• 10 grams per packet – 25 packets per box
  • Electrolytes and Trace Minerals from clean grass-fed goat milk whey
  • Some of the highest levels of Iodine found naturally occurring in food
  • Excellent source of Potassium!

Product Overview

Clean Electrolytes and Trace Minerals offer a full spectrum of minerals found in grass-fed goat milk whey. Contains only Goat Whey Minerals and less than 1% calcium carbonate (to prevent caking). NO ADDED SUGAR!

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The Details

What is Clean Electrolytes + Trace Minerals?

Clean Electrolytes + Trace Minerals stands out among other electrolyte supplements as it is made from grass-fed goat milk. This makes it easy-to-digest as it comes in an organic form that the body easily recognizes and can absorb and utilize. Unlike other electrolytes that have added salt or sugar, Clean Electrolytes + Trace Minerals has neither and is simply dried goat milk whey, with less than 1% calcium carbonate added (to prevent caking).

It has a slightly sweet taste, but is also savory, and can be made into a warm broth by adding it to some hot water, or it can be mixed into coffee, tea, smoothies, or soups. You could also add to sauces for a delicious electrolyte and mineral boost!

These 25 stick-packs come in handy for on-the-go hydration. They can easily fit in your purse, backpack, or suitcase. Clean Electrolytes is an excellent supplement to bring to sporting events.

Which minerals are in here?

Clean Electrolytes + Trace Minerals is an excellent source of potassium at 682 mg/serving. It also contains some of the highest levels of iodine found naturally occurring in food at 317 mcg. Normally the highest amounts of iodine are found in seafood. Not everyone is a fan of fish and seaweed, so Clean Electrolytes + Trace Minerals can be a good alternative to get in your needed iodine.

Other minerals included are the electrolytes: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and chloride. You will also find the trace minerals: boron, copper, iron, sulfur, manganese, silicon, strontium, zinc, and lithium in smaller amounts.

Why take a mineral supplement?

Unfortunately due to poor farming practices in America, our soils in general have become depleted. This has lead to less minerals available in the soil for plants to take up and have available for us to eat and digest. The vitamin and mineral content of our fruits and veggies in modern times are less than what they used to be in the past.

That is where Clean Electrolytes + Trace Minerals comes in. We practice regenerative agriculture to build the health of our pastures, soil, and goat herd. Our pasture-raised, grass-fed goats are moved to a different section of grass regularly. As ruminant animals, they do an excellent job of extracting the nutrition from grass that as humans, we are unable to, and then providing us this easy-to-digest nutrition in delicious goat milk products.


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