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We live in the Pacific Northwest so we're pretty much used to the rain. But boy did we have a monsoon-like downpour this week! I literally saw with my own eyes our lower pasture completely flood (driveway and all) in a matter of hours
Mt. Capra 2015 flood
We had monsoon-like rains and our lower pasture completely flooded in a matter of hours. Note the canyon that was once our driveway!
Driveway was reduced to canyons
Our driveway was reduced to a small replica of the grand canyon!

We don’t get any days off on the farm. There is work to be down come hell or…well you get the point. Our goat farm is nestled into a hillside and the only access to it is by going across the driveway in, you guessed it, a canoe! Even though we were completely cut off by water we still were able to travel back and forth to the road via our trusty canoe.

Ann crosses the flooded pasture in a canoe
My mother Ann was just getting home from her job as principal of the local Christian school.  The kids loved welcoming their “Annie” back to her “cabin on the lake”
All five Stout kids by the water
Safety first! Even though the water wasn’t very deep, the kids insisted “we need to wear our life jackets!” From left to right Ellie (2), Liesl (3), Jack (10 months), Eva (6), and Charles (5)
Everybody crowd in!
Elizabeth and the kids all crowd around the quickly rising lake.

The next morning I was up at 4:00 AM to get one of the members of the Mt. Capra team, Juan, across the lake. Afterward, I paddled all over enjoying the early morning mist.

Misty morning canoe ride in the lower south pasture
That’s funny… I don’t see any goats grazing this morning!
Getting one of the Mt. Capra team members back to his car.
Using this canoe was the only way to get back and forth to the “mainland”

By the next day, the rain had stopped and our temporary lake started to go down. That was when Elizabeth and I took the five little ones out for some short-lived canoe trips.

Smile for the camera!
Charles (5) and Eva (6) enjoyed floating through the lower pasture. Certainly a new perspective!
Jack (10 months) enjoys the view of the flooded pasture
Jack (10 months) was happier to watch from the shore.

Tuesday was absolutely beautiful.

Rainbow crosses the road at the foot of the Mt. Capra farm
The end of the rainbow? The Mt. Capra Farm of course!
Now there are two goat dairy farms!
What’s better than one non-GMO, all-natural, organic goat dairy? Why two of course.
With the passing of the storm came some a stunning sunset over the farm.
Windmill next to flooded pasture
Our faithful windmill watches the sun go down once the flood begins to subside.
After the storm sunset
Paradise restored!
The final light. The sun has finished for now.

Farm life is the best!


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5 thoughts on “Temporary Lakefront Property”

  1. Thank you for the update on the heavy rains received. It is humbling when something like that happens. Weather is very powerful. The floods in Colorado are not so forgiving! Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Wow, Joe! The Good Lord has truly blessed you in so many ways (and I know you are smart enough to realize that). Over the years, I have enjoyed recommending your Solar Synergy post-workout powder to all those who would listen (both young and old). It tastes good and makes my belly feel good too! Enjoy all those good-looking “little people”!!! 🙂


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