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Refer A Friend

We are so grateful for our customers and are always hearing from them how much they love the products and are referring other people to them. We appreciate this so much and wanted a way to say thank you. That is why we created our Refer A Friend program. When you refer a friend to place their first order with Mt. Capra on, they get $10 off their first order of $50+, and you get $10!

Here is your personal, unique coupon code to share with your followers:

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Official Rules of Mt. Capra’s Referral Program

You will need to first create an account on our website in order to be able to participate in the Refer A Friend program. If you are already earning and using reward points, you already have an account and will use that one for earning and sending referrals. If you don’t have an account on our website yet, you can go here to create one: After that, you are able to share a link with a unique coupon code via Facebook, twitter, What’s-App, or email.

Only new customers that you refer will be eligible for the $10 coupon discount, as it is can only be applied to the first order made. The order has to be $50+ for the $10 discount to be used. Offer is only valid for new customers that live outside your household. We will not approve a reward credit to a current customer who refers a family member in the same house.

Once a new customer has completed their first order with Mt. Capra through the link that you sent them, as the referring person or “advocate”, you will receive a $10 store credit applied to your account. You will be notified of this store credit via email when it is first received. Please note we will not provide information on who the person you referred was in order to keep customer’s information private. Note: This credit will automatically be applied when you place your next purchase. It will be shown on the cart and checkout page as Referral Credit. The $10 store credit does not equate to real cash and can only be used on

Coupons generated to refer a new customer to the website will expire within 4 weeks. If the person being referred needs a new code to replace an expired one, they will need to contact you. As the referring person, you will have to send them a new code.

Please note that the Refer A Friend program works electronically and is tracked through your free Mt. Capra account. We cannot apply store credits manually from you referring someone via word of mouth. It has to be done through the Refer A Friend program. This is tracked via your unique coupon code shared from your Mt. Capra account. We appreciate your understanding.

Terms and conditions are able to change at any time at Mt. Capra’s discretion.