• CandaCleanse™ Overgrowth Support contains 11 naturally occurring enzymes,  botanicals, herbs, medium chain fatty acids, and whole foods that help support intestinal wellness.
  • Contains caprylic acid, a potent medium chain triglyceride, that occurs naturally in goat milk cream.
  • Encourages the re-establishment of a balanced intestinal microflora via stimulation of the immune system.
  • Contains oleuropein from olive leaf extract, a compound used to stimulate the immune system and rebalance systemic overgrowth.

Product Overview

CandaCleanse™ is a multi-system approach to wellness specifically designed for common overgrowth and contains four synergistic wholefood blends.

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The Details

What is CandaCleanse™?

CandaCleanse™ is a multi-system approach to wellness specifically designed for common overgrowth and contains the following four synergistic whole food blends:

  • Intestinal Enteric Blend: Caprylic acid, Goat Milk Cream, Goldthread extract
  • Microbial Blend: Uva Ursi Leaf, Organic Oregano Leaf extract, Pau d’Arco, Hyssop
  • Overgrowth Blend: Garlic, Olive Leaf Extract, Barberry Root, Grapefruit
  • Enzyme Blend: Protease, Cellulase

2 reviews for CandaCleanse – 60 caplets

  1. lessons.neosho (verified owner)

    wow wow wow! I knew I had candida overgrowth…probably most of my life, looking back. Our family has struggled a lot with candida lately. Our little one has had reoccurrent episodes of thrush as a tell tale sign. So I started taking this cleanse. About 1 week in, taking 1-2 pills/day on an empty stomach, I hit a Herxheimer reaction. I thought I had food poisoning or the flu…until I realised it was candida die off! Having a little trouble getting past the die off symptoms, so I’m going to take a magnesium oxide (ozonated) supplement to help clear the left over GI waste that hasn’t evacuated as quickly. But…I am already feeling so much better! And down a few pounds as a bonus! Go away candida overgrowth! Thanks for another great product, Mt. Capra!!

  2. Kate (verified owner)

    Before taking CandaCleanse, I had many signs of candida overgrowth including eczema and uncontrollable cravings for sweets. I was too cheap to try to diagnose it outright, but through research I understood that caprylic acid can be an effective treatment in some patients to kill off the candida without harming the healthy gut flora. I purchased two bottles figuring that if it didn’t work I could justify paying for the expensive diagnosis to determine alternative treatments.

    Luckily for me, this stuff worked so well that I wasn’t even halfway through my first bottle when my eczema started to clear up! Topical treatments and changes in my diet didn’t work as well as the Mt. Capra CandaCleanse. I am so grateful for this little miracle capsule!

    I take it once or twice daily on an empty stomach according to the instructions. I have to take it with a full glass of water. And I sometimes do get a little acid reflux from it – I rarely get acid reflux so this is only a minor inconvenience since the positive results far outweigh the negative side effects.

    I love CandaCleanse as well as every other Mt. Capra product I’ve tried! They can do no wrong. High quality stuff at a decent price.

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