EZ-GO Herbal Stool Softener

Herbal Stool Softener

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  • EZ-Go™ is a natural fiber complex for use in conjunction with colon fiber-cleansing products.
  • Does NOT CONTAIN habit forming, irritating herbs like cascara sagrada or senna.
  • Gentle elimination assistance during times of stress, immobility, or dietary changes.
  • Enhances elimination for colon-hydrotherapy.

Product Overview

A gentle blend of herbs and minerals to be used either along side colon fiber cleanses or as a standalone herbal stool softener. For ingredients and nutritional data, please view the alternate product images.

The Details

What is EZ-Go™?

EZ-Go™ is a unique blend of ingredients that continually work in harmony with one another to facilitate the gentle, but effective elimination.

Each serving of EZ-Go™ contains:

  • Cape Aloe gel (Aloe ferox) – Acts as a natural colon stimulant. In fact, if you are already experiencing loose stools you should not take EZ-Go™ as this is the primary function.
  • Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus rubra) – Soothing to the intestinal tract and has been used for centuries as an expectorant and emollient.
  • Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis) is also a natural expectorant, demulcent, and emollient and has been traditionally used to support respiratory wellness.
  • Triphala is a blend of Indian Gooseberry fruit, Belleric myrobalan fruit, and Tropical Almond fruit. Adds bulk to formulation for increased ease of movement.
  • Magnesium (Magnesium hydroxide) – Each serving of EZ-Go™ contains 230 mg of Mg which is 58% of the Daily Value. Magnesium is part of more than 300 metabolic functions including being a critical mineral in the formation of bones and teeth and supports nerve and muscle vitality. Useful in EZ-Go@ for its stool softening properties.
  • Rhubarb Root (Rheum officinalis) – An herb used extensively worldwide for its ability to act as an astringent and tonic in the intestinal environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great product!

Like the label states - EZ GO!!! You won’t be disappointed.

Ez-Go Review

I have tried many a stool softener, and let met tell you, this one is by far the best that is working for me. Those that I've tried, usually takes two to three days before I see results. I took as directed before going to bed, and the day it was Ez-Go. Ez-Go lives up to it's name! It may not be so for everyone, but it's worth a try. I highly recommend this product.

Better than any prescribed medication!

5 stars!


I’ve used it for years and it works! The company is a good company to do business with.


This was a lifesaver after giving birth!! If you know, YOU KNOW!!

Nutrition Facts

Product Comparison Chart

 clean whey protein from grass fed goat milkPacific Northwest BerryWhey Protein PowderCaprotein 2021 - 1 pound of fermented cultured goat milk protein
 Clean Whey ProteinBerry WheyClean Whole ProteinCaproteinDouble Bonded ProteinDeep 30
Type of ProteinWhey ProteinWhey
Protein Isolate
Whole ProteinWhole
Protein, Fermented Whole Protein
Whole ProteinWhole Protein
or sweetened with stevia
Monk Fruit (erythritol, monk fruit extract)
or Vanilla option
from blueberries and aronia berries
or Dark Chocolate
Dream, Strawberry Splash,
Added NutrientsNoneBlueberries,
aronia berries, Capra Mineral Whey, goat cream, sunflower lecithin
and Probiotics option or Fermented Protein option in Clean Line
Mineral Whey, probiotics & goat milk cream
Grams of Protein per Serving24g10g20g13g20g17g

*Whole protein is a natural ratio of 80% casein and 20% whey protein