Mt. Capra, From Sea to Shining Sea

Click on “find a store” from our home page menu and take a look at the map of the United States. There you will find the locations where Mt. Capra products are sold, from sea to shining sea.

From sea to shining sea!

From the Canadian border to the Mexican border.

We are just a small, family-owned farm under the shadow of the Cascade Mountains in Western Washington, so it is very gratifying to see our products selling across this great country.

It also speaks volumes about the growth in goat milk products in the United States.  As we have said many times, change takes time, but change is happening for sure with regards to goat milk products and the public’s awareness of the health benefits of goat milk vs cow milk.

All very gratifying for sure!

The health supplement market is a relatively new one in the United States, so new that many health supplements are not yet officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  That fact has nothing to do with their effectiveness and safety.  In fact, time and time again, studies by reputable labs and medical facilities have touted the effectiveness and health benefits of dietary supplements.

Change takes time!

In time, the Food and Drug Administration will jump onboard and officially recognize health supplements.  It is simply a matter of time and more lobbying.

In the meantime, we let our reputation speak for itself.  Hundreds of thousands of customers across this country purchase our products, and those same customers sing the praises of goat milk products. Their lives are changed for the better, and that is all the recognition we need.

What about you?  Are you looking for a boost?  Are you searching for something which will benefit your lifestyle?  We invite you to give Mt. Capra a try . . . our whey, our ghee, our probiotics, our cleansing supplements.

Give us a try!

You’ll be very glad you did!


Mt. Capra is a small, family-run farm in the Pacific Northwest which, for nearly a century, has been producing premium whole foods and nutritional products from goat milk. Our grass-fed goats graze on pesticide-free and chemical-free forage 365 days a year. No hormones or antibiotics are used to increase production.

“Wellness shaped by goat’s milk”


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