• We’ve added a smaller jar of colostrum to make the kit more affordable
  • Easy to Digest
  • Low Allergy potential
  • Safe and Wholesome
  • Complies with Baby Formula Nutrient Requirements

Product Overview

The all-natural preferred alternative to commercial baby formula. All of the ingredients needed to make Mt. Capra’s goat milk formula recipe, in one handy package. Mothers and fathers RAVE about their children thriving on Mt. Capra’s Goat Milk Formula recipe.

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The Details

Goat Milk Recipe Kit

This goat milk recipe kit contains everything you need to get going making your own goat milk recipe at home! This recipe is not a finished ready-to-mix infant formula but rather a combination of different REAL FOODS for those who cannot or chose to not breastfeed. If breastfeeding is not an option then this goat milk recipe kit might be just the alternative to commercial formula you’ve been searching for.

It is Easy to make

This recipe is super easy to make and can easily be fit into the busy lifestyle of a mom or dad with new little ones. We have created an entire website dedicated to educating those wanting to know more about the science behind the goat milk formula recipe as well as answers to many of the most frequently asked questions parents have when starting out on this recipe. 

It has Simple Ingredients

This recipe was created by Joe Stout who has both a bachelors of science and masters of science in human nutrition and he has gone to great lengths to ensure that this homemade recipe is fully in compliance with the baby formula nutrient requirements of the 1980 Infant Formula Ac t. Using just 9 simple ingredients this formula can be made in just minutes and nearly half of the required ingredients are only used one time per day. Check out the top 7 reasons you should be making your own formula at home and check out just how easy it is to make this formula by watching the video below.

The Goat Milk Recipe:

(Note: The proportions listed are for making an 8 oz. bottle.)

Directions: Fill the bottle up with 5 oz. very hot water. Add ghee and wait for it to melt. Add milk powder, lactose, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, molasses and any other once-per-day ingredients (vitamins, colostrum, DHA, except probiotics). Shake well. When contents are well mixed, add cold water so that the total volume reaches 8 ounces. Shake well again. Lastly add probiotics (to ensure their viability). Shake well one last time. *Once per day ingredients

How long will each ingredient last in this recipe kit?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and the answer is, like a lot of things, “It depends.”

While this may seem obvious, it depends primarily on how much you actually feed. We have based our Nutrient Database on parents feeding their little ones 30 fl oz of formula per day. 

This may be a high for some of you. Maybe you are only feeding 2 bottles per day. Maybe more…

How much do you plan to feed your little one?

I’ve created this “coverage chart” that I hope can help answer this question. Basically the chart details how many days the formula kit will cover if you feed you baby 2 bottles, 3 bottles, or 4 bottles. In this case 1 “bottle” is equal to 8 fl oz. of the prepared formula. Based on this data we can see that by only feeding 2 bottles per day you will need more goat milk powder and goat milk lactose within 16 days and 18 days of receiving your kit if you are only feeding 2 bottles per day. If you are feeding 4 bottles per day, you will need your goat milk powder and lactose ingredients in 8 days and 9 days respectively.

Homemade Goat Milk Formula Kit Coverage Chart

Goat Milk Recipe Success!

“Due to several different reasons we were forced to supplement our newborn daughter from 3 days old. She became very rigid and “board-like” while on regular formula, she start to fuss when we put her knees to her belly and seemed irritable.  We decided to put her on the goats milk formula starting at 5 weeks old. We ordered the Goat Milk Formula Kit and after just 24 hrs it was as though we were given our newborn back. She is much easier to console, not near as rigid and will even fall asleep in our arms! Clearly the contents of the goats milk formula is very similar to breast milk. Thank you for giving us the ability to really enjoy our newborn! – Rachel in New Hampshire

I recently purchased the kit, and I am currently on day 11 of using it. My son had been through FOUR other formulas, and none of them took care of his reflux. Since we switched to the goat milk, we have been very pleased to see a massive decrease in his reflux. It is not completely gone, but I am extremely pleased with the results thus far. Other than my son feeling better in general, I must say the best thing about this formula is the fact that I know exactly what is in it. I highly recommend this product and this company. – Kristen in North Carolina

Interestingly enough when I first developed this formula I was recommended parents hold off until baby was a few months old. However, we have been constantly updating and improving the formula and have had such overwhelmingly great feedback for all ages between newborn and 1 year that I feel comfortable recommending the formula to all ages. I never get tired of saying this though, keep your doctor in the loop.

No. Just include those nutrients in one bottle per day and your baby will receive his/her needed vitamins and probiotics.

You are right. (good job!) That is why we add the multivitamin powder.

A baby under 12 months old still has developing kidneys. Straight, undiluted “full strength” goat milk powder uses two scoops. There is simply too much protein and naturally occurring sodium in that amount of milk powder for the maturing kidney’s of a baby to process. Therefore we reduce the amount of milk powder to reduce the amount of protein. We then increase the amount of carbohydrates to make up for what we’ve taken out.

Yes and here is why. When a baby is born full term they usually have a 6 month supply of iron that they have stored up while still in the womb. Therefore, from 0-6 months, the iron requirement for infants is only .27 mg/day. After six months however, the requirement jumps up to 11 mg for babies between 7 -12 months and then drops back down to 7 mg/day for toddlers 1-3 years of age. (The iron RDA won’t go back up to 11mg/day until your son or daughter is a teenager.) The formula that I created will deliver 0.5mg iron/100 calories of formula. Usually by the time a baby gets to 6 months, they begin eating a variety of solid foods and as long as parents are careful to include iron rich foods (winter squash, sweet potato etc.) along with vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables (vitamin C assists with iron absorption) supplementing with iron drops shouldn’t be necessary. However if you choose to supplement with iron drops remember that often these can cause constipation.

It is very common for slight constipation to occur when switching to formula. There are several easy fixes that will help the transition. First, give them time to adjust on their own. The digestive system of a infant does not react as quickly as a mature digestive system to changes in diet and sometimes all the baby needs is a little more time to regulate on their own. If however it seems that they need a little help you can do one of two things. First, add less milk powder to the formula. Instead of using 1 scoop per bottle use 3/4 of a scoop and let the formula be a bit watered down for a day or two. This will usually clear things up and then you can go back to the regular recipe. Another trick is to add a generous amount of blackstrap molasses to the formula, blackstrap molasses is a natural laxative. The recipe calls for 1/8 of a teaspoon of molasses but feel free to use double, triple or even quadruple that for a short period of time to help clear up the constipation.

35 reviews for Goat Milk Recipe Kit

  1. Grandma93 (verified owner)

    My family is a huge fan of goat milk. Prior to the birth of my granddaughter I had to sell off our goats, unfortunately. Then comes my granddaughter and breastfeeding was going great until my daughter had to return to work and production dropped big time. We started with the free samples of store bought formulas that my daughter had received and my granddaughter was having issues with them. We tried Kabrita, which was better, but it just didn’t seem to be great. Then, I remembered a friend of ours had told me she had used goat milk formula with 3 of her children, so I reached out asking what she had used. She told me Mt. Capra. Boy, oh boy, total game changer!! I ordered the bundle and a refill bundle at the same time. It took a little adjustment mixing all of the ingredients daily, but the difference in quality is undeniable. My granddaughter is now coming up on a year of age this month. We have been using the Mt. Capra goat milk formula for 7 months now and will soon be switching to the toddler formula. She has thrived and LOVES her formula. Thank you, Mt. Capra!!

  2. Danielle Bergeron (verified owner)

    Mt. Capra has done an amazing job with putting together this kit! At first it can seem overwhelming to jump into this process but, with time you become more confident and comfortable. It doesn’t take much effort and after a few times preparing the formula you have the measurements memorized! Using a blender makes it effortless and mixes like a dream! I’m giving this to my baby along side of my breastmilk.

  3. DA1776 (verified owner)

    Best customer service in the business. This is a great company. We’re kind of health nuts at our house… When we decided to transition to formula after breastfeeding, I spared no time in my research to find the best formula options. I came across Mt. Capra, and after hearing the name from a few trusted sources, we placed an order. Our little girl loves the stuff, she has had zero issues since using the goat milk formula. Everyone is very impressed with this recipe. Again, cant say enough about the customer service. Highly recommended. Thanks guys!!

  4. xoxolauryn (verified owner)

    LOVE this kit. I had to start supplementing formula and I use this to mix into my breast milk. I felt so much more comfortable knowing what exact ingredients were going into the formula and my baby girl loves it! Thank you for this!

  5. Alison (verified owner)

    I’ve used Mt. Capra’s goat milk formula kit since my son was 9 months and I was unable to continue breastfeeding. I am so thankful for this company for creating something I can use besides traditional formula. I was devastated when I had to look into formula, and finding this was a godsend. When my son was little I was so nervous about having another baby because I knew I would have trouble breastfeeding again, and I couldn’t go through the stress again. But now I am so ready to have another baby because I won’t have to deal with the stress I went through for 9 months with my first. Also, my son didn’t do well with dairy and eggs when he was an infant (through my breastmilk) and he was fine on this formula from the start. THANK YOU!

  6. Melissa (verified owner)

    Love this product. We were using earths best and it still caused bad gas and fussiness. My baby is so much happier now that he’s on this formula. He’s had bigger bottles and still doesn’t spit up like he was. The only odd thing is we feel like he’s gotten a strange odor to him. He was constipated before and now has poop that looks like a breastfed baby. He’s happy, we’re happy. Amazing product.

  7. Alena vanEttinger (verified owner)

    Having tried Holle (and later Kabrita) with my first child, I was looking for something less expensive, more easily obtainable, and cleaner ingredient-wise when I decided it was the best thing for my health and the health of my family to stop breastfeeding. It was an agonizing decision (as I’m sure most mothers will attest to) and I was really stressed out, but I found Mt. Capra the night after my third child was born (a long night with a gassy baby I might add) and after praying, I knew it was right.
    I’ll admit I was overwhelmed at the prospect of mixing my own formula, but after thorough research and advice gleaned from the Facebook support group (which was such a comfort and beyond helpful) I have been able to successfully transition my son from exclusive breastfeeding almost completely over to this formula. I really appreciate that ingredients can be interchanged for things that work better for the budget and the baby, and I respect those involved for even going so far as to make recommendations outside of their product line to help. Customer service can’t be beat. Thank you Mt. Capra, you’re a Godsend!

  8. emily3081 (verified owner)

    We started with the kit in April, 2019, and it’s by far the best out there. My baby had to start formula when she was 6 months old and after two attempts at other goat’s milk formulas, came across this one and haven’t looked back. She has gained weight consistently and loves the taste – which is so important! And I love that it’s all whole ingredients that I’m giving her.

  9. evastollar (verified owner)

    After having my son in January 2019, I was unable to breastfeed due to low milk supply. I had tried everything to boost my supply and nothing worked. We were forced to turn to formula which was devastating as I was not happy with any of the available formulas I had researched. I happened to stumble upon Mt. Capra when looking for a goat colostrum for something else when I saw the homemade goat milk formula starter kit!
    I did my own research and was very happy with the ingredients and purchased the kit. My son had been having terrible colic on regular formula and after one day of the goat milk formula, he was no longer gassy and fussy after eating! It was a miracle! He loves the formula and I love knowing I am giving him the next best thing to goat milk. He has now been on the formula for 4 months and is happy, healthy and strong!

  10. Jenn525 (verified owner)

    This is the. Best. Formula. Ever! I was forced to start my oldest daughter on formula when she was a month old. She didn’t so well in any of the formulas we tried until we found this! She did amazing on it. No tummy issues and she loved the taste. She has thrived on it. My 11 month old is currently on it and loves it as well. I highly recommend this recipe to anyone who needs to use formula.

  11. Andrea Laureano (verified owner)

    Started supplementing w formula at 1 mo old as I did with my other two babies but my third baby couldn’t handle it. She went from being super easy-going to fussy, clingy, cry-y and constipated. I could tell she was u comf. I tried 5 different formulas before I discovered this. In less than 24 hours I got my easy baby back. I can’t believe the change. The rash cleared on her face and she started pooping regularly again. I could just cry!!!!! So grateful!!!!!

  12. Anna (verified owner)

    At 5 months, my breast milk supply dwindled and I needed to supplement with formula. We tried so many different big brand formulas and everything caused digestive upset. I knew I wanted to stay away from soy so I started researching alternatives. Mt Capra was recommended by a friend. I took the plunge and over time it has worked out for us. It took about 1.5 months for my son’s digestion to adjust. We are unable to add the vitamins, probiotic, and colostrum to the bottle because it clogs the nipple of our bottles. Instead we mix those ingredients in his purée or yogurt. This formula isn’t a significant source of iron, so make sure to feed high iron foods. My son was anemic at his 9 month appt so we are using an iron supplement.

    I really trust this brand and feel so much better using quality, natural ingredients.

  13. kdavidyuk (verified owner)

    Highly impressed with this company and the homemade formula! 6 months into my babies life, I noticed a decrease in my milk supply and needed to find something to start supplementing with, researching all different types of infant formulas was overwhelming and nothing seemed natural! I came across other brands of homemade formula but the ingredients and instructions were SO confusing! Then I found Mt. Capra, and it’s God’s blessing! The formula is easy to follow and make AND if you still have concerns or questions, the FB support group, Lori, RN, and the whole staff is always so willing to help you understand whatever it is you need help with! Highly encourage this formula to anyone who wants the best for their babies without the headache! God bless you all!

  14. Vsmith1126 (verified owner)

    I, like many others, was very concerned when it was suggested to us to supplement
    with formula due to our son being under weight. Our doctor gave us a few different organic and goat milk formula options to look into. While I did extensive reading on those options, I wasn’t comfortable with the details/ingredients and was feeling at a loss of what we were going to do given our situation.

    We ventured outside of those recommendations in hopes of finding something I could give our son that did not make us cringe and found Mt Capra. I put it in the pile of blessings that have found their way into our lives. After more reading, we weren’t finding anything that overly concerned us or that we weren’t comfortable with in the ingredients. So we decided to give it a whirl after a few days of pondering still the idea of supplementing with formula.

    After using the product now for about a month, anywhere from 6-15oz 5 days a week, so far so good. Our son has gained weight and seems to be heading in the right direction on the growth chart. No negtive side effects noticed, that’s always a plus. Just a happy, health, GROWING boy 🙂

    I’ve bee making enough at a time to last a week. I freeze it in 4 or 8oz jars and take out each morning what’s needed for the day.

    Also worth noting is how helpful the charts are. Especially for how long each ingredient will last and making larger batches.

    Again we are grateful to have stumbled upon this goat milk formula in the sea of formula options out there. I can rest easy knowing exactly what our son is eating and where it came from.

  15. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Our baby girl unfortunately was not flourishing on mama’s breastmilk. She seemed to have severe discomfort after every feeding which I contribute to my diet. My supply dropped drastically as my hormones changed. Our baby did not poop for 20 days!!!! 3 months old and it was a huge concern. I decided that despite my best efforts with continued breastfeeding that I would try the Goats Milk Formula kit. (I had won it on an Instagram Giveaway). I come from a natural health background career wise so knew about all the ingredients already. I trusted it. The SAME day we started the formula my baby pooped and has pooped everyday since. She is CALM and and HAPPY now! All we knew was our screaming “colic” baby with the digestive issues (she also has reflux). This was and still is a miracle for us. She’s 6 months now and drinks about 4oz breastmilk and 28oz goats milk. I HIGHLY recommend.

  16. Shannon Lankford (verified owner)

    We were looking for a cleaner formula and have been so happy to have found this! My daughter loves it and I have to say it smells and tastes SO much better than powdered formula!! The support and customer service is amazing too. I feel my family is cared for and not just a number.

    • Jeff Andersen

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Shannon!

  17. Melanie_7715 (verified owner)

    It’s only been day two and can already tell a difference!!!! My sweet baby was so colicky these last three weeks! Just in sheer Pain! It is amazing, my month old third little girl loves it ! We bought the started it and it was the best money spent!! God definitely placed this company in my path to help my sweet baby have a healthier life since we had to stop nursing.

  18. chichibean (verified owner)

    What an amazing kit! Made my life so much easier. At 10 months old from breastmilk to this formula was such an easy transition. She loved it!

  19. ashkinzz87 (verified owner)

    I LOVE this formula and the easy recipe! My daughter has always has digestive issues even with my breastmilk she would spit most of it up. I had been trying to figure out a good alternative to feed her. The normal shelf formulas would leave her super gassy or super constipated. I figured goat milk formula would be worth a shot since nothing else was working. She rarely spits up now and is never constipated. She is my happy baby! I’m so glad we gave this a try! I definitely recommend this to anyone that is willing to make their babies formula. It gives me a peace of mind knowing what each ingredient is used for and why. The magnet recipe guide makes it so easy to follow and to make larger portions. Thank you Mt Capra this formula is really wonderful!

  20. JoAnna Liberatore (verified owner)

    I ordered this kit to give as supplemental feedings for my 7 month old. Wow! He absolutely loves his goat milk formula. It was such a smooth transition and he has had no gas, constipation, spit up.. nothing! I tasted it before giving to my son -it is delicious! The consitency mimics my milk. I am so happy that I found this amazing healthy formula for my boy! Lori Smith has been amazing in answering all of my questions. I love this company and would recommend to anyone looking for a healthy formula for their child. Very easy and fun to make too 🙂 Thank you!

  21. Cassie (verified owner)

    We have been slowly switching our seven month old from donor breastmilk to this goats milk formula- I cannot express just how relieved we are to have found such a thorough recipe and such natural, high quality ingredients all in the same place. We have spent months researching the best breastmilk alternative and all the ingredients, and I am happy to say that we are 100% confident in this recipe, the ingredients, and overall- this decision!

    I finally ordered this kit one afternoon: it shipped out that day and it arrived two days later. I was very impressed.

    I emailed asking a question in regards to making large batches of this formula and received an answer within a day or two.

    Overall, this was a lifesaver. We all want what’s best for our children. For us, that was Mt Capra, their goats milk formula recipe, and their ingredients.

    *Comes with a very handy recipe magnet!

  22. Viola (verified owner)

    I ordered the Goat Milk Formula Kit for friends with a newborn. They were delighted to receive it. I have every expectation that it will meet their needs better than any other formula on the market. It shipped two days sooner than I expected and that was also a welcome surprise. Thanks so much for all that you have done to produce this superior product.

  23. Joseph Gamez (verified owner)

    I forgot to add in the above review that the large batches do not well if kept in a pitcher. It is necessary to pour into separate bottles immediately because the ghee will get semi solid in fridge. Then the bottle will need to be brought to room temp. and then mixed before serving. Or, the ghee could br added later to each bottle. Alternatively, the whole pitcher could be brought to room temperature before pouring but that does not seem practical. Also, the ghee could be given separately to the baby on a spoon or with food. think this should probably be clarified on the website.

  24. Joseph Gamez (verified owner)

    A very satisfied customer. Package arrived damaged and the situation was rectified immediately when I called. A top notch product at a very reasonable price. Baby has had 2 bottles so far, and 48 hours later, I haven’t noticed any signs of allergic reaction in my seven month old. I didn’t feel comfortable with using the Weston A Price formula recipe– too tricky, too much work, and I didn’t want to use raw milk. So, I went with Baby’s Only formula for supplementing which has had good results, but I wanted something less processed. Now I will use Mt. Capra most of the time and Baby’s Only for extra busy days or when traveling. Thankful for both products.

  25. Alexander (verified owner)

    This formula kit is great. It comes with everything you need to start out. The formula turns out great and you can make a bigger batch and keep it in the fridge for ~2 days. It mixes well but I would advise to shake the formula each time you use it so that the oils/other additives are distributed evenly. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the colostrum tends to clog bottle nipples when added in (even stage 2 nipples). the baby gets very frustrated and you end up having to throw out the entire bottle. It is hard to give the colostrum so we decided to wait and give it on food. But if you leave this additive out, it is a wonderful formula and you know exactly what is in it!

  26. Rachel (verified owner)

    Due to several different reasons we were forced to supplement our newborn daughter from 3 days old. She became very rigid and “board-like” while on regular formula, she start to fuss when we put her knees to her belly and seemed irritable. She was over alert for such a bitty baby and it seemed the only way to get her to sleep in the evening was to let her cry and “burn off” all the extra energy she had. We decided to put her on the goats milk formula starting at 5 weeks old. We ordered the Goat Milk Formula Kit and after just 24 hrs it was as though we were given our newborn back. She is much easier to console, not near as rigid and will even fall asleep in our arms! This may be to much information but one thing that really surprised me is her formula poop looked more formed, dark brown/green and smelled like an adult poop. While on goats milk formula it returned to the typical orange/yellow breast fed baby poop without a strong odor. Clearly the contents of the goats milk formula is very similar to breast milk. Thank you for giving us the ability to really enjoy our newborn!

  27. Kristine

    I’m so excited to try this new product! Will this kit/formula provide all the vitamins and nutrients that my 10 mo needs or will I need to supplement further? How quickly can we have the kit delivered?

    • Joe Stout, MS

      Hi Kristine! We can deliver quickly! As fast as overnight shipping if you get in touch with us early in the morning. Overnight rates tend to be pretty expensive.

  28. simmonsc02 (verified owner)

    Am loving this product so far! It’s taking a little time to work out some kinks as I’m making the formula in large batches and working with my 7 month old’s unique feeding schedule – but the recipe card is so helpful, as well as the FAQ section on Mt. Capra’s website, and the fact that all of the ingredients were delivered in one box, straight to my front door! Way to go, Mt. Capra! Excited to see how this formula helps my son’s eczema and stuffiness/sinus issues!

  29. Kristen Billings Dowell (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the formula kit, and I am currently on day 11 of using it. My son had been through FOUR other formulas, and none of them took care of his reflux. Since we switched to the goat milk, we have been very pleased to see a massive decrease in his reflux. It is not completely gone, but I am extremely pleased with the results thus far. Other than my son feeling better in general, I must say the best thing about this formula is the fact that I know exactly what is in it. I highly recommend this product and this company.

  30. Mary Beth Yoder (verified owner)

    We were really happy to find Mt Capra’s baby formula,after reading about how bad the store bought formula actually is! We tried Holle brand(mostly cause it’s a just add water formula so it was more handy to make) for awhile but our 9 month old got really fussy and hardly slept much,,apparently tummy distress.We switched back to Mt Capra and the first eve she drank twice as much burped better and fell asleep easier! I was amazed,and praise God for Mt Capra!

  31. joshbnorcal (verified owner)

    We gave Edie her first bottle of the Goat milk fornula today after exclusively breast feeding for 9 weeks and she loved it- So far so good and thank you for developing this formula.!

  32. miriah77 (verified owner)

    Love this kit! I was very worried about what formula to feed my daughter after I knew I had to supplement after exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months. I was ordering goat milk formula that was from New Zealand because it was the only one I could find without all the crap in it. Then I found Mt. Capra which is local to me. My daughter loves the formula and I love that I’m confident in what I’m feeding her.

  33. anna.kitchin (verified owner)

    I was super impressed on how quick the mt.capra family sent my goat milk formula kit along with my order of lactose and milk powder! I ordered everything on Friday and it was here at my door by Monday! The recipe is super easy to follow, I love that it’s way more natural and organic and I know what’s going into my child’s body. My 5 month old was using a store bought formula for the last 2 months but I never liked the idea of that, I wanted something more like my breast milk. So far he’s drinking it well but I will admit when he spits up, the smell is a lot more harsh…I’ll keep you all updated on how the first week of his formula change from store bought to mt.capra formula goes:-) thank you

  34. Anna

    I had used Mt Capra milk to make our own infant formula when i wasn’t able to supply enough breastmilk for her and after finally figuring out she was allergic to cows milk formulas. It was a very difficult time emotionally for our family. After we discovered the high quality goat milk that Mt Capra offered and a recipe, we we so relieved to find our daughter on the right track! Now that you offer a formula kit I’m even more pleased. Our second child is due in 4 months and if breast feeding doesn’t work out again I won’t be so stressed knowing a healthy natural option is so readily available! Thank you for providing such a healthy nutritious option to cows milk for our family.

  35. joshbnorcal (verified owner)

    Looks like an excellent system! We keep goats ( Nubians/Boer/Nigerian Dwarf) for our own consumption of their milk-Though we were very interested in this system for its broken down consistency- For our newborn baby girl- Edie. We will be transitioning her onto this from Breast milk and will report back on how it works for us- Thanks!

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