Goat Milk Colostrum – Immune Boosting

Immune Support From Grass-Fed Goats

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  • Keto-Paleo
  • Made in USA
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Antibiotics
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  • Colostrum, the First Food produced by mammals everywhere, is nature’s “IMMUNE SYSTEM DELIVERY PROTOCOL”
  • We collect this real colostrum from happy, healthy goats in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Our pastured goats are grass-fed and receive an exclusively non-GMO diet, as well as NO HORMONES and NO ANTIBIOTICS
  • Support your immune system with colostrum which has been shown to be rich in Immunoglobulins IgG and IgA, Polypeptides, Lactoferrin, and Cytokines
  • Enhance recovery and support your GI tract

Product Overview

Colostrum is a superfood that delivers the active immune system framework from one mammal to another. Colostrum, whether from people or other mammals contains, peptides, immunoglobulins such as IgG, IgA, and IgM, lactoferrin, cytokines, and over 20 different antibodies for immune support. Our Goat Milk Colostrum comes from grass-fed goats and is collected within 24 hours postpartum. We sell it in powder and capsules.

The Details

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the thick fluid which is produced as a precursor to mother’s milk. It is found in humans, goats, and other mammals where it is produced by the mother for two days following birth. Colostrum can be described as a brilliantly designed IMMUNE SYSTEM DELIVERY PROTOCOL, which effectively “jump starts” a newborn’s undeveloped immune system. CapraColostrum is unique because it’s from goat milk. This means it is from a source that is closer to human milk than the mass produced bovine (cow) colostrum.

Colostrum supplies the body with immune factors and is easily tolerated by most. Colostrum has dozens of health related components, the primary being immune related. Colostrum is made up of various macro and micro constituents such as cytokines, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, etc. These components have various biological roles. For example:

  1. Cytokines: Cytokines are part of our systemic immune system. These proteins keep communication between immune cells active. “No communication = No immunity”
  2. Immunoglobulins (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM) Immunoglobulins are also known as antibodies. These small proteins are used by the immune system to seek out and destroy foreign antigens (invaders).
  3. Lactoferrin: Assists with iron absorption and has shown anti-microbial characteristics. It is also part of our immune system.

Colostrum and Probiotics go together!

Volumes of studies have been done on both probiotics and colostrum, but emerging research from the Journal of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology has found a natural synergy or coalition between these two substances. These recent studies show that overall viability of certain probiotic strains as well as IgG immunoglobulins were strengthened to a greater degree when utilized as a pair than when utilized independently.

Bottom line: Probiotics and colostrum should be taken together to have a health effect, greater than the sum of the parts.

We offer two different probiotics cultured in goat milk that would be great additions to our colostrum. They are: Caprobiotics Plus and Caprobiotics Advanced.

What the Experts Say:

“Colostrum is the first milk produced after birth and is particularly rich in immunoglobulins, antimicrobial peptides (e.g., lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase), and other bio-active molecules, including growth factors.”

       The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

What do others think?

“I am a teacher and used to get sick every year at the beginning of the year and several times throughout. This is my third year taking this product and my third year without getting sick! I love it!”  

     – Randi in Washington

How should Goat Milk Colostrum be taken?

For maximal effect, colostrum is best taken on an empty stomach. However many mix it in smoothies, yogurt or other foods and still enjoy its benefits.

Loading dose: Take 2-4 capsules (1450-2900 mg.) twice daily, on empty stomach for 90 days.
Maintenance: Take 2 capsules twice daily, on empty stomach.
Athletes: To improve performance and endurance, take 30 – 45 minutes before workout.

How far do I have to take this away from food to be on an empty stomach? 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after a meal.

What about the baby goats? Aren’t you taking the colostrum they need?

We love that you care about the goats at our farm. We do too. In fact, we are totally aware that baby goats (kids) must utilize the postpartum colostrum from their mother to ‘jump start’ their own newly formed immune system. That’s why we give them full access to their mothers entire supply of colostrum. Mt Capra only harvests the “surplus” colostrum.

How many servings are in each container of capsules / powder?

120 capsules = 1 month supply at 4 capsules/day

50g powder = 17 servings at 2 scoops/day

174g powder = 60 servings at 2 scoops/day

Whether you take 4 capsules or 2 scoops of the powder, you will be getting 2900 mg colostrum. Neither one is more potent or more effective than the other, it is just a matter of convenience in taking whichever you prefer (capsules or powder).

Can I mix the colostrum into a hot drink or food?

No, we don’t recommend this. At hotter temperatures the immunoglobulins start to denature and won’t make the colostrum as effective.

Does this colostrum need to be refrigerated?

No. Our Goat Milk Colostrum is shelf-stable and does not need to be refrigerated. Just keep the lid tightly on between uses and store in a dry place. It will remain good even after opening through the best by date on the bottom of the bottle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
Cristina Cabello de Martinez
absolutely wonderful, Colostrum from Goat's Milk

...I've always eaten very healthy and gotten my exercise. This year I was diagnosed w/osteoporosis and had an acute eye infection after traveling to Madagascar. Getting back home w/very difficult swelling and pain was admitted to the hospital. I was put on a regimen of very strong intravenous antibiotics, drops and after 5 days was still on oral antibiotics and steroids. ... my stomach felt queasy at best and my skin had begun to dry excessively, my joints to hurt but I kept the pace. I had never tried goat's milk. My sister a physician told me try goat's milk, it will do you good. I thought it would be a good try since I remembered my mom would say how she as a young child was given goat's milk instead of cow's milk, fresh and organic when that was the 'only' and thus the best way. Her bones were strong even at 93 and her complexion was radiantly beautiful; no make-up ever, and no upset stomach or colon problems. I did a bit of research and as if by my guardian angel's smile (intuition some call it) I decided to try Mt. Capra; it has been truthfully, a blessing. In three weeks of taking their supplement daily in the evening, I'm beginning to feel a 'grand' difference. Just can't say enough of Mt. Capra, they are truly run by a wonderful family that has created an outstanding company!

staci c.
My gut and skin has improved.

my gut and skin have improved on the mt capra collostrum. i am taking for immunity and for inflammation in my gut and body in general. the skin is a direct reflection of the gut so i feel that it has really helped me. :) i have also noticed less aching in my joints. i am a massage therapist and esthetician by trade and that is a very big deal for me.

Jodi Copa
Goat milk colostrum

Love this stuff. It almost completely healed my daughters gut in a couple weeks time. I’m keeping her on it as she heals from Lyme disease.

Knocked pred dose down by 3/4!!!

Oh my gosh we've been working to eliminate yeast for a year in my 4 yo bouvier des flandres and after having to cave for a round of pred, the first taper down had a lot of breakthrough itching, and skin/ear rashes despite Chinese herbs and supplements, raw diet, green veggies, etc.

After his first dose his itch lessened and no lie--within 24h ALL breakthrough itching stopped and rashes lightened up. Was truly amazing. Has had too many antibiotics but as of now we're about 6 months off of those! We've been able to safely taper down to 5mg per day. For a 60lb dog, that's so good, given our history!

This was a BIG missing piece to our puzzle! We are continuing onward with the taper and keeping this as a key player in our yeast plan to heal! THANK YOU!!!!

Stephen Dunn
Goat Milk...Who Knew!!!

Amazed at what this product has done for my digestive system. Colitis sufferer for over ten years.

Nutrition Facts

Goat Milk Colostrum 50 g Powder (17 day supply)

Ingredients: Grass-Fed Goat Milk Colostrum


Goat Milk Colostrum 174 g Powder (60 day supply)

Ingredients: Grass-Fed Goat Milk Colostrum

Goat Milk Colostrum 120 caps (30 day supply)

Ingredients: Grass-Fed Goat Milk Colostrum, Vegetarian Capsule (Hypromellose and Water)



Product Comparison Chart

 clean whey protein from grass fed goat milkPacific Northwest BerryWhey Protein PowderCaprotein 2021 - 1 pound of fermented cultured goat milk protein
 Clean Whey ProteinBerry WheyClean Whole ProteinCaproteinDouble Bonded ProteinDeep 30
Type of ProteinWhey ProteinWhey
Protein Isolate
Whole ProteinWhole
Protein, Fermented Whole Protein
Whole ProteinWhole Protein
or sweetened with stevia
Monk Fruit (erythritol, monk fruit extract)
or Vanilla option
from blueberries and aronia berries
or Dark Chocolate
Dream, Strawberry Splash,
Added NutrientsNoneBlueberries,
aronia berries, Capra Mineral Whey, goat cream, sunflower lecithin
and Probiotics option or Fermented Protein option in Clean Line
Mineral Whey, probiotics & goat milk cream
Grams of Protein per Serving24g10g20g13g20g17g

*Whole protein is a natural ratio of 80% casein and 20% whey protein