About our Goat Milk Soaps

About our Goat Milk Soaps

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What’s the Difference?

The majority of soaps produced and sold in the United States are water-based . . . they are made with water.  It’s an odd fact considering that water dries out our skin.

On the other hand, soap made from goat’s milk can, and does, greatly benefit skin.

How?  The following benefits can be had by using soap made from goat’s milk:

Goal milk cream soap has alpha-hydroxy acids which help remove dead skin cells and leaves new skin cells on the surface for a smoother look.

Goat milk contains vitamins and in particular Vitamin A, a necessary vitamin in repairing damaged skin.  Vitamin A is also good at reducing wrinkles, controlling acne, and providing relief from psoriasis.

Goat milk contains cream and cream helps to moisturize your skin, very important for people with dry skin or when cleansing during very cold weather.  Traditional water-based soaps cannot make that claim.

Goat milk contains selenium, and selenium is believed to play an important role in preventing skin cancer.  It also helps to prevent damage done to skin from the sun.

Goat milk soap reduces skin inflammation with its fat molecule content.

Add it all together and you have some rather compelling reasons why you should use goat-milk based soap as opposed to water-based soaps.  Don’t you think your skin deserves a treat today?

Mt.Capra Ivory Cream

This is for the absolute purist. Absolutely no fragrance just the sweet delicious scent of goat milk cream. Ivory Cream is a pure white bar without any added scents.