Mt. Capra is Headed for Ironman 2010 World Championships in Kona Hawaii!


We’re pretty excited at Mt. Capra these days. One of the major athletes we sponsor, Ben Greenfield, has been invited to race in the most coveted triathlon race in the world. The Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. This is the kind of race that tens of thousands of athletes compete for each year and only a handful qualify for each division.

Ironman 2010 Kona, Hawaii HIThe Race

The overall intensity of such a race leaves many to wonder why an invitation would be desired in the first place. The race starts with nearly 2.5 miles of swimming in rough open waters via the Pacific Ocean. After the racers complete their swim leg, they hop on a bike to ride a grueling 112 miles in the extreme side and head (20-60 mph) winds of Hawaii. After completing both of these unbelievable feats of strength and endurance the athletes then subject themselves to all the punishing rigors of running an entire marathon! Sandwiched between two lava fields, the final leg of the ironman is 26.2 miles of brutal running in 100 degree heat and unbearable humidity. All for the glory of being an ironman.

Ironman distances:

Swim 2.4 miles – Bike 112 miles – Run 26.2 miles

The AthleteBen Greenfield Triathlon Expert

Ben will be running this Saturday starting at 6:00 am (HAST). As an elite athlete, Ben is powered by many different forms of fuel. Some of Ben’s most important supplements come from Mt. Capra. Ben relies heavily upon Double Bonded Protein, Solar Synergy, CapraFlex, and Caprobiotics Advanced. Mt. Capra will be sending Joe Stout to cover the race proceedings, snap pictures, shoot video, and conduct pre/post race interviews with Ben himself. We’ll be posting these as they happen so be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and follow the action as it is happening!


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  1. I am so excited for your team at Mt. Capra and for Ben Greenfield. Wish you “all” the best for the Ironman World Championship team.

    Nutragenesis is indeed excited to have had our two ingredients choosen by Mt. Capra to be in Solar synergy Sports Drink – WellBerry and Sensoril. Looking forward to Joe’s updates from Hawaii! – Shelly


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