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Mt. Capra is Pesticide-Free

immune health with goat milk products

Mt. Capra is pesticide-free!

We make that statement proudly.

In 1962 a woman by the name of Rachel Carson published a book called “Silent Spring.”

It was a game-changer for society.

Thus began the environmental revolution.

We still talk in terms of conquest. We still haven’t become mature enough to think of ourselves as only a tiny part of a vast and incredible universe. Man’s attitude toward nature is today critically important simply because we have now acquired a fateful power to alter and destroy nature. But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.”  Rachel Carson

In 1962, the use of pesticides was quite common and most-definitely accepted in society and most-definitely in the farming industry . . . and then along came Rachel Carson.  By 1962, Carson was already recognized as a talented writer because of her “Sea” trilogy. This was a marine biologist’s look at the complexity of the world’s oceans.  She then turned her attention to the land, and how man’s use of the land was affecting living organisms on that land.  Her new book, “Silent Spring,” was published in three sections in The New Yorker magazine. This gave wide exposure and also earning it the wrath of the chemical companies.

Carson spent the last two years of her life defending her scientific findings. Which essentially said that DDT, and other related pesticides, were doing irreparable harm to Earth and its inhabitants.

Carson, and her book, changed the world.

Mt. Capra is pesticide-free, and we are proud of that fact.  Ninety years of Mt. Capra…ninety years of doing it correctly!

Thank you, Rachel Carson, for showing the way!

The most alarming of all man’s assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials. This pollution is for the most part irrecoverable; the chain of evil it initiates not only in the world that must support life but in living tissues is for the most part irreversible. In this now universal contamination of the environment, chemicals are the sinister and little-recognized partners of radiation in changing the very nature of the world-the very nature of its life.”  Rachel Carson


Mt. Capra is a small, family-run farm in the Pacific Northwest which, for nearly a century, has been producing premium whole foods and nutritional products from goat milk. Our grass-fed goats graze on pesticide-free and chemical-free forage 365 days a year. No hormones or antibiotics are used to increase production.

Wellness shaped by goat’s milk


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