caprobiotics bottleProbiotics have become one of the hot health products for consumers over the past twenty years.  Often called “the good bacteria,” probiotics now appear with regularity in grocery stores and most definitely in health food stores.

But how can bacteria be good for you, many ask, since bacteria has a rather negative connotation?

Actually, the human body has billions of bacteria in it; it was that way millions of years ago, and it will continue to be that way a million years into the future.  We need bacteria.  We would not exist without bacteria.

A two-hundred pound man actually has about five pounds of bacteria in his body.


Most bacteria reside in your stomach area.  Good bacteria regulate your hormones, produce vitamins, and fight off infection.  The trouble arises when bad bacteria outnumber good bacteria, and the trouble usually first appears in the stomach area.

Probiotics, then, add to the good bacteria, shifting that “bacteria power struggle” to the side of the good bacteria.

Some foods are rich in probiotics.  They would include yogurt (especially goat yogurt made from goat milk), kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha tea, pickles, and miso soup, a mainstay in the Japanese culture..  You might also be pleased to learn that dark chocolate is a wonderful carrier agent of probiotics.

And then there are the probiotic supplements.

As word spreads among consumers about the benefits of probiotics, the health food industry has inundated the market with probiotic supplements in pill form.   As is often the case, the popularity of a product often outdistances the governmental regulation of that product.  In other words, the market is now flooded with probiotic supplements, some very good and some not so good.  As the government catches up, and as the FDA becomes more involved in the regulation of probiotic supplements, we will see a higher percentage of reputable, healthy supplements on the market.  Until then, though, consumers must do their due diligence and research the supplements out there for purchase.

Which leads us to our Mt. Capra probiotic supplement.  Let’s take a look at our product description and then we’ll discuss why we consider it to be one of the best probiotic supplements on the market.

Caprobiotics Plus+™ is a powerful goat milk probiotic blend that combines 10 synergistic strains of wellness enhancing bacteria with goat milk prebiotics such as goat milk cream and goat milk mineral whey unique entirely to Mt. Capra.

There are several things you need to pay attention to in that product description, the first of which is the fact that Caprobiotics Plus is made from our own powerful goat milk.  Our goats are well-tended, fed grass exclusively, and are never within shouting distance of anything inorganic.

Secondly, our product is made from 10 synergistic strains of bacteria, the good bacteria.

Third, the entire manufacturing process of our probiotic is ours.  We have quality control throughout.  From the raising of our goats to the making of our product, we oversee it all and thus guarantee the quality of the process.

Mt. Capra . . . wellness shaped by goat milk!


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