Top Ten Goat Milk Producing Nations in the World

  A little goat milk product information for you . . . Since we are in the goat milk product business, we have a tendency to read an occasional article about the goat milk industry.  One such article was recently published listing the Top Ten Goat Milk Producing Nations in the world, so we thought […]

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Goat Milk Product Information

We have a new product at Mt. Capra . . . Mt. Capra Clean . . . the cleanest protein supplement on the market . . . but we aren’t here to tell you about it. How’s that for a curveball? You can read about Mt. Capra Clean on this website.  You can read about […]

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Wellness Shaped by Goat Milk

That’s not just an advertising slogan, you know . . . we are staking our reputation on those five words . . . wellness shaped by goat milk! Everything we do at Mt. Capra is aimed at improving wellness in our customers. It begins with the goats.  Our goats are grass-fed.  There are no pesticides […]

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American Idol Gives A Shout Out To Goat Milk Products

When you least expect it, the unlikeliest of sources will promote your product. That lesson was learned this past Sunday night on an episode of American Idol. Trevor McBane, a goat farmer from Oklahoma, gave a rousing solo performance on Sunday night’s show, and afterwards he and the show’s host, Ryan Seacrest, briefly discussed goat […]

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Best Goat Milk Breeds

We are often asked by new goat farmers which goat breeds are the best for dairy production.  It is not an easy question to answer.  Bless the goat, there are over 300 breeds to choose from, as you might expect, there are a lot of opinions about this topic. Add to that the fact that […]

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Goat Products Worldwide and in the U.S.

There are approximately one billion goats in the world.  Of that total, about 2 1/2million are in the United States existing on approximately 152,000 goat farms.  Compared to the rest of the world, the United States is lagging greatly in the raising of goats for goat products.  There is, however, reason for hope in the […]

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Goat Milk Whey Benefits

Before we tell you why you should be interested in goat milk whey, we should probably take a few minutes to explain what it is exactly.  If you are reading this in the United States, chances are excellent you don’t know the first thing about goat milk whey. But after reading this you will. Whey […]

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Dairy Allergy? Try Goat Milk!

Goat Milk Products In The United States

Goat milk products in the United States face an uphill battle. That statement has nothing to do with the products and everything to do with tradition in the U.S. Change comes slowly in the States.  That is an undeniable fact. Over the past few centuries, Americans have grown accustomed to their milk coming from cows.  […]

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High Quality goat milk comes from happy free range goats

Benefits of Goat Milk vs. Cow Milk

By Dr. Thomas Cooke D.O.

“Milk, it does a body good.” This was the marketing mantra employed by the cow industry in the 1980’s to boost interest in cow’s milk. The campaign was wildly successful and as a result, The Dairy Farmers of America have reported sales topping 11 billion dollars in 2007. But does the overwhelming popularity of cow’s milk in the United States signify that it really is the best?

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