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Ironman World Championship – A Photo Journal

A photo journal of Ben Greenfield in the Kona Hawaii Ironman World Championship

Ironman World Championship – A Photo Journal

As many of you know, last weekend my wife, Elizabeth, and I were in Kona Hawaii for the Ironman World Championship. Kona is where the best of the best come together to complete in the worlds toughest sporting event; 2.4 miles of swimming in open water, 112 miles of biking in 120+ heat, and 26.2 miles (yes a marathon) of running. Being the premiere triathlete destination, tens of thousands compete each year to qualify for one of a handful of spots in the race. Being that our very own Ben Greenfield qualified, Mt. Capra sent us over to the “Big Island” to document this event. Below you will find a series of successive photos with captions journaling this experience. Look for a pre-race interview video later today, a post race interview video next week, and extensive video coverage toward the middle of next week. For now though enjoy the photos and start training for next year. 🙂

Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship
Here we are at the 2010 Ironman in Kona Hawaii. This was the 25th anniversary of the race on the “Big Island”

Ironman World Championship - Large Crowd
The ironman in Kona, Hawaii garners more spectators than any other triathlon. The crowd was huge!
Helicopter Coverage - Ironman Championship
This (and many other) helicopters had the perfect view to follow the events unfolding during the race.
Ironman World Championship - Ben Greenfield Pre-Swim
Ben is set to go and ready to swim like crazy.
Swim Start - Ironman World Championship
The racers start off with a 2.4 mile swim. Here they are waiting for the gun to go off that signifies the start to the race. That floating car makes for a nice buoy!
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - Swim Begins
Once the gun went off, the peaceful waters off the coast of Kona were turned into a frothing washing machine of knees and elbows!
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - Bike Start
After exiting the water, Ben was able to get suited up and start the bike leg in just 4 minutes! Great transition time.
Large Crowd on Palani Drive - Ironman World Championship
People crammed shoulder to shoulder to garner a good view of the triathletes climbing this grueling section of Palani Drive. A side note: look carefully at the “graffiti” covering the road. Every inch of was covered in chalk messages cheering athletes on.
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - 2nd leg of Bike Ride
Ben is flying through the turn coming down Palani drive, onto the Kaukini Highway.
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - 3rd leg of Bike Ride
Ben is maintaining the perfect “aero” position. His alien-like helmet has been specifically designed to reduce drag. Ben told me prior to the race that such a helmet design can improve bicycle times by 5 – 6 minutes which is an eternity in an Ironman.
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - 4th leg of Bike Ride
Ben is finishing his final mile of the 112 mile bike leg. He was cruising by so fast, I was only able to catch this sexy armpit shot.
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - 1st leg of Marathon
Ben’s transition time from the bike to running gear was only 3:34 seconds. Only 26 miles to go Ben!
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - 1st leg of Marathon 2
Ben is flashing us the “sup dog” sign. His high socks aren’t just a fashion statement; they are called compression socks. These socks have many benefits such as improving stamina on long distances runs, keeping calf muscles warm, and reducing likelihood of stress related shin splints.
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - 2nd leg of Marathon
Ben is cruising along with a great stride. He still has a lot of race in front of him so he is pacing himself at this point.
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - 3rd leg of Marathon
Ben is making the grueling climb up Palani Drive. There was a woman standing next to us who was screaming and making a huge ruckus cheering on every athlete. Ben is eyeing her cautiously. Or maybe he is just wondering “Why the heck did I sign up for this?”
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - Joe Stout
It was so hot. I had to wear a second t-shirt to keep my head cool.
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - Finish Line
After going through 2.4 miles of swimming, a 112 mile bike ride, and then an entire marathon, I have no idea where Ben found the energy to jump this high.
Kona, Hawaii - Ironman World Championship - Finished!
After crossing the finish line, Ben was led into the medical tent and hooked up to an IV to replace vital fluids. After this picture was taken Ben broke down in tears due to a mixture of joy and pain as his legs were absolutely on fire!

Elizabeth and I had a great time witnessing and documenting this event. We will certainly be tuning in to watch Ben on NBC when the event is re-broadcast on December 17th. After the race Ben told the first thing he was going to do was to get a good dinner and supplement his protein, mineral, and antioxidant needs with Double Bonded Protein and Solar Synergy.


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