What is Refractance Window Drying Technology?

Refractance  Window Drying® technology is the gentlest method to dry fresh whole foods.

It is a unique, self-limiting dehydration method that uses infra-red light, rather than direct extremes of temperature, to remove water from food. Relying on the conductivity of water together with the properties of infra red and the refractance of light, this is the preferred method for preserving the precious nutrients and phytonutrients found in whole foods. In this process, important sensory qualities of the fresh whole food, such as color, aroma, taste and nutritional value are retained. This is an indicator that the active aromatic and pigment compounds which impart sensory and nutritionally invaluable properties have been preserved throughout the drying process.

Why Use Refractance Window Drying Technology?

Studies have shown foods dried by Refractance  Window® Drying Technology have a higher retention of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants compared to those dried by more commonly practiced methods such as spray or freeze drying.

Mt. Capra is proud to have been the very first company ever, to offer whole food products which have been dried using this advanced, yet gentle, technology.

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Capra Mineral Whey in the process of being dried on the Refractance Window® Dryer

Refractance Window Evaporation

See how easily the water evaporates?

The product is cool enough to comfortably rest your hand upon while drying. With product temperatures THAT low and no harsh vacuums destroying cellular structure (I’m looking at you Freeze drying) food dried using this technology is simply superior.