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Mt. Capra’s Clean Whey Protein As Part of Victoria’s Healing Journey

To answer the question of ‘why goat whey protein?’ let’s rewind to the summer of 2008. I was happily farming on a beautiful piece of land in Northern California. But, something felt “off” in my body. I had begun to develop a peeling, painful rash on my cheeks and upper forehead. Subtle digestive symptoms, like loose stools and post-meal nausea were becoming more regular. In the big picture of a busy farmer’s life, these symptoms were easy to ignore.

Before and After Pics of Victoria's Rosacea

In 2010 I completed training to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I learned that these issues needed to be addressed from the foundation up. Fast-forward to today—after 12 years of deep study and healing, my journey addressing pustular rosacea, severe gluten sensitivity, and the need for intestinal healing has a positive ending.

The amazing difference between my health just a few years ago, and today, is thanks in part to the healing properties of Mt. Capra’s Clean Whey Protein. The years in-between? Honestly, they were hard. But, they were also an incredible chance to learn and evolve as a practitioner and human.

So, how did I get from the before picture to the after picture? It was definitely a winding road. I studied and experimented. Tried dietary protocols, many elimination diets, lotions, potions, notions, and supplements. I ate carbohydrates. Didn’t eat carbohydrates. I fasted, and tested. Even ordered leeches from Canada and did self-administered hirudotherapy! When I say I tried everything, I really mean it—I tried everything.

Ultimately, the studying paid off. Thanks to the work of Dr. Jason Hawrelak1 I learned about the amazing research done on strain-specific probiotics, as well as compounds that were proven to heal inappropriate intestinal permeability and other rosacea-associated issues. Whey was one of the stand-out ingredients in my protocol. And I chose to use goat whey protein from Mt. Capra.

But, why goat whey protein?

First, I learned that Mt. Capra is a goat farm! They are both the farmer and the distributor of their products. This appealed to me as a farmer-at-heart.

And, I did my research on whey, and goat whey, specifically. A 2017 study of mice with inflammatory bowel disease found that goat whey significantly decreased gut inflammation, including a marker commonly associated with autoimmune disease.2 Whey’s positive influence on the mice was not just statistically significant, it was practically significant. It really worked.

I also found that goat whey protein may increase the body’s ability to protect itself by supporting its own antioxidant production. A 2016 study on muscle and endothelial cells found that goat whey protein helped to increase the production of multiple antioxidants and phase II detoxification enzymes.3

While dairy proteins aren’t right for every person—some people have true allergies to whey and/or casein—for those of us that are able to use whey, it is invaluable! Goat milk products are less allergenic than cow’s milk products and have higher levels of essential amino acids, including the branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine.4

A simple smoothie or warm drink with Mt. Capra Clean Whey Protein has been an important part of my ability to heal. In the summer I make smoothies with 2 scoops of whey, 1/2 cup of Nancy’s yogurt, 1/2 cup blueberries (or any berries I have on hand), 1 Tbsp whole flax seeds, a few ice cubes, and a hearty drizzle of local honey. In the winter I use whey protein in warm drinks like matcha with cashew milk and honey. Both uses are easy and tasty.

I’m excited to share my story so that you, too, can find supportive tools. And, the hope to know that healing is possible!

You can check out Mt. Capra’s Clean Whey Protein, previously known as Goat Whey Protein, here.



Victoria LaFont’s Bio

I make industry jargon tangible and practical.
My love of science is reflected in a stellar finished product.

I am an up-to-date, rationalist research writer. I base my work on an exacting and un-biased interpretation of the research literature translated into precise, comprehensible content. For over ten years I have reported on and studied evidence-based functional medicine with a focus on human nutrition.

Previously, I created and operated a successful clinical practice and formulated and scaled a supplement business—Truly Healthy Protein Powder—from product idea to company sale. I continue to work cooperatively with other change-makers in the functional space to legitimize and communicate health-revolutionizing concepts.

I blog and take speaking engagements at This solution-focused project examines the culture of healthcare. It is my goal to change the paradigm of practice as part of medical advancement into the 21st century.

I am a magna cum laude graduate of Murray State University with a dual degree in applied anthropology/English studies and a minor in vocal music. I currently work as a research writer and instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association and am obtaining my Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Portland, OR. 


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