Summer brings lots of activity and lots of heat! Minerals are an important part of staying hydrated and supporting your joints during the Summer.

Summer brings outside BBQs, sports activities, hiking, walking, jogging, and lots of heat! 

One of the things that we can do to make sure we are ready for Summer as far as our nutritional status goes, is make sure we are getting plenty of minerals for hydration, energy levels, and the increased movement on our joints. 🏃‍♂️

Americans are Mineral Deficient

Unfortunately most of our soils are mineral depleted and contain less minerals than they used to. Unless you’re eating locally grown organic produce from nutrient rich soils, downing coconut water or bone broth, or adding minerals to your diet in some other way, you may be coming out deficient. 

Add to that the fact that our lives are often stressful and chaotic, and stress depletes minerals, as well as Americans generally drink too much coffee and not enough water or even mineral depleted water, leading to an ever draining well of mineral reserves in the body. The issue compounds when most mineral supplements that people take are either isolated minerals (only calcium or only magnesium or only potassium) or are not in an elemental, organic form that the body easily uses and recognizes. Minerals are meant to be consumed with other minerals and can become imbalanced when one is taken singularly.

Capra Mineral Whey – A Multi-Mineral Like No Other

That is one of the reasons why Capra Mineral Whey stands out in supplying a naturally occurring plethora of minerals concentrated from goat whey. The goat does all the work of harnessing the powerhouse of nutrition that is in grass that we as humans can’t digest, and passes along a nourishing and alkalizing wonder of a food. With Mineral Whey you are getting an array of minerals (12+) from a whole food source.

Capra Mineral Whey contains all of the major electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, chloride) and trace minerals as well, like zinc and silicon. This makes it a great addition to Summer smoothies and drinks. You could even mix it into homemade ice cream! Keep your cool and get your minerals too. 😎

On Average Capra Mineral Whey contains per serving:

  • Over 1000 mg of potassium 
  • Around 250 mg of calcium
  • About 100 mg of sodium
  • All of the major electrolytes
  • Plus trace minerals!

“Love this stuff! Taste great, easy to use. I put it in my morning coffee, sprinkle on toast with ghee and hot cereals. I feel better taking mineral Whey and definitely has helped me sleep much better. My body appreciates the minerals it get by using this product. Love it and am thankful for it…thank you Mt. Capra!”


“I had joint pain and trouble falling asleep if awakened at night. Realized it was a mineral deficiency. Took Mt. Capra Mineral Whey for two weeks and both symptoms disappeared! When I go off it, they return. I am a consumer of this product for life!”

Shelly S.

Bones and joints need minerals to be healthy, and you need healthy bones and joints to be active and go hiking, rock climbing, and partake in sports.

For an interesting article on the benefits of the organic form of the sodium in Mineral Whey and how it can support joint health, check out this article by Dr. Bernard Jensen.


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