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Want to know how to build muscle naturally? Don't miss these four critical components in your search to build muscle the natural whey.
gain muscle with goat milk protein

Question any athlete, bodybuilder, or health conscious individual about what goals they would like to achieve in their athletic life and you are likely to hear a variety of answers. One idea that will likely come up is how to build muscle naturally. Most use protein supplements in some form or other. What they value about this supplements varies widely.  Some value taste over everything else.

Others cherish minimal processing techniques as well as an absence of artificial additives. Some are concerned about optimal nutrient availability and others prioritize products made in an environmentally sustainable fashion. For many individuals, it is simply price that is the deciding factor. Whatever the case, there is no question that everyone values (dare I say demands?) efficacy in their nutritional supplements. No matter how good it tastes, environmentally green it is, or even how low the price tag is, no one values a product that produces shoddy results.

Desire for efficacy is probably most evident in the muscle-building arena of protein supplementation. There are literally thousands of protein supplements available ranging from vegetable, soy, and animal proteins all claiming different functions, ingredients, benefits, and levels of efficacy. Although the sheer size of this list can be intimidating, it is important to remember that, efficacy (ie the ability of a protein supplement to make new muscle) is always the most important factor. Therefore, we can quickly reduce the number of viable protein supplements.

Avoid strictly vegetable proteins

First, unless you are vegan (and why would you be, srsly lol), stay away from vegetable proteins. Vegetable proteins lack the complete spectrum of essential amino acids which, as the name implies, are essential for muscle building. Supplementing with a protein that lacks essential amino acids is like taking a daily multivitamin that is missing key vitamins.

Say no to soy.

Second, avoid soy protein as it contains a host of nasties such as phytates which block key enzymes, and phytoestrogens (yes hormones!). In your quest to build muscle naturally, phytoestrogens can/will disrupt normal hormonal function. As if these two constituents of soy weren’t bad enough, “natural soy” is actually toxic! Unless soy is enzymatically treated with chemicals to neutralize a dangerous enzyme, it is unsafe for humans to consume. Don’t let anyone tell you that soy is healthy because it’s “natural.” It’s only “safe” if highly processed!

No chemicals!

Thirdly, avoid protein supplements that contain artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, or aspartame. Research is still very limited on whether these artificial additives are safe for human consumption long term.

Natural Animal Protein Builds Muscle

These factors, narrow the list to naturally flavored animal-derived proteins such as casein (milk) protein and whey protein. Don’t settle only for the whey protein hype. Most individuals choose whey protein because it is famous for digesting quickly, making it known as a fast protein. This is true but if you only choose a fast-acting protein you will miss out on many of the benefits of whey protein’s counterpart, casein (milk) protein. Casein digests slower and is thus known as a slow protein. The wonderfully designed human body requires natural forms of food. Therefore, it follows whey protein alone, or casein protein alone, will give results that are not as effective as when they are together in their natural form and ratio.

Both of these proteins have different jobs. Whey protein stimulates new muscle growth and casein protein suppresses existing muscle breakdown. Take either by themselves and you are only receiving half of the benefits. As stated above, efficacy means everything!

The last important aspect to view is the price. Even the best product in the world is no use if it is outside the individuals budget. Thankfully, Mt. Capra has come to the aid of those living, working, and training on a shoestring budget. Mt. Capra’s Double Bonded Protein® is a high octane whole protein supplements produced from all natural goat milk. It contains the full spectrum of amino acids from whey and casein proteins. The unique and natural blend of these two proteins provides a powerful muscle-building supplement that triggers new muscle growth while suppressing muscle breakdown. Double Bonded Protein® is all natural and comes in a delicious chocolate flavor, which is made with organic cocoa and other natural chocolate extracts and has been naturally sweetened with stevia and has excellent taste and palatability.

Here’s to your health!



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8 thoughts on “How to Build Muscle Naturally”

  1. Hey Joe,

    Love this product, as I consume it daily and it works great in smoothies! I am curious what ingredients Mt. Capra uses for its “Natural Chocolate Flavor” and if the gums used in the product are non-GMO.

    Thanks and I appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions!

  2. Hi joe

    I am happy that you shared such informative content. We have a mentality that we can’t build muscles easily, although it is not that easy without consistency in workout and diet. I loved that you shared about animal protein (natural protein) to make muscles.

  3. Hi Joe–

    Nice site! Since this is a web exclusive, can you give a webshot of the nutritional info label? Calories, and all that?



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