About our Barley Fodder

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If you’ve spent any time viewing the Mt. Capra farm videos on YouTube, you know that we take sustainable organic farming seriously. That’s in part why we grow our own organic barley fodder to give to our happy goats. Goats are fun and funny creatures, and they don’t like being outdoors all the time – especially when the weather is rainy, cold and blowing. And we do get a bit of that up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! So we grow our own organic barley greens for the goats to munch on when they can’t get fresh grass. Here are some interesting facts about our barley fodder growing process:

    • 1 pound non-GMO barley seed grows into 7.5 pounds of barley
    • 100 pounds non-GMO barley seed goes into the soaking tank for 24 hours before it is spread on the trays. This yields around 750 pounds of barley the following week.
    • The system floods the trays with fresh clean northwest water every two hours.
    • A water reclamation system catches all of this nutrient/mineral dense run off to use as drinking water for the livestock.
    • The system produces around 750 pounds of fodder each day, 275,000 pounds of fodder in a year, and is equivalent to the fodder production expected from 112 acres of premium farm land. All from a system that uses only 140 square feet and consumes 95% less water.
    • Our barley is grown right on our farm, is non-GMO and not treated with chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or growth inhibitors.