband researched and found you all, and we loved the fact that you are local! We make the 45 min drive sometimes to your Chehalis store who everyone is so nice and helpful! We love your costumer service and the products you make! So greatly thankful to God you all provide this product! We buy by the bulk now and my little one is thriving from your products!

  79. I have signed up for the newsletter multiple times with multiple different email addresses and no response. No confirmation email in any spam or anything. I need the recipe as I have purchased the ingredients but I cant get anything from your site. Is the email subscription not working?

  80. Hi Joe,

    My daughter is 2 weeks old and we are having to slightly supplement my breast milk with formula. Is the molasses a safe ingredient for a baby so young because corn syrup and honey are associated with botulism? Does molasses have the same concern?


  81. Hi! Can I make this formula using fresh goats milk instead of the powder? If so, would I use the same amounts of the other ingredients? Thank you!

  82. Hi there,

    I plan to breastfeed and pump exclusively. But since this is my first child I am trying to prepare in all aspects! I would like to use this recipe as a supplement in the beginning months, and possibly transition over fully after 6 months of age. With that being said, are there any specific instructions I may need to follow for using this recipe for supplementing only? I was thinking I may need to leave out the probiotic, and Nutristart as well as optional ingredients, if my son is being mostly nursed throughout the day?


    • When using the formula for supplementing with breastfeeding, you may leave out the probiotics, Nutristart and optional ingredients. Once you are breastfeeding less than 50% of the time, then you would want to add in those ingredients. The adding back in of the optional ingredients can be titrated up to bring them to full dosing once the baby is using formula 100% of the time.

  83. Joe,
    I started my 5mo on the goat milk formula 3 weeks ago. It has almost completely stopped her spitting up (she was diagnosed reflux and I had her on Baby’s Only Lactose free) but I have a few questions. She was sleeping a good stretch at night until I switched to the goat milk, now she’s eating every 4 he’s at night again. It seems she is not being satieted. Also, she has lost a little weight since we started and that concerns me. Is there something we can do to increase calories? I don’t want to give up on the formula but if she continues to lose I will need to do something different . Thank you for your time and this amazing formula.

    • Hi Vanessa,

      As always keep your doctor in the loop. You could try increasing the milk powder to 1 scoop + 1/4 scoop per bottle to up the protein. Likewise you can add more of the fats to increase overall calories. Instead of just 1/2 teaspoon you could alternate between an full teaspoon of sunflower/ghee per bottle. Weight gain is the single biggest factor when evaluating an infants development so let’s get some weight on this girl! 🙂

  84. Can you compare your formula to the WAPF recipe? It seems a bit simpler as the other is a bit overwhelming but seems to dot every I and cross every t.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Merle, WAPF recipe does not take into consideration the regulations of the 1980 Infant Formula Act (IFA) meaning that the nutrients listed out in that legislation that are mandatory for infant formulas may not be included in the WAPF. That being said, I am no statist and realize that the IFA is not the only metric one can use for producing a safe and effective infant formula. I am not as big a fan of raw milk as WAPF. I believe the benefits of raw milk are high but that the likelihood of contaminated raw milk by a careless farmer/milker is also high. On our farm we go to extreme lengths to ensure safe raw milk but in the greater market of farmers/milkers this safety cannot be guaranteed. This is why I believe the risks of using raw milk (especially in vulnerable newborns) far outweigh the benefits. I also feel that including nutritional yeast and raw liver are not only not necessary but created a finished product that is both difficult to make and unpleasant to drink. Keeping raw frozen liver, creating your own whey, finding a safe source or raw milk are all barriers to entry in my opinion. If a recipe is so complicated to make that an already busy parent is constantly sourcing and managing the ingredients that that is not as viable an alternative.

  85. Hi! I just started using your goat milk formula and my 13week old baby is doing great with it! He has been EBF up until 12 weeks when I went back to work. We are using the formula for when we run out of pumped milk because I do not have a stock pile of breast milk, I just pump when I’m at work and that’s about 5 oz. So for about 10-30hrs per week he will be taking the formula. My question is, do I still need to give him the DHA and multivitamins or will he be having enough breast milk for it to be sufficient? Thanks so much! The formula tastes GREAT, my 5 year old daughter loves it too!

    • Hello, Aileen. Your son does not need the the DHA or the multivitamins UNTIL he is receiving your breast milk less than half of the time. When the goat milk formula is more than 50% of his milk, you should add those components back in.

  86. Do you have any comparison charts for your wonderful formula in comparison to a store-bought formula? I’m trying to show some family members how this formula compares and is better for my little girl, than buying a formula off the shelf.

  87. Hello,

    We are currently using the goats milk formula for our newborn son. The coconut oil seems to agree with him but the olive oil does not. We replaced it will sunflower oil but seemed to get the same result. Is there another oil that has similar health benefits but is easy to digest. We are also going to try the DHA.

  88. Hi Joe,
    I have a 4 year old and he did great on this formula!!! Now I have a 4 month old and he is already in the formula and doing great as well. I have two questions:
    – The original formula had Turbinado Sugar, and Even though I have been making the new formula (with Lactose), I would like to know if it is ok to replace the lactose with Turbinado sugar, if so, could you tell me how much I nees for a pint and gallon?
    – my baby drinks 6oz of formula every 3 hours… And barely makes it, can I add rice cereal to it or what do you suggest?
    Thanks so much for this great formula!

  89. Hi, this recipe is amazing, thank you! I have 2 questions about the NutriStart Multivitamin powder-
    1- how much should I use for a 1 month old that is only using this formula?
    2- If I can manage to pump at work and feed her half breast milk and half formula how much of the multivitamin would I add then?

    Thank you soo much!

  90. Just wondering if the olive oil is organic olive oil or organic extra virgin olive oil? Also, could one use an avocado oil instead?
    Thanks so much!

  91. Me again! I found pasteurized goat milk at Whole Foods from Oak Knoll Dairy in Vermont. It’s bottled at their farm. I know I’ve read in comments about Meyenberg’s liquid milk being ultra-pasteurized and perhaps being difficult for babies to digest. I wondered if you’d heard of this farm and if this milk would be okay when my son turns one, or if using powdered milk would be a better option. Thank you so much.

  92. Hi joe

    I have a very safe raw whole goat milk supplier in the uk that my 3 year old son drinks. I wish to use this on my 8 month old daughter .You give a 1:1 ratio of goat milk to water. So for an 8 ounce bottle would it be 8 ounce water plus 8 ounce of raw goat milk with all other ingredients the same?…. Or 4 ounce water plus 4 ounce goat milk to amount to 8 ounce formula with all other ingredients the same? sorry if this should be obvious. I am currently trying to heal her systemic candida and I know how beneficial a safe and clean source of raw goat milk can be to gut healing. Thank you

    • To make an 8 ounces bottle you would start with 4 ounces of goat milk, add the other ingredients, and then fill the bottle up to the 8 ounce mark with additional water for a total bottle of 8 ounces.

      • Thank you. That was most useful. I had one more query. Due to her candida avoiding sugar is necessary. I have been having trouble purchasing the mt Capra lactose internationally so opted with organic raw turbinado. My homeopath wants her on lactose. If I now give her the diluted raw goat milk in place of the goat powder would I be able to omit the lactose powder since raw milk would have its own naturally occurring lactose present or would the carb count be too low without the lactose powder added? I’m in a pickle of what to do!

  93. Joe,
    I’ve just started my 8 month old twins on this homemade formula. It may be obvious and for some reason I’m just not getting it, but if I would like to make one gallon and only mix up half the amount of water (as you suggest), does that mean that I will pour 4 oz from the gallon and 4 oz of water into a bottle?

  94. Hello,
    My baby is two months old. Based on her demand I’m not producing enough milk. I want to get her started on your recipe. I will continue to breastfeed but will be adding a bottle or two. What’s ur recomendation.

  95. Hi
    I cant tell you how happy I am with this formula. I am from South Africa so I have to use the Maple Suryp = but it is stressing met out that it is so sweet. I have read all your FAQ and explanations – I am just worried if its ok for her to get in so much and what about her teeth? She is 11 months but still having 5-6 bottles a day! I thought it would make her sleep longer than the breastmilk but she is still waking up a lot.

  96. Hi! What do you recommend for a one year old?
    All of the formula recipe, partial or just the whole goats milk?

    • Whole goats milk at 1 year old is great. If you want to do the formula you can but it is no longer necessary at 1 year old.

  97. I know with breastmilk and store bought formula, once the baby starts eating, he has about an hour to finish because of the bacteria that enters when they drink. Is the same true for your formula? My son sometimes likes to graze and I hate to waste anything. Thank you!

    • Hi Lyndie,

      I have basically treated the formula like milk from the jug. Use it up within a few days and don’t leave it out and in the warm “danger zone” of temperature (40-140F) for more than 3 hours.

  98. Hi Joe,

    My daughter, who will be 3-years-old in August, has Down Syndrome. Due to some feeding issues with solids, she is still exclusively formula fed. On the recommendation of her naturopath, we’ve been using your infant formula recipe with whole milk, including the coconut and olive oils. She is currently in the 50th percentile for both height and weight, so she’s doing well, but her dietician (who is unfamiliar with goat milk and mildly concerned, but supportive since she’s healthy and in the 50th percentile) voiced a concern that the fat level is higher than she needs now. Your explanation of why those oils are used made sense to me, so I’m inclined to continue with them and switch to the nonfat milk instead, but wondered if you had any input on which way we should go? We already transitioned her to full-strength milk, but maybe we should go back to using the lactose instead?

    Also, my daughter’s not yet walking, so she doesn’t have the caloric needs of a typical toddler. She eats between 5 and 6 8oz. bottles a day, and receives resveratrol (antioxidants) and sunflower lecithin (choline) supplements in addition to her multivitamin and probiotic.

  99. Hey,
    My daughter is 9 months old and has been on this formula and done well… With the exception that she has low muscle tone. Can I change the formula in any way to help increase her muscle tone?
    Thank you, Teresa

  100. Joe,
    How much does the cost of this formula compare to the cost of formula you’d buy at the grocery store? Thank you

  101. Another! (Apologies) I read in your faq section about babies getting enough iron from the formula up to six months, then getting it from veggies. I’ve wanted to wait to start my son on food till he’s eight or nine months, should I adjust anything in the recipe to up the iron content or add a supplement, and can you suggest a good one? Thank you so much.

    • A full serving of the multivitamin powder contains some iron (4 mg or 40% of the daily value for 7-12 month olds) so he would have his basics covered. However that would not cover his total needs so you might want to consider using iron drops. As a result of this conversation I have ordered NovaFerrum Pediatric Drops – Liquid Iron and will evaluate them and update the FAQ accordingly. Thanks for your great question.

  102. Hi Joe,

    Does the molasses contain B12 or different B vitamins? Also, I was comparing other recipes and I see some called for nutritional yeast and adding liver oil for added B12 and folic acid since goats milk is lacking in these things. Is this something I need to add or no? Thank you for your help

    • Hi Maria, I included the multivitamin powder to ensure that both the b12 and folic acid would be present in correct amounts. No need to add nutritional yeast or cod liver oil.

      • Thanks joe, if I’m only using the formula to supplement my breastmilk, do I need to do the multivitamin? I’ve been giving her D drops everyday to add vitamin D to my breastmilk along with taking it in my vitamins. Was wondering if I needed to continue her D drops or stop them since I will be supplementing and if I needed add the multivitamin since I am taking one everyday. Thank you!

  103. Hello, I am currently looking to use your formula to supplement my 6 month breastfed baby. I may only need 12-14 ounces in a 4 day period. My question is if that is all my baby needs should I be adding in the once a day probiotic and multivitamin?

    • Hi Elle, the article is referring to feeding baby straight goat milk or watered down goat milk neither of which I recommend in the formula. Our formula contains all the nutrients required from the 1980’s Infant Formula Act. It contains the correct amount of macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat) as well as the correct amount of micronutrients (vitamins such as folic acid and B12 and minerals). Any time goat milk is referred to as being “not recommended” it is always, without fail referring to feeding baby goat milk straight which I have made a point to discourage. Thanks for sharing.

  104. Hi Joe,
    I am looking into using this for my 8 month old. Was wondering how long the starter kit lasted for and if I can just give the probiotics I give her everyday and the vitamins separately instead of mixing in? thank you so much!

    • Each kit contains one of the following items.

      Value How many days of feeding will it cover?*
      CapraMilk – 16 oz $19.95 7 days
      Capra Lactose – 16 oz $16.95 8 days
      Goat Milk Ghee – 8.8 oz $16.95 22 days
      Capra Colostrum – 174 g $69.95 120 days
      Organic Olive Oil – 8.5 oz $9.00 22 days
      Unsulphered Blackstrap Molasses – 12 oz $4.75 127 days
      Primal Defense Kids Probiotics – 76.8 g $28.06 120 days
      Nordic Naturals DHA – 2 fl oz $15.95 Depends on weight
      NutriStart Vitamin Powder – 25 packets $19.99 50 days
      Total Value of Kit $201.55
      *based on feeding 36oz of formula (4.5 – 8oz feedings) per day


      The vitamins and probiotics only need to be added to one bottle per day.

      • thank you! is there a way to maybe do that al la carte where I can use the probiotics I give her everyday already? She does really good with them and we had reactions to other brands in the past so I worry about that. I would like to order everything else in the kit though.

        • Hi Maria,

          We package up the kits as single order units so we aren’t able to change the items. The contents of the kit can be found via Amazon, local grocery store, etc. and can be assembled a la carte in addition to the ingredients that Mt. Capra produces. Thanks!

  105. Another question! My six month old seems to be pushing pretty hard to poo, which he was on the enfamil I was using before I found your amazing recipe. Is there anything in the recipe I can add more of that will help with this? I know you’ve talked about the molasses helping with constipation but I think the iron in both that, and the previous enfamil, may be a culprit in him pushing so hard? Could I maybe up the olive oil? Thank you!

    • The blackstrap molasses has some bio-available iron but not very much so I doubt that would cause constipation. Increasing the molasses can really help with constipation. Also, reducing the amount of milk for a day or two (half a scoop per 8 ounce bottle) can also help get things moving.

      • Okay, gotcha. Come to think of it, when he was on the enfamil, his poo was green (sorry if that’s too much info) and I read that was due to an iron surplus and that’s not what’s going on so maybe it’s the amount of milk powder? I make the gallon size batches so could I add 1/8tsp more molasses per 8 oz bottle? Thank you so much!

  106. Hi Brandy, I’m very interested in starting this but unsure what age I can start her at. She is currently 6 weeks old.. How long does the kit last?Do you go thru it fast or does it last longer than store bought formula?

  107. Hi Joe
    My son has used your formula since he was 9 months old and has loved it. He is now a year old and I know is able to tolerate whole milk. I considered keeping him on formula for a bit longer but his daycare requires them to transition from bottles to sippy cups during this age. With this transition, they stop warming the milk and the formula seems to thick without warming due to the coconut oil, so I think we will need to transition to the whole milk. What recipe or product do you suggest for the toddler stage? I tried the store bought Meyenberg liquid milk but read on your site that it’s less digestible due to the ultra pasturazation. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for providing such an amazing product.

    • Hi Brandy,

      Are you opposed to simply mixing the whole milk CapraMilk up for him to drink from a sippy cup? It would then have all the needed fats, protein, carbs etc. 1 pound milk powder = 1 gallon whole milk mixed.

      • Thank you so much for the quick response and information. I’m definitely not opposed to using the whole milk Capra Milk powder mixed with water but just wasn’t sure if it would have everything he needed for his age. Would you suggest to keep using the infant formula recipe without the coconut oil (or substitute with Ghee) or just do the whole milk Capra Milk recipe with water? Also, how long does the whole milk Capra Milk last in the refrigerator if we make the whole gallon at once?
        Sorry for all the questions…I definitely want to stick with Mt. Capra just trying to figure out the best recipe.
        Thanks for all you do!

  108. Could you tell me what the sugar content is in the lactose compared to brown rice syrup or the other alternatives? I’m using the brown rice syrup now but am worried about my six month old drinking too much sugar. I’m loving the recipe, thank you so much!

  109. Hi Nadean,

    Yes there is a solution. I had the same problem so I ended up slightly enlarging the nipple hole with a small pin so that the smaller grains of the probiotics and powder would fit through.

    • Keeping him on the formula is a really great idea (think how mothers are often encouraged to nurse well into the second year of the life of baby) after 12 months, the protein levels in goat milk (and cow milk) are no longer to high for baby’s kidneys. Either one is a good choice.

  110. Hey winter I use this too. My little one is almost 7 months and used it bc breastfeeding wasn’t working and she is also skinny. She’s doing well on this and thriving! I also have a doctor in Houston (magnolia) I wonder if we have the same one?

  111. This formula was a HUGE blessing for my adopted son who has been allergic to milk and eggs! He was on breastmilk from a donor but we discovered allergies after researching the huge issue with eczema. All that to say – my other adopted friend referred me to this site and it has been AWESOME!!!!! unfortunately, I was using raw milk for a while but the farmer was using GMO grains – thankful we pray a lot! LOL
    Thank you Mt. Capra for using your pain to be blessing to so many families.

  112. Was wondering if you can pre make the bottles and leave in fridge for when it’s time for feeing. And how long will it last?

  113. Hi Joe! Are you going to sell the Goat Milk Ghee on Amazon soon? It’d be great if you are because it’d save me a huge shipping cost. I live near DC. Thanks!

  114. Hey. I have goats milk. Do I need to add all that stuff still or just give it straight. She is 7 months old. I wanna stop nursing. Thank u

  115. Hi! I was wondering if I could substitute the Lactose or Turbinado sugar with Dates sugar or Dates syrup? Do you think it’s safe? Also what if I completely substitute all the sugar with Blackstrap Molasses (it’s high in iron, I know, so I must be careful not to overdose more than 5 tablespoon daily which I’m sure I’d only use abt 2-3 tablespoon maximum per day for formula & also the multivitamin I’m using doesn’t have iron supplement anyway)

  116. I’m curious as to why the probiotics you recommend/include contain Dairy? I just bought the entire formula kit because I’m trying to avoid dairy…

    • Hi Brandy,

      Great question! The “dairy” that is referred to on the label are the probiotic strains that are found in milk. Technically dairy has to be included on the label as an allergen warning but it is only because the probiotics are grown in a dairy medium and are the same probiotics found in human milk, cow milk, and goat milk.

  117. Hi, Joe –
    I started my little one (3 mo.) on the formula and now he’s having quite a bit of painful gas. Has this ever happened before? If so, is there a fix?

  118. Joe, could you please answe a question for me. I using this for my son and love it. I’m recommending it for a friend who adopted a baby. I started when my son was a few months old, but this baby is newborn. My only question is about the vitamins. Everything I find says 3 or 6 months and older. Is there a vitamin powder for newborns or can we just reduce the amount? Also I’ve read to wait on the molasses until 3 months. Any thoughts on that? Ok so that was two questions. Thank you

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for the question. It’s great to hear your son is doing well on the formula. I feel totally comfortable reducing the vitamin powder by half for little ones less the 6 months. This would mean adding 1/8 teaspoon one time per day to their bottle and increasing to 1/4 teaspoon one time per day once they reach 6 months. Waiting until 3 months old for the molasses is totally fine as well. Molasses adds an important source of iron (but the vitamin powder helps by adding some iron as well) but is not an absolute necessity in every bottle especially if you (or your friend) are uncomfortable with it. Blessings on your little one!

  119. My daugher is now almost 8 months old and I’ve been using the goat milk recipe since she was born. Since she is older am I suppose to be adding more powder yet or leaving anything out? What should I be doing or do I keep it the same? She hasn’t been sleeping through the night anymore…I also just started feeding her a little food.Thanks

  120. This recipe is good for a toddler till what age? My 15 months toddler is still on the same recipe and has 3 bottles each day.

  121. If I decide to use organic maple syrup in place of the lactose. Do I use the same measurments?? And for the goats milk powder its a heaping tablespoon. If on the can it say one scoop is 2 tablespooms should I add a little extra for the heaping part when using the scoop it gives me?

  122. Hi, i have a 6.5 month old who is EBF. I am now at the point where, she clears house and I don’t product enough for even one pumped bottle – and thus I am turning to making the GM formula for my little one. We have only recently experimented with solids and though she is interested in foods, she definitely prefers breastmilk. my two questions are:
    1. If you are using this as a supplement for an EBF, is there a safe way to introduce the formula?
    2. Is the Colostrum required at this age? If so, why?

    Thank you!

  123. At what age can you start to give the mineral whey? I have a 8month who has done wonderful on this formula and now eats purres 3times a day so I give her a little water at those times and was thinking I might be able to to the mineral whey with the water?

  124. Hello! I am so eager to try this for my daughter. I was wondering if you have a new recipe card with the lactose replacing the coconut oil? I signed up for email but never received a recipe card. Also since the rainbow light vitamins have two strains of probiotics would you still use the primal defense? Looks like it would double up on one of the strains but probably wouldn’t hurt im guessing. Thanks so much!

  125. Hi everyone! This formula worked great for my daughter who had dairy issues, reflux and colic. Not so much for my 3 month old son. Not to scare anyone- but he just wasn’t getting enough fats I believe. He was born at 8lb 3 oz and at 2 1/2 months he was diagnosed as failure to thrive at only 9lb 10oz. We had to put him on a commercial formula for the meantime while we figure out what to do, and I’m adding raw cream and coconut oil to help get him more fats.

    I heartily endorse this formula- but please watch how your baby is developing closely and make sure to give them enough fats. : ) And make sure to follow the recipe EXACTLY. Good luck 🙂

  126. We’ve been on Alimentum and I can’t wait to do away with it! LO has bad reflux and is almost 5mos. We’re starting some solids here soon and I want to start this formula first. Is there a good way to introduce goats milk to see if he can tolerate it? The Dr’s said he couldn’t digest the proteins but I’m not sure they did any real testing…

  127. I printed out the recipe card but it prints out blurry. I’ve tried changing settings and sizing but it doesn’t seem to help. Anyone else have trouble with this? Would appreciate any feedback or help with what to do.

  128. My third baby (who is 3 months old) had latch problems and was lazy, resulting in my supply plummeting and her weight gain coming to a screeching halt. I tried to reverse things, stress worked against me, I eventually stopped nursing her and started pumping exclusively. Unfortunately it’s not quite enough and I need to supplement. She currently gets Baby’s Only Organic as a supplement (approx 1.5 to 2 bottles daily), but I have been lurking on this site and am very interested in trying the formula…in fact I have all the ingredients already except for the ghee. Maybe I missed something, but is there a recommendation for if you DO have access to raw goat milk? I have the goat milk powder on hand, but we can get the real stuff as well. How would you adjust the recipe to accommodate raw milk? You think I should/could use that? There’s a part of me that’s leery about it, although I do believe raw milk is superior in nutritional value. She will likely be on 100% formula by the time she’s 6 or 7 months old. Any recommendation on this is welcome.

  129. I am using this recipe for my 2.5 month old and was wondering if anyone added nutritional yeast and how much to add per 8 oz bottle. Thank you for this recipe I’m trying to build up my dwindling milk supply and using this in the meantime & I feel better giving her this instead of poisonous store bought formula- smells delicious too!. TY!!!

  130. Hi,
    I am confused about the amount of protein.
    In your website it says there are 4grams of protein per 8oz. But it also says to only give 1T. Of goat milk powder per 8oz.
    I have the whole milk. Meyenburg. It says 1T. Has 2 protein.
    Is it ok for me to give her 2 T of the goat milk powder to make it 4protein?
    She is 3 and a half months old and when she is on her belly she can not push up on her elbows. She can barely lift her head. I feel she needs something more.
    If I can not add more protein through the goat powder is there anything else I can add for muscle ?
    I am following your whole goat milk powder recipe
    I have doubled the coconut oil and olive oil to help her with calories. And I just added 2T of coconut milk to help with calories. ( per a nutritionist recommendation.) She is 11lbs.

    Any advice and help is greatly appreciated. My pediatrician is completely against anything natural.

    Thank you

  131. When making a the goat milk container serving states 2 heaping tablespoons how does this break down for a larger batch? We are battling constipation at this time can we add organic apple juice? Also we have used the multi vitamin packet for our two month old but it seems grainy and glogs the bottle any other suggestions to either dissolve or supplement?

    • Hi Natalie,

      The breakdowns are on the recipe card. They would all be “heaping” as well. Apple juice would not necessarily be bad but would throw off the carbohydrate content pretty drastically. Increasing the blackstrap molasses can help with constipation. Also slightly reducing the amount of goat milk powder can help with constipation as well. For example using a flat tablespoon of goat milk powder for every 8 ounce bottle instead of a heaping tablespoon and doing this for one or two days usually clears up constipation. Thanks!

  132. I am looking to use this formal as a supplement to my breastmilk for my 7 month old. I have not been able to pump enough milk lately for a multitude of reasons. My baby girl goes to day care and they require all bottles to be prepared at home, stored in the refrigerator in the classroom and then they heat them in the bottle warmer before feeding her. Would that be feasible for this receipe? I will likely only need to use this formula for one bottle a day.


  134. Good afternoon,
    I’ve been supplementing this formula on our 11 month old now for a month.
    It has been an easy transition and has worked well for us. I like to make it in bulk (gallon) and freeze it in individual servings for easy of use.

    Can anyone tell me the measurements in grams? I know everyone can measure differently with using spoons.

  135. Hi Joe,
    We are feeding our infant this goat milk formula. We are having issues with her gaining enough weight. She is a lazy eater,would not nurse…. It takes her a good hour or more to eat 5oz.
    I feel this formula is a big answer to our prayers. I was just wondering if there is any safe way to fatten it up a little to help her gain more weight?
    She is 2 months old. 9.10lbs. Her doctor says she should be between 11-14lbs.
    If you have time, any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with this formula and helping so many others.
    God bless,

    • Hi Teresa,

      You can add a little extra of the oils and lactose which will make the formula more calorically dense. Some parents have noticed an increase in spitting up with extra oils but so keep an eye out for that. Blessings on your growing little one!

      • Do we also increase the Mt Capra Goats Milk when trying to increase caloric intake? My LO is 5 months and she needs to add weight to her tiny frame. Thank you

  136. What are the calories per ounce for this goat milk infant formula? I have asked via email and not received a reply as of yet.

  137. Hello, I was wondering if I can leave out the olive oil, coconut oil and molasses? Also my son is already on a vitamin and a probiotic so I skip those. But he doesn’t like the taste of the formula and I’m thinking those are the contributors. He’s 8 months and primarily drinks breastmilk. Thanks

    • Hi Anonda,

      If baby is primarily on breast milk and you are using the full fat whole goat milk then it probably is okay. The molasses can be left out for sure. You just don’t want him to miss out on those healthy fats and calories. If he was being fed 80-90% of his calories from breast milk I would feel that it is probably fine to leave the fats out.

  138. HI,

    My probiotic says not to add to hot liquid… ( and should add it only last minute) Should I add it in cold milk and then warm the bottle? Also should I melt the coconut oil before and then put it the recipes… Very chunky. May I please have a recipes card cuz the downloadIs no small I can’t see nothing.

    Thank you

  139. I just called my pediatrician to get her approval to start this goats milk formula with my nine month old and she said it was not acceptable for my daughter and that the risk of contamination was way too high for this. She also said it was lack vitamins and everything else a baby needs (calories and such). Can you comment on this? I told her other pediatricians have recommend this (which I assume they have). Thanks in advance.

    • It sounds like she didn’t fully understand how the formula is prepared. If I had to wager a guess it sounds like she is referring to raw goat milk which is why she said there is a high chance of contamination and an improper balance of vitamins, minerals, calories, etc. This is a goat milk formula and takes all of her concerns into account by combining a recipe (formula) that mimics not goat milk but breast milk.

      Anyone want to share positive pediatrician responses to the formula?

      • Just leaving a reply a little late, but I spoke with another pediatrician and she was totally fine with this recipe and we have now used it with our LO since she was 10 months old and love it. Thank you!

        • Just want to say that most pediatricians do not know anything about pediatric nutritions. Doctors in general only take 1 hour of nutrition class. You do not need their approval nor their permission. You are the mother, you are the best mom for your baby, not her pediatrician.

    • I am curious to see the response to share with my pediatrician as well – My pediatrician said the same thing.

      However, I chose to do the formula anyways because my cousins kids have thrived on it and doctors in the US do not seem to be educated in homeopathic remedies, medications etc… and tend not to believe in natural, home-made solutions for their kids health. It’s also easier to say “just use store bought formula” than take the time to research this and see how this can work for you and you kid. Well, that’s my thinking anyways. I found out through my grandma and great aunts they grew up on goats milk because my great grandma couldn’t breast feed. And so did some family friends and their children. So I figure it’s better to get their nutrients from whole, organic sources rather than what’s available on the market right now because they contain things I wouldn’t even want to put in my own body, let alone my kids.

    • At our local hospital they are now recommending BOILING formula after it is made. This is probably what your pediatrician means by “contamination”. Ridiculous if you ask me.

  140. My daughter is almost two months. She is having extremely gas pains that keep her from sleep and wake her when she does get to sleep. We follow the tripe for whole milk and are waiting on our ordertoarive with the ntcora goats milk and lactose. Do you have any thoughts on what we could change to help with the gas?

  141. I am curious if the olive oil can be left out or substituted with another kind of oil? Also is coconut palm sugar a good source of lactose since it has a lower glucemic index than the turbinado ?

  142. THANK-YOU! This is the first recipe for homemade goat milk infant formula that I have found to be actually doable for me. I just ordered powdered milk and lactose from the Mt Capra website today – I have been using the Meyenberg brand since I could find it locally but I really appreciate all the research you’ve put into this formula and for making it available to others. I really, really needed this!!!! So again, THANK-YOU!!!

  143. Hi Everyone – I just came from the pediatrician and I told her how I was making this goat milk formula. She has alot of concerns with the level of sodium traditionally in goat milk and how a baby’s kidneys cannot handle it, so in some cases it can cause seizures!!! This is the only formula (I unfortunately have never been able to exclusively breastfeed) that I actually feel good feeding my 6 month old daughter. Has anyone heard of the sodium concerns in goats milk???

    • Hi Jennifer,

      My guess is your pediatrician is probably thinking you are feeding your baby straight goat milk. This would likely have sodium levels that are too high. However, by cutting the amount of milk in half with water you are also reducing the sodium content by 50% which brings the concentration to a perfectly safe level.

      • Thanks Joe! Yes you are absolutely correct. I did the math comparing the sodium level in the goat milk formula to Baby’s Only and they are basically the same. Thank you!!!

  144. Hello! I just heard about your formula and I am wanting to try it. My daughter is 7 months old and she has sever reflux. She is seeing a physical therapist and she recommended this. I was just wondering if anyone else has had success using this formula vs. the store bought kind. We are currently using Enfamil A.R. Any help is appreciated!

    • This formula recipe is better than any store bought formula. The enfamil is loaded w corn syrup and GMOs. I’ve heard from a lot of people that this has helped reflux issues. Best wishes.

  145. Hi there, I am confused about how come in the description you have the lactose but then I don’t see it in the actual recipe…?
    Also, if you do add the nutritional yeast, how much should be added?


  147. My doctor (he’s never heard of this formula before) is concerned whether my son is getting enough folic acid. I explained to him that there is folic acid in the multi vitamin but he’s concerned about that actual absorption. Of course, he continued to mention that he has hospitalized babies on goat milk, to which I responded about the importance of the formula components. All that to say, how can I be sure my son is getting enough folic acid and whether or not he is absorbing it properly?

  148. My 7 week old is doing well on the formula but it seems to not keep him filled up for long. He is taking about 6 oz every two hours and his belly sounds like water going down a drain when I start feeding him. Is there something I can add to boost the caloric intake to keep him filled up a little linger between feedings?

    • My son was the same! he still eats about 6 oz every two hours at almost 6 months. I now started feeding him veggies as well 🙂

    • Sorry, i know its kinda late but my son was the same way and what i did is that i added 4 tbsp of cream per 36oz formula. He gained a lot of weight and it kept him full. You can use coconut cream or goat cream if you have access. I used to use pasteurized cows heavy cream but my son reacted badly to it. So if your son can handle it, then go for it.

      • thank you marianaforero, i needed to see your post 🙂 I will try that to see if it works for my LO.
        Also, I am thinking the hunger issue might be the oils not making it to the baby. By the time my slow eater is halfway done I notice all my oils are sitting on the top in a layer.
        Hopefully the cream (mixed throughout and not separating) will fix this.

          • I was using heavy cream at first but then I found the my capra ghee at a local Store. The heavy cream worked really nice. I am having good results with the ghee also.

  149. How does my recipe need to be changed for my almost 1 yr old? We have been using this recipe for goat milk formula since she was 3 mos old. And we LOVE it! It saved us when her reflux was unmanageable!

  150. Why am I not bale to find where it says how much of the sugar to include in this formula? Also, will I have to add lactase enzyme to the formula to make it easier to digest? My baby is 5 weeks old and my breastmilk is drying up.

  151. I love this formula. I started my son on it when he was 6 months old. It is amazing how well he has done on it. I have a different way of making this that might be helpful to some of you who would like to make in advance. I warmed a half gallon of water on the stovetop. I didn’t get the water too hot, just enough to be able to mix the turbinado sugar and milk powder. I added all the ingredients except for the vitamins, DHA and the probiotic. I made enough for 16 bottles. Remember I only have half the water so far. After mixing with a nylon whisk I added 4 oz ( which really is a little closer to 4.5 or 5 after adding all the other ingredients) to a glass bottle. Since I only had 6 glass bottles for my son I used 10 starbucks glass containers for the rest. After filling the bottle I put the vitamin and DHA in 4 of the bottles and put them all in the refrigerator. I kept the 4 with vitamins separate. When it was time for a bottle I would add 4 oz (or enough to equal 8 oz) of boiling or very hot water. The hot water would be enough to melt the coconut oil and the temperature would be perfect for my son to drink. I would add the boiling water and shake it up before adding the probiotic. This would give me 4 days of bottles. He would only have the one with the vitamins once a day. I would add the hot water to the ones in Starbucks bottles and then pour into his glass bottle. It was so much easier to have them ready to go. If I wasn’t going to be home I would either bring hot water in a thermos or most restaurants have hot or boiling water on their coffee or tea makers.

    • Thank you so much for posting this! I’m switching both my kids to goat milk formula, and my husband doesn’t have the patience for a recipe like this. (He likes the scoop-and-go simplicity of store-bought formula.) I was concerned about the coconut oil solidifying and being left behind in my pitcher, and how to get the bottles to a temperature my girls will like without heating each one on the stove. This solves both my problems! Thank you!

  152. Has anyone else had issues with any of the ingredients being a problem for their baby? My baby is 3 wks old now but she is REALLY fussy most the time and especially after eating. I burp her well, and at first she would sometimes have some spit up but the past few days she is really spitting up or vomitting…also she seems to be breaking out with tiny bumps on face and belly…thought maybe it was baby acne but not sure now that its on her belly too..could it be from the coconut oil? or the sugar? I use maple syrup, coconut oil, olive oil, the garden of life probiotics(has fish ingredients in it), the nutristart vitamins, and molasses…..not sure if the “fish” ingredients in the probiotic could be causing issues making her fussy or not? any ideas? not sure how else to supplement some of these things to figure out the bumps,etc. Wondering if I should just give her the plain goats milk with the water and see if it will clear up. Just don’t want to hurt her by not giving her the carbs.

    • I’m having the same issues with my son. I started the formula the other day and now he has bumps all over his face and is screaming and crying like he never has before. I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve introduce something new to him and his body needs time to adjust or if it is really hurting his stomach he does seem to have more gas than he ever has had so I don’t know if there’s more than one issue going on. But he’s starting to refuse the bottle if there’s goat milk in it.

      • I used it for 9 days with my 4 month old and he just did not tolerate it. Was having a lot of reflux with it and stomach pain. He was a different baby on it. I had such high hopes this would work for us but it didn’t.

        • I’m just hoping my son had some other issues going on coincidentally. My mother in law thinks the bumps on his face are from something else, not an allergy because they aren’t all over his body. He also had an explosion in his diaper this morning so I’m wondering if he happened to be constipated when I started the formula. I’m going to reduce the amount in giving him and try it for a week. My cousins kids took about a week to adjust then loved it so fingers crossed! 🙂 sorry it didn’t work out for you!

      • HI there! My youngest has a cow”s ,ilk protein allergy so we were so fortunate to have found this recipe. That being said, some children have a intolerance/ allergy to ALL milk proteins. It could be the rash and fussiness is due to that. Also something else you could try for a day or two is using the Dr. Sears version which is simply the same ration of goats milk powder and sugar as this recipe calls for, nothing else.. it might give your little one some relief and help you figure out if it is one of the other ingredients or a milk protein issue. Good luck!

    • I know your concern here was months ago but I just saw your comment and wanted to say that yes I had some of the same spit up issues. It started happening months after she started drinking the milk but after I took the coconut oil out and gave her a tad bit more DHA she was happy as a lark. That worked for me but of course every baby is different.

  153. How long does this store in fridge if making bigger batches and does putting it in fridge mess with the oils ( do they solidify?)

  154. Does anyone else use this for their newborn? Mine is 2.5wks old and drinks about 4oz each feeding. She is terribly constipated but when she finally does go its very liquidy…also, could the probiotics and vitamins they recommend on the recipe cause her to be fussy? She seems to get very fussy and puke when I give them to her in the one bottle. ALso, wondering if anyone else puts alittle more powder in their recipe compared to what the recipe calls for? Recipe says 4 tbsp for 1 quart. Thanks.

    • Make sure you’re using 4 HEAPING tablespoons for a quart. I made the mistake for weeks of using level tablespoons until I was reading the FAQ’s and saw a mention of “heaping.” A heaping tablespoon is actually equal to two level tablespoons in this recipe. No wonder mine had seemed watery. So scary to think I could’ve hurt her. The recipe does call for “1 Tbsp (14 g)” and my Tbsp does say 8 g on it. But they really should have specified “heaping!”

      • oh wow! thanks for bringing that to my attention….boy they make it difficult to know exactly the grams we are giving then…

    • Probably to late to be of any help to you, but babies of that age can go quite a while between BM’s (1 wk to 10 days) without it being considered a problem.if it’s liquidy when she goes it’s not constipation. My baby was very fussy and long times between BM’s before we had him adjusted by a chiropractor who specializes in babies. After his adjustment he had a bm most every day and was happier.

  155. Hi
    Was wondering if the process by which the goats milk is turned into powder reaches high heat levels?
    What is the heat level by which it is processed and stays?
    Are all the good enzymes and vitamins from the milk killed during the process?

  156. I can buy fresh unpasteurized goats milk. What product do I need if my 9 month old grandson is constipated?

    • The unsulfured black strap molasses will take care of that problem. I would start with 1/8 tsp for an 8 oz bottle at first then move up to 1/4 tsp if it hasn’t helped.

  157. What is the likelihood that adding the new lactose would cause an allergy? My little one started to get a rash on her chin where the formula dribbles down. It seems strange because she didn’t have an allergy to the formula before…

  158. I have access to safe, fresh goat milk. I want to make this formula with the fresh milk obviously, how does that change the recipe? I assume I’d be using less water, but how much less?

  159. Hi, I am currently using this on my newborn daughter. Has anyone else had trouble with their baby being constipated? Mine is only 7 days old now but she has issues having a bowel movement. Lots of gas but no poop…Wondering what I might add to make her go regularly so she doesn’t get bound up. Also she drinks almost 4oz at each feeding already…she loves her milk…

    • This happened with my son as well, I increases the molasses to 1/8 tsp for a 4 oz bottle and just tapered down the sugar a tad to balance…worked perfect for him

    • Weston A. Price Foundation recommends adding Gelatin to their formula for better digestion of the milk+ingredients.

      Usually its recommended to add extra molasses to have the babys stool soften up and make it easier for the baby to poop but usually infants up to 6 months have enough iron stored in their bodies and molasses already contains 20% iron and i assume adding more iron may make your baby more constipated.
      Hope this helps

  160. How necessary is the molasses if there is also a multi-vitamin? Isn’t this essentially doubling up on some vitamins and minerals?

    • I think the reasoning is bc iron is better absorbed and used by the body when from a natural source vs synthetic…like most vitamins and minerals as well…babies still become anemic easily on iron fortified commercial baby formula bc it’s synthetic iron.

  161. Can I make this recipe and freeze it like I do breast milk? I’m pregnant and have a seven month old. My supply is dropping rapidly. Is it okay to freeze in freezer bags (used for breast milk) and reheat in the bag under hot water like with my own milk. This would make things so much easier for us! Please respond!!

  162. Thank you so much for this recipe! I had to wean my 8 month old son because I’m 5 months pregnant and been drying up slowly. We were struggling at what to do and didn’t really want to use regular formula. Then a friend suggested goats milk. Then I searched around for what I need to add to it and found too many recipes with all sorts of ingredients that was just too much for me! Then I stumbled upon Mt. Capra and decided to try it! I found everything I needed in a matter of an hour at fred meyer and a vitamin store! After just 24 hours I could tell a difference in my son as he was getting more milk than he had been for awhile and by a day or so he felt heavier! (He hasn’t gained wait for awhile) Thank you for such a easy recipe that changed our lives! I feel great knowing what I’m putting into my sons milk and that he is thriving on it!

  163. Hi,
    My little guy weaned himself of breast milk at 8 mos and we’ve used your recipe ever since… he’s over a year now and I was wondering what ‘formula’ would be good for him now, or if pure goats milk would be sufficient? I use the liquid full fat Meyenberg milk because that’s what I can get through WIC. He still likes a warm bottle before nap and bedtime, and I will let him do that until he’s two.

    • I make my formula by the quart and separate it into small 6oz bottles or jars (because that is what my baby is drinking right now). I place the jars in a small lunchbox type cooler with an ice pack to keep them cool while he is at daycare. The person who watches my baby then warms up a jar and buts it in the bottle when it’s time to feed my baby.

    • I’d just pre-make whatever portion size he’s drinking right now for daycare. Then you can just give him the supplements in his morning/evening bottles yourself to make sure the amount is right. I sometimes make the ‘water’ portion of our formula and freeze it in ice cubes to add to the liquid milk later (we use the Meyenberg quarts) when I’m in a pinch or if we need to be out for the day. Plus if they’re ice cubes it’s it’s own cooler for a few hours in a thermal bag. I think I’ve also read on this site that some moms make the bottles and put them in breast milk storage bags for future, convenient use.

  164. I have a couple questions regarding handling the formula once its has been made as far as refridgeration and such. I know it says to chill in fridge after made. Im wondering if it needs to always remain in the fridge after its made or if it can sit at room temp for a certain number of hours. And also i am warming the bottles for my 3 month old and im wondering if there is a limit to how many times it can be warmed up. I know with my breastmilk it can sit at room temp for 4 to 6 hours and then i am able to warm it twice after its been in the fridge. So im just wondering what the guidelines are foe this. Ive noticed it get a bit chunky in the fridge and the oil settles which i know is normal but it seems it would stay smoother if kept at room temp if possible. Lots of questions sorry!
    Tiffany Larson

  165. The formula is very oily can I use something else in place of olive oil and coconut oil that gives fat too? My lo is 6 months old. Thanks!

  166. Hello,
    My son is six months old and we are thinking of using this brand and recipe. My wife and I are wondering how is it best stored since your adding so much to the powder will it go bad if left in the cabinet or would it be best to store in the fridge until needed? Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  167. Hello,
    My son is six months d and we are thinking of using this brand and recipe. My wife and I are wondering how is it best stores since your adding so much to the powder will it go bad if left in the cabinet or would it be best to store in the fridge until needed? Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  168. hi i am just going to start using this recipe but before i do i need to ask a question.
    im quite busy and are often out and live in a hot country can i premake the formula or do i have to make it one bottle at a time.

    • I got a 1 gallon glass jug with seal on Amazon for $12 & make 3 quarts at a time. The coconut oil will solidify so add that into the individual bottles. This lasts me 3 days with a 5 month old.

    • I premake 6 individual bottles with all ingredients except for the milk powder….then just add the milk powder when it’s time to feed. I live in a warm climate also so I don’t have to worry about the coconut oil solidifying.

  169. Hi Joe–
    I am grateful for this recipe. I never made the first version; I have only made the second version. Has anyone that is making the second version had problems with the Rainbow Light Multi-vitamin not dissolving properly?
    I shake the bottle and I think it is dissolved completely and then it clogs up the nipple when I feed my grandson. I have had to tweak the recipe–he appears to be sensitive to the molasses and the DHA. My daughter is still nursing him, so we will try adding these back in in a few weeks. We are also looking for a new Doctor. We told the doctor that the baby was sensitive to dairy and soy when my daughter ate it and then nursed him, and the formula they gave us was, YES, all dairy and soy. they are happy with the weight he has gained–until she told them we were using a goat formula and they told her that it causes SIDS—have any of you heard that before? Thanks for any replies! ruthie mills

  170. I live in Canada and can’t order the NutriStart Multivitamin as it contains vitamin K and products containing that vitamin cannot cross the border. Any Canadians know of an infant multivitamin (which has folic acid and B12) I can use for this formula and get shipped to my address in Canada?

  171. Hi, I am wanting to use fresh goats milk from a family member who can milk for me. Does the same whole milk formula apply when using fresh milk instead of powdered? If not, what needs to be changed in order to use the fresh milk?
    Thank you!

  172. For anyone giving this to babies under 6 months — Do you cut the nutristart vitamin down to 1\8 tsp? It says 1/4 tsp for 6 months and up. I’m planning on asking my ped tomorrow, but I’m not sure how knowledgeable/receptive she’ll be! Thanks!

    • Yes you can cut it down but do NOT base it off of age base it off of size. My child is 5 months but over 20lbs & almost 30 inches long. He’s long & skinny. When he was 4 months his height & weight was that of a 6 month old. Based on that his doctor said he is to get the 6 month dosage on anything he has.

  173. Thank you so much for posting this recipe!!!

    Its much simpler and cheaper than the Weston A Price recipe and my son has an allergy to cow’s milk…so, this recipe works great!!

    I would suggest adding the nutritional yeast for the folic acid and there’s a few other additions that will improve the baby’s overall health such as adding a good DHA..etc.

    But as a basic overall, hypoallergenic formula for infants, this is great!!

    I was importing formula from Europe and this home made recipe is even better than the expensive price I was paying for shipping Nanny Care. There is no infant formula out there that uses high quality oils for the infant or high quality carbohydrates…..so, unfortunately we have to take matters into our own hands.

    And, I noticed some moms are asking if its safe to give to newborns?? I would say..YES!! of course….
    I would be more worried to give your infant the crap they put on the shelves in the store..even all the organic brand formulas are crap!

    Thanks again for this recipe!!

    • Angie – 4 month old son is also allergic to cow’s milk, so I’m nursing, but am dairy free, but I still need to supplement w/ formula and they have him on Nutramigen, the hypoallergenic formula, but as you know the ingredients are awful. I called my pediatrician and asked if we could try this goats milk formula but he said that usually if babies are allergic to cow’s milk then they are also allergic to goats milk. I was just wondering what your doctor thought about you trying this? I’d like to try it too, but certainly don’t want to make my son uncomfortable and in pain again, like he was when I was on dairy and giving him regular, cow’s milk laced formula. Any thoughts and guidance on this would be so appreciated. Thank you!

      • Most babies are allergic to the strain of protein in cows milk that is not as potent in goats milk making it more easily digestible to the gut. My dr told me the same thing and had my poor baby going thru the most awful time on Nutramigen and also Alimentum, then wanted to put scopes down his throat to look around and put him on Zantac!…so I used my own mothers instinct and researched a lot…tried this recipe and in 1 bottle I had a brand new baby! He’s been perfect on goats milk for 9 weeks. It’s worth a try if your baby is miserable.

  174. Great recipe! My baby has baby eczema, I am hoping it will help her. Goat milk once helped me to get rid off all my allergies when I was a baby.
    At what age can she start taking this formula?

  175. Hello, my baby is a little over 10 months (breastfed till 7.5 mo and now using hypoallergenic formula). How does this recipe changes (if at all) as the baby grows? For instance, when she is 12 mo, do I still add colostrum and such? Is goat milk dilution the same as baby gets older?

    Thank you,


  176. I have been using this formula for about 9 months now. I started my daughter Elliana on it when she was 7 months old. My only regret is that it wasn’t around when my 6 yr old was a baby!!! I absolutely LOVE the formula and my daughter has thrived on it. Thank you so much for sharing it. <3

  177. Hi,
    Im just looking for clarification.

    The FAQ says that the meyenberg whole milk powder is 4 scoops to 8 oz water, to use 2 scoops 28 grams to every 8 oz of water to replicate the formula with half the fats for the olive oil and coconut oil.

    However my meyenberg whole milk can says 2 scoops (2 TBSP) per 8 oz of water. My question is am I supposed to be using one scoop instead of 2 scoops per 8 oz? Someone earlier said the proper math is 1 TBSP and 1 tsp. Can anyone provide me with the measurements for the formula please.

    Initially I used a single scoop but it cause way too loose movements and that’s when I read the FAQ and upped it to 2 scoops but now I am not sure if I am doing this correctly as I do not want to injure my child’s kidneys.

    8 oz water
    1 TBSP turbinado
    1/4 coconut oil
    1/4 olive oil
    1/8 molasses
    2 scoops (2 TBSP) meyenberg whole milk powder

    Provided once daily
    1/4 probiotic
    1ml vitamin drops w dha

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    • I’m wondering the same thing. I’m using one TBS Meyenberg whole powder .
      I ditched the scoop and got a TBS I bought. Is he saying I should be using two with Meyenberg ? Please help me clear this up !

    • I do this in batches for my son. It’s much easier that way. Since I do it by the quart I do 2 scoops of the Meyenberg to the 4 cups of water. The scoop is exactly 2 TBSP so since the recipe calls for 1 TBSP to every 1 cup of water & the scoop is already at 2 TBSP you would then do 1 scoop per 2 cups or 1/2 scoop per 1 cup. You’re adding too much powder in your recipe. You need to only do a half scoop for the 8oz of water. Honestly I do 3 quarts at once & that lasts me 3 days. It’s much easier & I use my Ninja to help blend everything down.

    • Hello! For 1 8oz bottle according to his recipe, this is what I do.
      2 Tbl of Meyenberg
      1/2 tsp coconut oil
      1/2 tsp Olive Oil
      2.5tsp turbinado
      1/8tsp molasses

      Then you rprobiotics and multi vitamin once per day

      • did you print the recipe card? it says to use only 4tbsp goat milk powder to 4 cups water(1 quart)…aren’t you using too much goat milk powder than? it also gives the breakdown of the other ingredients. I am using the meyenberg brand too as its more affordable.

        • It’s all about grams not tablespoons as Stout says…so 28 grams of Capra Milk=2 tablespoons where in Meyenberg 28 grams=4 tablespoons… Therefore,
          Making an 8 oz bottle using;
          CapraMilk 1 tbsp
          Meyenberg 2 tbsp

  178. Could someone please advise how this new “full fat” recipe should change as your child gets older?
    For example there is a chart for the “non fat” recipe that increases the amount of milk powder, decreases the carbohydrates, yet the fat/oils remain the same as the child ages.
    Should this be the same case when using the “full fat” recipe?
    Or should the milk powder increase and the carbohydrates and fats/oils decrease? So confusing! Please help! Thanks!

  179. Hi, I just recently started my daughter on this formula but I needed it in a pinch and my local grocery store only had the Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk. So I am using that instead for now. I am following your recipe exactly but it seems like she doesnt want to finish it and it seems very oily. Heres what I mixed… is this correct for the Meyenberg formula?

    Pint size:

    Water 2 cups
    goats milk 2 tbsp
    olive oil 2 tsp
    organic maple syrup 2tbsp
    molasses 1/4 tsp

    Also, how long does it last in the fridge? I plan on adding the probiotics and colostrum when I get them in the mail. My daughter is 11 weeks old and I am mixing this formulation 1/3 to 2/3 breastmilk in a 5oz bottle. Please Help… my daughter recently was taken off formula because she screamed and screamed and screamed because it hurt her belly 🙁
    p.s: where is the folic acid in this recipe also??

    Thank you!!!!!

    • Brittny,
      This is the recipe for the formula I have used. I had problems with my own supply, so I started using it for my two boys when they were around 2wks. This is what worked for us ( One just turned 1 yr). I took it to my Dr and she approved it.
      Makes 1 pint:

      1 pint water
      8 scoops of powdered milk (I used Meyeng, just now started with Mr Capra)
      1 tbsp Nutritional Yeast
      1tbsp Organic Unfilt Blackstrap Molasses
      Little less 1/4 c Xtra Virgin Olive Oil
      1/3 c Organic Maple Syrup

      Once a day, in a 8oz bottle:

      1/8 tsp children probiotic
      1/8 tsp cod liver oil
      1/8 tsp multivitamin

      I look for good quality, organic, and veg based products.

  180. I have been making the formula for a month with the nonfat Mt. Capra milk for my now 10 month old son. He is doing great with it. I recently tried the whole milk version using meyenberg goats milk just to see and he got hives on his face shortly after. Coincidence? Or can you be allergic to the whole fat but not the nonfat?

  181. I have recently acquired custody of my newborn nephew. He was only able to nurse for 6 days before I got him. We immediately began looking for the best formula as I did not feel comfortable feeding him store formula. When I came across your website I had already spoken with a midwife who’d given me a similar recipe for the goat milk formula. The little guy has been sucking down this GM formula and at 2 1/2 weeks had already gained about a pound. My concern is CPS originally took the baby based on a report that his mother had been feeding him a supplement of goat milk. I’m not sure that CPS has a right to take a child based on that but I’m concerned because they could take him from me if they decide to with that as their reason. Is there a way to have a dr reccomend this formula? Please give advice and I am in Washington State. Thank you.

  182. Hi, We are having twins via a surrogate carrier and was wondering if I could use this formula on newborns? Would I have to adjust the dosage? This would be their main/only source of nutrition. Thanks!

  183. When you reconstitute the powdered goats milk according to your directions, is the final product a whole milk or diluted version?

  184. Ok I am confused here. I am using the Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk. The scoop enclopsed says 1 scoop= 2tbsp and to make it whole milk, mix 2 unpacked level scoops (28g) to 8oz warm water. In your FAQ’s about Meyenberg, you say to add 2 level scoops to 8 oz water, but here you say to only do 1 tablespoon of whole goat milk powder to 8 oz of water. Which is it? I mixed it all up with the 2 scoops of Meyenberg to the instructions on the 2.0 New Formula recipe, then got worried it was going to be too much, so I added an extra 5 1/2 ounces of water just in case. Now I’m worried it’s too much water for him, or not enough?? I have no idea now, I’m confused and worried. He’s 7 mo old and too much water can cause water toxicity. Please help ASAP.

    • Just 1 scoop. You can start doing the full dose (2scoops) by 12 months. It is too strong to their digestive to make it the way the can directs.

    • I use meyerberg as well since available at local store. 8grams protein in full serving (2scooops and can says each scoop is 2 Tbs according to mixing instructions) so to mimic protein content of breastmilk, which is give or take 3 grams per 8 oz, one should dilute goat milk by 2/3 so therefore 1/3 of 4 Tbs is 1 Tbs and 1 tsp. according to my fitness pal, everything lines up to cals, pro, carb, and fat content as dr joe stout says on his original post ratios. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Thank you Ms. Fields for the clarification. I was trying to figure it out in my “panicked worried I’ve been screwing it up”mind . Not super productive in that state!
        I do have one more concern the high sodium content in goats milk is said to cause major issues . Is this not true with powered only fresh? Or is this a risk that we should take into account ?

  185. This is actually Talitha, not Bryan. 🙂

    Due to early tongue tie issues, I lost most of my milk supply and haven’t been able to fully breastfeed my almost 3-month old daughter. She gets about 25% of her intake from me and we’ve been supplementing with formula (UGH!). My naturopath recommended your recipe for goat’s milk formula and I am so excited to start using it for my little one!

    I would like to know if I can make large batches of this and freeze it in individual portion sizes? I’m working on a source for raw goat’s milk (but planning to keep the powder on hand just in case) and it would make life SO much easier to be able to freeze it. Having a new baby, a 15-yr old, and working full time keeps me busy!

    • Talitha- I made this formula in batches for my granddaughter. For many months, I mixed the milk powder, fat and sweetener (we used organic maple syrup instead of turbindo sugar) together in a bowl (it made sort of a cookie dough consistency), then I would measure out single bottle size servings with a measuring spoon and placed each little single size serving blob of the mix in breastmilk storage bags, then freeze. When my son & d-i-l were ready to use, they would simply add warm water. It was kind of messy, but it worked. We now have an easier method. I use the small size “Glad” or “Rubbermaid” brand freezer proof storage containers, and in each one I measure out enough milk powder, fat & sweetener to make 24 ounces of formula. I make up to a dozen or so at a time (as in one dozen containers that make 24 oz of formula each). These are placed in the freezer, and reconstituted as needed. I have always used full fat milk powder, and we have used organic ghee (cow) for the fat. We also included Capra Colostrum, daily, in one or more of the bottles. We occasionally added a probiotic that had tested well for gbaby, as well as a liquid b vitamin called Folidreen. This was used as a back up to breast milk, I’d say it varied from between 25% to sometimes 75% of her milk intake, from about 4 months to 10 months, depending on what was going on in life. At 13 months, it will soon take the place entirely of breastmilk. Grandbaby has done fantastic on this formula…I am so thankful to have found it and for the support that was initially given by the kind and knowledgeable people at Mt Capra. I have a background in nutrition, so I was very particular about finding a breastmilk alternative/back up that was nutritionally sound. I love that Mt Capra now has a full fat option!

  186. We love you’re goat milk formula recipe and are so thankful to have an alternative to icky corporate formula and cows milk. This recipe has served as a staple in my sons diet after he was breast fed for 1 year. Now with #5 joining our family in September I am excited to use you’re recipe as a little extra calorie intake for baby while also breast feeding. This is an amazing recipe that leaves babies and children HEALTHY, Happy without any tummy aches, and THRIVING! Excellent recipe.

  187. We have been utilizing this formula with great success for months. My son is nearing 12 months and I’m wondering if and how the formula changes at that point and if I can just give him the new full fat version as milk in a cup after 12 months or do I still add everything to it? Thank you!!!

  188. It looks like in order to make a qt. of this formula you times everything by 4 except for the turbinado sugar? Do we only at 2tbs instead of 4 to make a qt?

  189. Thank you for this formula! I have been using it for my adopted son who is almost 4 months old. I feed him with an sns so that I am able to nurse him. I am concerned because the oil separates and he doesn’t end up eating the oils. I have seen that some commercial formulas use lecithin to help the oils disperse and am wondering if this would be a good addition. If so, how much?


    • I’m not positive of how much you would use, but I am positive that you want to be sure to use sunflower lecithin over soy lecithin.

  190. I changed the carbohydrates for *organic coconut nectar*. Dissolves much better than turbinado being already liquid and is low-glycemic and has excellent assimilation. ^O^

    • did anyone ever tell you how to know? have you figured out if your baby is sensitive to coconut oil? please let me know what you’ve learned. thanks. i’m wondering the same thing

  191. We are in the process of starting an orphanage ministry here in the Philippines where we have been missionaries (Christian) for the past 22 years. We do have access to raw goat milk here and have used a very similar formula for the first infant we received. We gave it to him for about a year and then just the pure raw goat milk since then. He is a healthy, happy two and one half year old! Our orphanage will focus on receiving infants (mostly abandoned) and we want to give them as healthy a start in life as possible. We have used the Mt. Capra Mineral Whey for the little boy also. I appreciate very much the kind of business you have and hope to be able to have our own ‘small scale’ goat farm (maybe a dozen or so) here so we can further save the expense of purchasing the milk from the farm we use now which is about a 2 hour drive and costs about $2.00 per liter or $8.00 per gallon. Even at that cost it is still cheaper to use that rather than buying the commercial baby formulas (which we have never done). But if we have our own goats, it would reduce costs even further. We would appreciate your prayers on our behalf. Thanks again!

    • Phil, What a great testimony for those little souls there in the Philippines. My prayers are definetly with you. Did you acquire some goats yet?

  192. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Joe Stout, M.S. and his family! I can’t even express my our gratitude and how much this formula has helped our twin boys grow and develop into the healthy toddlers they are now. This formula saved us in more ways than one and continues to help our friends with their infants. As a mother who was beyond frustrated with feeding options, doctors and the lack of information provided everywhere, I was relieved to find this website and even more relieved when my babies did so well on this formula. Thank you!

  193. Thank you for the updated recipe cards! I love knowing the brands of olive oil and multivitamin to use. I use the Kirkland brand olive oil and love it! Does the Nutristart multivitamin dissolve easily to feed in a bottle? I’m currently using a whole foods vitamin (The Honest Company) and it has flex of nutrients in it that don’t pass through the nipple. The nipple clogs, so I have to mix with food. Thank you!

    • No it does not dissolve well and clogs the nipple. But I sprinkle it over applesauce and spoon feed it. We consulted a couple doctors and a nutritionist before starting this formula.Thenutritionist suggested nutri start before this website did. Saying that the formula also lacks minerals like zinc and that this vitamin best complemented the formula.

      • So is this particular vitamin not a good choice for newborns then? Will it not come through a slow flow nipple? There’s nothing else you can mix the vitamin powder into like with an older baby. Hmmm

        • I was having the same issues with it getting clogged in the nipple. I decided to poke a bigger hole in the nipple and it flows just fine. My son finishes his bottles much faster so i have to burp him really well, otherwise it works perfect for us. I even researched what other vitamins i could use, specifically looking for drops, but nothing compares to these.

  194. Did an extensive research on breastmilk substitute when my 2 1/2 weeks old boy was not satisfied with the supply I was given him. After trying different options to increase my supply with no results, I had to find something fast to feed my baby. Thanks to my Lord and His guidance I came across to this website where I felt completely at peace with the information. After much prayer, used the suggestions given for the baby formula… It has been a blessing!! Our now 10 months old is strong, healthy and extremely active. He has never had any sickness or health issues. Thanks to the Lord for His mercy and Mr Joe for sharing his knowledge and experience. I do not use Mt Capra, but took advice on the formula using Meyenbergs. We add olive oil, organic maple syrup, uns blk molasses, nutritional yeast, good cod liver oil, multi vit, and probiotics.

    • You expressed your gratitude exactly as I would have!! I am so thankful and at peace since the Lord led me to this site. Thank you Stout family!! We are so greatful for your insight and wisdom!!

    • How much nutritional yeast did you add to the formula? And what amounts of oil do you add? I use the full fat version of the Meyenbergs as well 🙂

      • I use the full fat version of the milk. A little less than a 1/4 of a cup of xtra vrgn olive oil, and 1 tbsp of nutritional yeast. 2 qts of water, 8 scoops of milk, 1/3 c maple syrup, 1 to 2 tbsp molasses.

    • Isn’t nutritional yeast very high in protein? Which is why we are having to dilute the milk to not be whole milk bc too much protein will hinder an infants kidneys. Just be careful.

    • doesn’t the yeast add too much protein for them to process? since they have the protein from the milk? and how much water,etc. and rest of ingredients do you use? I’m trying to make this for my 3wk old that is not happy though. Not sure if I’m not mixing right or what. what probiotics do you use? thanks for any help….

  195. Is this the skim milk recipe cut in half? I ask because I have been using meyenburg full fat and cutting it in half. If I use the no fat meyenburg formula how much olive oil do I need to replace the coconut oil? It makes my son spit up. Do I add 2tbls olive oil? Thank you!!

    • Fractionated coconut oil has had the fat removed, including the medium chain fatty acids, which is one thing in coconut oil that mimics breastmilk. You should be using full fat, raw, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil.

  196. One of our premature twins was a pound lighter than the other at birth. Breastfeeding worked at first but she was having trouble keeping it down and gaining weight. We tried formula, and it got worse. We tried other formula (the “predigested” stuff) and it got REALLY bad. She spit up constantly and was not gaining weight like she should.

    Then we found your original formula recipe. The first day we gave the formula to both of them, the look on their faces told us all we needed to know. They weren’t avoiding it. They sucked it down like they were young goats themselves! She hasn’t spit up after eating since that day. That night she slept a whole 5 hours… 3 hours longer than previously. The head of pediatrics and nutritionist at their doctor’s office were amazed and said it was the closest thing to “normal” breast milk they had ever seen – it had everything the babies needed.

    They turn one year old in a few weeks and couldn’t be healthier. We have been sharing this recipe with everyone we know. Thank you for completely changing both my daughters’ lives.

  197. Joe,
    Nice family pictures!
    On the other end of the age spectrum……..I’m taking care of my 91 year old mother and use mostly organic, grass fed, free range items. I have my own chickens and wonderful eggs which she loves. How about a similar formula with chocolate to replace the horrible concoctions aimed at the elderly. I’ve been using Organic Valley milk from grass fed cows. It’s almost $10 per gallon. I’m thinking whole goats milk might be a great alternative. I hope you can come up with an Ensure replacement………..

  198. Iv been making homemade goat milk formula for my little one sense he was two months old. He is thriving and growing incredibly well. No more constipation or reflux. It’s the best decision iv made so far!!

      • Yes, use full strength! I have been using this to supplement my now 3 month old baby since he was a few weeks old. Using watered down formula can affect their weight gain as they are not getting all the nutrients the need.

    • what recipe do you use? exactly if you don’t mind me asking. my 3 wk old is miserable and not sure if she’s sensitive to something or I’m not adding enough powder,etc. thanks.

      • I’m wondering the same thing and how long it normally takes the baby to adjust to the introduction of the formula? At what point do you know if they are having a reaction to it or they are just adjusting to it. I really don’t want to have to use a store-bought formula, I’m hoping this works for my son…

    • Does anyone have tips on what they use to blend? Standard blender? Hand blender? Is it best to store in mason jars? My son is 9 months and still on a stage 2 flow nipple, will the formula be much thicker and require faster flows? I’m curious, not enough to try, but can this ever be frozen and reheated?

      How do I receive a recipe card or does it come with my kit?

      I’m following this recipe precisely and still a little nervous about the folic and b12, even tho I know the NutriStart multivitamin contains 100% DV.

      Thank you so much!

      • Hi, Sharon. Virtually any blending method will work, although many people seem to get the best results by using an electric blender. For my part, storing in baby bottles is the most convenient. Yes the formula, once mixed, can be frozen and heated as necessary. Again, regular baby bottles are generally most convenient for this. The recipe card will come with your kit.

  199. I have been excitedly awaiting this recipe and chomping at the bit to make the new version for my four month old daughter. She had so many problems with dairy and she would cry and cry and cry! Ever since starting her on your recipe she has thrived and has a much bigger appetite. She is happy to eat now :), she can’t get enough! I am so appreciative of you sharing your recipe. I want to sincerely thank you for sharing your beautiful family’s story, and the recipe with us.

    • can you tell me what exactly you use in your recipe? do you use maple syrup, how many scoops of powder, etc? i try to make mine by the quart and fill bottles as need be but my 3 wk old is miserable…thanks.

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