Seahawks, Super Bowl Sunday, and Mt. Capra

As our victorious NFC champs enter the Super Bowl this Sunday, I wanted to post a quick note to let my fellow “12th men” in on a secret; Mt. Capra has contributed to the Seahawks success this year in more ways than just cheering.

We supplied them with a secret weapon.

At the beginning of the season we were approached by the certified nutritionist for the Seattle based team and were informed that currently the team was being fed a “GMO-laden soy protein powder at every team meal.”

This of course had to stop.

The NFL’s premiere team couldn’t settle for a protein powder (soy) that was highly allergenic, filled with dangerous phytoestrogens, and literally a frankenfood (GMO).

The teams forward thinking nutritionist inquired if Mt. Capra would be willing to start supplying our clean and digestible protein powders to the Seahawks . We of course were thrilled to partake in the success of our favorite NFL team and eagerly began sending large 40 pound boxes of protein to the team. These protein powders were offered at a smoothie bar where players and coaches could come and “build their own smoothie” with fresh fruits, vegetables, and of course our locally supplied protein powder. It has been a huge success with the entire organization.

Over the course of this successful 2013-14 season Mt. Capra has sent hundreds of pounds of protein powder to the Seahawks. We are thrilled to have been able to “do our part” to fuel the team with the worlds cleanest, most digestible protein available and now share in the pride and success of this special team and magical season.

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