• Caprotein™ contains natural probiotics and fermented protein creating the perfect blend to assist and enhance digestion and absorption.
  • The most digestible protein on the planet!
  • Absolutely no artificial anything!
  • Fermented protein is partially pre-digested. This increases the ability of the body to utilize all parts
    of each amino acid.

Product Overview

Caprotein® is one of our highest quality goat milk protein powders in terms of digestibility. Caprotein® has been fermented with probiotics which partially pre-digests the polypeptides increasing the bio-availability of the amino acids for absorption and utilization as well as making the protein far more digestible.

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The Details

Why Caprotein™?

Caprotein is the highest quality goat milk protein powder available. It is made from goat milk that contains no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Why do we need protein?

Proteins are the building blocks of human life, essential for normal growth. Proteins have many important bio-actives including immunoglobulins and enzymes. Proteins form the foundation of muscles, bones, skin, hair, blood and heart. Lack of dietary protein can hinder these foundational areas. Protein generally contains approximately 22 amino acids. Eight of those amino acids are essential because the body cannot produce them and so they must be obtained from our diet. Caprotein contains all of the essential amino acids for optimal health.

Why not a vegetable or soy protein?

Vegetable proteins lack the complete spectrum of essential amino acids which, as the name implies, are essential for muscle building. Supplementing with a protein that lacks essential amino acids is like taking a daily multivitamin that is missing key vitamins. It is also best to avoid soy protein supplements as they contain phytates which block key enzymes, and phytoestrogens which is a form of hormone. Phytoestrogens can disrupt normal hormonal function. Also, “natural soy” is toxic unless enzymatically treated with chemicals to neutralize a dangerous enzyme.

Caprotein is minimally processed

Most other milk protein powders are made from cow milk and though they claim to be minimally processed they use several invasive processing steps including heating at high temperatures. At Mt. Capra one of the most important production methods we use is the Refractance Window Drying machine, a drying method that uses conduction, convection and infrared which applies minimal and variable heat sources to gently dry Caprotein and preserve the original integrity that keeps it as close to nature as possible. This unique drying process allows the powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes to thrive from the lacto-fermentation or “pre-digestion” process. The naturally occurring probiotics and enzymes make Caprotein the perfect choice for both young and old alike.

Success with Caprotein

“Switch to Caprotein! It’s so much more efficient than cow protein. You can feel it revitalize your body and build muscle faster. You get more out of a pound of goats milk protein than you would out of two pounds of cow milk protein.”

– Tony Burroff in Oregon

Caprotein® has been partially pre-digested or fermented. This process helps to assist in the ability of the protein to be easily absorbed by the body. Because the polypeptides have been partially broken down, the digestive system has an easier job assimilating each individual amino acid that makes up the polypeptide string into lean body tissue.

Check out this recipe using Caprotein:

Tropical Smoothie Bowls

11 reviews for Caprotein

  1. Travis Penn (verified owner)

    This is a pleasant protein powder. I enjoy its not-sweet but smooth flavor. Subjectively, it seems to be extremely bio-available as advertised and also simultaneously seems not to screw with my blood sugar. This makes it a nice way to add some protein to mixed meals or a smoothie.

  2. William Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Another terrific product in their line of stellar goat milk products. It is highly digestible and because it tastes wonderful and is a high quality food supplement in my diet I continue to be a loyal customer.

  3. Kyle

    Does this function as a whey or casein?

    • Jeff Andersen

      Caprotein contains both casein and whey proteins, in the typical 80/20 ratio.

  4. Lauren E Briggs (verified owner)

    Love this product. So easy to digest. Keeps my blood sugar balanced for hours. I am a big fan.

  5. ell3nhak (verified owner)

    Is caprotein good for 10 year old kids?

    • Jeff Andersen

      Absolutely. Caprotein is whole goat milk protein which has been partially fermented so as to make it even easier to digest than our regular whole milk protein.

  6. Rhonda Larson (verified owner)

    Great protein without additives!

  7. drsaraoneill (verified owner)

    I really love the Caprotein for my protein shakes! Tastes nice and gives me zero digestion problems!

  8. dbussiere

    Is this raw goat’s milk?

    • Jeff Andersen

      Caprotein is a fermented goat milk product that is dried using a gentle process known as refractance drying that preserves as much of the nutrients found in raw goat’s milk as is possible in a powdered milk product.

  9. ryan

    Hi Team,
    The Caprotein that I bought has a slightly sour taste. is this normal?

    • Jeff Andersen

      Yes, the product is slightly less alkaline due to the fermentation process.

  10. jimena

    is it good for babies?

    • Jeff Andersen

      Caprotein is too strong to be given at full strength to babies, i.e., contains too much protein for babies under 1 yr of age.

  11. pennycarrier

    I use this every day, adding it to my kefir for breakfast. It tastes good, dissolves easily and is very digestible.

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