• Anti-inflammatory support for joints to ease pain and stiffness
  • High quality protein from grass-fed, happy goats in delicious vanilla or chocolate flavor (tastes like a chocolate malt!)
  • Protein can be added to smoothies with other healthy additions, or mixed by itself in water or milk
  • Minerals support digestion, muscle contraction, and a host of other functions
  • Electrolytes from the mineral whey help with hydration

Product Overview

Get something thoughtful for Dad this Father’s Day. This bundle is the PERFECT gift to give to an active, hard-working dad. Dad’s are usually busy working in the yard, fixing up the garden this time of year, digging holes, working with tools, helping us move heavy objects, and generally active. These types of activities can lead to sore knees, shoulders, and backs. Compounded with the love of fast food and a sweet tooth, all this motion and poor eating habits can make Dad sore and lacking in nutrients. That is why we put together a bundle that will supply a healthy source of protein on the go for Dad, anti-inflammatory support for his joints, and minerals to keep the body running at it’s best.

The Details

Get something that will nourish Dad this Father’s Day to be the best he can be. This bundle will only be offered for a limited time and includes:


CapraFlex is the star of this bundle for achy joints. It provides great joint support through glucosamine and chondroitin from chicken collagen, systemic (also known as proteolytic) enzymes that eat up inflammation, minerals, and powerful anti-inflammatory herbs. One of the key herbs, White Willow Bark, is the herb that aspirin is derived from. You get the best of both worlds when you take White Willow Bark versus aspirin for pain relief because you get all the benefits without the harmful side effects on the stomach and liver that typically comes with aspirin.

Double Bonded Protein

This whole protein (80% casein and 20% whey) comes in two delicious flavors, vanilla or chocolate. It tastes great in milk or water, but also is tasty when added to a berry smoothie. Double Bonded Protein is an alkaline protein designed to increase lean body mass and slow muscle breakdown while being digested with ease. Contains high levels of all essential amino acids.

Capra Mineral Whey

This multi-mineral powder is a rich source of concentrated minerals. It is easy to absorb and digest without stomach upset. It actually can improve the stomach health. It is particularly high in potassium and also contains a good amount of calcium, with varying amounts of other macro-minerals and trace minerals. Minerals are important for joint health, muscle contraction, as well as so many other functions in the body. This product is alkalizing and so needed in the diets of many Americans due to the more acidifying nature of popular foods. It also helps to feed Lactobacillus Acidophilus (a good probiotic) in the intestines.

Follow this link for a great article on the benefits of Capra Mineral Whey from a pioneer in the holistic health field, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D.


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