• The first probiotic to be cultured in goat milk!
  • 61 billion cfu per serving *at time of manufacture.
  • 10 strains of live and active cultures.
  • Includes patented super strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 that supports skin health and digestive wellness.
  • Goat Milk Plus+ Blend includes prebiotics such as goat milk cream (short/medium chain fatty acids), goat milk mineral whey, and chicory root, which optimize the intestinal environment increasing microbiota health.

Product Overview

The first probiotic to be cultured in goat milk! Caprobiotics Plus™ includes the patented super strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 that supports skin health and digestive wellness.

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The Details

What is Caprobiotics Plus™?

Probiotics are “Health Enhancing Bacteria” that when introduced successfully into the intestinal tract, replenish the intestinal microflora, helping the body to digest and absorb food and fight off many different illnesses and disease. Caprobiotics Plus+™ is a powerful goat milk probiotic blend that combines 10 synergystic strains of health-enhancing bacteria with goat milk pre-biotics such as goat milk cream and goat milk mineral whey entirely unique to Mt. Capra.

What is in the Goat Milk Plus+ Blend?

The Goat Milk Plus+ Blend is a combination of pre-biotics and beneficial probiotic substrates such as goat milk cream, Capra Mineral Whey™, and chicory root (inulin). These ingredients act to give each individual strain of probiotic the needed assistance to colonize the small intestine. We pack each capsule with a blend of short and medium chain fatty acids from goat milk cream. These fatty acids, like butyrate, are metabolized by microbiota into substrates for colonocytes which in turn leads to the increased wellness of the large intestine. The goat milk cream is also rich in the super-nutrient Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which has a host of health benefits. We also include Capra Mineral Whey and chicory root which both act as pre-biotics delivering needed soluble fiber, enzyme precursors, minerals, and electrolytes to the microbiota.


Acid-Guard™ Capsule Technology

Probiotics can deliver some truly amazing benefits if successfully delivered to the intestinal tract. Protecting these helpful bacteria to get past the acidic conditions of the stomach is why we use the patented Acid-Guard™ capsule technology delivery system. This acid resistant, vegetarian capsule protects the bacteria as it travels through the stomach to the small intestine. Unlike enteric coating which is a plastic polymer spray, our Acid-Guard™ capsules use only natural acid-resistant vegetable starch to guard against the acid of the stomach and deliver the probiotics safely to the small intestine. In fact, in the laboratory, the capsules can resist a pH of 1.2 (extremely acidic) as well as powerful digestive enzymes for over an hour. As a secondary feature, these capsules also act as a moisture and oxygen barrier both of which will severely degrade the shelf life of the microflora.

6 reviews for Caprobiotics Plus Probiotics

  1. Hugo Robin (verified owner)

    This supplement product contains the extraordinary strain called DDS-1, this is a super strain. According to Dr. S.K. Dash, world renown probiotic expert, basically buying a supplement without this strain could potentially be a waste of money. Plus this product has a good amount of prebiotics, which is probiotics “food”.
    I felt it inmediatelly, from the first capsule.
    ¡Powerful stuff!

  2. Crystal

    If you’re looking to get ‘regular’ I recommend this. It’s better than any other probiotics I’ve tried.

  3. Rintha Renoud (verified owner)

    LOVE everything about this wonderful family business & the CAPROBIOTICS PLUS+ are absolutely the best. I am finishing my first order & i have multiple digestive issues that have been resolved with this wonderful product.

  4. Irina

    Can I use this for kids?

    • Jeff Andersen

      Yes, children can use Caprobiotics Plus.

  5. jlkwater (verified owner)

    Caprobiotics Plus+ is a great product! I have used this product many times in the past. I truly believe this is the best probiotic on the market! Ben Greenfield is so knowledgeable, and he recommends taking Caprobiotics Plus+ with CapraColostrum. So, I recently purchased both. I will update everyone with my results.

  6. aromaoil (verified owner)

    Have just started using these products. I believe goats milk products are so much better for you & to know these goats are free from pesticides & other bad chemicals makes me feel safe using them. I love all the ones I have tried as well as my husband which is quite surprising as in the past he always insisted he hated the taste of goats milk. Not the case here. Am planning on going on auto-ship. Your happy goats have made us happy. Thank You, Ellie Ayers

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