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Meet Your Challenge hosts

Becca Dalrymple


Becca has been a fitness trainer for 12 years. For most of that time she owned and operated her own fitness business in Los Angeles. She’s a firm believer that working out consistently is how we get better at getting older, and has helped numerous clients find practical ways to prioritize fitness. Becca belongs to her local Crossfit gym and trains there 5-6 days a week. It’s never too late to get stronger!

Jovany Parriott


Jovany is a senior-year student pursuing a degree in Business Administration and working to become a certified personal trainer specializing in nutrition, strength, and bodybuilding. He prioritizes health and fitness in his personal life and enjoys sharing this passion with others.

What To Expect:
Stay Active and Join in the Fun with our 12 Days of Christmas Challenge!
The more the merrier! Ho ho ho! We hope to have you join us!

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