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The Missing Link in Physical Therapy

Read the article: The missing Link in nutrition
Read the article!
There are many aspects to physical therapy. One of the most common areas that is overlooked in the PT world is that of nutrition. Physical therapist Dana Hilz and Joe Stout, teamed up to explore this issue in the latest issue of the magazine “Advance for Physical Therapy.” Together they looked at some of the most important aspects of nutrition. Even more so, aspects that every physical therapist should address including the many applications of goat milk.

The following are a few of the highlights of what they discussed:

“It’s no secret that our metabolism requires nitrogen-rich material to expand lean body mass (muscle). The main source of nitrogen in our food supply comes from protein. While most have heard something positive regarding this nutrient, a primary aspect of protein intake is often overlooked “protein quality” or bioavailability. This is unfortunate because bioavailability is one of the most important tenets of protein nutrition.”

Therefore, I want to make a comment about this because it is one of the most misunderstood parts of protein supplementation. Goat milk makes for a great protein supplement precisely because the protein bioavailablity is so high. This means that even if more money is spent on a goat milk protein supplement the cost is offset because more protein is actually being absorbed.

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“While the merits of using goat milk protein for muscle health are rather orthodox, an often overlooked attribute to goat milk itself is the high prevalence of bioorganic minerals. Bioorganic is used to denote minerals that come from food. Food-based minerals are easy to digest and absorb and can have a substantial effect on maintaining healthy muscle.”

This is huge people. I can’t stress it enough. Subsequently, bio-organic or food based minerals make all the difference in optimum health. If you look at the vast array of minerals found in goat milk but in sheer volume and diversity of both macro and trace minerals, you quickly realize that you are seeing one of the most mineral rich sources on the planet.

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“Several immune-modulating compounds such as immunoglobulins, antibodies, lactoferrin and hemopexin found in colostrum, protect the body from sickness during recovery. This protection allows patients to focus on regaining range of motion, increasing mobility and relieving pain while maintaining good health in the post-operative stage of recovery.”

The potential health implications of supplementing with colostrum are huge. Imagine a supplement that has a myriad of immune enhancing factors and that it is sourced from goat milk, one of the most digestible foods on the planet! Well, that dream is now a reality.

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This article is a great primer on the great health benefits of goat milk. Read it for yourself, take notes, pass it on, and spread the word to your family and friends!

Here’s to your health!

Joe Stout, M.S. - Clinical Nutrition ScientistJoe Stout, M.S.,  received his Bachelors of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science from Washington State University and a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Human Nutrition. He has written for various magazines and is the editor of The High Road to Health newsletter. A nutrition teacher and speaker, he lives in Spokane WA with his beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children.


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2 thoughts on “The Missing Link in Physical Therapy”

  1. My daughter is lactose intolerant, She gets severe stomach cramps when cows milk is ingested. She is 20 now. What products can she experiment with and how long should she stick with it to see if her body can adapt? I too have some Lactose/casien issues but less severe, I can tolerate some cheese and yogurt, but the deep 30 seems to disagree with me. Cow vs goat cheese and yogurt does not seem to matter.
    What can I experiment with as well?
    I do take Capra-biotics wit colostrum 2 week protocols every few months, and a Capra cleanse every so often as well.


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