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Each Yo-Quick! pouch is small enough to easily tuck in a suitcase, backpack, saddlebag, or briefcase, and will make one  serving of yogurt in less than 60 seconds.  Yo-Quick! comes in three tasty flavors;  Blueberry Blast, Sensational Strawberry, and Very Vanilla

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2 reviews for Yo-Quick

  1. Hugo Robin (verified owner)

    being a lover of the goat milk and butter, i decided to try the yogurt sampler.
    it’s ok. the taste is good and obviously the product is high quality. i liked the fact that you can have yogurt to travel. But the consistency and the feeling is not the same as an already made yogurt that you find in a store (if they happend to sell goat quality yogurt to begin with). Oh well, nice effort!

  2. Alexa Brackney (verified owner)

    My son has been drinking the goat milk formula since he was 7 months old. Now that he’s 14 months and we are mostly eating solid food, this is the only yogurt he will tolerate. He loves it! I love that there are no added refined sugars and still offers the benefits of goat milk. It is very convenient to have as a travel meal for him too. I admit that the consistency is more like a pudding than traditional yogurt, but my kiddo doesn’t care and it is actually a great texture as he is learning to feed himself. This is another win for our family by Mt. Capra. Thank you for making these great products available to nourish my growing little guy 🙂

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